How to make Slavic girl fall in love with you on the very first date

How to make Slavic girl fall in love with you on the very first date?

Men are worried and waiting for the first date with awe and anticipation no less than the beautiful half of humanity. Feeling their responsibility as the organizer of the upcoming rendezvous, they are worried that the girl was satisfied, that she was interested, fun, and, of course, they want to please her. Experienced men know how to impress a girl and interest her, and usually rely on their own charisma. But what about those who are not so sure of themselves and made an invitation to meet for the first time, or have a negative experience with the girls’ refusals, but do not know what he did wrong?

Why does it happen that many men don’t understand women and consider them a bit strange? Why guys don’t know what to do to please the girl on the first date, how to fall in love with a girl for a long time, and maybe even forever? Why do many young (and not so) men think that they seem to be trying, they are doing everything right, and the girl doesn’t like or dislike anything they do?

So let’s take a closer look at what exactly young people do in order not only to like the girl on the first date, but also to fall in love with the girl, and to create a long-term relationship with the girl which will bring mutual joy.

First of all, tell me, if you want a girl, who would like you, you won’t take her to a football match, especially on the first date, right? Would you? You don’t buy movie tickets for a super fight movie? And do not invite her to boxing competitions? I understand that gifts for men are different from gifts for women, but you probably won’t give your beloved a flashlight, a compass, a navigator and radio-controlled toy models for presents, just because they are very necessary and useful for you?

And yet, in order to make a girl fall in love with you, you will not try to make her laugh with “very funny” in your opinion jokes? And, of course, you understand that in order to fall in love with a girl, you never need to laugh at all she tells and do not make fun of her. I’m not talking about sarcasm, rudeness and disrespect.

And, of course, you will not come on dates without flowers and small gifts. Especially when it is the very first, such important and meaningful date for a girl.

We are not talking about some expensive super-gifts, we are talking about giving some small memorable present to your beloved one, but the main thing for her is to feel your attention and love. We are talking about little things (postcard, apple or orange, chocolate, etc.), but these little things are important and significant for any Slavic girl. It’s just that every girl has her own little things. But what exactly she likes, you have to find out for yourself.

It goes without saying that you will not get out of the transport and at the same time do not give your girlfriend a hand.

And you must not eat in her presence with your hands, while chomping loudly.

Well, and as a matter, of course, you will not try to get under the skirt of the girl you like right away on the first or second date. After all, you respect yourself, and you like a self-respecting girl. A self-respecting girl for such a thing may strike, and then does not want to see you at all. So, of course, you do not do all these nonsense, which can prevent you from falling in love with a girl.

If you didn’t do all of the above, now you’d love to embrace your beloved girl, and she would admit to you that you are “The best, most wonderful, most understanding and at the same time brave, courageous and self-confident man”.

So let’s consider with you what needs to be done so that the girl in the first meeting does not run away from you. How to fall in love with a girl? How to please the girl on the first date, and how to behave at subsequent meetings so that the beloved does not run away from you?
And today we find out how to make girl like you on the first date and how to fall in love with the girl in the future. Or at least how not to spoil promising relationships.

So, firstly. If you come on the first date (and not only on the first) with Slavic girl, do not forget the flowers. If you still do not have enough money for a bouquet, then buy one rose.
Well, you know about it yourself. Do not you know? You do not know what is important for Slavic girls and women of all ages? I can even say that flowers are vital? (We are not talking about the rare exception, like women who are allergic to pollen, or who grows fresh flowers at home on windowsills). No, we are talking about 90% of the Slavic female population, who simply don’t represent their life without you giving them flowers.

And if you are at least seven genius in the forehead, you perform any exploits and deeds, get at least the moon from the sky for your beloved, in any case you can not do it without flowers. If you don’t give her the smallest and plain buttercup … Well, I sincerely sympathize with you.
Let’s talk about this important point again to secure the material. For girls and women, flowers are not a broom that is not suitable even for sweeping the floor. No! You men do not understand that. You only need things that are only useful in the household and understand what they are for. What about flowers and how most men treat them? You can’t eat them, you won’t sweep the floor with them, and they won’t even be able to light up the street at night, if necessary, like your new flashlight. Well, I completely agree with you, guys. But nevertheless, we, Slavic women, cannot live without this “unnecessary and unsuitable”, in your opinion, broom, which for us is an attribute of male love.

Therefore, if you want not only to please the girl, but also to further fall in love with Slavic girl, and at first at least not get a lapel-turn, bring her flowers as the small present, and then, if the relationship will improve, you must periodically give your beloved Slavic woman flowers. The main thing is presenting flowers just for no reason, not only on birthdays and holidays.

And then, throughout all happy family life with the beloved Slavic woman at least once a month, please your beloved with flowers again as well.

I was lucky in this regard. My favorite, and, I think, the best man in the whole world, for a long time also could not understand why I need flowers? And, despite the fact that he did a lot for our relations, I always lacked at least one, even the smallest flower, and not flowers for holidays, but just without a reason, on the most ordinary, unremarkable day.

After a few years of family life, this undeniable fact still reached my man, he accepted it as inevitable and for many years now regularly, almost every week, he gives me flowers. Usually, it is either a rose in the winter to make it easier to deliver it to the house in the cold, or field bouquets from spring to late autumn. And I am happy. And I am very grateful for that. And he knows it, he sees it, and he himself began to enjoy the fact he gives me flowers. After all, what could be more important for a man than not the joy of his beloved woman and her admiration for her hero?

So, respected men and young people, one of the first steps on the way to please Slavic girl, to fall in love with Slavic girl, and then delight her throughout whole life – presenting her flowers!

Just in case to check whether your Slavic girl is in the small percentage of flower haters or no, or does not like flowers for one reason or another, ask her yourself.
“Dear, I would you like to give you flowers? And if so, which ones do you like? ” Just in case, cover your ears with your hands so that her enthusiastic cries about how she dreams you to give her flowers do not stun you for a while.

Better yet, don’t even ask, but give me a bouquet or a rose right away, and as you go, you can clarify which flowers you like more. And then a humble girl will fall and he will be ashamed to say what they often say: “Yes, it’s time to give flowers for me.”

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4 thoughts on “How to make Slavic girl fall in love with you on the very first date?

  1. BeerMeanGam

    It is Slavic girl who should like you first, not vice verse. If you behave the way she likes you have a chance. Than only pay efforts. If she doesn’t like you from the very first moment you have no chances no matter how hard you try

  2. Amazed guy

    On this illustrative picture definitely not Slavic woman is shown 🙂 I thought they have long dark blond hair, not red 🙂

    1. Datingtips expert Post author

      Slavic women are different. There are Western Slavs, fro exemple, Poles, there are Eastern Slavs, like Belarusians with long light hair and blue eyes, there are different Slavs like Slovaks, Ukrainians, Czechs etc. Slavic women are different and they might have as common features same as be different – have blond, dark, black, brown hair. Also many women die their hair as well. So… Yeah, this infografic picture definitely doesn’t illustrate the whole beauty of Slavic women 🙂

  3. Greys Laid

    Slavic girls are awesome but they deserve respect, lots of time, money, status. And some of them just need sincere interest of your side and that’s it. Some men are afraid of pretty Slavic women, but friend of mine who has average job and often does not have a job and who is not that great looking is dating model looking pretty Slavic girl from Estonia and all common friends call them ‘one wave’. It is really like that but the first what you would think when you first see his Slavic girlfriend would be that you can not even close to stay to her. Such a stupid stereotypes we have. As for me I only have met some girls from Poland in the UK so maybe I would ive it a try one day as well as my friend


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