How to develop personal relations with your girlfriend

How to develop personal relationship with your girlfriend

The guy meets the girl, they get acquainted, go to a date, meet with each other from time to time, talk on the phone, messaging, video chatting or communicate with each other during a meeting and get to know each other closer and closer. If the guy liked the girl, then it is logical that he begins to think about future consequences and what this relationship will lead to. If a guy falls in love with a girl, then most of all, he’s afraid of losing her and here is the time to actually lose the girl if the guy has no or lack of experience, because the chances are high he will do everything in the opposite way making the girl lose interest in him very fast. How come? It happens you do everything for the girl and she leaves you for the other guy who seems paying no attention to her. If a man is already experienced in relationships with girls, he already knows what to do, so that the relationship with the girl evolved exactly as it is necessary for him. Although it happens that although the guy was in serious relationships with many girls, he did not learn any lessons from these relationships and made no conclusions. How exactly you need to develop a relationship with a girl if you do not want to lose her? If you rely on the case, then the relationship can not go wrong way and will be finished with someone’s broken heart. To prevent this, you need to know how to develop a relationship with your girlfriend. This applies not only to newcomers who are for the first time in serious relationship with a girlfriend. Those guys who are in serious relationship with their woman for long also make mistakes because of which they could get rid of everything at the moment.

Behavior with the girl at the sunrise of your relationships

When you get acquainted with a pretty girl, the most important thing is always remember and take into account the fact that even if now this girl is not interesting for you as future spouse, or you are only interested in some non serious relationships with possible serious consequences J In any case you should behave as if every such girl in the future may be the only one with whom you would like something more – serious relationship. The point is not to behave in such a way that it would spoil everything at the very beginning and might have negative influence on future possible relationships. For example, if a guy is interested in just girl’s beautiful wrapper, then he can behave as though he is interested only in relationships for one night. The guy is tempting girl, shows himself such a not serious guy who can have a fun time, who is not interested in serious relationships at all, and so on. And then, having talked to her, having spent some time together, the man understands that this girl is still interesting to him as subject for serious relationships. But the first impression of the girl about this man will be only one – he is not serious person, who treats women only as sexual targets and nothing more. And naturally, such a first impression pushes her away from him. She is unlikely to want a relationship with such type of man. To convince her that in fact this guy is interested in a serious relationship will be extremely difficult due to the first impression he made himself. That is why from the outset you need to remember that this girl might be that only one. Therefore, it is better to behave naturally from the very beginning without whips and stuff like that.

The first date with the girl you like

There is nothing much new to add. The information you have read earlier applies to this section as well. If you would act too quick trying to seduce the girl she would think you are not serious type of the guy who is followed only by animal instincts and it is impossible to build serious relationships with him. It might also happen that the girl has easy type of character as well and she might also not be interested in serious relationships. If you are looking for serious girl you would understand she is not for serious relationships.

Some give advices – show yourself from the best side, but I am not agree. I think better is to show you’re the way you are. If the girl likes you the way you are without artificial smiles and tensed inappropriate jokes – she might be your type, but if you are good actor there is a risk she would like not you, but your hero and you will have to keep pretending or lose the girl. Better show the girl that you are a serious man, that you are also interested in a serious relationship with the girls, rather than just having fun and going a long way in life. Do not hurry with physical intimacy. But too much delay is also bad otherwise you are under the risk to be written to eternal friends.

If the girl is interested for you, if you want more with her, then prove it to her. Let her understand that she is cute not just as a beautiful girl, but as a person with whom you would not mind to build relationships in the future.

Relationship. The initial stage.

Initial stage means a lot, even if you don’t take it too serious. If the girl is in relationships with you it means she already likes you and she has made her decision to be with you. It also means that as for now you did everything right. Now it’s high time to keep working on the development of your relationship and not to make mistakes. During the initial stage the girl is observing you, scanning you and you are under radar and under her microscope. She is trying to find out who you are as much possible as she can. At this point she is trying very hard as this would help her to understand whether you are worth to be her future man, supporter, reliable shoulder. For you it is the most important at this point not to give her bad impression about yourself, not to fk up all you’ve achieved so far.

Your main purpose during initial stage is to prove your new girlfriend that you are the one who is worth to build future serious relationships with till the end of time. To achieve this goal you have work nonstop on the development of your common interest, chemistry, passion, whatever – just keep enough heat to move forward your train of love. The worst could happen if you both lose the sparkle between you. When the routine starts every day seems like the other one, boredom and fatigue is the reason why about 85% brake their relations – it is not interesting to be together anymore (like it was at the very beginning).

