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Dating guy from Eastern Europe - tips for Western women

Dating guy from Eastern Europe – tips for Western women

Those western women, who plan to have relations with guy from Eastern Europe, should know the peculiarities of their mentality. This for sure will help to evaluate them properly, and to avoid some common misunderstandings.

It is not easy to answer this question, because the French are different from the Germans, and certainly from the Americans, and the Ukrainians are different from Ukrainians (and certainly are different from Russian and Belarusian). Yet there are some features of behavior, in one way or another more characteristic for us than for them. It is these features that I will try to describe.

  1. Separation of duties

A Western man chose you precisely because you are smart, attractive, witty, and generally well with you. In principle, a Slavic man appreciates you for the same qualities. Only for some reason he thinks that together with you he will get a free application for cooking, ironing, washing and cleaning the house.

“This is women’s work,” “you are a girl, so you should be able to cook,” “wiping the crumbs off the table is not a man’s thing” – from Eastern Europe guys you can hear such phrases at every step, while in the West they are rare.

For a Westerner, it’s more important that you are happy with him. If he sees that ironing depresses you, you are more likely to agree to dry-clean things for life than to spoil your mood.

  1. Respect of appearances in public

If Eastern Europe guys did not like the film, then at least everyone sitting in the adjacent armchairs would know about it. At the same time, a friend of mine who met with a Briton said that he began to annoy her only after they began to live together. If they had not come together, they could have met for years.

That’s all the salt. From the first time, you seldom understand whether everything is good in the western family, because the husband will also kindly transfer salt to his wife for a family dinner, and she will say “thank you” to him.

Even if your western partner secretly hates your girlfriend, he pours her a glass of cold wine and makes a compliment about the new hairstyle, and will not defiantly watch TV or stare at the phone. But at the same time, Eastern Europe guys have much more sincerity (read: genuine malice).

  1. Age requirement

In the West, it is customary to marry, if not at the same age, then at least in people with an adequate age difference.

Moreover, if it is a matter of prestige for Eastern Europe guys to raise a young wife in public, then in the USA it is just a shame. Such a man can even be suspected of distortions and pedophilia. For them, Eastern Europe guys with young models are perceived somewhere as strange as for us a sheikh with a brood of four wives. Yeah.

Even a cursory glance at the wives of local millionaires, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, is enough to understand that they are not pursuing model parameters here. Moreover, it is not customary to change the spouse, like a car, to a newer model. Donald Trump is here rather an exception and a relic of old capitalism, but his spouse is in his 40s.

Nowadays, big money is earned not on plantations or even on oil rigs, but in the sphere of high technologies – but people of a completely different warehouse work there.

  1. Without adherence to gender etiquette

“The knighthood died in the USA,” the Americans state the sad fact. Therefore, girls, if you want help, do not hesitate to ask. In Western countries no one would come up to with a proposal to help carry a bag. A striking contrast with the behavior of the Slavs.

But in fairness it is worth noting that women themselves, feminists, sought precisely such behavior of men. There is phrase: “There are no women in business.” After all, you can give a business woman a hand and open the door in front of her, and then she will destroy you anyway in the rally room. Is it not piquant? Eastern Europe guys know these things very well.

  1. Without Superman Complex

IN relationships with Eastern Europe guys there are two extremes. The first is that the husband is sitting like an amorphous body on the couch, because he has a creative crisis, searching for himself, or simply a banal binge. At the same time, the wife ensures the existence of the family. The second extreme – the wife of such a foolish chicken, and her husband, like Superman, should fly into the window at any time of the day and decide everything.

A western man is unlikely to run in the middle of the night to help the tender creature in curls and dress combination only because her nail broke or her favorite pug got hysterical. In his understanding, a woman should not be so helpless, while a Slav will once again solve stupid problems. He is a man, and therefore must.

In any case, both the role of a dependent glamorous keeping-up female dog and the role of a draft horse are also defective for women themselves.

  1. Question of prestige

Eastern Europe guys really love this.

It is Eastern Europe guy who can walk a few hundred dollars with friends at a restaurant, and the next day, hiding her eyes, borrow five from the same friends on the subway.

A western man is unlikely to cut the forest in winter to buy gold jewelry for you. Western man will give you a phone that he can afford to buy. He also does not hesitate to utter the phrase: “Sorry, but for me it is too expensive.”

Slavic women often do not understand such an answer, calling it “unmanly”, and even “nonsexual”.

  1. Requirements and expectations

After talking with Eastern Europe guys, Western men award them with the epithets “choosy” and “too self-confident”. But how else can they perceive men who, despite them fatten appearance and small income, want at least models to marry. Well, good housewives, of course.

“No, this one has thick sides,” the Eastern Europe guys wrinkles his nose, looking at the photos of girls on the phone. Although he is in weight far beyond 100 kg and is far from a sports form. Of course, the nearby American will be shocked by such comments.

