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Dating tips for online dating

How can I date online successfully

How can I date online successfully?

Being successful in online dating is not just a matter of online dating. You can’t show good results in running competition if you are in bad physical condition because of sitting at home all the day long. To become good runner you have to become runner at all and for this you have to get up and start running at least 2 days per week, than more; at first 300 meters, later – a mile and more. When you just sit at the couch watching sport competitions and dreaming to become good runner this is not gonna work. The same with dating – if you never try to talk to the girl you will never know whether she even likes you and whether she would talk to you at all. If you have no experience in real life you won’t have any positive experience in online dating as well because the best what is waiting for you in the future is hiding under avatar of muscled guy and you will definitely find confidence under your mask, but when there is chance to finally meet in real life you’re going to escape, probably… or show your real picture (although most are afraid to do so) and the you may either lose your starting online relationships  (in most cases) or the girl will not be eager to further communicate with guy who has lack of confidence to show his real face and coward liar i addition to that. So, as you might notice, we mentioned the word ‘confidence’ already two times and it’s connotation is really important in online dating as well as in real dating.

Improve, develope, rise up your confidence

Women feel what the guy is when they just start talking. Confidence is all the guy needs because it is 85% of success. Women run away from unconfident guys with the light speed – and there is why. Confidence means that man is ready to achieve his goals, he is ready to go, fall down, get up and go further. Our world has many traps, narrow ways, but confident man is able to act even if sometimes he has troubles. Such confident guy will achieve financial reasults, have good health and would be able to protect his woman, child, family. That is why women subconcsiously choose such guys, because they like to be followed by them, this is their nature.  Overconfident is better than non confident. Maybe you have seen guys with tons of muscles, without any stable job, who do not show much respect to people and not even earn much, but they are surrounded by pretty chicks. Maybe you asked yourself question ‘How does it happen, it is not logical?’ – and here you see the real reason – confidence. You might have University Degree, be gentelman, have manners and come from good family, be king, be able to listen, have good stable office job, but your girlfriend would escape with truck driver naighbor who is drinking beer the whole weekend. Or you might not have girlfriend at all. Or she would live with you, but visit truck driver when you don’t know and buying her flowers after coming back home from office. This is all about man’s character and man’s confidence which women have natural ability to feel and evaluate almost immediately. They get this instinct of ‘man radar’ with mother’s milk because this is their possibility to find strong male and therefore to survive and to get possibility for strong progeny from strong man (not only physically strong) but first of all mentally strong, such a guy with strong character. Now you see that confidence is very important and we are moving to the next step – how to develop confidence.

How to improve and develope self-confidence?

Vigirous circle

People who are happy with their life are confident in what they are doing for life. For example, man who is confident in his future has more energy and inspiration to improve the business he has started years ago. But to start the business he had to have confidence in the past, right? And another example – the guy who is not sure whether his T-Shirts with self made prints are going to be bought by someone on the Internet and lack of confidence prevents him from making an selling announcement – he will never find out whether his idea was good or bad and he keeps earning cents doing work he hates, working at the gas station. The second guy has no money, has bad paid job because lack of confidence to change something and at the same time lack of confidence does not let his to make vital change.

Start with small steps

Take a pan and piece of paper even though it seems old school and wright down how you see your perfect day. You may wright some key points of wright it more precisely – as you wish. Than choose some stuff you promise to do every day, for example, wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning. Start to do just from this one point. Start waking up at this time every day at least for a week in a row and than add another thing from the list. It does not necessarily should be exaclty waking up in the morning on this to-do list, it might be doing meditation in the evening, or riding bycicle 2 times a week on Thursdays and Fridays. When you promise something to yourself and keep the promise your body starts believing you, otherwise if you promise yourself for years you are going to start running from Monday and never keep the promise why your own body should believe you?

Keeping self-promises makes you confident

This is the first step which will show you can achieve many, you can do it if you want.

Start physical trainings

Physical training makes you harder. Choose activity you like most – bycicle, swimming, running ect. It does not necessarily should be hard training with iron in gym although it is also a great option. Physical training makes you more disciplined, makes chemical balance in the body balanced and makes you happy and confident.

I recommend meditation

Not only your body needs to have care, to be cleaned and washed, but also your mind. Meditation helps to be more relaxed, to clean all the ‘mind dirt’ kept during days or even years. It also will make you to feel happy at the moment and find your inner self – i.e. to understand what you want from this life

As you see – confidence is your 85% success in online dating, real dating and in life in general. Being confident is top 3 things successful man has to possess.

