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How to find time for dating if you work almost non stop - 17 best dating tips for workaholics

How to find time for dating if you work almost non stop – 17 best dating tips for workaholics

One of the most common problems of the 21st century is the lack of time. This is one of the main reasons, why desperate careerists come to a psychologist (on whom they hardly managed to spend an extra hour). Of course, all of them directly link the busy schedule with the inability to build a personal life. Is everything really so serious, and how to find time for yourself, dating and making family, without giving up your favorite profession?

In our World, to sit and wait is a synonym to remain inactive. And this is unlikely to meet a person of your dream, who could like to have a tea with you, if you don’t do any actions (if you are not neighbors, of course), because this person does not even know where do you live. We do not deny the fact, that happiness can suddenly happen, and you should always be on the alert. But it is still better to make some actions.

The scenario in the heads is always almost the same – after a series of disappointments, a happy end for sure will come, so you just need to let go of the situation, and there that person will for sure appear on the horizon. Such a scenario is really very attractive, because it comes true for many. But here it is important to remember one philosophical fact that always lowers to the ground – everybody has its own path, in both career and relationship.

What to do? We need to stop waiting and start acting. You will be mistaken, doubt and disappointed, but it’s impossible to avoid failures on the path to happiness. Even people with flawless intuition periodically make mistakes, but because of this, you should not close in yourself and stop looking. Remember, hope is beautiful, when you get tired of waiting and realize that you are alone, it doesn’t help. Hope must always be fueled by action.

In order not to allocate time directly on dates themselves in the process of searching for candidates, get acquainted in real life. Weave the search process into your daily routine, and then you will be surprised how many interesting people are around.

Here are some tips that will help in real life to all those who have very little time. Just use daily situations:

1. Show confidence and openness with colleagues

When meeting in real life, non-verbal signals can play into your hands. Remember open postures, steady (but not excessive) eye contact and a sincere smile. They will do half the battle: they will arrange for you an unknown person, who works on the other floor.

2. Offer help on the street

A courteous stranger who offers a girl to carry a huge suitcase or explain the road, as a rule, makes her sympathize. Just do not confuse courtesy with obsession. Usually, “no” still means “no,” and excessive perseverance will not add you points.

3. Use any available information about the stranger

Does she ride the jeep and reads Dostoevsky? Or is she wearing a Darth Vader shirt? That’s good topic for the first conversation. But here it is necessary to remember about tact. It is definitely not worth commenting on what the girl does in her phone, even if she does not close the screen with her hand. Keep privacy.

4. Go to concerts

If you are at a concert or exhibition, then your tastes, most likely, coincide with the tastes of a charming stranger and it will be easier to find a topic for conversation.

5. Attend gym

As practice shows, both single men and women attend the gyms equally, so the chance to meet your soul mate here is quite large. And the common topic is always there. For example, you can discuss the nuances of training.

6. Go to a business lunch in the neighboring cafes and restaurants

Use the environment as a reason to start a conversation. Ask, for example, which product or dish is better to choose, noting down, that the girl looks like a person you can trust. In general, use all the resources of everyday life to the maximum.

7. Make a compliment to your neighbor

A win-win option if the compliment is devoid of platitudes, but not subtlety. Forget about cliches like oceans of the eye and waterfalls of hair. But do not overdo it with originality: information that the girl has the best fingers in the World or the ideal curvature of the teeth is clearly redundant, if you met in the elevator.

8. Use social networks

The advantage of social networks is obvious: they provide a lot of information and in some sense simplify the first step.

9. Look for passion in thematic groups

The easiest way to make acquaintance and find the right party is to choose by interests. Groups, public, events in social networks – you can get acquainted right there or contact the girl in private. A sample list of topics for conversation will be easy to come up with.

10. Acquaintance in a bookstore

“The bookstore is a good place to meet” – it sounds, probably, rather ridiculous. Although in fact it can be a very good option. The beauty is that here you always have a completely legal way to appeal to the person you like.

11. Use dating sites

To get acquainted through specialized sites or services is easy, because they are used by girls who are in search. But there are no less potential problems. To increase your chances, fill in your profile, and carefully select a photo.

12. Do not forget to meet with friends.

Even a short trip to the bar on Saturday night can bring new friends. After all, there you can always meet beautiful strangers who also have no one to spend the evening with.
According to statistics, most often the future spouses meet in the company of mutual friends, and only in second place is office dating. So if you want to find your soul mate, never refuse invitations to friendly parties, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

13. Speed dating

These are “quick date” parties, where in a couple of hours you can get acquainted with several candidates.

