How to become such a man type so women would fight for possibility to be your girlfriend - 17 impressive tips!

How to become such a man type so women would fight for possibility to be your girlfriend – 17 impressive tips!

No wonder why they say that men and women came from different planets. Mars and Venus, Yin and Yang are all so different, but amazingly exist together. Feminine and masculine ways of idealizing family values are different from each other and that is the reason they have different opinions on how a man should treat a woman. There is no correct answer on how to become a perfect man, but it’s possible to view few clues that most women can agree on. Let’s see those 16 tips that can make any guy become attractive in woman’s eyes.

1. Smile

Have a sincere smile and that will set others in a good mood. There are, probably, only seventeen muscles that are needed for a smile, unlike your grumpy face needs about forty-three. That is obvious, your smile is the easiest facial expression you can share with girls. Nice grin is a simplest thing you can start with. Add on a good listening skills to win a girl’s heart as everyone knows that women love through ears.

2. Be kind

Certain tokens of consideration, courtesy and kindness are valuable and attract women. Be humble and helpful to others. Think about ways when your kindness will fit the situation and will be a nice gesture to show your charitable personality. Let the steam of anger pass through in certain situations, while you compassionate charisma is open for others.

3. Work out

Encourage yourself to get fit and get rid of wobbly single-pack. It doesn’t mean that you must to have an athletic body, like Apollo or Mr. Arnold S., but do what is enough for you to get in a good shape. Build up your strength by daily exercises at home or gym. Lots of girls like to be carried sometimes to feel like princesses. Eating organically fresh food doesn’t only affect your diet that can help you to support attractive body shape, but can also improve your health by increasing your energy level and general wellbeing.

4. Be stylish

Develop your own sense of fashion. It is important for very girl as they all spend a lot of money, time and effort in it. Your cloths should make you look attractive and give you a special glance. You can stand out because of your stylish attires among all other guys. Most woman think black color is “sexy” as it gives appearance some tempting attention. Find your favorite pair of shades that fit you best. Black, but simple glasses will be the best to make your face look more symmetrically attractive.  Do not hesitate to ask advises from friends and customer sales service representatives.

5. Try to look a bit older than you are

Certainly, it depends on your biological age, but it is in girls’ genes to choose a physically mature man who looks older than her. Having a mature appearance makes most women feel that you are an experienced man who can share his experiences and show wisdom.

6. Get a beard

Statistically speaking, girls like some facial bristle. We are not encouraging you to get a shovel brush, just well-groomed stubble is more than enough. Shaving every other day can help to achieve your desirable look.

7. Get rid of “monobrow”

Hairy “caterpillars” are one of the most distracting face features that can be easily corrected. Do not shave it and do not over do it, simply get rid of the excess by using tweezers or ask a help from beauty professionals. There is nothing shameful in doing that nowadays. But do not forget to help your ear and nose hair visually disappear as well.

8. Hygiene

Take shower on a daily basis and do not forget to use deodorant. Smelly guys distract more than chubby ones with jiggly bellies.  Besides having healthy hygiene routine, fragrance plays a huge role in it as well.  The intimacy of a nice smell makes you charming and alluring. Strong and sharp scents should be forgotten and switched to a light fresh masculine bouquet. Get an advice from professionals in the store to be introduced to a state-of-the-art fragrances.

9. Be concerned of your hair

Messy and greasy mane can be so unpleasant even for men. Brush, wash, trim your hair regularly and do not over use hair styling products. Take extra five minutes in the morning to shape the volume on your head to add up extra courage.

10. Be confident

To be loved by others, you have to love yourself first. Have ambitions to seriously drive your life and have self-esteem. Being a “bad guy” sometimes can be more attractive as girls find mysterious identity being charming. Walk straight looking upright, that is a key to have an attractive look on daily basis. That will make you look visually taller and steady.  Have a sense of adventure, create memorable plans around the outdoors and nature. Go for walks, hikes, swims or paddle boats to have a fresh mind for your spirit.

11. Be gentlemen

Women like gallant and successful men. Show your best manners by holding a door for a stranger, or help with heavy bags. Be a decent man. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Do not use vulgar words or slang and you will feel that you mind starts to have clear thoughts and reduces a level of negativity. Cursing was never pleasing for anyone.

