How to ask girl from online dating to real date - awesome working tips

How to ask girl from online dating to real date – awesome working tips

The Internet makes our life easier: it helps us to meet new people, keep in touch with them, start romantic relationships online. Dating in the Internet is always a great fun. But when it is clear that the girl from online dating is ready to get something more, why not to ask her to go on a real date? Awesome working tips from the text can advice man how to behave with the girls and how to avoid some common mistakes.

Why do people prefer online chatting

Lots of people feel comfortable while chatting in the Internet. It’s so convenient: there is time to think before answering the partner’s question, some information can be quickly found online, so there’s always something to say. And the appearance doesn’t matter: some good photos make users feel self-confident. It’s easy to contact friends and relatives from all over the world at any time. And the dating with a girl isn’t an exception. In the Internet they can tell jokes, praise each other and even talk about love. But these people find it hard to start a conversation in real life, so the partner must make an effort to invite the shy girl for a date. And these tips can help to make it properly.

The background

The proposition to meet together must be relevant, not intrusive. To get acquainted better is a chance to understand the girl’s desires, show the interest to her personality. The good idea is to begin with several general questions. While the girls answer them, men can share their opinions too. This will constantly bring two people in love together.

  1. “How do you spend your day?” 
    Due to this question the man can find out the girl’s plans, think about the time of their future date.
  2. What is your hobby?”
    Girls like talking about themselves. And the girl will be glad if the man’s hobbies are similar to her ones.
  3. What do you usually do on weekends?”
    Free time always means fun. So when the conversation is about weekend activities – it’s a good chance to propose spending this time together.
  4. “What is your favourite dish?”
    Of course this means that the dish should be eaten in a great restaurant together.
  5. “Do you like going to the cinema?”
    It’s a clear proposition, but which girl can refuse? An interesting film with her partner in the evening.

Girls like thoughtful men, so a good idea is to listen to them carefully, discuss all their answers.

How to feel free

There’s nothing fearful in inviting the girl to spend an evening together. Everyone likes meeting new people, going for a walk around the city, visiting restaurants. Men mustn’t be shy. An interesting conversation about any hobbies or events from his life can endear the girl. Men can talk about everything: their favourite films, work, friends, funny situations. Common hobbies and interests help to communicate easily. But if the partners are different – that doesn’t matter. They can discuss all these moments and the tension will disappear. And if the girl enjoys her online dating, she will agree to meet in real life by all means.

What can help

Some situations and circumstances dispose girls to agree to spend their free time together with the man from online dating.

  • Holidays.
    Celebrating Christmas or St Valentine’s Day together is a great fun. And the occasion is usually very romantic. Especially when the reason of celebration is the girl’s or the man’s birthday.
  • The compliments.
    Is the girl really beautiful? Or maybe her sense of humor is amazing? Then why not to tell her about it? The sincere compliments will make her happy, but not everything at the same time. And they should be truthful.
  • Creative work.
    Girls like art and creative men. Making a present with hands will surprise her. But the present can be also bought: flowers, sweets, jewelry. And the need to give the present necessitates to meet in real life.

These cunnings are the helpers of all the men it the world. And girls enjoy it.

What men shouldn’t do

Unfortunately, some abrupt actions can lead to the failure. First of all, girls want to be in safe. But when they know little about the men and feel that they are putting pressure, obviously they will say no. So guys should tell a lot about their life, show that they are not dangerous. To invite the girl to the man’s place at the first date isn’t a good idea. It’s better to meet in a public place. Though it’s possible to continue the date at home, but only after the girl’s agreement. And being annoying is a bad habit, so men must avoid it.

Using the three best hints

It’s so difficult sometimes to tell the truth, to show the real intentions. In these situations hints can help. Joking and talking about different things men can get an opportunity to meet the girl of their dream. Now they can talk about their feelings, stop hiding. These three best hints will certainly make the girl say yes.

  • “Do you like coffee? There’s a new cafe in the city centre.”
  • “I feel so lonely today! Want to go for a walk.”
  • “I’ve got two tickets for a new film. Need someone to go with!”

Drinking coffee or watching a nice film together is a great idea for the first real date.

Men should remember that girls go online and agree for the datings in the internet because they want to find love, have a romantic adventure. So they are interested in the real date too, but they want men to persuade them. It’s real to find love in the internet. And that’s not very difficult with these working tips.

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2 thoughts on “How to ask girl from online dating to real date – awesome working tips

  1. Stacey C

    The one about coffee seems very… primitive. Sorry, but it is like if you are at school. Do you have pensils? Wow, you can be a great painter. Sorry once more. Although you know what? It actually might work because such naivety is also charming 🙂 But such things like do you have bedroom? Oh, we can have pleasure in bed! 🙂 Lol sorry but that’s hilarious 🙂

  2. Jammy Advisor

    Choosing the right moment is the most important. Do not hesitate to ask after the second week of online communication. If you don’t do this she will think you are not interested in her and would find another interlocutor who would be more desicive and brave and would ask her for real date. Women like desicive and reliable men. Women adore confident and initiative men. Take initiative into your own hands and ask her for real date!


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