14. Go on vacation

While on holiday at the resort, even the most passive individuals manage to acquire new contacts and make friends. Actually, dating begins with landing on a plane or train and continue to occur until returning to the starting point.

15. Familiarity in the supermarket

The supermarket is probably the most unromantic place in the world (after McDonald’s and tax). But, still, many people manage to make interesting acquaintances there. Didn’t you ever have to run to the nearest supermarket at night for a portion of cakes, a pack of cigarettes, or just a light snack? Take a closer look – perhaps somewhere nearby, one more loneliness wanders among the shelves, thinking of late dinner.

16. Foreign language courses

Another way to combine business with pleasure is to go to a foreign language course. If you do not speak French, then it’s time to correct this annoying flaw, because often the knowledge of this language is among the standard requirements for well payed job!

17. Buy a dog

A four-legged friend who needs to walk twice a day, will allow to be in the fresh air more often, as well as bring new acquaintances. And the general theme will always be easily found, because nothing brings together such as discussion of common problems and concerns.

By using these simple tips, you would be able to find person even if your working roaster is very hard. Just look around carefully in your free time, and the result will come.

I am 25 and I am single - is that bad

I am 25 and I am single – is that bad?

This question has some shade of despair in it. It is going not only about the age of 25, but range of ages starting from 23 ending with approximately 29-30. Why is that so? Younger people have different reasons why they are alone at their age and often it is quite natural and normal and if you are alone after 30 reasons for this are completely different as well and usually these reasons are more serious and deeper, usually based on complexes and life patterns. But let’s go back to the age of 25 and find out what is loneliness at the age of 25, why many people at this age remain to be single, is it good, bad, normal… or there is something wrong with it.

It is good to start with a joke and if you ask directly ‘Is that bad that I am 25 and single’ good answer would be something like ‘no, it is great as you always have chance to choose the partner you would like to and whom you might suddenly meet at any moment of time without breaking up with your permanent partner’. And now let us move to more serious things.

Too weak to acknowledge the truth

Very often we are just like that – we might have some fears, problems, thoughts and within every day they just became stronger transforming into patterns of behavior. We do not like being alone, we have problems because of that, but we prefer not to acknowledge the truth that problem is within us, we prefer to escape from the problem, substitute it with alcohol, parties, hanging out with friends but telling everyone that you feel comfortable with such lifestyle and as for now you don’t want to build any relationship with anyone. It is real escape from the problems you have. If everyone around has boyfriend or girlfriend and you don’t, but you say you are ok with that and you don’t need anyone as for now this is bull crap. You just don’t have particular qualities to attract opposite sex, or you have, but you don’t know how to demonstrate them; you might be too shy or inexperienced and therefore to be afraid of doing some actions in search of your possible half. Many young people choose to hide from the real reasons of girlfriend/boyfriend absence by drinking alcohol and trying “to forget”.

Loneliness and state of being single is not for everyone

There are people who choose to be loners for life. They go into monasteries, some maybe have long retreats, meditate for 12 hours a day and although they could be found in the society they still prefer to be loners, it is just really the way of life they choose and they love to live this life because it was their conscious choice. If you are not one of them and you are single there might be some problems, but this depends on many other factors and we are going to look closely at them further.

Full harmony and joy from life can be achieved only being in a pair

This means personal harmony is very complicated thing and to achieve it there should be many factors completed. Those include having aims – short term and long term; doing job you love; communicating with different people and practicing and improving your personal skills in communication, emotional self-defense; doing stuff you love like hobbies; improving yourself – for example, doing mindfulness techniques,  doing yoga, swimming, traveling; having moderate physical activities; having active and passive rest; and, of course, being with partner in relationship – without this one all other subjects from the list would either have no sense or you would be hard to do or would bring no pleasure (or less satisfaction) or would consume too much energy from you to do something.