When I began to communicate with men from the West, at first I just thought that they had problems with self-esteem. But now I understand that the Eastern Europe guys have problems with self-esteem — only excessively high.

How many times did the individuals in T-shirts drink alcoholics and cheap cigarettes in their teeth and a bottle of beer at the ready? And they were not embarrassed either by your business suit or by the person disfigured by the two higher educations. They do not understand that there is an abyss between them and you, for them you are just a “woman”.

  1. Without fatalism and fanaticism

“They are connected with the wife not by love, but fate.” This phrase, which I heard from a teacher of Russian literature about the heroes of a single work, is characteristic of the Eastern Europe guys .

“My bitter onion,” “well, where am I without him,” “oh, I have nowhere to go” – this is the beginning of the songs, drawn in by Slav women.

In the United States, with the beginning of the crisis in 2008, the marriages were cracking at the seams. “I have one life, my watch is ticking, and I want to live it without your financial problems,” some American women told their bankrupt husbands like this. Cynically? Yes. But I gave the toughest examples.

But in general, a Western man is well aware that no fate and higher forces will hold you back if he does not meet your expectations. You are not his property and, in fact, you don’t owe him much. Should not, for example, put his life to save him from alcohol addiction. You are a person and are not bound with one chain, not tied with knots.

  1. Infantilism

Western men are generally more infantile than Eastern Europe guys, which really annoys the Slav women. Often since the 22nd Slavic man has already worked on his own family, by 40 he has already passed fire, water and copper pipes, “burned” in two jobs, received a stroke, then was reborn from the ashes like a Phoenix bird, and now provides mistresses and builds a house for children. At the same time, a Western man, even at the age of 40, does not really understand what he should do in life, with whom to meet, whether to have children. In the US, there is even such a definition – Peter Pen – the so-called eternal boys. Our men are more mature, battered by life and often more independent.

15 Effective tips to get rid of anxiety during the first date

15 Effective tips to get rid of anxiety during the first date

It’s a well-known fact that most people feel rather nervous before and on their first date. Unless you are an experienced pick-upper, you probably feel unrest before meeting your date for the first time. From the psychological point of view, it is understandable, since meeting an  new person for the first time presents many unknown and unexpected aspects, and everything what is unknown and unpredictable, makes us nervous. Sometimes, the anxiety can be that strong, that it can virtually ruin your date. What to do in order to keep your nervousness under control? Luckily, there are several techniques which can help you keep your anxiety under control. Choose those, which work better for you.

1. Plan your meeting together

Since we often can feel unresty about unknown situation with some uncertainties, try to take control of the situation and participate in the planning of your date. Discuss the activities you can do together when you see each other for the first time. Try to plan something what you really like and enjoy, this will help you feel more relaxed.

2. Meet in a safe public place

Traditionally, safety concerns are more important for girls, however, common sense tells us that it should be an important concern for both sexes. Thinking about the safety of your dating might also cause nervousness. So, to eliminate this problem, arrange your first meeting in a public place. However, it shouldn’t be necessarily your place.

3. Get familiarized with the place

A good way to diminish your stress on a date is to get acquainted with the place before hand. Take a walk, have a look at the cafés and lounges in the neighborhood, study their menus, etc. It will definitely help you feel more at ease in the new surroundings with a stranger.

4. Plan some activities together

One of the possible ways to create a nonchalant easy atmosphere is to participate in some neutral activities together, where you can have a chance to discuss things together, share your opinions and experiences. An art exhibition, museum, theater, etc, can be a good example. For some people, sitting across the table in the restaurant or café with a stranger resembles an interview and can cause more stress and anxiety than necessary. If it is your case, choose an art gallery or a match, or other similar activity.

5. Make your first date short

You may never know in advance whether you’ll like in real life a new person you knew before only virtually. This uncertainty may also contribute to your state of anxiety. To reduce it, don’t plan your first date too long. If you like each other, you can always make a second appointment.

6. Prepare a way out

When you meet someone for the first time in real life, there is also a chance that this person doesn’t appear to be the same as you imagined while talking in chat or on the phone. In such case you can use polite ways to disappear, like a call of a friend with fake emergency, etc. Knowing that you always have a way out of the situation will help you feel more secure and hence, less anxious.

7. A glance from a certain perspective

If thinking about your upcoming first date makes you too anxious, try to look at the fact with the eyes of the external onlooker or even yourself from a distance. Just think that you may be won’t even remember this date a month later. So, why bother so much and spend so much nerves?

