Why it is fail strategy to argue with woman, why you always lose in quarrel with your girlfriend and how man should prove he is right if he is

Why it is fail strategy to argue with woman, why you always lose in quarrel with your girlfriend and how man should prove he is right if he is?

Quarrel is a real poison in our life. Especially, if it is a quarrel with our beloved one, the closest person – girlfriend or even wife. Everyone in these moments really wants to make peace, but not everyone chooses the right ways for this and sometimes even aggravates the situation.
Sometimes there are such quarrels, after which you wake up in the morning and clearly understand – that’s all. I mean, it was all over. Something inside was broken and cut short, and no conciliatory acts would correct this.

Having a solid experience of rolling up scandals and observing quarreling couples, I have the following to say: any, even the most desperate ‘planned brainstorm’ must be made within certain boundaries, which cannot be crossed in any case (advice for those who consider raised voices communication a common thing).

First of all, remember the words of the French that if a woman is not right, then she is still right. No matter who was to blame, forget about pride and take the first step. After all, a lost of relationship can not replace any sense of pride. A smart man can always understand that any problem can be solved not by a quarrel, but by calm discussion. If you think that the quarrel did not come about because of a trifle, but really for a serious reason for which the girl is to blame, then forgive her and prove that your feelings are stronger than resentment. To be able to forgive is perhaps the best way to keep a relationship for long.

Quarrels with your girlfriend are special. Women are impulsive and emotional, but they are also influenced by established behavioral stereotypes. And this can be played. Of course, much depends on the specific situation, because you need to understand that the causes of quarrels can be “qualitatively” different. It’s one thing when you are late for a date, and it’s quite another when you are caught in a drunken state with some pretty woman. But whatever the occasion, and if you are determined to return your beloved and make peace with the girl you like, the main thing is not to make classic mistakes.

The most common mistake of men is to “try on” the situation on themselves and act as we would like them to put up with them. What to hide, the men in this matter are predictable. For men, sex is proof of feelings on the part of women, so they sincerely believe that women react in the same way to sex.

How to make peace with a girl? You have to start by trying to understand your girlfriend. Women’s nature has been designed to extinguish conflicts, so for some time she will save offense. And the last straw can be a completely harmless, in your opinion, thing. If a woman threw a tantrum over the fact that you throw your socks everywhere, then, believe me, the reason for her cry is completely different. Analyze your behavior. Perhaps you stopped talking to your beloved, how is she dear to you, and began to behave too unceremoniously? Those men who will object to this, that they are not obliged to scatter in compliments all day, can be advised to choose the path of a bachelor, because you will have to talk to a woman. Relationships are hard work, and both will have to work.

So, to deal with, you have to find the real reason for your girl’s discontent. Having understood why the girl is sulking at you, think over a complex of measures that will help to remove the heat. If your woman has long asked you to go on vacation, and you have an order at work, then a friend’s wedding, finally decide the problem with rest. But you do not need to present everything as a favor and sacrifice on your part. Be sure to tell the girl that you understand her very well and that you really went too far with delaying the rest.

Do not be afraid to be honest with women. Very many men believe that by all means they need to hide their feelings from the girl, so as not to look wimp. Many men generally believe that having begun to put up with a woman first, thus detract from their manhood. What a ridiculous delusion! The ability to take the first step towards reconciliation is worthy of respect. To admit own mistakes and not being afraid to openly admit them – this is, indeed, courage. And to talk to the girl you need eye to eye, and not send messages by cell or by mail. It is petty and cowardly.

Starting reconciliation, make every effort to ensure that the girl smiled. If you can bring a smile, victory is just around the corner. It will be great if you bring home a big champagne cake and invite her to celebrate a new stage of your relationship.

Almost always efficient is a way to send a huge bouquet to the work of the girl, if she works. You can send a bouquet home. But the option with a bouquet in the office is good because you can attach a postcard with an invitation to a restaurant. If you still report that you personally take her from work, then she will simply have no place to capitulate. Believe me, even if your second half will be categorically determined at first to give you a turn in the evening, then one day her office friends will have time to tell her how stupid she is. By evening, the girl will be ready for the restaurant and reconciliation. During the dinner, do not forget to obey and discuss the problem that led to the quarrel.

What you should never do when you quarrel with a girl:

• Do not sleep with her friends. You can’t make peace with her in such a case. Especially if that friends breast is two sizes larger.

• Do not call her as if nothing had happened with the question: “Well, how are you there?” Even if her heart beats with excitement at the sound of your voice, anger will be the next emotion, not a desire to reconcile.

• Do not take away all your belongings at once. Yes, this is another reason to see her, but in the eyes of an abandoned woman, this is more likely proof that you are more concerned about your beloved collection of Tarantino films than she does.

• Do not repeat too hard that you are right. Your penitential words may only kindle her resentment. Women are great masters of self-incrimination, so it is much more reasonable to reconcile to give her the opportunity to reconsider her own mistakes.

• Do not give her a jealousy scene if she starts dating someone else. Restraint and composure are much more effective, then she herself will start to worry, has she overcame her stick? And did you really stop loving her, since you are so calm?

• Do not pretend that there was no gap. Because there was. This was the most important milestone in your relationship, which helped you both understand how hard it is for you to live without each other and how much more careful and respectful you should now treat your feelings. Remember, to make peace with a girl without a draft in the shower, be sure to speak the situation. If you pretend that nothing happened, then the girl will get the impression that you consider yourself absolutely right in the situation and only preferred to close your eyes to her.

Therefore, guys, if you have not done so yet, you have to spend some time, to theoretize and formulate for yourself, which you will never allow yourself to do with any woman in any circumstances. And let her be right.

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  1. I_Know_Ha_ha_You_have_Small

    Women are 200% more emotional than men. It is evolution which probably made it like this. Women are profies in the field of emotions. It is the same as if to compare racer and a guy with half a year driving experience. That is why you are going to lose. Men have other stronger sides, but emotions are completely what is woman’s part and you have no chance to win in quarrel with woman


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