Loneliness for a certain period of time, to spend some time remaining with oneself, to know yourself better – this is okay, but if loneliness is based on a complex (es) or looseness – it is a problem then

There are some periods in our life when we just get really tired of everything. We don’t know where to move further, we don’t want to visit our work every day, we hate people around us – there are symptoms of emotional fatigue and a hint that it is needed to change something until serious problems with mental or physical health did not appear on the horizon. It such periods we need reboot. To restart yourself it is better to ask yourself what you really would like to do and start doing it without even care what other people might think about you. Maybe you want to start drawing even though you never did it before? Maybe you would like to take your action camera and go to the forest filming nature and your walk trying yourself as own movie director?  You just need some time to relax, to think about life and about things which really you would like to do and which really could make you happy. At this particular time period you may not have any relationship because they would only disturb you focusing on your life goals for the next few years. If you are single during such period of time this is ok, but watch this period not to prolong for too long – this is not ok, or… it might lead you to depression.

It depends how long you are being single. Did you ever have serious relationship before.

If you were few times in serious relationships, but you did not suit each, you lost interest in each other, did not stand each other in common life under one roof or there was some other reason for break up and now you are 25 and single it is ok. You were trying and she / he is not just you’re the only one, but you keep looking for him / her. If you have never been in serious relationships with anyone till this time – it is surely not ok. If your real future goal is creating family nest, you have to start with dating and dating is practice, the same as doing exercises, riding bicycle or roller skates – no practice – no achievements, everything could be made perfectly only with gaining experience and experience in relationships is not very different from experience in other fields of human life.

Maybe you don’t know how to build relationships and it is hard for you to start just as every new thing. Must say you have not to take it too serious and do not listen to anyone. Just try and the earlier the better. If you are 25 and you did not have a girlfriend / boyfriend it is not too late too start, because if you will start at the age of 30 it would be harder, if you start at 35 it would be more hard, if you will be 40 you might not start dating at all and be under the risk to be alone. If you have no wife, no kids you have lonely hoariness.

Psychological trauma from previous relationships

If you used to have serious relationship but your guy / girl have left you for another one or you caught him / her cheating you – you might have fear of future relationship as you are afraid of being burnt again. Your body reacts to new acquaintance as to some kind of danger, discomfort and chooses not to be together with anyone anymore, but such actions lead to loneliness, dissatisfaction with oneself and absence of life harmony, without which everything else seems having no point.

How do you see yourself in the future

It is important as it influences your actions now. It is like a plan for the future divided into many small steps which you do every day. If there is no wife in this future plans you are not going to do anything to have girlfriend now and so it is not weird you are single now. If you are lonely at the age of 25 having such life patterns it is surely not ok.

If you do not want to be alone, maybe you should look for the person with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life?

It is necessary to search this person among the circle of people of your interests. If you do not like to drink alcohol, go to clubs and indulge in primitive instincts, you’re unlikely to find the love of your life on a Friday night at the club. If you are interested in meditation, self-improvement techniques, travel, then it is better for you to join a circle of people with similar interests. There you have a chance to find your soulmate.

Spiritual level which you might not believe in, but facts tell for themselves

No one would explain you this feeling when you feel you can do literary everything in this world. You want to go working, to jump, to sing, you are full of energy. It is after you find the one you really want to be with. There is nothing better than realizing it. You may do everything according to own agenda, with short time enthusiasm, but without person you are going to do it for it still has no chance and you quickly realize it although stubborn people would try to ignore that fact and the more they do it the higher is their level of desperation.

Do not be afraid to be real man, do not be afraid to be real woman

You may not believe in this, but facts are facts and you can not change the global truth. Nature created us to be different, but to be together. But modern people spoiled with the good of civilization afraid to take responsibility. Creating family is very responsible step in life of every person, but many people choose to live with others for own pleasure, than to break up, than to do it again and therefore remaining unhappy, depressed and desperate. To realize his potential man has to take responsibility of creating a family. Only transforming energy of his woman he is able to reach success and his woman is able to create common harmony. This is how it works in this life.

Summarizing, it depends whether it is ok or not if you are single at the age of 25. In most cases it is still bad, but there are exceptions and you could better apply them to your personal situation. If you are alone, take your time, think sincerely what do you want from this life and start moving to your aim, healthy relationship is one of the parts of the game called successful life. SO if you are single at the age of 25 it is not that bad, but you have to strive for a harmonious relationship with person you first like and then love.

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10 reasons why so many men feel non confident on the first date?

10 reasons why so many men feel non confident on the first date?

