I have job, I earn good, I look good - why I am single

I have job, I earn good, I look good – why I am single

Each of us has many different desires and needs. We live and dream, and our individual aims can be rather various kinds of. For example, one wants finally to pay off a loan for an apartment, the other is dreaming about buying a new comfortable car. Third ones desire the well-being of their children. And there are men who have a good income, and a cool car, and education, which gives them the opportunity to earn as much as they want. And it would seem that this man should be absolutely happy, because such a lucky guy just cannot have problems with women! Everyone knows that most women are attracted to wealthy men who are confident. But, unfortunately, it is not factually. And even a completely wealthy and pleasant in all respects man can be alone. The thing is that not all men are attracted to women who dream only of luxury life and entertainment. For some guys, the main thing when choosing a life partner is the inner world of the girl, her moral attitudes, although the appearance of the woman undoubtedly matters. Such a man needs a woman for life; he does not want to change girlfriends every next month.

If you are tired of living alone and sick of being single, if you looking for woman with traditional family values and want to live in harmony with beloved woman, then read the tips that are written below:

  1. Accept for yourself a clear decision that you no longer want to be alone, that you have a firm intention to meet the woman of your dreams, and you are under no circumstances going to give up this goal. Realize in advance that this process will most likely not be quick and easy for you, but you should not give up;
  2. Realize exactly what you need a woman for. Either you need it to fill the emptiness of loneliness and wash dirty socks, or you need a loved one with whom you will have common interests. Remember that no matter how strong the passion and love at the initial stage of the relationship with the years between a man and a woman remains a strong sense of mutual understanding, conscious love, which is based on common interests including. So ask yourself the main question-why do you want to enter into a serious relationship?
  3. The next step: determine the place where to meet a girl. In fact, it is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. The main thing is you have to overpower yourself and not be afraid of rejection. Remember your main goal (item number 1);
  4. You have defined a place for yourself to meet, for example, it will be your favorite cafe or restaurant. Among the popular places where people often meet for a serious relationship can be identified: various clubs, thematic exhibitions, events where you can meet as many women. In addition, you should also try online Dating, gyms, joint trips with the dog to the Park and other activities. The main thing – try to be active and then luck will smile to you. What to do next? My advice – try when meeting with the girl you like to behave as you are most comfortable, natural and at ease. Don’t make up stories about yourself and beautiful fictional tales. Remember, the most important thing in relationship is sincerity;
  5. Pay attention to your appearance. This includes the most successful option, which is not exactly spoiling the impression: clean and neat shoes, stylish pants or jeans, shirt of neutral shades, suitable for your figure jacket, neat nails and hair. Perfume should be restrained, choose only what you really like, and do not succumb to advertising. It is better to come on a first date without unnecessary accessories, remember that for men the most appropriate accessory is only good watches;
  6. Do not try to look like someone you are not. Do not try to advertise yourself, a girl who is really interested in you itself is able to assess your benefits. Just be polite, friendly, and natural. Smile, joke, and don’t be too serious. If you look very serious, it can alienate you from the person with whom you hope to have a long-term relationship. Self-confidence and friendliness – that’s the key to success;
  7. During the first communication with the girl you liked remember the need to maintain an optimal communicative balance. Do not be too much generous, or vice versa too stingy and prudent. It is not necessary from the first minutes to promise a woman extraordinary wealth and beautiful life, but do not behave as if your life is like one big gray spot. Women usually do not like such men who complain about hard life, but do not like braggart;
  8. If you understand that from the first minutes of communication your feelings are mutual and you are really drawn to each other, try to keep this feeling as long as possible. This is a very good sign when passion comes to people at the same time. But do not in this situation immediately move to a closer level of relations. Even if your feelings are strong enough, sex is better to postpone for a while. It can be pleasant, but the partner can think that you behave so with each new acquaintance or even that you have them at once several. Allow yourself and your partner to enjoy this unique anticipation of intimacy;
  9. Unfortunately, not all your first meetings will necessarily end well. There will be situations when at first time everything will develop very smoothly and it may seem to you that before you is sitting the girl you have been looking for all your life, but then everything can change. That you do not suffer a bitter sense of disappointment, be mentally prepared for the fact that the search for your half will require a certain amount of time and effort;
  10. There can be dates which you should leave right away. Among these situations, we can distinguish the following models of behavior of women, which should be a sign to you that it’s time to leave. If a woman from the first minutes begins to tell you about her hard life and how difficult it is for her to live – it is better to finish such a meeting succinctly and accurately. Believe me, with such a girl you expect a lot of problems. Also, do not continue to communicate with a girl who begins to tell you on the first date about their previous love stories in great detail;
  11. Remember that although your main goal – is to meet a beloved woman, which later you may get married with, however, do not talk about the wedding and a serious relationship at the first date. Let your relationship keep developing harmoniously, gradually and in a timely manner. In the end, the status in which you are is not so important, the main thing is mutual feelings;
  12. Among the main reasons which have been leaded you to a result of failure are the following situations:
    – you’re putting before a very high bar, if you want to meet a girl which is not of your circle of friends, first become better yourself;
    – you do not work on mistakes, be sure to analyze why your previous relationship broke up, so as not to fail again;
    – you are acting insecure, and women feel that way.;
    – may be you were in too much of a hurry to get to a more intimate level;
    – you want to be liked by a woman too much, and woman doesn’t like annoying guys, she prefer confident men.


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6 thoughts on “I have job, I earn good, I look good – why I am single

  1. Psychologist Lily

    I’m surprised why there are so many negative comments. Come on, people, be more kind to each other. Maybe man is trying to find the way out and learn new experience, maybe he used to have shocking experience which made huge impact on him and brought him bunch of complexes which he is trying to get rid of.

    P.S. And by the way, it is not a story of particular person, it is general tips as far as I understood

    1. Datingtips expert Post author

      I agree with Lily. You guys write here that man is loser and stuff, but asking such question publicly he demonstrated courage as he does not afraid to speak about what is wrong, about mistakes, about drawbacks. He is,trying to fix up some serious issues in his life and trying to ask for advice. This is great courage and the first step of becoming successful boyfriend, husband, father.

  2. Max

    Because you have to fight your inner monster first. When you win you’ll see how many dating opportunities you find. By monster I mean complexes, fears, personal doubts etc.


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