8. A classical method of auto-persuasion might work well for you

This method is called differently on the opposite sides of the globe. In the West it is referred to as auto-persuasion, while in the East it is usually called mediation. However, the essence doesn’t differ that much. The goal of the method is to persuade oneself to stay calm, tranquilize one’s anxieties with the force of one’s mind. The method works well if you have an important business meeting, presentation, conference, concert, or any other important stressful event. So, why not using meditation before your date?

9. Breathing techniques

It is a well known fact that the way we breathe, influence our heart beat, blood pressure, and other important physiological parameters, which in its turn, influence our psychological state. That is why by using some breathing techniques, you can control your nervousness. For example: make a series of long breaths, etc.

10. Create your play list

Science has persuasively demonstrated that music has the power to influence our state of mind. Music therapy is based on this fact. So, to keep your level of nervousness before the first date under control, you can create your personalized play list for that very occasion.

11. A trick that works for both sexes but is more effective for women

Taking care of one’s appearance makes one feel more self-confident and secure, and hence, reduces nervousness. Indeed, psychologists noticed, that the process of applying makeup helps many women not only to feel more self-confident but also to calm down at the same time. The same goes for the visits to the beauty parlor, hair dresser, nail bar, etc. It is not only a way to beautify oneself but to relax as well, and therefore, reduce a state of anxiety.

12. Plan other important things the same day

If your agenda is full of important things to do on the same day of your first meeting with a new person, it will surely demonstrate you that there are other more important things in the world. Hence, it makes no sense to worry about it.

13. Be curious

It has been observed, that shifting focus from your state of mind, your nervousness and anxiety to a new person in front of you, can help you feel less nervous. Be curious about the person in front of you, ask sincere questions and listen to their answers. It will distract you from your anxiety.

14. Friendship

Going to a first date might be stressful because you overload it with your anxieties and expectations. You are not sure whether you’ll like this new person in real life and vice versa. But instead of seeing it from a romantic perspective, try to view the first meeting as a possibility to start a new friendship. It will make you feel less stressed. Besides, as psychologists hold, friendship lies at the basis of all successful relations.

15. Others also feel nervous

It might be of some comfort to you to know that also other people feel nervous on their first date, unless they are experienced pick-uppers. So, you are not the only one to go through this situation. And this already make your situation less scaring and stressful.

You may also consider interesting 15 tips for men who are afraid to go on a date with woman

What men are afraid of on the first date

What men are afraid of on the first date

At the moment when a person gets rid of the childhood fear of the dark, a new stage of personality formation begins in his life, and only after a certain period of time it becomes clear which particular complexes and fears are left behind and which pass into adulthood. Sometimes these fears are acquired. For example, the first love, as a rule, happens to every man, but not all cases pass without a trace. Often, a negative set of circumstances causes a man to become afraid, which acquires a protective function, but very strongly influences the development of harmonious relations and becomes a factor why a man is afraid of meeting with a new woman.

Everyone wants the first date to be perfect. Therefore, let’s find out what men themselves think – what attracts them and what repels them during the first meeting. On the first date, both sides must be dressed up so that they feel comfortable. The first date is much more important for women than for men. Women attach great importance to the world of feelings and perceptions, and a date for them is an event saturated with new emotions and impressions. But when a woman sets a wrong goal, sometimes she goes too far that the relationship ends on the first date.

So how do men see your first date? And how to do so, then to appear before a man in the most favorable light and not to frighten him? Bear in mind that men first evaluate your appearance, and only then seek to know your mysterious inner world. Therefore, if man doesn’t like your appearance today, most likely there will be no second date. Maybe it sounds insulting, but now we know that appearance is our everything, especially at the first meeting.

What men are afraid of on the first date: common traits

Before any date, a man is worried about a little less than a woman. And he is not at all occupied by the prospects for a brighter future, he is concerned about what is happening right here and now.

On how much a man is afraid of a woman, depends his ability to incline her to him. It is fear and past experiences that cannot be appeased greatly prevent a man from feeling confident on a date, which is why the fear of meetings takes place. Often, old injuries in love relationships lead to this fear, fear of stumbling again and making a mistake or showing your feelings and emotions.

Man is afraid of woman

This statement may sound very weird, but in common it’s the truth, and a lot of the representatives of strong part of humanity are really afraid of women.

Very often, men are able to avoid meeting with the opposite sex due to their male fears. We all know that men are freedom-loving creatures, so not to recognize this fact is tantamount to the full realization that you do not even have a superficially male psychology. The man is very afraid that at one of these meetings, the lady directly declares to him her rights to his freedom. Men fear this more than fire. In such a situation, we can safely consider such a type of men who are afraid of starting a serious relationship for precisely these very reasons. Sometimes a man considers the attempt of a woman to see him, as her desire to wed his wife. This causes the man to hide as far as possible and not to go and meet a woman for no reason in the world anymore. If the gentleman himself came to the idea of ​​creating a family, he will certainly be the first initiator of meetings and subsequent relations.