Today, dating is a special way of communication. People from over the whole world utilize this type of communication almost every day. Love knows no boundaries. Everybody is free to find love with the help of modern techniques and with the help of modern means of communication. They meet new people with whom they get in touch and make new friends with the help of Internet. It can be very convenient just to sit even with pyjamas, with a cup of coffee and communicate with people, even to hope to find true love. Dating and communications help people to gain experience in communicating with boys and girls, to find true matches and give an opportunity to get to know people before meeting and before inviting to the first real life date. Like any other things in this world, dating has its benefits and advantages, and as well as its disadvantages. Today, exist thousands sites which suggest people opportunities of online dating. The only thing is to determine what to want, what to expect and with whom to communicate by making relationships.

Some advantages of dating:

  1. Fast and really convenient
  2. There is a plenty of choice
  3. It is fun
  4. There is a chance of finding the partner of the dream
  5. There is an opportunity of leaving any impression
  6. Gaining experience in communicating
  7. Making friends and relationships

Disadvantages of dating

Dating has many disadvantages. Today, exist many online means of communication. People have chance to get to know their partners well, before real life date. It is very easy to have online profile. The only thing is to have an account and then there is a great choice of different people from the whole world, with whom people communicate and make friends easily. It sounds great and thrilling. People first make friends and then invite them to the real life first date. Moreover, online dating sites can connect people with romantic relationships and even that relationship can turn into more, like marriage. 

The essential disadvantages of dating involve:

  1. Expectations cannot be proved – Thousands of people expect much from the partner they have. They expect to make more friends and to find true love through communication. However, these things cannot be proved and expectations cannot be confirmed. The world is full of many deceivers and people can deceive in every step. They can hide their personalities, their ages, their name and even the place where they live.
  2. People do not fall in love on first date – Men and women can be disappointed and can leave wrong impression on the partner during the first date, as two of them can be very nervous.
  3. People can be in a hurry – Men and women can be in a hurry of making relationships and it will hurt them during the first date. 
  4. First dates can always end horribly – It is almost like that. People can have real life dates without knowing each other well, without knowing dislikes and likes, leaving bad impressions. That is why, the first date always fall and men start feel not confident.
  5. Misleading form of attraction – People can never understand what kind of person is the person with whom they communicate. For instance, person can be felt to be attractive, kind and smart in online communication, but when people meet in real life, expectations cannot be proved. There is a chance not to fall in love in real life. 

10 Reasons why so Many Men Feel not Confident on the First Date?

Although, first dating is rather famous way of date, there will be people who never experienced in and will not be confident on the first date. It is always can be complicated to make first steps and to make moves toward making romantic relationships, do not taking into consideration. However, some people have great experience in dating.

Men always afraid of making relationships with women. There is always a fear of losing the person they love and it hurts them on dating. 

The essential reasons why men feel not confident on the first date:

  1. Hard decision – Men always make decisions very slow and with hard. It is always very hard for them to invite a woman for walk or just to have a cup of coffee.
  2. Men cannot be brave – Braveness plays an important role. Men must be brave, in order to get in touch with women easily.
  3. Men cannot be honest – Honesty means to act and to say things truthfully. Be honest just from the beginning, in order to have good relationships. If men deceive, they will feel not confident on the first date.
  4. Shyness – Men can be very shy. It will only harm them on the first date. Women love brave men.
  5. Having not much in common – If man does not have much in common with a woman he loves, he can feel not confident on the first date.
  6. Not very smart – If man knows that he is not smart enough, he will not feel confidence on the first date. He must impress a woman.
  7. Cannot be himself – If man cannot be himself, and he knows about that, he will feel not confident, on the first date.
  8. Having no ability of expressing his thoughts – Women do not love men who cannot express their thoughts and opinion. That is why men can feel not confident on the first date.
  9. Exception of fun – If men consider himself not fun person, person without sense of humor, he will be not confident on the first date. Women love men with great sense of humor.
  10. Not knowing his partner – If man doesn’t not know his partner`s likes and dislikes, he will be not confident on the first date. 

Moreover, men must know everything about their partners, before inviting on the first date, in order to have great success and feel confident.

Are there immoral frivolous girls or this is just stupid prejudice

Are there immoral frivolous girls or this is just stupid prejudice?

The word “accessibility” in relation to women attributes to women a passive role in sex and relationships with men, associated with the most often unconscious stereotype that sex is needed only for men, and suggests that sex depends only on the consent of the woman and the man is ready to have sex with any woman in any situation. In reality, double standards that restrict women’s sexuality in terms of desire and satisfaction, prohibiting many forms of sexual behavior that are considered acceptable for men, including polygamous and short-term relationships, and discouraging women from initiating relationships, result in an average sexual activity of women and the demand for sex is lower than that of men. As a result of these double standards, women become, on average, more selective when choosing a partner and more inclined only to monogamous and long-term relationships than men. In some more conservative Slavic countries, this gender difference is more pronounced than in a number of other societies, including developed countries, but there are even more conservative and patriarchal countries than Eastern Europe.

