Mistakes women usually make on the first date which better to omit

Mistakes women usually make on the first date which better to omit

Worries and anxiety of the first date is behind, you gladly remember the beautiful evening waiting for a call from a fan soon. But neither the next evening nor the next week there is no call from him. Why does not he call me? – you ask yourself. After all, in your opinion, the date was great. You should not look for excuses and think out the reasons for his silence. Everything is simpler than you think – he just does not want to call you. If a man is seriously minded, he will contact you within a day. After all, he is also wondering what impression he has made on you, what do you think about him, whether you want another date or not. Therefore, one should understand – if he does not call you, it’s just because he does not want to. The reasons might be very different, but one of them could be that you scared him at the first meeting, making common mistakes on the first date. Psychologists distinguish several types of girls who admit certain mistakes on the first date. Read and try to find your mistakes, and after that you will be able to adjust your personal life.

Boring babe

Such girls can be nice, beautiful, but men are so bored with them that all their advantages go to the background. The date runs smoothly, without any surges of emotions, without rude speeches, and the impression is like you are on a friendly walk, but not on a date. It’s important for men to see some kind of sparkle in a girlfriend in order to have the desire to reach her, to spend time and money to conquer her and so on. The mistake of this type of girls is excessive friendliness and the desire to agree on everything. Transposing responsibility for conversation on a man, they correspond to monosyllabic, boring, as if responding to a test of their lives. The man does not usually understand that it is him who was unable to reveal the potential of the girl, and if he did not immediately succumb to sympathy, he simply moves to the next option.

Work on mistakes

Add a little charm to your appearance – maybe some hairpins, a light dress, a bow in loose hair or other original stuff in the image of yours. Show more emotions while conversation – laugh out laughing at his jokes, sing and shout from his stories. Remember a few interesting cases of your life and then originally insert them into a conversation.

Looped girl

Woman of this type knows exactly what she wants and immediately begins interrogating. The desire to have a boyfriend or even a husband is so huge that she does not want to spend time on “fruitless relationships.” She may find that all her questions are veiled and do not cut man’s hearing, but men understand that they are being scrutinized, and that such an approach frightens them. Not everyone wants to be on the first date to question intercourse, reveal all his hidden thoughts and plans. Therefore, men usually do not call back and disappear from your life forever.

Work on mistakes

Relax and enjoy communication, you should not evaluate a man to fit the ideal, because on the first date it is difficult to be yourself. Be little frivolous, ask a sincere question to which you can hear a detailed answer, rather than short “yes” or “no”.


Only complaints, problems and suffering – as if she was at the psychoanalyst’s appointment. Girls are usually associated as merry, energetic, positive and when a man meets a whine, he gets completely opposite qualities. It is unpleasant to go on the first date with a girl who complains to the whole world, cries of problems and shows dissatisfaction with the date.

Work on mistakes

If before something happened to you or something spoiled the mood, it’s better to postpone the meeting so as not to spoil the first impression. Smile, throw away all superstitions and problems, even for a couple of hours of the first date.

Lady boss

Man wants gentle and caring woman met him at home, and the “bosses” can not be like that. It is with this type of women guys usually have problems in common life. They are frightened by independence, the desire to compete, and the lack of femininity. After all, at work, the manifestation of the female side will only hurt – it will show your weakness, and you will immediately beat the rivals. But personal life is not a battlefield, learn to relax and get pleasure from the relationship.

Work on mistakes

Give preference to light skirts, flirt with a man and laugh at his jokes. Do not forget to thank for the help and for the compliments.


Demanding and capricious – with such girl man feels like if being a servant. For such a girl the main advantage of her husband is material wealth. In addition, she wants her man to be beautiful, sporty, funny and able to dress stylishly. After all, he must “respond” to his princess. Such girls attract guys, catch their eyes, but she feels a fake, which pushes away at a closer acquaintance. Along with such girl every man feels like if being casting, and as a result – disappears from excess pressure.

Work on mistakes

You have to be interested in your man’s life, his thoughts and talk not only about yourself. Do not put too personal questions, do not criticize him. Do not overestimate the expectations bar, do not demand too much from a man.

Deceiver girl

You can not trust the one who lies from the very beginning. On the first date girl often wants to impress the man and often the starts adorn the reality. One thing when you slightly exaggerate your merits, and quite another when you start to lie and invent things on the go. The truth with always get clear, if not now, then in the future, and your relationship will be ended soon.

Work on mistakes

Remember that you have real benefits and show them. Do not be afraid to admit small disadvantages.

Evil woman

Femininity is mercy and compassion, but these qualities are not known to this type of women. Such a girl scares by her stubbornness and aggressiveness. Any hint of contempt or insult is perceived as a declaration of war. As a result, the walk becomes a solid quarrel, so men do not want to go through this hell again.

Work on mistakes

Be restrained where it is possible and friendly. If you could not manage your anger and hurt someone – say you’re sorry.

Center of the Universe girl

Everything that interests her in this world is she. All conversations concern only her, the conversation is reminiscent of a monologue, and what is left for man it is only necessary to nod and agree with everything she says. A man is seen as a fan, she is pleased to receive attention, interest, to feel fit. But the spouse does not feel any kickback, it’s like accompanying the star, and it’s upsetting. Men do not want to be on the second place and they hate when they are used and when someone is not at all interested in them. Therefore, after the first date they disappear from the life of such a woman.

Work on mistakes

Support the dialogue, let the spouse speak, ask him questions and listen to his opinion. Speak to topics that are interesting not only to you, but to him as well. Smile at the man and look into his eyes – in such a way he will feel your attention and sympathy.

Frank girl

All problems, misfortunes and disadvantages are on the palm. Instead of flirting and jokes, such a girl immediately moves to serious topics – about her illnesses, failures, problems and mistakes of past relationships. She thinks that sincerity and openness will help create a trusting relationship. But men have another opinion on this – they are frightened by such a flow of negative information, and they are fleeing, fearing what they can hear in the future.

Work on mistakes

It is not necessary to reveal the soul at the first dates, at first you have to look at a man, and he has to look up closer to you, and only for 4th or 5th date you can apply to more personal conversations.

The girl with the past

All the themes are limited to her ex boyfriends and past relationships. It is not bad if you had relationships before and the man on this date is not the first one, but it is not necessary to constantly remind him about it. He wants to know about you as a person, not as part of past relationships. And when the whole conversation spins around another guy, men lose interest. After all, they are accustomed to being in the center of attention and in this case man has to be just a listener.

Work on mistakes

Do not touch topics of past relationships. Answer the questions clearly, without recalling the former ones. Remember the stories your ex-partner does not take place in.


But you should not blame for failure only on yourself, because you do not know the real reasons for his silence. Everyone has their own tastes, and it is possible that he did not like you just because you did not meet his ideals. For example, he likes small girls, and you have a model height. You should not worry about the lack of calls, it just means it was not your soulmate. Your man will call!

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