How can I date online successfully

How can I date online successfully?

Being successful in online dating is not just a matter of online dating. You can’t show good results in running competition if you are in bad physical condition because of sitting at home all the day long. To become good runner you have to become runner at all and for this you have to get up and start running at least 2 days per week, than more; at first 300 meters, later – a mile and more. When you just sit at the couch watching sport competitions and dreaming to become good runner this is not gonna work. The same with dating – if you never try to talk to the girl you will never know whether she even likes you and whether she would talk to you at all. If you have no experience in real life you won’t have any positive experience in online dating as well because the best what is waiting for you in the future is hiding under avatar of muscled guy and you will definitely find confidence under your mask, but when there is chance to finally meet in real life you’re going to escape, probably… or show your real picture (although most are afraid to do so) and the you may either lose your starting online relationships  (in most cases) or the girl will not be eager to further communicate with guy who has lack of confidence to show his real face and coward liar i addition to that. So, as you might notice, we mentioned the word ‘confidence’ already two times and it’s connotation is really important in online dating as well as in real dating.

Improve, develope, rise up your confidence

Women feel what the guy is when they just start talking. Confidence is all the guy needs because it is 85% of success. Women run away from unconfident guys with the light speed – and there is why. Confidence means that man is ready to achieve his goals, he is ready to go, fall down, get up and go further. Our world has many traps, narrow ways, but confident man is able to act even if sometimes he has troubles. Such confident guy will achieve financial reasults, have good health and would be able to protect his woman, child, family. That is why women subconcsiously choose such guys, because they like to be followed by them, this is their nature.  Overconfident is better than non confident. Maybe you have seen guys with tons of muscles, without any stable job, who do not show much respect to people and not even earn much, but they are surrounded by pretty chicks. Maybe you asked yourself question ‘How does it happen, it is not logical?’ – and here you see the real reason – confidence. You might have University Degree, be gentelman, have manners and come from good family, be king, be able to listen, have good stable office job, but your girlfriend would escape with truck driver naighbor who is drinking beer the whole weekend. Or you might not have girlfriend at all. Or she would live with you, but visit truck driver when you don’t know and buying her flowers after coming back home from office. This is all about man’s character and man’s confidence which women have natural ability to feel and evaluate almost immediately. They get this instinct of ‘man radar’ with mother’s milk because this is their possibility to find strong male and therefore to survive and to get possibility for strong progeny from strong man (not only physically strong) but first of all mentally strong, such a guy with strong character. Now you see that confidence is very important and we are moving to the next step – how to develop confidence.

How to improve and develope self-confidence?

Vigirous circle

People who are happy with their life are confident in what they are doing for life. For example, man who is confident in his future has more energy and inspiration to improve the business he has started years ago. But to start the business he had to have confidence in the past, right? And another example – the guy who is not sure whether his T-Shirts with self made prints are going to be bought by someone on the Internet and lack of confidence prevents him from making an selling announcement – he will never find out whether his idea was good or bad and he keeps earning cents doing work he hates, working at the gas station. The second guy has no money, has bad paid job because lack of confidence to change something and at the same time lack of confidence does not let his to make vital change.

Start with small steps

Take a pan and piece of paper even though it seems old school and wright down how you see your perfect day. You may wright some key points of wright it more precisely – as you wish. Than choose some stuff you promise to do every day, for example, wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning. Start to do just from this one point. Start waking up at this time every day at least for a week in a row and than add another thing from the list. It does not necessarily should be exaclty waking up in the morning on this to-do list, it might be doing meditation in the evening, or riding bycicle 2 times a week on Thursdays and Fridays. When you promise something to yourself and keep the promise your body starts believing you, otherwise if you promise yourself for years you are going to start running from Monday and never keep the promise why your own body should believe you?

Keeping self-promises makes you confident

This is the first step which will show you can achieve many, you can do it if you want.

Start physical trainings

Physical training makes you harder. Choose activity you like most – bycicle, swimming, running ect. It does not necessarily should be hard training with iron in gym although it is also a great option. Physical training makes you more disciplined, makes chemical balance in the body balanced and makes you happy and confident.

I recommend meditation

Not only your body needs to have care, to be cleaned and washed, but also your mind. Meditation helps to be more relaxed, to clean all the ‘mind dirt’ kept during days or even years. It also will make you to feel happy at the moment and find your inner self – i.e. to understand what you want from this life

As you see – confidence is your 85% success in online dating, real dating and in life in general. Being confident is top 3 things successful man has to possess.

Remain yourself

Even if you are on the other side of the monitor you have to be yourself. It means you should show all your better sides THE SAME AS DRAWBACKS during first 2, maximum 3 online dates or conversations. I don’t mean you have to tell everything bad about your body, character and stuff during the first conversation, the same as it is not good strategy to boast of your financial status, grown muscles or other things. But if you are overweight, for example, don’t show 10 years old picture of yours where you are slim and nice girl. Truth will come out in the most unexpected moment and it will be not only embarassing, but might prevent you from being with the person you sterted to feel something with.

Be prepared for the shift

Being able to move from online dating to real life date is the key point in online dating, otherwise it is not dating, but rather pleasant communication. What is the sence of chatting for years if every person needs to have live contact with each other – to see, to touch, to kiss, to hear. Someday ‘online’ should be converted into ‘ofline’ and for this you should be successful and confident not only in online dating, but in real life as well. How quick it would happen depends on you (but not exclusively), on your online dating partner, on other circumstances like your personal goals in online dating (maybe you wish only communicate), on the goals of your partner (maybe she needs husband next month? Maybe she needs more time to get used to you and than to be ready for next stem – meeting alive).

As you see, we have mentioned 3 main key points which would definitely help you to be successful in online dating – confidence, being real you (if you have drawbacks – work on them), readiness to take active part in relationships moving forward from virtual to real life. There are many smaller online dating tips, but you will find them out yourself during online dating process so we do not see the point in describing them in this article. Try to do the main three described here and you’ll see the guaranteed success.

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