Men are afraid of the onslaught from the female side. Sometimes it happens that the representatives of the fair sex simply do not have the time and mood to see a woman. The lady, in turn, begins to reproach the man with the words of the plan: “you must,” “you have to,” and so on, which carries the very opposite result. It starts to frighten the man and he tries in every way to postpone the meeting “in the back box”, or even to refuse it altogether.

Fear of being wrong to show yourself to a woman. This also includes the man’s fear of the most tense and responsible stage of the relationship – courtship. A man may simply not want or be able to care for a lady, and therefore he is ready to avoid meetings with her, only to save himself from it. By the way, male modesty and indecision are also related to this definition.

Fear of intimacy. Fear of sex is also a strong argument when the representatives of the fair sex avoid close contact with the lady. Here, as a rule, a man is not only afraid of being rejected, he also has a lot of doubts about his attractiveness. This is not at all related to sexual problems, there is a sense of shame or paranoid fear of some diseases.

Fear of their complexes. Many of the men for one reason or another (each man, as a rule, can have his own reason for this) experience severe discomfort in the presence of a woman. A common complex is that a man is afraid that he will not be able to please a woman or that this has already happened. Therefore, he begins to see no point in meetings, in spite of himself, dissuading himself from her.

Men are afraid of changes in their life. Unawareness is always scary and can disrupt the usual life situation of a man after a meeting.

Tips for men who are afraid of women: Try to behave easily and naturally, but stay yourself. No need to fake. If a woman is imbued with confidence in you, this can be the key to further relationship. And what is even more important – just don’t be afraid! The woman herself is a little bit afraid of you.

25 reasons why being single is bad for woman's health

25 reasons why being single is bad for woman’s health

We all sometimes need privacy to collect our thoughts and take a break from others. However, long-term loneliness is not only unpleasant – it is dangerous for health, especially for women.

1. Hypertension

Scientists have long found that long-term isolation harms human health not only at the level of the psyche, but also physically. In particular, single people have a tendency to develop cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.

2. The risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease

According to statistics, Alzheimer’s disease develops more often in those who have been left alone for a long time. First, a woman has short-term memory impairment, and then more serious problems begin.

3. The probability of reactivation of latent viruses

Women, who are often in a society or in a relationship, are less susceptible to the activation of latent viruses.

4. Susceptibility to inflammatory processes

If a woman remains alone for a long time, various inflammatory processes can be activated in her body, directly related to physiological factors.

5. The appearance of bad habits

Due to constant stress, single women often begin to smoke, drink, and acquire other bad habits.

6. Failure of the hormonal system

The lack of a permanent relationship with a man adversely affects the hormonal balance of a woman. As a result, increased irritability, tearfulness.

7. Skin problems

Due to hormonal failure, the skin becomes more oily or, conversely, prone to dryness and flaking.

8. Excessive body hair growth

Due to an excess of male sex hormones due to a long absence of physical contact, excessive hairiness on the body appears.

9. Overweight

The less healthy sexual contact a woman has in her life, the more she is prone to the appearance of excess weight (again, for hormonal reasons).

10. Lack of endorphins

The lack of proximity affects the amount of endorphins entering the blood.

11. Disruption of the menstrual cycle

When a woman is alone for a long time, physiological and psychological factors influence the quality of the menstrual cycle.

12. Ovarian dysfunction

Perhaps a violation of the ovaries, and even early menopause.

13. Chronic stress

The feeling of being alone, the inability to cope with everyday problems often leads single women to chronic stress and constant experience.

14. The likelihood of heart and other chronic diseases

Stress, in turn, generates various disruptions in the work of the cardiovascular system. Initially, it may be a small heart problem, and then it can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

15. Mental instability

The first symptoms of the obvious consequences of long loneliness are anxiety, excessive emotionality, then all this leads to incoherent thoughts and even hallucinations.

16. Hallucinations

In severe cases, problems associated with prolonged loneliness can lead to serious mental disorders and the emergence of hallucinations: from luminous points in space to proteins, marching with bags over their shoulders. Hallucinations are not only visual, but auditory and even tactile.

17. Increased suicide risk

With an increasing degree of loneliness, the risk of suicide rises. It doesn’t matter if a person suffers isolation due to external reasons or due to personal problems: suicide ideas are more common among lonely people.

18. Increased risk of depression

Single people mostly feel less happy and satisfied, they tend to be pessimistic and helpless. This is due to the fact that loneliness in itself contributes to the reduction of self-esteem, work ability and ability to solve their problems. Besides, being in isolation for a long time, a person loses social skills, it becomes harder for him to maintain relationships with others.

19. Increased propensity to alcoholism

Loneliness is a factor contributing to the development of alcoholism. At each stage of alcoholism, the more difficult for a person, the less social connections he has. This is due to the lack of necessary support and strong social pressure.

