Why you should never date Ukrainian girl

Why you should never date Ukrainian girl

Most of Ukrainian girls demand to be astonishing. Most of them treat life like living in non-stop model agency. They want to look great even when walking to the supermarket and it is not that they are doing it on purpose, but because they do it naturally, the same as if brushing teeth every day. Many Ukrainian girls wear high heels and do not even care it causes discomfort because it makes them look great. Most Ukrainian girls treat beauty as inner strength which causes admiration of people who surround them and especially they love to call the envy of competitor counterparts.

This is real challenge for a guy to be with such girl because she would demand you to be “of her level” and therefore dress up well, visit barber shop, fitness club and wear stylish clothes of known brands – otherwise she wouldn’t go out with you under any occasion.

Devotion is routine?

If you think so you should forget about dating Ukrainian woman once and for all. Ukrainian women are devoted and they prefer one life partner. She beliefs her partner is the best guy in the world and since she is a queen and couldn’t choose anyone but king. She would cover you with care, love, respect and tenderness. She would always give you her help and would make impossible for you but under the fact you show her your love and devotion as well. She beliefs you are reliable, strong and she may count on you any time – so don’t spoil this credit of trust, otherwise quick farewell is guaranteed. Ukrainian girlfriend in terms of devotion would be your best friend, psychologist, advisor and even personal doctor in case you get sick. A Ukrainian woman is a solid rear for her husband.

Ukrainian woman is independent

Contrary to common stereotypes it is often more important for Ukrainian woman to build a career and get the next higher education degree than to find a man who will appreciate her individuality and freedom. Ukrainian woman will be very independent in relationship, and also very stubborn. But on the other hand, she can be expected to show enormous courage in danger, and her inner power might help you both to overcome the toughest times if there is a need.

She has high expectations

Ukrainian women are very demanding. They do not want just a guy who will love them most than anything on Earth. They want to be passionately loved by the best hero on the Planet.

You are expected to be a gentleman if you want to have Ukrainian girlfriend. Such things as opening door in front of your girlfriend, bringing flowers for holidays, helping her wearing jacket and paying for dinner are MUST HAVE in everyday life with girlfriend from Ukraine. You also have to demonstrate your courage and power in every possible way – for example, give a sit to old lady in public transport. You have to be real hero in her eyes almost all the time.

Ice breaking problem

Ukrainians are known to hide their emotions. They rarely show they are happy, angry or disappointed. What could we say if it is going about Ukrainian girls? You might treat her emotions as a glacier as she might not show her feelings at first, even if she is helplessly in love with you. Very slowly, literary – step by step, you have to win a trust of Ukrainian lady and only then she is going to open all her beauty and love for you. This time is worth it because then you will see that under glacier there hides the best caring and loving partner in the whole world.

Former soviet mother parents-in-law

If you are with Ukrainian girl seriously and for long it means you are going to have post-soviet mother-in-law and father-in-law. This might bring you under serious danger. How come? The next logic chain is as follows:

  1. You are going to visit her parent’s home for holidays, birthdays of family members and some usual weekends.


  1. Hospitable Ukrainian family will ask you at the table as this is huge part of Ukrainian tradition. You are going to eat A LOT! No way to eat less, as this would show disrespect towards her mom who was cooking and made her best for you.


  1. You are going to eat a lot of meat, greasy food and mayonnaise. Most dishes have potatoes, meat and are full of calories. When you are full it is hard to breath you are going to be proposed huge piece of pie and there is no way to resign.


  1. Drinking. It is also a part of Ukrainian tradition. If you want to deserve respect of her father you have to drink vodka. You have to pass the test for real man and drinking with her father is almost always a must. Don’t be surprised when after 3rd shot you will find out her father speaks some weird language which reminds you English but the most interesting – you will understand each other!

If you do not afraid of all written above than Ukrainian girlfriend might be your option.

More food tests on you

For many Ukrainian women, cooking is a way to show you love, so be prepared for food experiments. At first, Ukrainian cuisine may seem completely normal, and even a bit boring. But traditional Ukrainian food is what you can try when you visit the house of your mother-in-law. Your girlfriend would make food experiments on you; preparing food from Internet recopies, from books and on the advice of her girl friends. Beetroot with herring? Meat jelly? How many variations of potatoes exist in this world? But within the time you are going to love food prepared with care and warmth by your Ukrainian girlfriend.

