Dating tips for single men

Dating tips for single men

Trying to find your beloved one online? Don’t know how to do it? Don’t get success in online dating for a long time? Let’s figure out what are the reasons of your non-successful dating and since we find true reasons we can start working on it. When you let yourself realize that actually you have some problems (usually psychological ones) you are able to work on them, to improve what is wrong and since that point already start moving further.

For you being non-successful in dating should be some reasons. Why you started search for online dating exactly? Most often because you don’t have any success with women in real life. Of course, in some cases people use online dating instruments because it is easier to find person who has the same desire of dating, using modern instruments such as dating apps or dating sites, but let’s assume this is not your case. Let us assume you started trying online dating in some kind of despair because of multiple unsuccessful efforts in real life. And what you see now when you started search for single women online? You see that you have similar problems in online dating as you’ve had in real life. On real date you didn’t know what to ask a woman about, what to talk about or started telling lifelong boring stories from your childhood or just from your life. As you see, we are very close to the main reason of your fail – we are the same no matter whether we are in real life or online, whether we leave for another country or stay in the place we are. We always drag our problems and complexes with us and that is exactly your case – you are not successful with women in general and we are going to help you fixing this, but first of all you have to recognize you have such problem (problems). If you are saying you’re alright and there are no problems existing for you with women, you may skip reading this article and start conquering new female hearts, but if you feel you need some help or there is something wrong, please, keep reading.

TIP #1
As you have found already, you have some problems in communication with women. Now let us think which type of women you like. I will help you a little:

Example #1. Nice looking girl with slim figure, smiling, happy, confident in her choices. It is so fun to spend time with her.

And the next example:

Example #2. Girl has complexes – because she is obese. She is nervous all the time and sweating at the moments of stress. She is not happy with her life and she likes to splash her negative on other people – she’s yelling at the cash desk in the store because she likes so.

Let’s imagine you observe these girls and which girl you are sympathetic to – #1 or #2? And now more interesting question – which girl you would like to go for a date with? And now even more complicated question: which girl you would like to have long term relationship with? I will leave this question without an answer, but you will answer it yourself, I guess.

And now I will ask you one more interesting (maybe shocking) thing: if you were woman, which type out of these two described you are closer to?

And what if I tell YOU ARE that kind (type) of woman! In figurative value, of course. It means the way you are now you either attract or distract women. If in eyes of average woman you look like that woman #2 looks to you – you just have no chances comparing to others or have very small chance to get woman interested in you or this woman who might would be.

It means you have to work on yourself to make such impression of you that other guys could take you into account as competitor and women would be interested in you. I’m not saying that you have to change everything at once because it is not possible. It is not like in the movies there is a weak guy and once he becomes the most popular school star and gets all attention of the prettiest girls. Your changes should be made slowly, but surely and what is most important – on the regular basis.

TIP #2

Start with your day schedule. Start doing little steps and complete all your tasks, even with delay, but try there would be no delay. Watch your body – if you don’t like your appearance in the mirror, who is going to like you? So, the first advice is you should love your body and take it as it is. I would leave you lot’s of stress and you will be happy. For this I strongly recommend you start meditation. It is good if you start physical activity, but it does not necessarily has to be gym and heavy lifting, you can start with riding bicycle or running. If you have possibility to visit pool – do it at least to times a day. Remember that every change you provide in life needs time and the hardest is first three week period and later on your mind and your body gets used to this on the reflex level. You are obliged to survive first three weeks. Only then it is reasonable to make first decisions. But it is important to provide new changes gradually and with no hurry effect. Do not make too much changes at once as it would reduce possibility to provide them all into life.

TIP #3

Watch the people who surround you. When you start changing your life you will make new activities you have never made before. For example, visiting pool you’ll see lots of people with figure far from ideal and you’ll see most of them are happy and free to communicate with others having no complexes. If you start riding bicycle you might meet new friends, among them might be interesting women, and it is not only about riding bike – it works in every sphere; for example, when you’ll start visiting yoga classes or make group meditations, it really does not matters. All you have to do is to start communication with women – both young and elder, but with the shade of shame and, most important, WITHOUT ANY EXPECTATIONS. Just speak, communicate, find new friends and maybe some day among them you’ll find your love, maybe it would happen very quickly, who knows.

TIP #4

Try doing in your life what you like. Like traveling? Go for it! Like something else? Perfect! You must know that man who is doing job he loves is successful and happy and such person attracts people and women. They choose to communicate with such open and successful guys. Because if you are boring man who is complaining about life, which woman are you going to call interest in?

Summarizing all said above I want to say the main problem why you are single lies somewhere in the deepness of your mind. Actually, being single IS NOT a problem, it is just a state you are in, because it was your unconscious choice and only you and your actions in the past made this possible. If you want to change the situation you have to change your attitude, your thinking and everything will be alright. It is not a problem. Forget about negative thinking and reminding yourself that you are single. Once you REDUCE EXPECTATIONS and start living life you want you’ll forget about loneliness and being single. Take this as interesting game, where you are on one level and you have to move to another one and for this you need some improvements and changes. Watch all the process with interest noticing positive changes and forgetting about upsets and you’ll definitely reach what you are looking for.

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