20. Reduced immunity

Loneliness violates immunity at the cellular level. Single people are more likely to get sick than socially active ones. Perhaps this is due to the overall level of stress, which increases in conditions of social exclusion.

21. Personality Violations

Inability to satisfy basic emotional needs plays a crucial role in the development of schizoid personality disorder. The impossibility of normal communication leads to a heightening of emotions, the very pattern of social behavior is disturbed, and as a result, personality disorder progresses.

22. Bad sleep

Loneliness leads to poor sleep, scientists say. Further consequences are a low level of energy during the day, a feeling of constant fatigue.

23. Nightmares

Not only the duration of the night’s rest suffers, but also its quality. Lonely women often have nightmares, with the result that there is a frequent awakening.

24. Negative impact on others

Loneliness can be “contagious.” If there is a person suffering from loneliness near you, you yourself have a chance to feel lonely by an average of 52%.

25. Increased mortality

Loneliness can pose a serious health risk. Researches of people in social isolation led scientists to conclude that such people almost 2 times more often die prematurely. The increased risk of dying from loneliness is comparable to the death rate from smoking. And loneliness is almost 2 times more deadly than obesity.

How to get acquainted on the Internet - advices for women

How to get acquainted on the Internet – advices for women

Every day we spend huuuuge portion of our own free time on the Internet. We do not even realize how much spare time we spent in social networks and most of the time it is… the waste of time. But if you know how to measure yourself in wise way, if you know what you want from life and able to follow the plan in order to achieve your goals, if you have great self time management – than Internet is a great helper for you. It also applies to finding future spouse, the second half or the love of your life (whatever you call it the sense is the same) through online dating. How to use it right so it work and make you happy? How to avoid problems and omit non suitable candidates? We are going to talk about this today.

How to start dating online and is there any sense in it at all?

First of all you have to believe in everything you start including online dating. What you believe in faithfully will happen. If you are serious about finding partner online you will find. If you start filling in gaps on dating site and feel it is not going to work – it will not work. Think about thousands of people who have found love online, find real stories written on the Internet and go on.

Think the opposite way – for many people online dating is the only chance to find boyfriend or girlfriend as we live in a world with lack of time. We do not have time to visit places where we can find suitable candidates, but we have access to the computer and Internet almost all the time. Why not to use this modern way of getting acquainted. Millions of people are online now and millions are looking for their possible partners right now. You seem to be in searching as well – what are you waiting for?

How to get acquainted online in a right way?

Believe in your aim. Do not hesitate and do not listen to anyone. Some might say there are no serious people online and dating online is one great scam. But who are these people saying that? Do they have an experience in online dating? Did they succeed? Did they fail? Most of such “advisors” have no idea what is it like, but they are happy to teach you giving stupid advices. Do you consider yourself descent person? I’m sure most of readers would say – yes. There is surely the same descent person on the other side of the monitor looking for you. Magic? Coincidence? No, it is just logical possibility. So there is nothing to hesitate but act. Finish reading these lines and act!

What to start acquaintance on the Internet from?

  1. Stereotypes are inappropriate. Think out of the box. Forget about all you know about online dating. Relax and have fun communicating;
  2. The aim. Don’t want to find rude guy who sips beer and talks to the TV set if you are intelligent girl who likes to read books? Look for guys in circle of your interests;
  3. All the info must be in the profile. When filling in the gaps on dating site do not be in hurry to look for candidates. Try to think as the person on the other side of the monitor. You would like to know as much as possible, right? That do the same – fill as much as it is possible yourself;
  4. Never lie. We often like to describe everything in a better light, but it is not suitable for online dating if you are looking for serious possibility of relationships. If you lie – one day it will come out and what are you going to do next? It may become a pretext to break up with a person you have already fall in love with;
  5. Do not make yourself an idol. Never. Including with people we love. We usually like to think only the best about people we love, but we do not see disadvantages. Be realistic in order not to become disappointed one day.

Non-standard questions and phrases for online dating

Person on the other site of display is sick of “Hey, how are you” the same as you probably are. There is a need to change it being original as much as possible. Original means memorable, interesting and thus the one who can intrigue and stand out of the crowd of similar boring grey mass.

Moreover, phrases like “Hello, how are you” are often written by bots and therefore people automatically do not pay attention to them. So, do not write messages which you wouldn’t like to get yourself.

What should be the first online dating words?

  1. The written phrase should intrigue; the aim is to make person think over the phrase, but not just take a subconscious look and move further ;
  2. Words must be “catchy, candidate should be intrigued and wait for another message;
  3. By first phrases show your character, level of education, sense of humor etc.

