What are 12 main mistakes men make which lead to break up

What are 12 main mistakes men make which lead to break up

Errors of men are different from females with some exceptions.

But both of them are united by one thing: they negatively affect relationships. Such things bring suffering and pain into them, provoke family quarrels and destroy marriages.

To create positive attitudes towards women, men can use this list as a test of their psychological fit.

So, if a man makes at least one of these mistakes, then it should be assumed that soon the joint life and relations with his chosen one will cease to please.

And if nothing is done, relations would be destroyed.

  • Inability and unwillingness to listen to a woman

This is one of the key male mistakes. Men are not inclined to listen to women, especially if it concerns important issues of family life, making some important decisions and problems in relationships. It seems to mean that all this “chatter” is worth nothing, that there are too many emotions in it. But the thing is just in the emotions. They always accompany the female thought process. Therefore, it is necessary to let them come to the light along with the words, and not allow them to boil inside. If this happens, there will be a quarrel. Most men do not take this into account. In addition, if a man listens to a woman inattentively, then this is for her a signal of disrespect for her and her low value in his eyes. A common cause of male “deafness” to the words of a woman is the myth that if a man often listens to her and, moreover, does what she says, he will become a henpecked.

  • “A woman is less competent in many matters than a man.”

Obviously, these myths underlie various family quarrels and conflicts, make it difficult to establish equal relations in pairs of relationships and often lead to their rupture. And yet, in order to justify such male “deafness”, it should be said that women should not turn to a man if he is very busy with something or is thinking about something with concentration. It is at this moment that he will not listen to you, and if he does, he will not remember anything. The whole thing is just a focus, which is very difficult for many men to quickly switch to something else. Therefore, it is better for a woman to talk with her second half to choose a more suitable time (however, men should also do this).

  • Criticism

Probably, any psychologist working in the field of family relations will tell you that criticism and reproaches mixed with irritation are the most important male mistakes and killers of all marriages.

It’s about non-constructive criticism, when a man points on the mistakes of a woman, and does not offer solution. And he does it in a rude manner, searching for and inflating the shortcomings of a woman and belittling her dignity. Constant criticism, the game of accusations and chronic irritation may indicate that your marriage has long been bursting at the seams.

  • Anger and rudeness

One more destructive relationship error is anger and rudeness. Cruel attitude, which is accompanied by anger, will for sure frighten and humiliate women. In case if from male side is shown anger and rudeness, on her inner level woman will perceive such behavior as a threat to herself. These reasons will have a destructive effect on family relations. In case if we are talking about people who are just dating, effect will be the same.

  • Control

It’s about wish to put under his control. And those men who do this usually don’t t take into account the desires and interests of the woman. Very often, a man tries to establish full control over a woman and wants obey in everything. As a matter of fact, in this process is usually used emotional blackmail, pressure. In some cases, can be threats and intimidation. Clever men usually so this gently with the elements of manipulation. In this case there is nothing in common with equal relations. Most women begin to resist such an attitude toward themselves that, in the end, leads to a rupture. Even in those cases when, a woman is ready to accept the imperious behavior of a man, they will hardly be able to make the family happy, because this pressure will always be in the air. Especially if a man completely ignores the desires and needs of a woman, and even more so suppresses her personality.

  • Infantilism

Some men unconsciously behave with their woman as with their mother. They can be capricious, they behave excessively emotionally and be very demanding. In fact, it’s a behave of a small boy and his mummy. Everyday difficulties for such men seems to be impossible to go through. Usually they just avoid problems. They tend not to fulfill promises and commitments. Such relationship will work, if a woman is ready to play the role of mother for such a man. Such relationships are imbued with conflicts and have nothing in common with happiness.

  • Being too reserved

It will have a destructive effect on the relationship with a woman.