If you want to keep your girl with you it is important to bring stream of fresh air into your relationships every time when it is suitable and possible. Spending spare time together should be interesting for both of you. If today it is cinema, tomorrow it could be jumping, the other day you may visit Aqua Park and on Sunday just have a walk in the park or visit shops and cafes in shopping mall. Sometimes there is nothing more suitable than pizza and movie together and sometimes it is useful to spend time with common friends or other friend couples. This diversity and ability to be versatile and flexible, to be able to do something new together helps to keep the relationships and not to have a break up.

Being interesting for the girl is 80% of every guy’s success. Nothing makes you both closer than mutual sympathy based on common interest. If the girl finds you interesting, fun, funny – you might even try to escape her, but she will follow you every possible and suitable and non suitable moment. Keep in mind you have to keep this interest not only at the very beginning of relationship but all the time.

Serious relationship. Highest bets.

For serious relations you bet the highest rates. Either wedding in the future, and they lived long and happily ever after or painful break up, broken heart, and other consequences. Therefore, at this stage, it’s worth do your best, so that everything turns out, and finally achieve the girl of your dreams, your other half. Exactly the main task of serious relationships is proving your girl that you are her soulmate – there is no one like you in the world and only you suit her.

It is important not to get cold to one another, not to move on to the previous stage. Relationships should not turn into a routine. You should not be bored together. You still have to have fun and enjoy life together. Therefore, do not get lazy, do not stop surprising your girlfriend. Make surprises, still go on a date, go out to people as often as possible, diversity must always be present on your common life.

It often happens that at first the guy is trying hard, makes surprises, tells compliments and warm words and within the time he is sipping beer on the sofa watching sports and while his girlfriend doesn’t know what to do. Remember: if you stop giving attention to your woman she will start looking for it in other places (men). Many pairs break up because the guy thinks he’s already conquered the girl and it is time to relax. Here the problems start to appear. The girl does not feel herself desired anymore; she feels that she is not interested to her boyfriend anymore. At first she would be sad, she would try to make her boyfriend pay attention on her, but then she’ll get tired and she’ll find someone who will carry her on hands.

The point is in developing relationship all the time. If you allowed yourself to get relaxed – wait for troubles. It does not work like that – you have the girl, you conquered. No room for relax!

What is the right way of relationship development?

Not getting relax does not mean to exaggerate and do everything your girl would wish. This would give the opposite effect – she would get relaxed with you and then bored and then leave you. Keep to the golden middle. Sometimes even a small quarrel is suitable to wake up the volcano of emotions and passion. But it is better still to be in common harmony with your beloved girlfriend.

Many girls complain that at the very beginning their boyfriend was attentive, interesting, they were visiting different places together and life was shining bright. Now such a girl is thinking about another guy with whom she might feel the same. You have to be this guy all the time! Don’t forget about this and keep your common relationships alive, interesting and fresh.

If the guy is not interested in his girl and prefers to do something else, but not being with her, if he is always focused on his business, but does not pay attention to the girl, if he does not want to have intimacy with the girl or does it very rare – it means the beginning of the end.

Possible ways of the relationship development between guy and girl

A guy gets acquainted with a girl, they go to a date, meet from time to time, talk on the phone. They meet more often, communicate more and more, understand that they have become very close to each other that they can not be without each other. As soon as this understanding comes to both, the guy and girl begin to live together.

During a common residence, they will know each other even closer, as close as possible. Then the most interesting part. They can either be forever or find out it is not about them both. A man and a woman understand that they can’t live without each other and get married. Then they have children, and they lived long and happy life together. Mutual understanding is their achievement. Another option when people realize that passion is gone. They do not attract each other. Everything is very calm and not interesting. They begin to look for lovers, quarrel constantly, and eventually break up. One more scenario – the guy and the girl are so accustomed to each other that even though relations have long been deprived of emotions and impressions, they simply do not want to break the harmony of life, they are afraid to change something. And even if they no longer love each other, they will be altogether living common life.

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2 thoughts on “How to develop personal relationship with your girlfriend

  1. The_Guy

    I would advice not to take it too serious. Dating is more like a game if the girl feels you play this game confidently and having fun she would be eager to become one of the heroes of your game with common scenario

  2. Agata

    You should develope relationship slovly, without hurry, being wise, taking inti consideration wishes, opinions and feelings of each other, living in mutual harmony. This is the best option of relationship based on harmony. Unfortunately, not many people understand this, but I am happy it becomes more of those who do understand.


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