Dating guy from Eastern Europe - tips for Western women

Dating guy from Eastern Europe – tips for Western women

Those western women, who plan to have relations with guy from Eastern Europe, should know the peculiarities of their mentality. This for sure will help to evaluate them properly, and to avoid some common misunderstandings.

It is not easy to answer this question, because the French are different from the Germans, and certainly from the Americans, and the Ukrainians are different from Ukrainians (and certainly are different from Russian and Belarusian). Yet there are some features of behavior, in one way or another more characteristic for us than for them. It is these features that I will try to describe.

  1. Separation of duties

A Western man chose you precisely because you are smart, attractive, witty, and generally well with you. In principle, a Slavic man appreciates you for the same qualities. Only for some reason he thinks that together with you he will get a free application for cooking, ironing, washing and cleaning the house.

“This is women’s work,” “you are a girl, so you should be able to cook,” “wiping the crumbs off the table is not a man’s thing” – from Eastern Europe guys you can hear such phrases at every step, while in the West they are rare.

For a Westerner, it’s more important that you are happy with him. If he sees that ironing depresses you, you are more likely to agree to dry-clean things for life than to spoil your mood.

  1. Respect of appearances in public

If Eastern Europe guys did not like the film, then at least everyone sitting in the adjacent armchairs would know about it. At the same time, a friend of mine who met with a Briton said that he began to annoy her only after they began to live together. If they had not come together, they could have met for years.

That’s all the salt. From the first time, you seldom understand whether everything is good in the western family, because the husband will also kindly transfer salt to his wife for a family dinner, and she will say “thank you” to him.

Even if your western partner secretly hates your girlfriend, he pours her a glass of cold wine and makes a compliment about the new hairstyle, and will not defiantly watch TV or stare at the phone. But at the same time, Eastern Europe guys have much more sincerity (read: genuine malice).

  1. Age requirement

In the West, it is customary to marry, if not at the same age, then at least in people with an adequate age difference.

Moreover, if it is a matter of prestige for Eastern Europe guys to raise a young wife in public, then in the USA it is just a shame. Such a man can even be suspected of distortions and pedophilia. For them, Eastern Europe guys with young models are perceived somewhere as strange as for us a sheikh with a brood of four wives. Yeah.

Even a cursory glance at the wives of local millionaires, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, is enough to understand that they are not pursuing model parameters here. Moreover, it is not customary to change the spouse, like a car, to a newer model. Donald Trump is here rather an exception and a relic of old capitalism, but his spouse is in his 40s.

Nowadays, big money is earned not on plantations or even on oil rigs, but in the sphere of high technologies – but people of a completely different warehouse work there.

  1. Without adherence to gender etiquette

“The knighthood died in the USA,” the Americans state the sad fact. Therefore, girls, if you want help, do not hesitate to ask. In Western countries no one would come up to with a proposal to help carry a bag. A striking contrast with the behavior of the Slavs.

But in fairness it is worth noting that women themselves, feminists, sought precisely such behavior of men. There is phrase: “There are no women in business.” After all, you can give a business woman a hand and open the door in front of her, and then she will destroy you anyway in the rally room. Is it not piquant? Eastern Europe guys know these things very well.

  1. Without Superman Complex

IN relationships with Eastern Europe guys there are two extremes. The first is that the husband is sitting like an amorphous body on the couch, because he has a creative crisis, searching for himself, or simply a banal binge. At the same time, the wife ensures the existence of the family. The second extreme – the wife of such a foolish chicken, and her husband, like Superman, should fly into the window at any time of the day and decide everything.

A western man is unlikely to run in the middle of the night to help the tender creature in curls and dress combination only because her nail broke or her favorite pug got hysterical. In his understanding, a woman should not be so helpless, while a Slav will once again solve stupid problems. He is a man, and therefore must.

In any case, both the role of a dependent glamorous keeping-up female dog and the role of a draft horse are also defective for women themselves.

  1. Question of prestige

Eastern Europe guys really love this.

