What is the best classical conversation to impress a girl during first date

What is the best classical conversation to impress a girl during first date?

The first date with a girl always brings a certain stress for a man. For him, this is an opportunity and a chance to charm a girl and create the interest in further communication. It is especially hard for shy people who find it difficult to immediately start free communication with an unfamiliar person.

The most important thing is to start a conversation, and in this the initiative should come from the man, because the girl can be not only shy, but also too much concentrated on how does she look, is manicures and accessories fine, hasn’t she overdone it with makeup and so om and so forth.

And for the first date, as a decisive event in life (what if she is the one?), preparations must be done carefully:

  • Place where it will be comfortable for both. You can choose a cozy cafe or park for a walk, where no one will interfere the conversation;
  • Time management in order not to make the lady wait. It is hardly possible to impress your girl, if you are late for the first meeting;
  • The main thing – to choose topics for conversation with the girl on the first date. In a dialogue between people who doesn’t know much about each other, and of course there will be pauses. In order for an awkward silence not to last for a long time, you need to prepare a small list of questions that can be discussed with your companion. However, don’t work on it too hard, otherwise interview the conversation can look like an interview. It is important to show own interest, and not to be afraid to show emotions.

So, what is the best classical conversation to impress a girl during first date? The tips are given below.

  • Hobbies, interests

This is one the most universal topic for communication. You can ask what does the girl do in her free time, and how does she prefer to spend her leisure time. It is important to try to find common topics and questions in order to make conversation go smoothly, and also it allow you to learn more about each other and plan further meetings with regard to common interests.

Great talk topics about hobbies:

  • music;
  • movie;
  • leisure;
  • sport;

Try to find out about it as much as possible, show interest, share your hobbies – so you will show yourself as a pleasant and enjoyable person, and will for sure find a lot in common.

  • Travels

You can talk about this for a long time, if both of you really enjoy it. It’s always easy to discuss impressions from other cities and countries. You can talk about interesting places where you have been and where else you would like to go.

This is quite an emotional topic, and using the expression of your emotions will make it easier to make contact and please your companion. Women, as you know, love romantics, and even if a man does not consider himself to be such, then thanks to this topic he will receive an additional “plus sign” to a positive assessment from the girl. Discussion of travel will help to find additional points of contact and common interests.

  • Childhood

This is one of the easiest and fun topics that is useful for communication and it will help to defuse the situation.

You can talk about games, which you liked to play as a child, about your memories when you went to your grandmother’s grandparents, funny stories, which happened to you, how were your school years, how did you learn to swim, to ride a bike and how many times did you fall from it. for the first time you fell in love with kindergarten and how you disliked milk with froth in the school canteen.

All this will help to get close and have real fun.

  • Work, study, family

Work, study and family are things, which what make up our everyday life. Talking about it is not as trivial as it may seem. So you can show a girl interest in her life.

  • Favorite dishes

You can ask what kind of cuisine does the other person prefer, and what kind of drinks does she like. With this information, you can learn a little more about each other and plan a further joint cultural program: go to a pizzeria or eat sushi, or go to a coffee shop and drink hot chocolate with her favorite cakes.

If you know how to cook, do not hesitate to tell your interlocutor about this – for a woman, a man who knows how to cook well, looks even more interesting and courageous.

  • Life goals and dreams

This is quite an interesting question in which you can show your own seriousness, as well as learn about the life priorities of your interlocutor.

Ask interesting questions to the girl:

  • Who do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • How would you spend a million?
  • What interesting places do you dream to visit?
  • Do you like to read?
  • What three wishes would a goldfish make?

Philosophical discussions help to know each other better. Create a solid foundation for future relationships at the first meeting.

  • Relationships and love

Actually, it is not so good idea to start a conversation with this, but the theme of the relationship is very important. When the first awkwardness and stiffness are left behind, both are relaxed and have already talked already on some topics, you can try to talk about it.

It is not necessary on the first date to ask the girl about the previous relationship, it can cause unpleasant memories, she will close, and the evening will be spoiled.

You can discuss what features she likes and dislikes in people, how you both see good, future-looking relationships and family values. If your communication at this stage is fun and relaxed, you can discuss topics related to sex, but unobtrusively, in a playful way.

  • Jokes

A funny story in the right place will help to defuse the situation and tune in to a positive continuation of communication, fill an unexpectedly arising pause. However, this can be overdone, so it is important to dose the jokes.

So now you already know, what to say on a date. However, this is only part of the success. Also important is the general atmosphere and the mood that you set for this meeting. There are several aspects of behavior, communication manners that will help to make a pleasant impression of yourself and have a good time:

  • Positive attitude, goodwill. Even if the girl is worried, shy, your positive and openness will help her to tune in to this wave, relax, open up for communication;
  • Show emotions, share your impressions, feelings, thoughts, be open and alive;
  • Be original. She can be shown in absolutely insignificant trifles, however the thin female nature is sensitive to such things and by all means will appreciate an originality. It is important to say compliments deliberately and not banal;
  • Interest and sincerity. It is good if you ask questions that require extensive answers, perhaps even discussions, pushing the interlocutor to express opinions, share thoughts and impressions;
  • Be interesting – suggest topics for discussion, leisure activities, but avoid obsession;
  • “Conduct” the conversation, try to fill the pause, avoid uncomfortable silence.
  • Be yourself, don’t attribute to yourself some heroic qualities or actions, successes and achievements that do not exist. A lie can be discovered quickly and unexpectedly, and women, as a rule, do not forgive deception, especially if the relationship begins with it;
  • Do not be afraid to improvise. To prepare for everything, no matter how careful is the preparation, is impossible. Therefore, be prepared to show originality and attentiveness in any unforeseen situation;
  • Be a gentleman – it is always a plus.

Forbidden topics

There are also topics that should not be touched on the first date. Even with mutual interest, they can spoil the whole impression of communication and discourage any girl’s desire to communicate with you further:

1) At first, try to avoid the topic of religion, this is quite a personal and serious ideological question;

2) Do not ask about her past relationships and do not tell about yours;

3) Do not boast about your earnings and do not complain that you do not earn enough;

4) Do not talk about your problems at work or in business. The first date is not the time to complain about fate. In almost 99% of cases, for men, who begin to discuss problems at work or difficulties in business, the first date becomes the last. It is no secret that no one wants to connect their lives with a loser and a pessimist.

By following these simple recommendations, you can easily interest the girl you like, assure her to continue dating and building further relationships. The main thing is to let her feel your interest, care, and show your best qualities. So, ne sincere.

Try to understand how to speak with this one exact girl. How does she react to your speeches — with a condescending smile, an expression of boredom, or an approving look? Take this into account in communication, and the girl will remember the date.

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2 thoughts on “What is the best classical conversation to impress a girl during first date?

  1. Albert

    To tell her something wisely weird. Something like ‘Do you know that having a dime in your wallet means good luck for the rest of the day?’ or ‘are you happy with your work? If yes then – ok, if no then you tell her – it is the best to do something you love to do even without getting paid for that’. You got to interest girl and she must feel the need in you for further interesting conversation. That is your key to success but find what suits you personally, which kind of questions

  2. Graham

    If it goes about classical conversation than it is the best to ask about work, maybe hobbies, weather. Neutral, but interesting topics to discuss together. If you see that job is painful topic to discuss for the girl than quickly turn to another topic – she has associate you with positive things. I guess hobbies are the best topics to discuss but it is personal opinion. Maybe you publish books on Amazon – why not to tell her about this? It does not only show you as intelligent man with own hobby, but also as the guy who earns with his hobby – unobtrusive topics where you show your income without boasting are very attractive for women as well.


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