Communication and exchange of emotions is very important for a woman. In difficult moments of life, it’s very important skill. Maintenance of emotional contact at the proper level and expression of their thoughts and feelings for many men seems to be too difficult task. Woman for sure will think that there is something to hide. Very often man does not want to show his feelings, because he is afraid of them. He is afraid of the explosion of his own aggression and anger. Frequent reason for his silence is insult and hidden irritation, this is how he shows his displeasure. But it happens that a man is silent and does not show his feelings, simply because he needs to ponder some problem in private.

  • Consumer attitudes towards women

Women forgive many mistakes of men, but it’s very rare to treat yourself as an inanimate object and tool for gaining benefits. In the article about women’s mistakes, I already wrote that the consumer attitude towards my soulmate is a very common phenomenon. As a rule, the consumer attitude of a man towards a woman includes elements of emotional tyranny. A man can use a woman as an object to meet sexual needs, as a tool for solving his material and so on. Many men stay with women simply because it’s comfortable for them.

  • Reluctance to take responsibility

Some men, prone to parasitic existence and personally immature, use a woman to shift responsibility for their entire lives, for making key decisions, for setting life goals and assigning priorities. And after the woman does all this for them, they also show strong discontent. As a rule, such a life scenario of a man most often goes hand-off a chunk with error No. 5 – infantilism.

  • Lack of basic knowledge about women

The ignorance of men regarding female psychology and physiology is very common.

Many men sincerely believe that “they are just like us,” so they behave accordingly. So, most men think that in a dispute with a woman you need to argue everything by demonstrating cause-effect relationships. It works well with men, but with women almost never. The reason – the female intellect is much more emotional than the masculine one, which is why cause-and-effect relationships are strongly colored by emotions and feelings. In other words, women are more likely to “think” with feelings, not thoughts.

  • Inability to make decision

At first such man doesn’t dare to call her for a whole week. Then the problem becomes bigger and bigger. Girls do not like drooling. And if you initially do not show her that fear and indecision is not about you at all, then forget about the relationship in principle. Many couples. Who were sating for very long time. as a result, come to the point when woman wants marriage, but her man is unable to provide it to her. So, breakup is on the way.

  • Complaining

This is the worst thing that can be. That crisis, then all the goats, then no one appreciates. In any situation man must be a man, and he is that one, who solves questions and problems. If you cannot do this – change and become a girl. Or sure, man must share his feeling with a woman, but it must be done on time, and of course this shouldn’t irritate woman.

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4 thoughts on “What are 12 main mistakes men make which lead to break up

  1. Sergey

    It’s the most awesome article I have ever read about mistakes we men can make. Mistakes on which depends our future life. The first 3 items are very close to what I have done few times and it all leaded with break up and it was mostly my fault. I am really sorry about my behavior because it is too late to bring it back. But as wise men say you never know is it for better or for worse. Maybe it is better for her and worse for me or maybe better for us both. In any case, guys, think twice before doing something and do not be under influence of negative emotions because the next date you might feel bad about what you have said or had done but there will not be way back.

    1. Datingtips expert Post author

      Thank you for your great comment! Don’t be disappointed, man. I’m gonna say stuff like ‘don’t be disappointed’ or ‘i’ts gonna be alright’ but as for now you’re not gonna listen. What I will just say: stay cool as much as you can, do hard physical trainings (if you have everything alright with your health) and practice meditation and mindfulness techniques. This would definitely help you. DO NOT drink, party and stuff. Don’t listen to bla bla blah about ‘you should forget’. Try to focuse on doing what you like even though it seems impossible at first. All these things once helped me and will surely help you. In half a year you will be surprised your positive changes!

  2. Martin

    Hey. I am always looking forward to your new articles although topics are general, info is always made up in such a,way I have time to think over these topisc again and again and to check whether my own point of view is right and whether it suits my life principles. Thank you guys once more for datingtips site you are doing great job. Havea nice day


  3. Tama Tt

    When man is non confident it is really the worst thing. This is mommy boy who is looking for mom, teacher, but NOT a PARTNER


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