How should woman act on the date not to scare a man BE AWARE Guide for conservative ladies only

How should woman act on the date not to scare a man. BE AWARE: Guide for conservative ladies only

As woman prepares for the first date, she carefully chooses the perfect outfit, and with excitement has that long-awaited supper at the company of new admirer. True, sometimes this excitement is so strong that it forces woman to do things that can seriously spoil the most flawless evening. We analyze the main mistakes of women on the first date and find out how to avoid them.

Lady suggests splitting the bill

The presence of this item in the list of “girls’ mistakes during the first appointments” can cause a storm of indignation among independent women who appreciate financial (and not only) independence, but statistics does not lie: the vast majority of men (80%) stated during polls that by offering to pay for their dinner on the first date, the lady makes it clear that it is awkward to wait for the second rendezvous. So, if the cavalier has liked you, let him pay for your coffee at least this time: you will still have the opportunity to demonstrate your independence later.

Lady’s ordering  inappropriate food

This item can be ignored if you are not suffering from perfectionism and are quite confident in yourself. But for those who definitely want to make an impeccable impression, it is recommended to choose options extremely aesthetic and easy to use. It makes sense not ordering pasta as you might agree that eating pasta beautifully is an art that needs mastery craftsmanship, as well as any food that you eat, for example, French fries or chicken wings in hot sauce. And, of course, you have read the description in the menu carefully as garlic-based foods on the first date are inappropriate by default.

Lady perceives everything too seriously

The excitement, awe and premonition of a pleasant evening should not be confused with the tension and the desire for total control. Perceive the first date as a game – unpredictable, exciting and enjoyable, do not build global plans, and most importantly – enjoy the present moment.

Lady is fond of alcohol

Perhaps it is the most dangerous item in the list of “mistakes on the first date with a man”. Whatever you feel like, the alcohol is not the best way to cope with dating anxiety. Having lost control over the number of “soothing” portions, you risk waking up with a headache the next morning in the best case, and at worst – with a sense of shame and a huge desire to erase yesterday’s rendezvous memories. So limit yourself to a glass of good wine (or do not drink at all), and to calm down nerves and anxiety more often remind yourself that your visitor is likely to worry about the date no less than you.

Lady is spending too much time with the phone (= ignoring man)

This point is relating not that much to dating, but more to general secular etiquette, though, nevertheless, worthy of mentioning. Even if you are accustomed to live with the smartphone clued to your hand, every hour rejoicing your Instagram followers with new sephi and snapshots of food – try to put the gadget in the back pocket of the bag at least at the time of your date and devote your attention to your companion. And let the whole world wait. Yeah.

Lady chooses too frank or awkward clothes

When picking up a dating dress, remember that it should be: 1) comfortable, 2) elegant, and your image should hint at sexuality, but do not scream about it all the way. Common fashion-mistakes of the first date are too frank decollete, transparent fabrics and unnecessarily tight, inconvenient or quickly mourning items of wardrobe. From all this, as well as from vulgar makeup and obsessive perfume, it is better to refuse.

Lady asks about the plans for the future

The desirable number of children, the attitude to the marriage institute and plans for the next five years – this is an incomplete list of topics for the first date, instantly provoking a panic attack on men. So, if you suddenly fell uncomfortable with your cavalier, the right way to get rid of him is to attack him with the issues of “seriousness of intentions” and inviting him to acquaint with relatives.

Lady tells man about the ex-boyfriend (ex-husband)

Obviously, this item continues to lead in the list of “the most popular mistakes of women at first dates.” Someday you may be telling your companion about your first love and how your former boyfriend broke your heart and how you married a little after a holiday novel – sometime, but not now. Wait a while as well about asking questions about the ex-beloved of the man you’re on a date with. Focus on each other this evening – you definitely do not need ghosts of the past on the first date.

Lady does not provide man with expected femininity

Man, even if you did not say anything to him and never saw him, he still expects a certain behavior from a woman, which we call femininity. The concept of femininity, of course, will be slightly different for different men from country to country. But nevertheless, a man expects a woman to have a certain behavior and if she does not behave as he expects, then communicating with her leads to more or less discomfort. A man expects that he will take the initiative when meeting a woman, and not vice versa. A man expects that he will be able to give the woman support and help in certain life situations. If the opposite happens, and the woman constantly helps her husband unilaterally, then this is the destruction of expectations. After all, such women simply push out men by their help, and do not help, as they think. A man expects a woman to be admired by his exploits. There should be not much admiration, and it has to be earned and merit. Creating overpriced expectations is one of the simplest, but nonetheless, one of the most often mistakes in the first appointments. Excessive expectations lead to disappointment, and then to the fact that the man does not want to meet with a woman once again.

Lady’s position that all men are idiots

The fact that a man behaves like an idiot does not mean at all that he behaves in his life the same way. Weird behavior means that man tries to get acquainted with a girl or woman he likes. Art of dating a woman is rarely taught somewhere professionally, and the situation itself is very stressful for men, that is why men behave often not quite adequately and not creatively.

Lady’s position that all men are animals

It is difficult to argue that men are much closer to the animal world than women. However, it does not prevent millions of women from living happily for decades with them. In the end, many women keep pets, cats and dogs, and somehow they get along with them altogether. It’s even easier to get along with men. If to be serious, many women perceive that men want only use them. I would recommend forgetting about stereotypes once and for all. Seriously, and I am talking not only about dating men. Forget about all stereotypes – racial, religious, national, gender – all! It would make your life easier and you will open many new interesting things and widen your horizons. Coming back to the questions about comparing men to animals… – judge on a particular person. Some men could be real jerks, but there are many nice guys whom you might not notice because of applying artificial filter for “men = animals”, so you better delete this tick from the personal filter box menu.

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2 thoughts on “How should woman act on the date not to scare a man. BE AWARE: Guide for conservative ladies only

  1. Vlasova

    Good points BUT one BIG BUT. Man is scared of a woman? If he is.. well… What kind of man he is? What would happen if they will walk in the park and some passing by guy would tell rude compliment to his girlfriend or what is worse if this is going to be unknown street at night. Whatever but women hate cowards and if man is afraid of woman, relationships, first date anything – he is not a candidate for a woman. Descent woman would be with such a man either if he is rich or if she feels sorry for him, but sorry option is not for long because you can’t build relationships on pity

  2. Dietrich

    Ja ja das ist fantastisch! Strong women are the women I like most of all and I am sure if man is afraid wise woman is ready to give him unbelievable satisfaction if she knows which buttons to press and how to do it all right


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