What men are afraid of on the first date

What men are afraid of on the first date

At the moment when a person gets rid of the childhood fear of the dark, a new stage of personality formation begins in his life, and only after a certain period of time it becomes clear which particular complexes and fears are left behind and which pass into adulthood. Sometimes these fears are acquired. For example, the first love, as a rule, happens to every man, but not all cases pass without a trace. Often, a negative set of circumstances causes a man to become afraid, which acquires a protective function, but very strongly influences the development of harmonious relations and becomes a factor why a man is afraid of meeting with a new woman.

Everyone wants the first date to be perfect. Therefore, let’s find out what men themselves think – what attracts them and what repels them during the first meeting. On the first date, both sides must be dressed up so that they feel comfortable. The first date is much more important for women than for men. Women attach great importance to the world of feelings and perceptions, and a date for them is an event saturated with new emotions and impressions. But when a woman sets a wrong goal, sometimes she goes too far that the relationship ends on the first date.

So how do men see your first date? And how to do so, then to appear before a man in the most favorable light and not to frighten him? Bear in mind that men first evaluate your appearance, and only then seek to know your mysterious inner world. Therefore, if man doesn’t like your appearance today, most likely there will be no second date. Maybe it sounds insulting, but now we know that appearance is our everything, especially at the first meeting.

What men are afraid of on the first date: common traits

Before any date, a man is worried about a little less than a woman. And he is not at all occupied by the prospects for a brighter future, he is concerned about what is happening right here and now.

On how much a man is afraid of a woman, depends his ability to incline her to him. It is fear and past experiences that cannot be appeased greatly prevent a man from feeling confident on a date, which is why the fear of meetings takes place. Often, old injuries in love relationships lead to this fear, fear of stumbling again and making a mistake or showing your feelings and emotions.

Man is afraid of woman

This statement may sound very weird, but in common it’s the truth, and a lot of the representatives of strong part of humanity are really afraid of women.

Very often, men are able to avoid meeting with the opposite sex due to their male fears. We all know that men are freedom-loving creatures, so not to recognize this fact is tantamount to the full realization that you do not even have a superficially male psychology. The man is very afraid that at one of these meetings, the lady directly declares to him her rights to his freedom. Men fear this more than fire. In such a situation, we can safely consider such a type of men who are afraid of starting a serious relationship for precisely these very reasons. Sometimes a man considers the attempt of a woman to see him, as her desire to wed his wife. This causes the man to hide as far as possible and not to go and meet a woman for no reason in the world anymore. If the gentleman himself came to the idea of ​​creating a family, he will certainly be the first initiator of meetings and subsequent relations.

Men are afraid of the onslaught from the female side. Sometimes it happens that the representatives of the fair sex simply do not have the time and mood to see a woman. The lady, in turn, begins to reproach the man with the words of the plan: “you must,” “you have to,” and so on, which carries the very opposite result. It starts to frighten the man and he tries in every way to postpone the meeting “in the back box”, or even to refuse it altogether.

Fear of being wrong to show yourself to a woman. This also includes the man’s fear of the most tense and responsible stage of the relationship – courtship. A man may simply not want or be able to care for a lady, and therefore he is ready to avoid meetings with her, only to save himself from it. By the way, male modesty and indecision are also related to this definition.

Fear of intimacy. Fear of sex is also a strong argument when the representatives of the fair sex avoid close contact with the lady. Here, as a rule, a man is not only afraid of being rejected, he also has a lot of doubts about his attractiveness. This is not at all related to sexual problems, there is a sense of shame or paranoid fear of some diseases.

Fear of their complexes. Many of the men for one reason or another (each man, as a rule, can have his own reason for this) experience severe discomfort in the presence of a woman. A common complex is that a man is afraid that he will not be able to please a woman or that this has already happened. Therefore, he begins to see no point in meetings, in spite of himself, dissuading himself from her.

Men are afraid of changes in their life. Unawareness is always scary and can disrupt the usual life situation of a man after a meeting.

Tips for men who are afraid of women: Try to behave easily and naturally, but stay yourself. No need to fake. If a woman is imbued with confidence in you, this can be the key to further relationship. And what is even more important – just don’t be afraid! The woman herself is a little bit afraid of you.

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2 thoughts on “What men are afraid of on the first date

  1. Sandra Follow

    Everyone worries and has anxiety but it is ok because all we are human. Both sides should take it into consideration and forgive each other minor mistakes

  2. Monika Mono Chika

    Men are afraid girl would see who he really is. He is afraid to take off the mask he imagined for himself. This is his own zone of comfort where he has best dreams he made. In yhis dream he is brave, he feels comfy, he hasn’t start own business but he is going to probably tomorrow and so on. If man is bad actor and woman de-masks him in a seconds (experienced woman will) he is,running away with tail down. Maybe you’ll call me evil but most of the guys I have met are just like this. BUT. Girls also have their own masks, but this is a mask of a different type. I guess problem of our society are masks we often wear, living without knowing who we are.


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