Ask questions relatively direct to the interests of the man you found. Read his profile accurately and pick the topics he is interested in. If there is something you know about as well, pick this topic and ask the guy about it. For example – you found he likes hockey. Ask him – Oilers or Flames. Wait for his answer. When he asks whether you like hockey, you may answer “No way!” The conversation is started. Have fun.

Which types of women men can't stand to be in long time relationship with

Which types of women men can’t stand to be in long time relationship with?

With these types of women men are not feeling well and sooner or later men leave these women. What type of women are these women? How to be successful in personal life? How not to become one of these women? How not to become one of those whom her beloved man has left? We are going to give answers to all these questions and give some tips for women how to behave to be together with beloved man till the end of life. Although it is not going about some tricks or “do” and “don’ts”, because it would be just not truth in all its diversity, but it is more about lifestyle, way of behavior and types of characters and connected with it social behavior, attitude to life, relationship, family and so on.

What guys do to decide whether this girl suits or not?

Yes, to know men better we have to understand their psychology and behaving better. Many women make huge mistake thinking men are primitive and are looking only for sensitive pleasure. Man is going to date a girl, he examines her, looks up closer, checking her attitude at different life situations. But not always man’s conclusion is made in favor of the girl. How come? Because of different reasons. Let’s think about the most obvious one. It is true that woman has to respect herself, she has to behave naturally and love her individuality, but it is necessary to know measure in everything. Wise woman has to understand her features of character and try positive ones dominate over negative ones. There is time to think about own personality, but there should be time to devote for your man and sometimes it is even needed to sacrifice own interests for the sake of the man. Not always, but sometimes. Woman has to be interesting and relaxed, exactly this type of women men like the most.

What types of women men would rather leave?

Nice girl

These girls usually have high cultural level. They never use swear words and got used to live over own standard. They usually have University Degree, their life is well planned and clear. Such girl would never visit bar or club and would prefer to read interesting book or watch scientific research results on the TV. Her main friend is usually her mom, but often such girls have no friends, but prefer to share their emotions on paper or personal blog. The main goal of such girl is marriage but subconsciously girl makes it in such a way that it is rarely to happen.

This type of girls has taboo on intimacy. On the one hand they want it, but their picture of life does not let them do it with beloved man. The guy is dating her for longer than a year, gives flowers, presents and swears in love, but she is motionless. Girl has to keep the guy intrigued, quick intimacy would ruin his interest in her as serious partner, but waiting for too long would have the same effect. Guy gets tired to wait and leaves. She wants everything was according to the rules and… fails.

New edge girl

This type is very interesting at the very beginning. They have a lot of secrets, they know a lot about the world and it is interesting to spend a time with such girl, but she is not prepared for usual life. She doesn’t try to combine life in the family and duties with her outlook. She is always in search of new things like yoga, healthy eating, traveling but she is in nonstop search of herself. Men usually split up because they are looking for more traditional type of women.

Mommy girl

This type is the most hated by men. At first it seems ok that girl pays too much attention to her boyfriend. Chemistry and roses period is the time when couple can spend hours together. But often the girl gives to much attention not leaving her boyfriend personal space. In rare cases she even demands him to spend time with her only and does not let him to gather with friends. She tries to control every aspect of his life, visiting his work, places where he is with friends and so on. Too much of attention is the worst poison for relationship and if the girl does not make appropriate conclusions, the guy leaves her.

Career type girl

She has busy schedule, is very punctual and has precise time for everything, including date. Love is the same part of her schedule as time spent on presentation, gym or yoga. This type of women is hard to live together with, because they usually have very strong type of character, strong will and are very independent. Man is always just an addition, but not a main sense of life.

This type attracts men who have low income and try to live at women’s expense. Career type girls are usually stood well in material sense. Such girls should look for wealthy guys with whom they would feel equal and who will not use them as the wallet.

Usually boyfriend of such materially independent career type women uses her money, but either finds a lover girl or leaves her sponsor.

Dirty girl

It means girl who lives double standards. She is in her best attire at the first date and when the roses period is taking place, but she is completely different at home.

She does not care about clean house, about her clothes, leaves dirty dishes and stuff. Girl has to be natural, but she also has to be a lady for her man. If not, he might leave such a girl for another one or take a break.

Informed means well equipped, but also advice you not to focus too much on your character as it is highly possible you are trying to change yourself for man, but he is either not your type or simply does not deserve you. Keep that in mind and remain to be yourself.

How should woman act on the date not to scare a man BE AWARE Guide for conservative ladies only

How should woman act on the date not to scare a man. BE AWARE: Guide for conservative ladies only

As woman prepares for the first date, she carefully chooses the perfect outfit, and with excitement has that long-awaited supper at the company of new admirer. True, sometimes this excitement is so strong that it forces woman to do things that can seriously spoil the most flawless evening. We analyze the main mistakes of women on the first date and find out how to avoid them.

