What do you expect from dating Ukrainian girl

What Do You Expect From Dating Ukrainian Girl?

If fact, most of guys from West are becoming more and more informed about Ukrainian girls as well as along with quantity the quality of this knowledge arises in geometrical progression. I believe so. Heh. Starting my story I just wanted not only to share my experience in Ukraine, but also this is kind of my own protest to the world which says “Stop believing those stupid stereotypes about Ukrainian girls”.

Stereotypes about Ukrainian girls

I regret to say that, but most of foreigners from “rich countries” (my personal opinion is they are from “morally poor sub zero states”(at least huge majority of them)) still take the main idea which follows them as leading flag that they visit Ukraine in search of personal profit. They want to meet pretty girls in Ukraine and they expect these girls are waiting for them to come. Guys read the Internet and prove their own mistakeful ideas with facts that Ukraine is the poorest state in Europe and as so they assume girls there might wait for foreign prince (like he is). But it’s not like the things go in Ukraine.

Disappointment of tourist

In fact, life in Ukraine could not be measured by GDP per capita and stuff. Most of salaries is paid “in envelopes” to avoid huge taxes and real income of Ukrainian differs much from what you will find on the Internet. Except for that many Ukrainans work in Central and Western Europe and visit their Motherland rarely, but with good sum of money usually. So the first myth that Ukrainian girls might in vast majority jump into your arms for perspectives of common life with foreigner in most cases doesn’t play it’s role here. As well as the second myth that people in Ukraine are rather poor. You won’t see in objectively and with clear eyes in Ukraine. Yes, the income of average (!) Ukrainian is lower or much lower than income of the guys on average from Western World countries, but life expense in Ukraine is much lover as well and besides main job people have other ways of extra earnings; many go abroad in terms of labor migration as I have already mentioned.

My opinion, subjectively objective

If you have some expectations when you come to Ukraine you better leave them at home. You can left only one for yourself – you will see lot’s of pretty model looking girls everywhere. They would be very well dressed, have hot outlook and great proper make up… but this is usual way they leave in Ukraine everyday. AND such percentage of pretty girls does not have anything to deal with you even though you are “supposively rich foreign guy”. Average Ukrainian girl you see will have boyfriend and she would never go with another guy. Average Ukrainian girl is way too busy to have some flirt time with you (it is considered immoral as well). Average Ukrainian girl is not interested in romantic relations as well as in finding new friends. She is comfortable with life she already has. And you have no chances here. I’m telling you exactly about descent Ukrainian girls I’ve met and this is probably like 95% or more. There are some who will hang on your neck in the club, but this is special type which could be met everywhere in the world so I would not highlight Ukraine here as some special in this terms state.

Try your fortune

Ukrainian girl is sweet dream for many and you still have a chance to win her heart. But you have to change your attitude. Most of young Ukrainian girls are independent and in terms of character they are not much different that their Western counterparts. Though they do in terms of appearance! In terms of morality YES – they could pretent for kind of modern type of family woman, but not even close to the extent how their mothers played this role. Yes, unfortunately modern Ukrainian girls are not like 15 years ago. BUT Ukrainian girls were always desired and wished I only couldn’t get who immagined bulls**t they are effordable or are waiting for foreign fiance? It’s not like I would even notice they would like to have foreign boyfriend. They will communicate, make friends, but usually nothing more to hope.

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