12. Read

A lot of girls find smart guys attractive. Reading books or newspapers is good source of getting information out of the world that is around us. That will help you to be more alluring and will add up on your conversations with girls. Even if someone is not really attracted to you, your wide knowledge can help people to be left with good positive memories about you. Reading will definitely help you to develop speaking and writing skills. But find a good balance not to be an upstart.

13. Have a sense of humor

It is a wonderful talent to make others laugh and helps to fight with depression and prolongs lifespan. Nice sense of humor is a good thing that most women desire. Be sincere and give your sarcastic and dad jokes away to be around people with who you will be able to relax around. Laughter releases serotonin hormone that helps brain to get a feeling of happiness.

14. Find yourself in music

One of the most popular girls’ fantasies is to date their favorite musician, so you can help yourself by playing musical instruments. You do not have to play like a pro, but knowing how to play few romantic songs can help you out. Singing is also a way to win a girl’s heart. At least, find a hobby for yourself to have a passion in your life. Choose what is best for you.

15. Show love to animals

Girls love guys who like cute furry animals. It doesn’t matter if it is a little kitten or puppy or a baby hamster, they like those living stuffed animals. Guys cuddling pets are so adorable and charming!

16. Give up bad habits

Smoking cigarettes and drugs are serious addictions that distract woman from man. Women can find it awful when a man doesn’t only have a poor health concern, but a bad breath also. Brush your teeth regularly, floss and use mouth wash. Also consider changing your daily habits by having a good sleep, waking up early and drinking lots of water.

17. Move towards personal aim all the way long

Always show the girl you like (or especially if you are in relationship already ) that you are moving towards the aim you have. If you don’t have aim – make it up, but it is ESSENSIAL to have AIM (GOAL) and move step by step to it. This should be your passion, the thing that makes you wake up in the morning without alarm clock, the thing which you could do without getting even paid for it, the thing which you do for people and get pleasure and financial income from. This is the thing #1 and the girl is ALWAYS takes place #2. She is good addition to your life and makes it more reasonable and full, but she never should be number one in your life plans. Otherwise she would leave you as soon as you lose your aim or she would have doubts you are inspired to move. If you don’t have such aim the girl would not be with you for long – just until she finds candidate with aim. This is EXTRA important and the most important tips out of all given here.

For sure you can think of more than 16 steps to attract a girl. But, these are the basics. And the best part about these rudiments, they do not have to be followed in any particular order. It is better to suggest you to start off with your strongest points and give yourself time to develop the other strategies. Literally speaking, all you need is to fill up your life with meaning. Remember, all is in your hands and it is your moment to act now.

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5 thoughts on “How to become such a man type so women would fight for possibility to be your girlfriend – 17 impressive tips!

  1. Robert J.

    The last tips about your own goal is the most awesome tip ever. I confess this is sooo true! I used to be like that and paid my attention to the girls I loved, I did everything I could from expensive presents to immediate responds on the call and always I was left having nothing. I could not understand what the heck is wrong as I do all the best, I’m caring and stuff. But women’s psychology is built very differently. When I started focusing on myself and doing my successful business which I love doing women started pay attention to me even if they did not kknow that I have business and what I am doing for life. they feel my energy and they are attracted by it. However, such ‘rebuild’ of myself took me more than a year even though I understood my mistakes it was hard to follow my newly made plan and do not act as me old acted. But it is possible. The earlier you understand it the earlier you will have successful life.

    1. Datingtips expert Post author

      Great comment! Thanks for reply! We deeply appreciate your feedback. Yes, women do not choose weak guys unless they love such type. Although it is personal opinion, of course.

  2. Lilly_On_The_Billy

    If about different planets statement men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But of to be serious – the tips are nice but a little naive. They do not guarantee that woman would like you although they would help one to feel more confident and probably become successful. Women are attracted by successful men who are happy and sure with what they are doing. Tip #17 is great in sense of what it describes and corellates with what I say. It is not going about millions of $$, but about the thing that man should be successful in his business, hobby, in what he does for life and even when he has problems and difficulties he is able to overcome and show that he is strong person. Such men make women wet 🙂

  3. Larisa

    LOL! “Monobrow” is hilarious! 🙂 🙂 I cry laughing and this article made my day today 🙂 hahaha

  4. Stacey Kick Rider

    Damn! Moving towards your aim is the best one! It WAS DEFINITELY needed to read the whole article to get to the point #17 as this is the most important. Men who are focused on what they are doing are damn hot! They make me weeeeeeeeeeet :)))


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