Lady suggests splitting the bill

The presence of this item in the list of “girls’ mistakes during the first appointments” can cause a storm of indignation among independent women who appreciate financial (and not only) independence, but statistics does not lie: the vast majority of men (80%) stated during polls that by offering to pay for their dinner on the first date, the lady makes it clear that it is awkward to wait for the second rendezvous. So, if the cavalier has liked you, let him pay for your coffee at least this time: you will still have the opportunity to demonstrate your independence later.

Lady’s ordering  inappropriate food

This item can be ignored if you are not suffering from perfectionism and are quite confident in yourself. But for those who definitely want to make an impeccable impression, it is recommended to choose options extremely aesthetic and easy to use. It makes sense not ordering pasta as you might agree that eating pasta beautifully is an art that needs mastery craftsmanship, as well as any food that you eat, for example, French fries or chicken wings in hot sauce. And, of course, you have read the description in the menu carefully as garlic-based foods on the first date are inappropriate by default.

Lady perceives everything too seriously

The excitement, awe and premonition of a pleasant evening should not be confused with the tension and the desire for total control. Perceive the first date as a game – unpredictable, exciting and enjoyable, do not build global plans, and most importantly – enjoy the present moment.

Lady is fond of alcohol

Perhaps it is the most dangerous item in the list of “mistakes on the first date with a man”. Whatever you feel like, the alcohol is not the best way to cope with dating anxiety. Having lost control over the number of “soothing” portions, you risk waking up with a headache the next morning in the best case, and at worst – with a sense of shame and a huge desire to erase yesterday’s rendezvous memories. So limit yourself to a glass of good wine (or do not drink at all), and to calm down nerves and anxiety more often remind yourself that your visitor is likely to worry about the date no less than you.

Lady is spending too much time with the phone (= ignoring man)

This point is relating not that much to dating, but more to general secular etiquette, though, nevertheless, worthy of mentioning. Even if you are accustomed to live with the smartphone clued to your hand, every hour rejoicing your Instagram followers with new sephi and snapshots of food – try to put the gadget in the back pocket of the bag at least at the time of your date and devote your attention to your companion. And let the whole world wait. Yeah.

Lady chooses too frank or awkward clothes

When picking up a dating dress, remember that it should be: 1) comfortable, 2) elegant, and your image should hint at sexuality, but do not scream about it all the way. Common fashion-mistakes of the first date are too frank decollete, transparent fabrics and unnecessarily tight, inconvenient or quickly mourning items of wardrobe. From all this, as well as from vulgar makeup and obsessive perfume, it is better to refuse.

Lady asks about the plans for the future

The desirable number of children, the attitude to the marriage institute and plans for the next five years – this is an incomplete list of topics for the first date, instantly provoking a panic attack on men. So, if you suddenly fell uncomfortable with your cavalier, the right way to get rid of him is to attack him with the issues of “seriousness of intentions” and inviting him to acquaint with relatives.

Lady tells man about the ex-boyfriend (ex-husband)

Obviously, this item continues to lead in the list of “the most popular mistakes of women at first dates.” Someday you may be telling your companion about your first love and how your former boyfriend broke your heart and how you married a little after a holiday novel – sometime, but not now. Wait a while as well about asking questions about the ex-beloved of the man you’re on a date with. Focus on each other this evening – you definitely do not need ghosts of the past on the first date.

Lady does not provide man with expected femininity

Man, even if you did not say anything to him and never saw him, he still expects a certain behavior from a woman, which we call femininity. The concept of femininity, of course, will be slightly different for different men from country to country. But nevertheless, a man expects a woman to have a certain behavior and if she does not behave as he expects, then communicating with her leads to more or less discomfort. A man expects that he will take the initiative when meeting a woman, and not vice versa. A man expects that he will be able to give the woman support and help in certain life situations. If the opposite happens, and the woman constantly helps her husband unilaterally, then this is the destruction of expectations. After all, such women simply push out men by their help, and do not help, as they think. A man expects a woman to be admired by his exploits. There should be not much admiration, and it has to be earned and merit. Creating overpriced expectations is one of the simplest, but nonetheless, one of the most often mistakes in the first appointments. Excessive expectations lead to disappointment, and then to the fact that the man does not want to meet with a woman once again.

Lady’s position that all men are idiots

The fact that a man behaves like an idiot does not mean at all that he behaves in his life the same way. Weird behavior means that man tries to get acquainted with a girl or woman he likes. Art of dating a woman is rarely taught somewhere professionally, and the situation itself is very stressful for men, that is why men behave often not quite adequately and not creatively.