However, because of these double standards, the so-called accessibility of women is more often seen and condemned than among men, towards whom such questions are usually not asked. It is necessary to understand that only that which is harmful to other people is immoral. Voluntary sexual relations with mutual consent, desire and pleasure should not be a moral issue and should be considered a personal matter of a person of either sex. There are no reasonable grounds for such prohibitions and double standards that limit the sexual behavior of women.

Are there “immoral” frivolous girls or this is just stupid prejudice? Its’ about word, described above. And about double standards. As practice shows, absolutely unapproachable women are usually those whom nobody wants. If a man has set himself a goal and knows the methods by which he can be influenced, then for some time even the most important will succumb.

Paraphrasing the aphorism, it can be noted that there are no inaccessible women – there are inept men. Self-confidence of some men sometimes goes beyond all imaginable boundaries. Many people think that it is worthwhile to move the place where the biceps should be, feed them with ice cream and ride a tram – and the woman is already in love. And sincerely amazed and indignant when they run up against failure. Such guys are found with a huge number of impregnable women and thank God, because they have absolutely no reason to breed.

Mathematically, the accessibility of a woman can be expressed by the ratio of the number of men who spent the night in her bedroom to the total number who showed a desire to go there. But the correct ratio can be calculated only by the woman herself. Because “good, but interested” people of a beautiful, relaxed woman will add to the asset and dance a hug on the corporate party, and a trip in one taxi, and already a joint lunch, and repair of the aqueduct. And now, with a zero coefficient, the reputation of a “frivolous” woman has been earned, if not more precisely.

There are, however, exceptions to this rule. A charming woman can literally sleep with all the men of the collective, without provoking either jealousy or attacks of offended vanity. She manages not to cause allergies in others – “decent” – women.

The model of behavior of women with representatives of the stronger sex often depends on parental education. But what is this dependence – even scientists are still unable to understand. Often, having escaped from a strict family with Puritan principles, the girl begins to catch up, learn the forbidden and walk recklessly. Or maybe just the opposite. Usually man feels, that a woman often changes her partner. Of course, the position is worthy of all praise, that you need to choose one and be faithful to it all your life. But for “all life” – this one must be the best, isn’t it?

And how will a woman find out something without trying many? So I consider women as inaccessible who want everything a lot and at once – attention, perseverance, appropriate furnishings, expensive gifts and all this from an interesting man. The exception is that if at first glance the man did not like it, it is very difficult to fix something here.

Interesting, how many, in fact, in terms of the man in the street, can there be men for a woman so that she retains her decent status? Thanks God, nowadays public opinion does not require a girl to keep innocence until the wedding. Now looking for virgins only flawed, with low self-esteem, who are afraid of competition. I, like a normal man, do not care how much was before me – the main thing is that she is now with me, close and tremulous. It even flatters that she chose me from a certain amount – it means that I am better, and sex with me is more qualitative. But while bragging about your victories, dear ladies, do not overdo it, consider the peculiarities of the tender and vulnerable male soul. A man who is influenced by public opinion may decide that since no one among the many men who have stayed in you for a long time wanted to stay, he does not need you either.

This is just a public opinion, which is judged by surface and by the clothes. A lady in a strict closed suit with a minimum of makeup on her face is a very decent woman. And what she gets up at night – the eye does not see, because this does not hurt the public heart. If a young lady demonstrates all her charms on the principle of “what was washed before, now airs,” it means, definitely, a whore. But in fact, the girl may have kissed only three times. But in fact, dear ladies, when you dress and make up defiantly, I would say crying out – that is the reaction of a sexually mature man, sorry, appropriate, do not seek it.

Supporting the flag of feminism, in can be said, that the inalienable right of a woman is to decide who will sleep with her and how soon. But now there will be a strike at male ego. On the first date, two types of women agree on sex.

First: a naive fool who believed in your love at first sight. Such a victory does not make a man honor, and there is nothing to brag about.

The second: as a result of long and repeated observations, it became clear, that if a woman intuitively senses that this man is suitable as a husband, she will not give on the first date, at least on the fifth. And vice versa, if a woman easily agreed – it means that man for her is just a passing option. Alas.