Remain yourself

Even if you are on the other side of the monitor you have to be yourself. It means you should show all your better sides THE SAME AS DRAWBACKS during first 2, maximum 3 online dates or conversations. I don’t mean you have to tell everything bad about your body, character and stuff during the first conversation, the same as it is not good strategy to boast of your financial status, grown muscles or other things. But if you are overweight, for example, don’t show 10 years old picture of yours where you are slim and nice girl. Truth will come out in the most unexpected moment and it will be not only embarassing, but might prevent you from being with the person you sterted to feel something with.

Be prepared for the shift

Being able to move from online dating to real life date is the key point in online dating, otherwise it is not dating, but rather pleasant communication. What is the sence of chatting for years if every person needs to have live contact with each other – to see, to touch, to kiss, to hear. Someday ‘online’ should be converted into ‘ofline’ and for this you should be successful and confident not only in online dating, but in real life as well. How quick it would happen depends on you (but not exclusively), on your online dating partner, on other circumstances like your personal goals in online dating (maybe you wish only communicate), on the goals of your partner (maybe she needs husband next month? Maybe she needs more time to get used to you and than to be ready for next stem – meeting alive).

As you see, we have mentioned 3 main key points which would definitely help you to be successful in online dating – confidence, being real you (if you have drawbacks – work on them), readiness to take active part in relationships moving forward from virtual to real life. There are many smaller online dating tips, but you will find them out yourself during online dating process so we do not see the point in describing them in this article. Try to do the main three described here and you’ll see the guaranteed success.

Can online dating be dangerous and how to secure yourself while online dating

Can online dating be dangerous and how to secure yourself while online dating

Online dating is convenient, fast and increasingly efficient. But with the development of Internet technology, new types of fraud have appeared.

Both in real life and on the Internet, communication implies the observance of certain safety rules. Yes, there are scammers on the Internet, but you shouldn’t panic, keep up with modern technologies, don’t use computers and be afraid to go online. We will tell you nine rules that will help you protect yourself when dating online and avoid unpleasant situations while searching for relationships online.

The Internet literally saves many people from loneliness. After all, how does a huge number of Muscovites live? Home – subway – work. And at the weekend – to sleep. And when do you want to meet? And where? At work? But many work in same-sex teams. Here sits a young beautiful and intelligent woman in the school library. Or in accounting. Who does she meet? And the Internet still allows you to find a beloved man.

Another question is that you need to immediately understand why you are meeting, and find out, and what, in fact, a man is looking for on dating sites. After all, it often happens that interests do not coincide.

1. Personal safety when dating online

When registering on a dating site, take care to protect your personal data. It is better to create a new email address that does not contain your first and last name. Communicating with a new internet friend, do not rush to give your last name, address, phone number.

2. Choose a serious dating site

If you want to be sure of the complete security of your personal data, then register on serious dating sites. Such sites, for the most part, are careful to protect the personal data of users: personal data is not passed on to third parties and cannot be found in search engines.

3. Strong password

Online stores, social networks, email, online dating – everywhere you need a password. Or maybe you generally use the same password for all situations? Try to fix it as soon as possible. Password strength can be improved by using a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers.

4. Candidates for dating: be vigilant

Before you start an online acquaintance, carefully study the profiles of possible elects. If the information in your profile seemed interesting to you – this is a great reason to start communicating with this person.

If, while viewing a profile, you come across conflicting or unreasonable information, it may be better to avoid this Internet dating. For example, the profile contains Moscow, and its owner is in a completely different city, or the person indicates that he works in a bank, but he constantly emphasizes that money does not matter to him. If you have doubts about the seriousness and honesty of the interlocutor, or you have received spam, be sure to inform the site’s support service. After being moderated, the profile can be completely removed, which will protect you from further contact with this user.

5. Secure communication

Are you interested in one of the profiles, and you want to meet this person? Or someone wrote you first? At the beginning of online dating, it is better to use not personal email, but internal communication system on the site. In case you want to break the conversation, you simply delete the user and he will no longer be able to contact you.

6. Do not trust links

In the process of online dating, you will learn more about the interlocutor: what are his hobbies, what books does he like to read, what kind of music does he listen to. In the correspondence can be found and links to other sites. Do not rush to open all the links – unfamiliar, unreliable links may contain viruses that are dangerous for your computer.

