What if your woman has stronger character than you

What if your woman has stronger character than you?

Some men, the strongest woman wishes to meet a stronger man. As the matter of fact, she wants to “bend” for him. Being stronger does not mean to be richer or being socially successful. Strong women say, that they would like to stop being powerful, but only if they meet a man who can “flip over mountains” for them. They want to be guarded by a man, no matter how tough they already are.  Let’s think about the meaning of a “strong person” first. Probably, he is a human who can make decisions on his own and take responsibilities for its outcomes. Strong person can be described by few aspects: problem solving, responsibility and actions. All these qualities do not have gender.

Generally speaking, there are no more gender role assignments: she masters masculine behavior, he looks for an affectionate understanding. Do people’s relationships get more complicated now?

Woman gets the source of her power from the past: insults, disappointments, she suffers from losses, betrayal and cheating. These things destroy woman from the inside, but they make her stronger, she develops pride, confidence and strength. Society likes easy games, where looking for a partner with less “bad” qualities takes less efforts, but this is not always right. It is simple for a weak man to be with a woman who bends as easy as grass on the wind. This type of man do not care about quality of relationships that usually die out with a time because of its routine. Smart man knows that stronger woman will develop relationship as she will make it secure and healthy.

In people’s opinion some girls were in demand of their father’s attention. They were used to handle things themselves, not expecting a help from the outside. They were traumatized in their lonely childhood and the phrase “I’ll do it myself” became  common. These women always look for a core of character that would somewhat guarantee possible stability with a man. Lady looses a fear of having children with a capable man, as this is the only aspect she can not give herself.

People say, men get feminine qualities and become vulnerable, looking for understanding and tenderness. At the same time women act like men, by making decisions and taking responsibilities. Traditionally men used to have a full-time job that gave them patriarchal role in the family. Things are changing in real world and women became a majority of workers. Man power is not in demand and they accept responsibilities in parenthood, taking part in a beauty care.

A person with a strong personal features has more abilities to achieve life goals. There are few elements such person has: independence, confidence, initiative,  flexibility, charisma, optimism and so  on. But most women share same opposite qualities, such as: anxiety, suspiciousness, impulsiveness, insularity and others. Feminine sides are what make her ladylike and sexually attractive. It is true, stronger woman has less feminine qualities and may look less charming. But the key is in developing more of her soft character features-that would help to balance her aspects.

In fact, strong woman wants to be weak and dreams to feel secure with a man. The previous expression about powerful woman who wants to bend for a man sounds a little weird and outdated for a modern time. Nowadays strong person is not looking for a protection from his leader, but a support from a partner. Let’s move to a saying about a man who can “flip over a mountain” for a woman. Is she seeking for a support or protection? It is very important to explain definitions for protection and support separately. Think about who do we give our shelter to? We stand for people who are not so powerful than us and can not stand for themselves. Those could be children, women or elders who can be protected from hazardous accidents, probably. This is a very noble and  important task for a man’s self-identity. What is the deep meaning of a “protection” word in a modern world? As for now, we mostly face a rivalry, but not a psychologically brute force. We can deliberate about what a man should shield a woman from in a current world may be?

A woman with a good career may feel like not herself, knowing that she earns more than a man, but at the same time she may feel like it is wrong to be taken away from work for taking care of home and children.

When an independent and self-sufficient woman meets a man of her dreams, she may realize that she does not want to be with that man. He is, probably, ready to take care of her, but at the same time, he is trying to patronage her and insists on playing the main role in their relationships. Both genders became too alike. They go to school together, they work and share home responsibilities and hobbies.

Things happen, strong women who actually met powerful men, gave up on their strength. But this causes a paradox as men were attracted by that side of their character and by vanishing this quality, they lose their attractiveness. There are few other scenarios followed by: a man’s temptation to subdue a woman, or his desire to hide behind her personality.

When a man manipulates a strong woman and she becomes physiologically flexible, the goal has been reached, but attraction weakens. When they try to hide behind their partners, they lose interest in their relationships and a respect, as follows. That means they should value each other’s personalities as is.

Clear mind, life stability and support are more important than physical strength.  These qualities are a preparedness to share your resources with other person, for him to continue his battle in a difficult moment.

People give their support when they are sure that you can handle it. Masculine help to a woman is not an actual fight with enemies, it is an ability to be a human who can listen and support, who can give a feeling of confidence. And that is applicable to women as well.

Protection is a responsibility for his partner and family. Some say, family obligation is an self- identification of being a reason of processing momentum. But some people think that they are helpless and weak and try to grab on a person seeking for a guard-ship.

Strong woman may seem to look like having a terrible character, but she can help you to move forward your dreams and life goals, she may be correcting you a lot, but there will be a lot of things to talk to her about. It looks like life may go through a lot of hardship, but at the end you will be surprised that she will be the one who have had developed your partnership and became wise. Every woman who respects herself will always want to have more from you, better life, equity, responsibility and protection. She would want to have a real man next to her.

To have a stable partnership, both should balance each other. Purposeful man will always be a provider in the family. If she can not accept this passive life, it is possible to have equal rights.

This is a new contra versed to traditional model of relationships. Everyone is trying to find his own way to build a contact taking different roles, hoping to find the only one that suits him well. While choosing a right woman it is important to choose the commensurate one. Life goes on, only human take a change.

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4 thoughts on “What if your woman has stronger character than you?

  1. JOE GO

    Than it is a catastrophy. You will be a duster, not a man. U will be used by woman in every sense and case and then she would leave you – just throw you away as used rubber and you will gonna cry over all forums and websites trying to find out where is the reason as you were so good to her. The answer is simple – man should always remain to be the man. That’s it!

  2. Nobody

    I was actually looking for the reasons but the information in the article is too blur and it is hard to find any hints what to do, how to act and so on if your girl is dominant by her nature

  3. PermAnette

    Than you have to relax and enjoy because if she is your woman (wife, girlfriend) it means you have chosen her some day and you knew about her superior nature. So relax and have fun 🙂 your submissive nature has found perfect woman for you 🙂

  4. Jas

    I still can’t get sth. If she is “your woman” as it is said in the title than you are together not for one day although I might be mistaken. But if I am not it means you are uncomfortable with such flow of things where woman shows features of man’s character. Did you realized it yourself or someone told you or gave you a hint? In the first case talk to your woman, discuss the points which disturb you, in the second case if it is someone of your friends has pointed that your attitude is not manly enough than screw it if you feel comfy and happy with your life


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