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6 thoughts on “Why you should never date Ukrainian girl

  1. Get_IN-Getta_Out

    Ukrainian girls are awesome and this is bullcrap you should omit them when choosing candidate for dating

  2. Olena

    You should never date Ukrainian girl if you choose the girl only for the fact she is Ukrainian and thus is pretty, devoted, caring and a housewife.

    You should never date Ukrainian girl if you think she is going to be your personal obedient model looking housewife

    You should never date Ukrainian girl if you are not sure in future relationship with her, because she is NOT a candidate for one night stand

    You should never date Ukrainian girl if you are primitive and biased person who judges people on stereotypes.

    I know what I say because I am Ukrainian girl who was in marriage with Dutch

  3. Brian

    As the matter of fact Ukrainian girls are awesome. I have never been dating anyone of them but I probably wouldn’t be against. I had few Ukrainian friends when I was doing exchange program in Ukraine and what I can say at first you are of course amazed by Ukrainian girls’ beauty but when you spend more time communicating with them you see how intelligent they are, how fun can they be, how nice just to discuss different topics with them. I love Ukrainian girls and it is not so much because of appearance but more about inner beauty and I am saying it serious. You’ll never know until you meet some of Ukrainian girls personally or better – become friends.

  4. Geoffrey Steward

    I would like to focus your attention on the fact that you should not date girl from Ukraine if you think she would be good candidate for future obedient wife. Ukrainian girls are quite independent and matriarchial so they like to rule. Even in the family. If to talk about young Ukrainian girls there is no even talk about obedience. You should be a partner or sponsor, but sponsor is the role which most descent Ukrainian girls with whom you could possibly build the family would never accept. The only way out is partner relationship based on mutual, maybe multicultural difference.

    One more GREASY point: never ever confuse or call Ukrainian girl Russian, never ever say (esp. to Ukr girl) that Ukrainian language is the same as Russian. It has very similar alphabet but English is not German if to be based on alphabet only, and if we are going to be based on Slavic languages – Polish is not Czech the same as Czech is not Slovak, so why Ukrainian is Russian? Take this into consideration if you don’t want to finish your relationship with Ukrainian girl without even starting it

  5. Helen

    If you expect some pretty predictable things as if you were going to the store and expect something from buying new product – then you should never start dating Ukrainian girl.

    Dating Ukrainian girl is great experience and of course it has pluses and drawbacks but there strict NOT for me and I think this should be applied to all American guys (and not only Americans).

    Dating girl from Ukraine we expect some list of things to get as benefit. Come on, stop hiding the truth!

    This list of things is approximately like this:

    1) I will date super hot model look chick! Guys would be fu***ng envy!
    2) I would never have a chance dating such beauty here in USA cuz I don’t have that much money
    3) She would depend on me if I take her to the US because she needs residentship and probably won’t find here any job and would live at my expence
    4) She would do all what I wish because she would be thankful to me that I have taken her to better world and took her away from shi***le which Ukraine really is
    5) Some say there is war in Ukraine so that hotties would jump on the neck of every American who would take them away from war. That babe would be thankful!
    6) I heard Ukrainian girls are good at housework so I’m gonna have model keeping my house clean and doing my laundry
    7) I’m gonna have pretty kids
    8) She’s gonna be obedient, family oriented, listen to me and have no feminist crap they often say loud here in the US


    Most of things written over there above are stereotypes most of Americans still believe in. Reality is different.

    I am not going to teach you to be moral person and stuff, but any girl, does not matter Ukrainian or American, is just a girl, she is personality and you can not choose women for dating the same as you are choosing stuff in the store based on ingredients. Well, you can, but you will be deeply disappointed and regret about being such materialistic piece of sh**

  6. Abraham

    I was examining this topic very presicely and you could believe me because to reach this website I hit 14th page in Google! Must say I have not find any arguments anywhere why should man NOT date Ukrainian girl. In Netherlands most of people either know not much about Ukraine or they behave very suspicious towards Ukraine and all Ukrainian. I have been couple of times in Ukraine, I love this country, I love these people and of course I love Ukrainian women. I think such topics are made on purpose so people click to find out some shoking info and all they find – benefits of dating pretty Ukrainian girls 🙂


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