What should inexperienced guy know about women in order not to get in trouble

What should inexperienced guy know about women in order not to get in trouble

This text is addressed to guys who either have lack of experience in relationship with girls or have not much of such experience. Of course, this all is rather individual and depends on the type of particular guy’s character which could diverse from rather pushy to inert, but general tips still might be useful.

You also might need to know more if you did not have a girl for a long time and basic instincts and hormones might force acting you without thinking what you are doing. Such thoughtless acting and behavior might get you into trouble and here you are going to know why.

Experienced women

If inexperienced guy meets experienced woman who knows exactly what she wants she would surely use him in her personal interest. Especially dangerous are divorced women who have a child. When there is naive guy on their radar and they see potential they will surely try not to miss the chance. They would use sex as their main weapon to hold and tight the guy close to them. They are experienced and very good in this and thirsty for women’s body young candidate is perfect target for them.

At first this guy would feel like he is in paradise thinking he finally has found harmony in his life. He has long waited professional intimacy, illusion of real relationship and behind his back he usually is just used. I am not talking about those successful couples, but about widespread cases of such usage.

The guy has nothing to compare with as he has not much of experience and instead of keep looking further he decides this is his choice and this is how it should be. He works hard to provide his family – a woman and a child, he has the feeling of successful guy who has quickly built his own family. If this is wise choice of experienced man it is ok, but if this is young guy who devoted himself to the first sexual partner it is not ok because in two years he will understand this, but it would be too late to change something.

What such women usually do?

If a woman with a child had already found perfect target, except for being good in bed and making housewife duties she would try to have common baby with this guy and use it to hold him tight. Most unexpected men think they are ok with that, because now he has his own child and one more common child and now there is no way back. When daily routine gets unbearable and chemistry fades away he understands that providing this family is way too hard and he has all his life in future. His woman usually becomes cold and might even be in search for other men for pleasure. This is kind of the worst scenario and it is not always like that, but you have to know it just in case.

Be aware of these pretty women

The problem is that there are very few men who could stand before women’s beauty as this resistance is absent probably on genetic instinctive level. And those inexperienced guys could possibly have even more problems because of that. Such women would keep them with their magnetic beauty, sex and illusion of happy family.

Is it all that bad?

Of course, not. I do not want to say all lonely moms with a child should not have a chance at all. There are lots of such women who had idiot husband and that is why they are alone. Such women deserve to have happiness in family life and create family with some other nice guy. In this article I focused my attention on such lonely women with a child who would choose any suitable young guy to cover their expenses. I warn guys with no experience just to be aware. And if it is your thoughtful choice than why not? Build your own happiness and make a woman and child happy, but only under the case they will not become for you a burden in short period of time.

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2 thoughts on “What should inexperienced guy know about women in order not to get in trouble

  1. L J

    Oh that is like one of the most awesome advices for freshers in relationships. It’s written very sincere from the heart. I see it because in the past when I was 22 I used to have the same experience as it is written in this article. I was young and no n experienced and once I have met her in the store where I was working as the sales person. She was damn hot and her appearance yelled about this. Like it was not explicit clothes but tight pants, black long hair and make up. She was flirting and asking about characteristics of new smartphone. It ended up I got her phone number. Next evening I texted her and next after next we first met. When I got interest in her and after first sex in two weeks she said she has 5 years old child and lives with child and her mom. Sex already tied me to her and so she was so hot and good in it and also was kind and pretended to be thrown by fate I seriously decided to be with her. I was ok with child and thought I can be ok with such stuff. BUT as it turned out later she had few lovers and was dating with me. When I was leaving her place someone else was coming and so on. I caught her cheating after I was told she cheats me. Her aim was moving to my place in the town as it was her dream because she lived in small village. When I broke up with her she told she is going to die soon because she has some untreatable illness, then she started threaten me and when she understood nothing is to catch with me she forgot my number in a second. As I found out a little later she has found lonely guy in my town who lived with granny. She demanded granny to leave the house and live in the shad/garage type summer house nearby the main house. She quickly got pregnant and in a year again so now she has two kids with that guy and one her child so 3 in total. Be really aware of girls like this, they are much more dangerous than it might seem at first

  2. Larry F

    He should use condom otherwise he could make a baby he is not ready to have or… he might have some diseases


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