Having gathered enough experience in young years, women successfully get married, love their husbands and raise children.

So, of course, there are “immoral” frivolous girls, but the meaning of these words for e\everybody is different. And an answer is inside each of us.

25 reasons why being single is bad for woman's health

25 reasons why being single is bad for woman’s health

We all sometimes need privacy to collect our thoughts and take a break from others. However, long-term loneliness is not only unpleasant – it is dangerous for health, especially for women.

1. Hypertension

Scientists have long found that long-term isolation harms human health not only at the level of the psyche, but also physically. In particular, single people have a tendency to develop cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.

2. The risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease

According to statistics, Alzheimer’s disease develops more often in those who have been left alone for a long time. First, a woman has short-term memory impairment, and then more serious problems begin.

3. The probability of reactivation of latent viruses

Women, who are often in a society or in a relationship, are less susceptible to the activation of latent viruses.

4. Susceptibility to inflammatory processes

If a woman remains alone for a long time, various inflammatory processes can be activated in her body, directly related to physiological factors.

5. The appearance of bad habits

Due to constant stress, single women often begin to smoke, drink, and acquire other bad habits.

6. Failure of the hormonal system

The lack of a permanent relationship with a man adversely affects the hormonal balance of a woman. As a result, increased irritability, tearfulness.

7. Skin problems

Due to hormonal failure, the skin becomes more oily or, conversely, prone to dryness and flaking.

8. Excessive body hair growth

Due to an excess of male sex hormones due to a long absence of physical contact, excessive hairiness on the body appears.

9. Overweight

The less healthy sexual contact a woman has in her life, the more she is prone to the appearance of excess weight (again, for hormonal reasons).

10. Lack of endorphins

The lack of proximity affects the amount of endorphins entering the blood.

11. Disruption of the menstrual cycle

When a woman is alone for a long time, physiological and psychological factors influence the quality of the menstrual cycle.

12. Ovarian dysfunction

Perhaps a violation of the ovaries, and even early menopause.

13. Chronic stress

The feeling of being alone, the inability to cope with everyday problems often leads single women to chronic stress and constant experience.

14. The likelihood of heart and other chronic diseases

Stress, in turn, generates various disruptions in the work of the cardiovascular system. Initially, it may be a small heart problem, and then it can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

15. Mental instability

The first symptoms of the obvious consequences of long loneliness are anxiety, excessive emotionality, then all this leads to incoherent thoughts and even hallucinations.

16. Hallucinations

In severe cases, problems associated with prolonged loneliness can lead to serious mental disorders and the emergence of hallucinations: from luminous points in space to proteins, marching with bags over their shoulders. Hallucinations are not only visual, but auditory and even tactile.

17. Increased suicide risk

With an increasing degree of loneliness, the risk of suicide rises. It doesn’t matter if a person suffers isolation due to external reasons or due to personal problems: suicide ideas are more common among lonely people.

18. Increased risk of depression

Single people mostly feel less happy and satisfied, they tend to be pessimistic and helpless. This is due to the fact that loneliness in itself contributes to the reduction of self-esteem, work ability and ability to solve their problems. Besides, being in isolation for a long time, a person loses social skills, it becomes harder for him to maintain relationships with others.

19. Increased propensity to alcoholism

Loneliness is a factor contributing to the development of alcoholism. At each stage of alcoholism, the more difficult for a person, the less social connections he has. This is due to the lack of necessary support and strong social pressure.

20. Reduced immunity

Loneliness violates immunity at the cellular level. Single people are more likely to get sick than socially active ones. Perhaps this is due to the overall level of stress, which increases in conditions of social exclusion.

21. Personality Violations

Inability to satisfy basic emotional needs plays a crucial role in the development of schizoid personality disorder. The impossibility of normal communication leads to a heightening of emotions, the very pattern of social behavior is disturbed, and as a result, personality disorder progresses.

22. Bad sleep

Loneliness leads to poor sleep, scientists say. Further consequences are a low level of energy during the day, a feeling of constant fatigue.

23. Nightmares

Not only the duration of the night’s rest suffers, but also its quality. Lonely women often have nightmares, with the result that there is a frequent awakening.

24. Negative impact on others

Loneliness can be “contagious.” If there is a person suffering from loneliness near you, you yourself have a chance to feel lonely by an average of 52%.