Lady’s position that all men are animals

It is difficult to argue that men are much closer to the animal world than women. However, it does not prevent millions of women from living happily for decades with them. In the end, many women keep pets, cats and dogs, and somehow they get along with them altogether. It’s even easier to get along with men. If to be serious, many women perceive that men want only use them. I would recommend forgetting about stereotypes once and for all. Seriously, and I am talking not only about dating men. Forget about all stereotypes – racial, religious, national, gender – all! It would make your life easier and you will open many new interesting things and widen your horizons. Coming back to the questions about comparing men to animals… – judge on a particular person. Some men could be real jerks, but there are many nice guys whom you might not notice because of applying artificial filter for “men = animals”, so you better delete this tick from the personal filter box menu.

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12 dating tips for women

Many women get lost when meeting a new men. Numerous questions arise: what to say, how to behave, etc. Below are 12 basic rules for how woman should start dating a guy. They will help you overcome embarrassment and create the best impression of yourself.

1. Decide on a place

You can get acquainted with a variety of circumstances, and not just drinking a cocktail at the bar. Try to understand for a start what kind of partner you need, and based on this, choose a location. Want to meet an intellectual? Go to an exhibition or lecture. Are you dreaming about an athlete? Get accustomed to those who visit your gym, whom you often meet while jogging.

In general, pay attention to the places where you often visit. Most likely, there are also men with whom you have common interests. It will not be superfluous to think about the skills that you have long wanted to learn. In language schools or DJing courses there are also quite suitable candidates.

Another option is to look for large places of men where you will stand out. For example, visit a sporting event, an automobile exhibition or just a department of tools in a hypermarket. Without attention, you are unlikely to stay there.

2. Become a frequenter

Do not forget about bars and cafes. But instead of visiting a new establishment every time, try to choose one and go there regularly. In a familiar, comfortable environment, it is easier to meet new people. And the stormy glee of the bartenders about your appearance will exactly turn all eyes in your direction.

3. Frequently alone

Do not frighten strangers with the appearance of your laughing girlfriends and especially male friends. Practice solo walks (or even travels), trips to cultural events or in a cafe.

Just do not try to replace the temporary lack of communication by listening to music on headphones or by constantly checking the smartphone. Let others know that you are alone and do not expect the appearance of a late boyfriend.

4. Do not be the Snow Queen

If you want to meet, forget about the mask of coldness and indifference. She rather pushes than attracts. To put into circulation all the possibilities of facial expression is also not worth it. In order to show your interest, a glance and a slight smile is usually enough.

5. Watch your appearance

This does not mean that you need to urgently get from the wardrobe all the shortest and shiniest. Screaming sexuality speaks more about the despair of a girl and her bad taste than about readiness for normal relationships.

It is better to make a bet on simple but stylish decisions in clothes and choose the right makeup and hairstyle. And is it worth saying that you need to look good whenever possible everywhere and always? Well-groomed and neat appearance – at least a sign of politeness towards themselves and others.

6. Apply a trick

Frankly express their interest is not necessary. You can get acquainted with all sorts of tricks. For example, go to a man in a cafe and say that you lost the argument with a girlfriend and according to the terms of the betting should take the phone number. Or say a joke out loud, then turn around and apologize, referring to what they thought, as if talking to your friend.
Of course, this method requires certain acting skills. But a slight adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

7. Ask for help

To attract the attention of men can be the most innocent way. Alternatively, ask for an explanation of the road, get something from the top shelf in the store, or just hold the door.

The main thing is not to become a woman-problem, which constantly requires the help of a strong man. Not everyone likes the role of the savior father.

8. Ask a question

Men love attention as much as women. Especially if this attention flatters their outlook and intelligence. Use this little weakness to win over an unfamiliar guy. For example, ask a professional colleague with a professional question or ask the stranger’s grammar rule from a language course to explain.

9. Make a compliment

Everyone is pleased when they are praised. Men are no exception. In this case, singing the praises of their appearance or masculinity is not at all necessary. You can compliment the stranger’s speech at a conference or event with an open microphone. Or go up to the cute dog lover in the park and make a compliment to his four-legged friend. Starting your own dog is also a good idea: animals tend to bring strangers together easily.

10. Explicitly declare your interest

Tired of playing role games and waiting for the weather by the sea? Just tell the person you like that he is interesting to you. Another option is to go to a stranger in a cafe and ask if you can sit down at his table.

Someone will say that a man wants to be a hunter and he does not need “easy prey.” Someone – that such behavior can frighten and repel. But the question is: do you want to be prey and be next to a man who does not accept the women’s initiative?

11. Women’s approach to start dating man

No man can resist a woman who is genuinely interested in the health of his mother, wants to get to know her and establish friendly relations.

12. Find common interests

The truth is that men, like women dating men, are different and desire different things. But men, like women, are often similar: they are also afraid of being rejected and also dream that a new interesting person will appear in their lives. It’s great if the desire of two lonely people coincides, and it’s not so important who took the first step towards it.