How mindfullness techniques and meditation helps in dating and personal relationship

How mindfullness techniques and meditation helps in dating and personal relationship

What is Mindfulness Techniques and Meditation?

Mindfulness techniques consider being a form of meditation. Meditation in its turn is a technique, which has single purpose, to concentrate attention, to stimulate and to help to leave the anxiety behind. Fundamental steps in mindfulness meditation consider being to sit quietly in a beautiful place, it can be place in the open atmosphere, it can be in outside, in the nature and as well as, to concentrate on natural breathing, always repeating the word “mantra” silently. With doing these, it will permit ideas and thoughts to come and go without coming back, the breath will be stabilized and a person will be more relaxed, will feel comfort and will have positive thoughts. Mindfulness is a fundamental human ability to feel present, to know what is going on and moving forward constantly. Meditation starts and finishes in body. It included time paying attention to every single detail and to know what is going on.

Benefits of Mindfulness

The world is rather busy place and sometimes everybody wants just sit and relax, and do not thing about anything. Here, meditation plays an essential and significant role. Mindfulness helps to concentrate attention on the present moment, take it, without any condemnation.

Here the advantages of mindfulness:

  1. Improving the state of well-being – It will maintenance to enlarge the content of thinking, maintenance many relationships. It really helps to take everything easier it helps to become more active, it helps to be engaged in life and special events in real life. People start not to worry about everything much and they do not take everything very close to their hearts.
  2. To better physical health – When people start not to worry much, step by step, their physical health become well. Mindfulness can help to get rid of depression, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure, decrease long lasting ache, it helps to sleep better, and helps with other difficulties.
  3. Improving mental health – Today, mindfulness becomes very important element in the treatment of many problems and difficulties, including stress, conflicts, anxiety, eating disorders.

Mindfulness Techniques

The main and essential goal is to achieve a state of alert, to be focused and to be more relaxed, to focus on mind, feelings and senses. So, the techniques involve:

  1. Fundamental mindfulness meditation
  2. Feeling the body
  3. Becoming more delicate
  4. Having more emotions
  5. Ability of coping with difficulties

In addition, observing what has been mentioned in the article, it can be truly said that mindfulness techniques and meditation help a lot in every single step in life.

How Mindfulness Techniques and Meditation Helps in Dating and Personal Relationship?

When saying meditation, there comes a chance to get the inner peace in life and in relationships. Many people wonder how the mindfulness techniques and meditation can effect on relationships and effect on dating? They want to know why and how the sitting and meditating can help their love lives. The answer is rather simple, not complicated.

Here the proven reasons:

  1. Get rid of stress – Firstly, meditation helps to take away the depression, which in its turn can improve the relationships. When there is no stress, there will be good relations. When there is no stress, the perfect first date is guaranteed.
  2. Discovering new deeper feelings – When person is more relaxed, when there is no state of anxiety, he starts to feel every feeling. The feelings become deeper and he becomes more sensible, which will help in dating and personal relationships.
  3. Help to slow down – When a person slows down, he starts to notice more beauty in the world. He starts to look at the world with different eyes. Meditation helps to learn to be slow, not to hurry. In personal life, relationships and during the date, people should not be hurry, in order to succeed.
  4. Being more relaxed – Meditation is a practice that always helps to be more comforted, more relaxed, without any thought of anxiety and upset. That is why, in personal relationships and in dating the state of being relaxed and comforted, play a big role.
  5. Starting to be more positive – Where a person is in the state of comfort, he starts to fell about positive things. In dating and in personal relationships, positiveness has essential role. Men can encourage their women with positive feelings and positive thoughts. The same is with the boys and with the girls during the date.
  6. Harmony – People, who meditate as a rule, can be more passionate. Exists several mindfulness exercises. With the help of those exercises, people can reach to the state of harmony. Harmony between lovers, between couples considers being rather important thing. The presence of harmony can lead to better way of personal relationships and can lead to better way of personal life.
  7. Ability of facing the problems – During the meditation, people leave the problems and bad thoughts behind and become more positive and more relaxed. It helps them in daily life as well. They gaining the ability of facing the problems in personal life. They gaining the ability of solving the problems and coping with the difficulties.

When somebody finds someone to care for, he or she will do whatever in the whole world to make him or her happy and to keep good personal relationships and to have an excellent date. If everybody gets in meditation and practices mindfulness techniques, does the exercises as required, in order to become more relaxed, more comforted, more creative and positive person, he or she will have excellent personal relationships and dates. It gives new chances to improve, to look at life with open eyes, to stay in the state of harmony and to find true love in real life.

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5 thoughts on “How mindfullness techniques and meditation helps in dating and personal relationship

  1. I won't say my name GUY

    Meditation helped me to overcome panic attacks and anxiety. I always thought about meditation as some not serious thing until I had problems and it seemed I had no way out. It helped me not only to get rid of panic attacks but to become more like wise observer. It also helps in relationship – less quarrels and more understanding, taking every situation as it is. Although sometimes emotions still prevail I practice every day and sometimes twice a day and I see positive results and positive changes in my life.

    P.S. You here chose to highlight very interesting topic

  2. Serg

    Meditation is the best experience of happy and cear life. It actually made my life. I don’t know how it is combined with dating but it influences the whole life of individual complexly

  3. Michael

    Wow that’s nice guys you raised such interesting topic. At first it seems such things are not combi ned. But than I though why not? If meditation brings us all good to the whole life and dating is essential part of adult person’s life than why not? I will try to practice meditation just right before I will go to the next date 🙂

  4. Personal_Dating_Psychologist

    Yes, yes, yes and… one more time YESSS!!! This is what I have finally found – SOMEONE RECOMMENDS MEDITATION IN BUILDING UP PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS! This is AWESOME! I was giving the same advices and including some advices in comments to articles on this website as well. This is great that people understand the power of meditation to make positive influence on everyday life of oneselves and the whole world in general. Meditation could be applied in personal relationships the same successful as in every other sphere of life! I am extremely happy to know people started realizing it and share it on the Internet. Fo rthose who underestimate the positive power of meditation I could just advice to try – you will see yourself and understand yourself. Instead of making pointless discussions just try


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