25. Increased mortality

Loneliness can pose a serious health risk. Researches of people in social isolation led scientists to conclude that such people almost 2 times more often die prematurely. The increased risk of dying from loneliness is comparable to the death rate from smoking. And loneliness is almost 2 times more deadly than obesity.

I have job, I earn good, I look good - why I am single

I have job, I earn good, I look good – why I am single

Each of us has many different desires and needs. We live and dream, and our individual aims can be rather various kinds of. For example, one wants finally to pay off a loan for an apartment, the other is dreaming about buying a new comfortable car. Third ones desire the well-being of their children. And there are men who have a good income, and a cool car, and education, which gives them the opportunity to earn as much as they want. And it would seem that this man should be absolutely happy, because such a lucky guy just cannot have problems with women! Everyone knows that most women are attracted to wealthy men who are confident. But, unfortunately, it is not factually. And even a completely wealthy and pleasant in all respects man can be alone. The thing is that not all men are attracted to women who dream only of luxury life and entertainment. For some guys, the main thing when choosing a life partner is the inner world of the girl, her moral attitudes, although the appearance of the woman undoubtedly matters. Such a man needs a woman for life; he does not want to change girlfriends every next month.

If you are tired of living alone and sick of being single, if you looking for woman with traditional family values and want to live in harmony with beloved woman, then read the tips that are written below:

  1. Accept for yourself a clear decision that you no longer want to be alone, that you have a firm intention to meet the woman of your dreams, and you are under no circumstances going to give up this goal. Realize in advance that this process will most likely not be quick and easy for you, but you should not give up;
  2. Realize exactly what you need a woman for. Either you need it to fill the emptiness of loneliness and wash dirty socks, or you need a loved one with whom you will have common interests. Remember that no matter how strong the passion and love at the initial stage of the relationship with the years between a man and a woman remains a strong sense of mutual understanding, conscious love, which is based on common interests including. So ask yourself the main question-why do you want to enter into a serious relationship?
  3. The next step: determine the place where to meet a girl. In fact, it is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. The main thing is you have to overpower yourself and not be afraid of rejection. Remember your main goal (item number 1);
  4. You have defined a place for yourself to meet, for example, it will be your favorite cafe or restaurant. Among the popular places where people often meet for a serious relationship can be identified: various clubs, thematic exhibitions, events where you can meet as many women. In addition, you should also try online Dating, gyms, joint trips with the dog to the Park and other activities. The main thing – try to be active and then luck will smile to you. What to do next? My advice – try when meeting with the girl you like to behave as you are most comfortable, natural and at ease. Don’t make up stories about yourself and beautiful fictional tales. Remember, the most important thing in relationship is sincerity;
  5. Pay attention to your appearance. This includes the most successful option, which is not exactly spoiling the impression: clean and neat shoes, stylish pants or jeans, shirt of neutral shades, suitable for your figure jacket, neat nails and hair. Perfume should be restrained, choose only what you really like, and do not succumb to advertising. It is better to come on a first date without unnecessary accessories, remember that for men the most appropriate accessory is only good watches;
  6. Do not try to look like someone you are not. Do not try to advertise yourself, a girl who is really interested in you itself is able to assess your benefits. Just be polite, friendly, and natural. Smile, joke, and don’t be too serious. If you look very serious, it can alienate you from the person with whom you hope to have a long-term relationship. Self-confidence and friendliness – that’s the key to success;
  7. During the first communication with the girl you liked remember the need to maintain an optimal communicative balance. Do not be too much generous, or vice versa too stingy and prudent. It is not necessary from the first minutes to promise a woman extraordinary wealth and beautiful life, but do not behave as if your life is like one big gray spot. Women usually do not like such men who complain about hard life, but do not like braggart;
  8. If you understand that from the first minutes of communication your feelings are mutual and you are really drawn to each other, try to keep this feeling as long as possible. This is a very good sign when passion comes to people at the same time. But do not in this situation immediately move to a closer level of relations. Even if your feelings are strong enough, sex is better to postpone for a while. It can be pleasant, but the partner can think that you behave so with each new acquaintance or even that you have them at once several. Allow yourself and your partner to enjoy this unique anticipation of intimacy;
  9. Unfortunately, not all your first meetings will necessarily end well. There will be situations when at first time everything will develop very smoothly and it may seem to you that before you is sitting the girl you have been looking for all your life, but then everything can change. That you do not suffer a bitter sense of disappointment, be mentally prepared for the fact that the search for your half will require a certain amount of time and effort;
  10. There can be dates which you should leave right away. Among these situations, we can distinguish the following models of behavior of women, which should be a sign to you that it’s time to leave. If a woman from the first minutes begins to tell you about her hard life and how difficult it is for her to live – it is better to finish such a meeting succinctly and accurately. Believe me, with such a girl you expect a lot of problems. Also, do not continue to communicate with a girl who begins to tell you on the first date about their previous love stories in great detail;
  11. Remember that although your main goal – is to meet a beloved woman, which later you may get married with, however, do not talk about the wedding and a serious relationship at the first date. Let your relationship keep developing harmoniously, gradually and in a timely manner. In the end, the status in which you are is not so important, the main thing is mutual feelings;
  12. Among the main reasons which have been leaded you to a result of failure are the following situations:
    – you’re putting before a very high bar, if you want to meet a girl which is not of your circle of friends, first become better yourself;
    – you do not work on mistakes, be sure to analyze why your previous relationship broke up, so as not to fail again;
    – you are acting insecure, and women feel that way.;
    – may be you were in too much of a hurry to get to a more intimate level;
    – you want to be liked by a woman too much, and woman doesn’t like annoying guys, she prefer confident men.