It is Eastern Europe guy who can walk a few hundred dollars with friends at a restaurant, and the next day, hiding her eyes, borrow five from the same friends on the subway.

A western man is unlikely to cut the forest in winter to buy gold jewelry for you. Western man will give you a phone that he can afford to buy. He also does not hesitate to utter the phrase: “Sorry, but for me it is too expensive.”

Slavic women often do not understand such an answer, calling it “unmanly”, and even “nonsexual”.

  1. Requirements and expectations

After talking with Eastern Europe guys, Western men award them with the epithets “choosy” and “too self-confident”. But how else can they perceive men who, despite them fatten appearance and small income, want at least models to marry. Well, good housewives, of course.

“No, this one has thick sides,” the Eastern Europe guys wrinkles his nose, looking at the photos of girls on the phone. Although he is in weight far beyond 100 kg and is far from a sports form. Of course, the nearby American will be shocked by such comments.

When I began to communicate with men from the West, at first I just thought that they had problems with self-esteem. But now I understand that the Eastern Europe guys have problems with self-esteem — only excessively high.

How many times did the individuals in T-shirts drink alcoholics and cheap cigarettes in their teeth and a bottle of beer at the ready? And they were not embarrassed either by your business suit or by the person disfigured by the two higher educations. They do not understand that there is an abyss between them and you, for them you are just a “woman”.

  1. Without fatalism and fanaticism

“They are connected with the wife not by love, but fate.” This phrase, which I heard from a teacher of Russian literature about the heroes of a single work, is characteristic of the Eastern Europe guys .

“My bitter onion,” “well, where am I without him,” “oh, I have nowhere to go” – this is the beginning of the songs, drawn in by Slav women.

In the United States, with the beginning of the crisis in 2008, the marriages were cracking at the seams. “I have one life, my watch is ticking, and I want to live it without your financial problems,” some American women told their bankrupt husbands like this. Cynically? Yes. But I gave the toughest examples.

But in general, a Western man is well aware that no fate and higher forces will hold you back if he does not meet your expectations. You are not his property and, in fact, you don’t owe him much. Should not, for example, put his life to save him from alcohol addiction. You are a person and are not bound with one chain, not tied with knots.

  1. Infantilism

Western men are generally more infantile than Eastern Europe guys, which really annoys the Slav women. Often since the 22nd Slavic man has already worked on his own family, by 40 he has already passed fire, water and copper pipes, “burned” in two jobs, received a stroke, then was reborn from the ashes like a Phoenix bird, and now provides mistresses and builds a house for children. At the same time, a Western man, even at the age of 40, does not really understand what he should do in life, with whom to meet, whether to have children. In the US, there is even such a definition – Peter Pen – the so-called eternal boys. Our men are more mature, battered by life and often more independent.

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8 thoughts on “Dating guy from Eastern Europe – tips for Western women

  1. Jessica

    Guys from Eastern Europe are awesome. Mine is nothing like it is often said on the net superstitions. He cares about me, he is strong, I know he can protect me if it is needed. I feel safe with him, but at the same time he can be gentle and very romantic. He never expected from me to be his housewife or to do some housework as they write. On the opposite, he is such a gentleman manners and stuff. Personally, I like it a lot, some women might not like it though.

  2. Anick

    I was looking for this info so much! I was taking every drop of this info as sponge! Really. The thing is I am from Montreal and I have met nice guy from Ukraine during exchange program. We spent 3 month within the group in Winnipeg and some spark was between us. At first and then we started making more close relationship as it was not forbidden by the rules of the program but we also kept our secret as long as it was possible and then announced we are dating. He is great. By the way I forgot to tell he is from Ukraine. He really tries to please me. Hes English is maybe better than mine because my native language is French and he was practising his English in the States when he was doing another exchange program during his school years. I think I love him and I want to be with him, but I don’t know how it is going to look like after our volunteer program ends

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  5. Vanessa

    Man on the illustrative picture does not really seem like a guy from Ukraine or Russia. It is not the type we imagine they are and… they are not really like that looking


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