7. Do not give money

Any request for monetary assistance with online dating should make you suspicious. No matter how sentimental the story of your new Internet acquaintance may be, treat it with caution. Would you ask for money from a barely familiar person on a dating site? Remember that your financial security is most important!

8. Make your own decisions

“Where have you been? Why so long do not answer? Write me your address, and I will come to you with a cake! ”- treat such messages calmly, do not allow yourself to push. The meeting should take place at a comfortable pace for you. The decision to transfer Internet dating to real life is better to take in full confidence that you are making the right choice. Do not give new friends your home address right away, the first meeting should take place in neutral territory.

9. Secure First Date

Before the first meeting, try to observe certain safety rules: arrange to meet in a public place, leave ways to retreat (for example, tell your friends where you are going and ask for a “control” call), do not drink too much alcohol, do not leave personal belongings without supervised.
When looking for a partner in the network, listen to your intuition, but do not forget about common sense and be vigilant. Compliance with safety rules does not guarantee fraud protection, either in real life or through online dating, and yet can reduce the risk of being deceived.

Main problems

The main problem of online dating is that there are more opportunities for deception. Women, for example, love to put their best photos five, ten years old. And when a man comes on a date, he often experiences some shock – the nymph was not at all like that. It often happens that a woman does not come on a date at all.

On the Internet, there is a huge number of those girls, who sit there for years to pluck the flowers of male attention. When a man invites such a girl for a date, she is very busy, then she went to see her sick mother. A man experienced such a liar will find out very quickly, and young men can fall in love and really suffer.

As for the men themselves, I assure you, the absolute majority of them on the Internet, unlike women, are looking for not long-term relationships. Their goal – one-time or several times sex. Sometimes it comes to ridiculous. A man and a woman agree that they meet at his home or at her place and then go to the movies. But after sex, the man looks at the screen of the smartphone, says that something terrible has happened, that he needs to go, and after that he no longer appears. Even in the movie together did not go.

Although, of course, I would not demonize online dating. It all depends on people. There are those who in their result finds their love and destiny. But such, as far as I know, still a minority.

How to ask girl from online dating to real date - awesome working tips

How to ask girl from online dating to real date – awesome working tips

The Internet makes our life easier: it helps us to meet new people, keep in touch with them, start romantic relationships online. Dating in the Internet is always a great fun. But when it is clear that the girl from online dating is ready to get something more, why not to ask her to go on a real date? Awesome working tips from the text can advice man how to behave with the girls and how to avoid some common mistakes.

Why do people prefer online chatting

Lots of people feel comfortable while chatting in the Internet. It’s so convenient: there is time to think before answering the partner’s question, some information can be quickly found online, so there’s always something to say. And the appearance doesn’t matter: some good photos make users feel self-confident. It’s easy to contact friends and relatives from all over the world at any time. And the dating with a girl isn’t an exception. In the Internet they can tell jokes, praise each other and even talk about love. But these people find it hard to start a conversation in real life, so the partner must make an effort to invite the shy girl for a date. And these tips can help to make it properly.

The background

The proposition to meet together must be relevant, not intrusive. To get acquainted better is a chance to understand the girl’s desires, show the interest to her personality. The good idea is to begin with several general questions. While the girls answer them, men can share their opinions too. This will constantly bring two people in love together.

  1. “How do you spend your day?” 
    Due to this question the man can find out the girl’s plans, think about the time of their future date.
  2. What is your hobby?”
    Girls like talking about themselves. And the girl will be glad if the man’s hobbies are similar to her ones.
  3. What do you usually do on weekends?”
    Free time always means fun. So when the conversation is about weekend activities – it’s a good chance to propose spending this time together.
  4. “What is your favourite dish?”
    Of course this means that the dish should be eaten in a great restaurant together.
  5. “Do you like going to the cinema?”
    It’s a clear proposition, but which girl can refuse? An interesting film with her partner in the evening.

Girls like thoughtful men, so a good idea is to listen to them carefully, discuss all their answers.

How to feel free

There’s nothing fearful in inviting the girl to spend an evening together. Everyone likes meeting new people, going for a walk around the city, visiting restaurants. Men mustn’t be shy. An interesting conversation about any hobbies or events from his life can endear the girl. Men can talk about everything: their favourite films, work, friends, funny situations. Common hobbies and interests help to communicate easily. But if the partners are different – that doesn’t matter. They can discuss all these moments and the tension will disappear. And if the girl enjoys her online dating, she will agree to meet in real life by all means.

