Which types of women men can't stand to be in long time relationship with

Which types of women men can’t stand to be in long time relationship with?

With these types of women men are not feeling well and sooner or later men leave these women. What type of women are these women? How to be successful in personal life? How not to become one of these women? How not to become one of those whom her beloved man has left? We are going to give answers to all these questions and give some tips for women how to behave to be together with beloved man till the end of life. Although it is not going about some tricks or “do” and “don’ts”, because it would be just not truth in all its diversity, but it is more about lifestyle, way of behavior and types of characters and connected with it social behavior, attitude to life, relationship, family and so on.

What guys do to decide whether this girl suits or not?

Yes, to know men better we have to understand their psychology and behaving better. Many women make huge mistake thinking men are primitive and are looking only for sensitive pleasure. Man is going to date a girl, he examines her, looks up closer, checking her attitude at different life situations. But not always man’s conclusion is made in favor of the girl. How come? Because of different reasons. Let’s think about the most obvious one. It is true that woman has to respect herself, she has to behave naturally and love her individuality, but it is necessary to know measure in everything. Wise woman has to understand her features of character and try positive ones dominate over negative ones. There is time to think about own personality, but there should be time to devote for your man and sometimes it is even needed to sacrifice own interests for the sake of the man. Not always, but sometimes. Woman has to be interesting and relaxed, exactly this type of women men like the most.

What types of women men would rather leave?

Nice girl

These girls usually have high cultural level. They never use swear words and got used to live over own standard. They usually have University Degree, their life is well planned and clear. Such girl would never visit bar or club and would prefer to read interesting book or watch scientific research results on the TV. Her main friend is usually her mom, but often such girls have no friends, but prefer to share their emotions on paper or personal blog. The main goal of such girl is marriage but subconsciously girl makes it in such a way that it is rarely to happen.

This type of girls has taboo on intimacy. On the one hand they want it, but their picture of life does not let them do it with beloved man. The guy is dating her for longer than a year, gives flowers, presents and swears in love, but she is motionless. Girl has to keep the guy intrigued, quick intimacy would ruin his interest in her as serious partner, but waiting for too long would have the same effect. Guy gets tired to wait and leaves. She wants everything was according to the rules and… fails.

New edge girl

This type is very interesting at the very beginning. They have a lot of secrets, they know a lot about the world and it is interesting to spend a time with such girl, but she is not prepared for usual life. She doesn’t try to combine life in the family and duties with her outlook. She is always in search of new things like yoga, healthy eating, traveling but she is in nonstop search of herself. Men usually split up because they are looking for more traditional type of women.

Mommy girl

This type is the most hated by men. At first it seems ok that girl pays too much attention to her boyfriend. Chemistry and roses period is the time when couple can spend hours together. But often the girl gives to much attention not leaving her boyfriend personal space. In rare cases she even demands him to spend time with her only and does not let him to gather with friends. She tries to control every aspect of his life, visiting his work, places where he is with friends and so on. Too much of attention is the worst poison for relationship and if the girl does not make appropriate conclusions, the guy leaves her.

Career type girl

She has busy schedule, is very punctual and has precise time for everything, including date. Love is the same part of her schedule as time spent on presentation, gym or yoga. This type of women is hard to live together with, because they usually have very strong type of character, strong will and are very independent. Man is always just an addition, but not a main sense of life.

This type attracts men who have low income and try to live at women’s expense. Career type girls are usually stood well in material sense. Such girls should look for wealthy guys with whom they would feel equal and who will not use them as the wallet.

Usually boyfriend of such materially independent career type women uses her money, but either finds a lover girl or leaves her sponsor.

Dirty girl

It means girl who lives double standards. She is in her best attire at the first date and when the roses period is taking place, but she is completely different at home.

She does not care about clean house, about her clothes, leaves dirty dishes and stuff. Girl has to be natural, but she also has to be a lady for her man. If not, he might leave such a girl for another one or take a break.

Informed means well equipped, but also advice you not to focus too much on your character as it is highly possible you are trying to change yourself for man, but he is either not your type or simply does not deserve you. Keep that in mind and remain to be yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Which types of women men can’t stand to be in long time relationship with?

  1. Rosanta

    But why women should behave the way men like? What kind of info is that? How become an obedient slave of a man? I completely disagree with what is written her as I think woman should be as she is and if someone likes her like that than there is possibility for future relationship IF SHE WOULD LIKE SO!!!

  2. Natali

    I think this all depends on the type of a man. For some men fit some women who do not fit another men. Sorry, but horse has to be with horse and rabbit has to be with rabbit. It might be rude comparison for some of you, but I’m sorry for such alegory. We always talk about men who are reliable and have such powerful man-qualities, but we forget about weak men which our cities are full of nowadays. Such weak men need strong woman, such men like to be obedient and dominated. Strong men usually need only possessive women and they like to rule while wait for woman to be obedient. There is no ultimate truth in this topic


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