How not to spoil everything on your first date and guarantee the second one

First Date: how not to spoil everything?

How not to spoil everything on your first date and guarantee the second one

Every human being needs a couple, even if some say they are not. Luckily, nowadays that’s much easier to meet somebody and build relationships. But every relationship starts with the first step – first date, and it’s the most important one. Depending on how you spend your first date, you get plus 100 points in your lady’s eyes and become her man from dreams, or ruin everything and lose a chance to see her ever again. So better to know, how to behave on the first date, and not to destroy your happiness by your own hands (or tongue).

Here are some first date behavior tips for men:

  1. Behave naturally. Don’t try to pretend yourself somebody who you not suppose to be. Don’t tell about how amazing and rich you are (if you’re not and if you are – don’t tell about it, but demonstrate in more or less hidden way), how many countries you visited and how many hearts you broke. Every girl always feels lie, and you don’t want to be a lier in her eyes, do you?
  2. Don’t be late. That’s the first step for destroying your date. Being late means being not interested in other person. If something important prevented you from being on time, send an apologetic message as soon as possible.  
  3. Make sure only two of you will have a date. That means none of your friends or family members shouldn’t be there. Any lady does not want to have a date in three and watch your friend or… overprotective mom.
  4. Show your deep interest to her personality. Ask her about her life, her hobbies, her plans, her favorite food and drinks. Make her talking about herself and listen, looking on her, she’ll like that for sure.
  5. Be confident in what you do. Better make previous plans for your date, think where to go and what interesting to do together. For sure she doesn’t want to be with a man who can not make any (even the smallest ones) desigions.
  6. If you have a cup of coffee or a dinner together, propose to pay for the lady, same when you go in any other places to spend your time together. This way you show her you can take responsibility for her, and that’s a pleasure for you to take care of her. But some women are way too independent and might be offended by such your step, so keep that in mind and apply this trick according to the situation.

The easiest ways to ruin your first date

Even if you are prepared enough, there still are a lot of ways to ruin your date. Making any of listed things guaranty, that your date will end as soon as you can’t even imagine, and for sure that will be the last day you see your lovely lady. So, you never should do next mistakes:

  • talking about your ex-lovers, especially comparing your lady to them;

  • telling that all ladies are the same;

  • paying attention on any of defects of your date partner, particularly on any of body features;

  • proposing her on the very first date to become a family and being together till the die (yes, ladies are afraid of relationships going too fast the same as men are);

  • insisting on a kiss or on sex;

  • getting drunk;

  • talking non stop;

  • playing in a “silent game”.

How to behave on first date to guarantee the second one

Let’s suppose that now you understand in bare outlines what to do and what not to do on a first meeting for not to scare your lady. But for sure, there’s still a lot of questions in your head. Unfortunately, there is no clear instruction how to spend the date to be sure you’ll impress your lady and make a good beginning of strong, happy and healthy relationships. In this subject you should turn on your intuition and your logical thinking the same time, because you should try to understand women’s mind and women’s wishes. But if you will succeed in that, be sure you’ll know what to do on a first date.

Woman needs to feel that man is interested in relationships with her. Show this! Choose a good place for date, bring her some flowers (yes, that may seems to look too ordinary, but that usually works very good esp. if your girl is from Europe or South America), reserve enough time for the meeting, put your smartphone in silent mode and focus all you attention only on her. Ask the girl about her life, her dreams, her hobbies, so she could feel you’re interested in her personality, not only in her body (appearance).

Every lady wants to feel herself special. So make her feeling this way. Don’t forget to say compliments, marking in your speech how happy you are to meet her. And never ever compare her to anybody else, even to your mom.

Woman needs man with whom she will be able to relax and be able to fully rely on him. So show her you’re able to make decisions and be responsible for your own life. Tell her about your achievements and main plans for your life.

Many ladies dream about romantic life. Be a gentleman! That’s not hard to open the door for her, substitute a chair, kiss her hand, but that will make a strong impression on her, be sure. (Disclaimer: wouldn’t work with way too emancipated women esp. of W1 countries)

Woman needs to be listened, and that’s very important for her. So allow her to talk, and if you listen carefully, for sure you’ll hear about her passions, her priorities, her plans. Then just try to give her what she likes. If she tells she loves sport, call her to watch some match together. If she loves music, try to find out what’s her favourite song and turn it on.

And remember: that’s not hard to understand woman, if you really want to. If you understand the woman, every first meeting day will be successful for you.

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3 thoughts on “First Date: how not to spoil everything?

  1. James

    Do not be too much focused on the fact that it is your first date. Relax. Take it easy and enjoy the moment. Your counter part is stressed as well so it is ok

    1. Maya_1

      It depends. I went for speed dating few times and to say the truth now I am not afraid whether to go on a walk with a stranger or have a coffee at Star Bucks. Though… it might be also because I started practice mindfulness and meditation at the same period when I experimented speed dating for the first time.


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