What can help

Some situations and circumstances dispose girls to agree to spend their free time together with the man from online dating.

  • Holidays.
    Celebrating Christmas or St Valentine’s Day together is a great fun. And the occasion is usually very romantic. Especially when the reason of celebration is the girl’s or the man’s birthday.
  • The compliments.
    Is the girl really beautiful? Or maybe her sense of humor is amazing? Then why not to tell her about it? The sincere compliments will make her happy, but not everything at the same time. And they should be truthful.
  • Creative work.
    Girls like art and creative men. Making a present with hands will surprise her. But the present can be also bought: flowers, sweets, jewelry. And the need to give the present necessitates to meet in real life.

These cunnings are the helpers of all the men it the world. And girls enjoy it.

What men shouldn’t do

Unfortunately, some abrupt actions can lead to the failure. First of all, girls want to be in safe. But when they know little about the men and feel that they are putting pressure, obviously they will say no. So guys should tell a lot about their life, show that they are not dangerous. To invite the girl to the man’s place at the first date isn’t a good idea. It’s better to meet in a public place. Though it’s possible to continue the date at home, but only after the girl’s agreement. And being annoying is a bad habit, so men must avoid it.

Using the three best hints

It’s so difficult sometimes to tell the truth, to show the real intentions. In these situations hints can help. Joking and talking about different things men can get an opportunity to meet the girl of their dream. Now they can talk about their feelings, stop hiding. These three best hints will certainly make the girl say yes.

  • “Do you like coffee? There’s a new cafe in the city centre.”
  • “I feel so lonely today! Want to go for a walk.”
  • “I’ve got two tickets for a new film. Need someone to go with!”

Drinking coffee or watching a nice film together is a great idea for the first real date.

Men should remember that girls go online and agree for the datings in the internet because they want to find love, have a romantic adventure. So they are interested in the real date too, but they want men to persuade them. It’s real to find love in the internet. And that’s not very difficult with these working tips.

17 best tips for men who never experienced online dating but would like to try

17 best tips for men who never experienced online dating but would like to try

What is Online Dating?

Online dating is a special and unique way to find and to be in touch with people through Internet. It is the way of arranging dates and the way of expanding personal and romantic relationships. It is rather popular today and almost everyone, starting with teenagers and finishing with adults, utilize online dating. This way of dating is successful in getting people together in relationships and many couples first met through online dating services.

Benefits of Online Dating

Not married men and women of different ages involve in online dating a lot. The goal is the same, to find love, to find friends and relationships. From the first sight, it will seem a bit difficult, but it is not like that. It is easier to go on online date and to talk with a woman or a man online, then in real life. It has many advantages and benefits. It will help many men or women to find friends and love, which also can lead to a happy marriage in real life.

Here the advantages and benefits of online dating:

  1. Getting dating skills and prospect – Online dating will afford an opportunity to get experience in communication with women.
  2. Enlarging dating and social circle – There will be a chance of getting more friends, having good relationships.
  3. Easy to get start – The first step is to greet online, without shyness.
  4. Having chance to meet more people online than in real life – Practically everybody has profiles in social medias and it will be easier to get in touch.
  5. Easy to get in touch in case of being shy – Make the first step easier.
  6. Chance to know someone before meeting – There is a chance to know people, looking at the photos, profile information and through getting in touch.
  7. No more bad first dates – There will not be any awkward first dates in real life. Everything will be planned.
  8. Creating friendship – Getting friends, find new people and search for love.
  9. Real life date – The last but not the least step will be to go to real life date after knowing each other online and after having much information about each other.

17 Tips for Men who never has Experience in Online Dating but Would Like to Try

Although, online dating is rather famous way of date, there will be people who never experienced in. It is always can be complicated to make first steps and to make moves toward making romantic relationships, do not taking into consideration, that is only online, not face to face. However, some people have great experience with online dating. These points will help those men who never has experience in online dating, but would like to try.