How single man should start dating girl without mistakes?

How can a single man start dating a girl?

You have to stock up on confidence and courage to make the movement towards your dream. Long waiting is the path to loneliness. If you have shown ingenuity, ventured to meet and got the coveted phone number – call (preferably in a day) to discuss your next meeting. You should not be limited to examples of acquaintances in creating your own history.

How to start dating a girl without mistakes?

Before you invite a girl to meet, find out more details about her.
Having learned about her preferences – do not postpone, but invite for a date. Do not make it your goal to start a relationship after the first meeting, because the purpose of this meeting is to get to know each other better. But you should not be limited to dating, it is better to become part of the usual and daily life of a girl. Start visiting the same places as she, and you will have many moments for organic and easy contact. Make contacts with a girl in different ways – exchange phone numbers, give each other your home and email address – the more ways you can connect, the easier it is to make new contacts.

You should not count on the beginning of a relationship if, after the first date, a girl does not respond to you with sympathy. If you see that she supports your proposals for a meeting, begins to take the initiative herself, then you have already made a pair.

Many consider the beginning of meetings the first kiss. This is a very exciting moment. You can kiss the first, because in spite of the modernity of society, most girls prefer to remain modest and not to show their interest in a man.

How to start dating a girl if you are friends?

It happens that you have been friends with a girl for many years, and then suddenly realized that you fell in love. How to start dating in this case?

This situation is not only profitable, but also a losing side for you. On the one hand, you already know her character, habits and aspirations quite well. But the main disadvantage is that the girl can not perceive you as a man, but only as a friend.

So the first thing to do is stop thinking and start acting. It is necessary to change the habitual perception of your person. All means are good for this – change of image, disappearance for a while, change in behavior, hobbies, daily routine. The more you intrigue a girl at this stage, the better. But do not commit blatant acts so as not to alienate her at all.

When you resume communication with her in a new way, you can invite her somewhere. Do it casually, in passing – you are friends, but let the pastime itself be romantic.

How to start dating an ex-girlfriend?

Before rebuilding a collapsed relationship, take a good look at the mental mechanisms of separation. The memory of a person under the influence of the defense mechanisms of the psyche over time displaces most negative experiences, while leaving good memories. The time at parting does not work for you in the first few months, and the relief that has arisen in the first weeks gives way to depression and depression, when a feeling of emptiness and loneliness comes. The stronger were the passions at parting, the greater the likelihood of the emergence of a warm feeling over time, when emotions subside.

Try to fill the void for the beginning in the soul and time, formed after parting and you will notice how the desire to start dating the same girl will decrease. Well, if you have analyzed everything, remember the shortcomings, and the longing for the girl does not go away, no matter how hard you work, who you don’t communicate with, then you can carefully try to start dating again.

Gradually making your communication familiar, invite her not just to go for walks, but to places that would help you (an expensive restaurant will show your viability, visiting a unique exhibition will show your horizons). You must appear in front of your ex-girlfriend not only in a good manner, but show that during your break you have not slipped into alcoholics, but rather succeeded as a promising young man.

When this whole adventure is a success, continue to avoid sharp corners. Aim to start everything differently, but with the same person.