How to get acquainted on the Internet - advices for women

How to get acquainted on the Internet – advices for women

Every day we spend huuuuge portion of our own free time on the Internet. We do not even realize how much spare time we spent in social networks and most of the time it is… the waste of time. But if you know how to measure yourself in wise way, if you know what you want from life and able to follow the plan in order to achieve your goals, if you have great self time management – than Internet is a great helper for you. It also applies to finding future spouse, the second half or the love of your life (whatever you call it the sense is the same) through online dating. How to use it right so it work and make you happy? How to avoid problems and omit non suitable candidates? We are going to talk about this today.

How to start dating online and is there any sense in it at all?

First of all you have to believe in everything you start including online dating. What you believe in faithfully will happen. If you are serious about finding partner online you will find. If you start filling in gaps on dating site and feel it is not going to work – it will not work. Think about thousands of people who have found love online, find real stories written on the Internet and go on.

Think the opposite way – for many people online dating is the only chance to find boyfriend or girlfriend as we live in a world with lack of time. We do not have time to visit places where we can find suitable candidates, but we have access to the computer and Internet almost all the time. Why not to use this modern way of getting acquainted. Millions of people are online now and millions are looking for their possible partners right now. You seem to be in searching as well – what are you waiting for?

How to get acquainted online in a right way?

Believe in your aim. Do not hesitate and do not listen to anyone. Some might say there are no serious people online and dating online is one great scam. But who are these people saying that? Do they have an experience in online dating? Did they succeed? Did they fail? Most of such “advisors” have no idea what is it like, but they are happy to teach you giving stupid advices. Do you consider yourself descent person? I’m sure most of readers would say – yes. There is surely the same descent person on the other side of the monitor looking for you. Magic? Coincidence? No, it is just logical possibility. So there is nothing to hesitate but act. Finish reading these lines and act!

What to start acquaintance on the Internet from?

  1. Stereotypes are inappropriate. Think out of the box. Forget about all you know about online dating. Relax and have fun communicating;
  2. The aim. Don’t want to find rude guy who sips beer and talks to the TV set if you are intelligent girl who likes to read books? Look for guys in circle of your interests;
  3. All the info must be in the profile. When filling in the gaps on dating site do not be in hurry to look for candidates. Try to think as the person on the other side of the monitor. You would like to know as much as possible, right? That do the same – fill as much as it is possible yourself;
  4. Never lie. We often like to describe everything in a better light, but it is not suitable for online dating if you are looking for serious possibility of relationships. If you lie – one day it will come out and what are you going to do next? It may become a pretext to break up with a person you have already fall in love with;
  5. Do not make yourself an idol. Never. Including with people we love. We usually like to think only the best about people we love, but we do not see disadvantages. Be realistic in order not to become disappointed one day.

Non-standard questions and phrases for online dating

Person on the other site of display is sick of “Hey, how are you” the same as you probably are. There is a need to change it being original as much as possible. Original means memorable, interesting and thus the one who can intrigue and stand out of the crowd of similar boring grey mass.

Moreover, phrases like “Hello, how are you” are often written by bots and therefore people automatically do not pay attention to them. So, do not write messages which you wouldn’t like to get yourself.

What should be the first online dating words?

  1. The written phrase should intrigue; the aim is to make person think over the phrase, but not just take a subconscious look and move further ;
  2. Words must be “catchy, candidate should be intrigued and wait for another message;
  3. By first phrases show your character, level of education, sense of humor etc.

Ask questions relatively direct to the interests of the man you found. Read his profile accurately and pick the topics he is interested in. If there is something you know about as well, pick this topic and ask the guy about it. For example – you found he likes hockey. Ask him – Oilers or Flames. Wait for his answer. When he asks whether you like hockey, you may answer “No way!” The conversation is started. Have fun.

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3 thoughts on “How to get acquainted on the Internet – advices for women

  1. Josh

    Original to be original… all is going on about this only, but what if I just wanna be myself and if I’m boring as hell does it make me having no chance in online dating?

  2. Lana BaBey

    There are millions of men who are seeking women online and I don’t think there are some special tricks for women to know except for being yourself

  3. Gregory

    Woman has natural charm and she has nothing to do a lot actually. Men will find attractive woman by themselves. By attractive we mean not appearance only. We mean attractive woman with powerful feminine energy.

    Unfortunately, now women often forget to be women. In race for equal rights many women forgot they are actually… women. No feminine features, no balance but masculine type women are more often met by us everywhere. If it would go like that soon procreation would be possible with computers and medicine only.

    Dear women, I have nothing against women’s rights, I deeply respect women and love YOU all, but just do not forget to be women. Thank you 🙂


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