Here 17 tips for men to make his first steps:

  1. To make decision – The essential thing is to decide whether want it or not. If there is a desire of getting in touch with a girl or a woman online, make first steps.
  2. To be brave – Braveness plays an important role. Men must be brave, in order to get in touch with women and take into attention that it is just online.
  3. To be honest – Honesty means to act and to say things truthfully. Be honest just from the beginning, in order to have good relationships. If there is a desire to impress a woman, honesty is the best thing.
  4. Do not just say “Hello” – Personalize the message. Be interesting person.
  5. Having such profile photo where women can look at the eyes – Looking into the eyes means a lot. People can find the soul through the eyes.
  6. Having much in common – If there is much in common with a woman just let her know about it. She will be happy.
  7. Be smart – Smartness always attracts women. Women love smart and intelligent men. Express smart thoughts and ideas, in order to attract a woman.
  8. Do not move fast – Women have special way of approaching. Do not hurry, be patient.
  9. Say something – Do not send hearts or just comment on her appearance or do not always praise her beauty. Comment on something in her photo, not the look, just something in her profile that will catch the eyes.
  10. Be yourself – Be kind, be understanding, be strong and confident.
  11. Get to know her – Get to know about her likes and dislikes. The women like men knowing everything about their likes and dislikes.
  12. Express your thoughts and opinion about something – Women will appreciate the honesty and own way of thinking.
  13. Fun conversation – Keep the conversation fun. Be funny, as women love good jokes.
  14. Second chance – Give second chance if the woman is shy. Make moves and act, taking into attention, the woman`s desire, thoughts and also shyness. Make the woman not shy anymore.
  15. Avoid the “ex” conversation – Do not speak about “ex” girlfriend.
  16. A little mystery – The sense of mystery will make a woman to come back. Always leave a little mystery, in order to be an interesting person.
  17. Be positive – Positiveness is the key to success. Having positive thoughts will help to get wanted results. Express positive words and thoughts.

These tips will help men having no experience in online dating and will help to get in touch with women easily.

Online dating is a great way of finding new people, making new friends and having relationships. Moreover, maybe there will be a chance of finding love. Some of these relationships have turned into long happy marriages. However, the others have not been as successful. The best feature of online date is that it involves convenience for people who have busy schedules, lets people meet others from over the whole world. Even though, it is rather a risky way of dating people, it has many benefits. People have to provide safety, patience and must be very honest, in order to have success.

How to get acquainted on the Internet - advices for women

How to get acquainted on the Internet – advices for women

Every day we spend huuuuge portion of our own free time on the Internet. We do not even realize how much spare time we spent in social networks and most of the time it is… the waste of time. But if you know how to measure yourself in wise way, if you know what you want from life and able to follow the plan in order to achieve your goals, if you have great self time management – than Internet is a great helper for you. It also applies to finding future spouse, the second half or the love of your life (whatever you call it the sense is the same) through online dating. How to use it right so it work and make you happy? How to avoid problems and omit non suitable candidates? We are going to talk about this today.

How to start dating online and is there any sense in it at all?

First of all you have to believe in everything you start including online dating. What you believe in faithfully will happen. If you are serious about finding partner online you will find. If you start filling in gaps on dating site and feel it is not going to work – it will not work. Think about thousands of people who have found love online, find real stories written on the Internet and go on.

Think the opposite way – for many people online dating is the only chance to find boyfriend or girlfriend as we live in a world with lack of time. We do not have time to visit places where we can find suitable candidates, but we have access to the computer and Internet almost all the time. Why not to use this modern way of getting acquainted. Millions of people are online now and millions are looking for their possible partners right now. You seem to be in searching as well – what are you waiting for?

How to get acquainted online in a right way?

Believe in your aim. Do not hesitate and do not listen to anyone. Some might say there are no serious people online and dating online is one great scam. But who are these people saying that? Do they have an experience in online dating? Did they succeed? Did they fail? Most of such “advisors” have no idea what is it like, but they are happy to teach you giving stupid advices. Do you consider yourself descent person? I’m sure most of readers would say – yes. There is surely the same descent person on the other side of the monitor looking for you. Magic? Coincidence? No, it is just logical possibility. So there is nothing to hesitate but act. Finish reading these lines and act!

What to start acquaintance on the Internet from?

  1. Stereotypes are inappropriate. Think out of the box. Forget about all you know about online dating. Relax and have fun communicating;
  2. The aim. Don’t want to find rude guy who sips beer and talks to the TV set if you are intelligent girl who likes to read books? Look for guys in circle of your interests;
  3. All the info must be in the profile. When filling in the gaps on dating site do not be in hurry to look for candidates. Try to think as the person on the other side of the monitor. You would like to know as much as possible, right? That do the same – fill as much as it is possible yourself;
  4. Never lie. We often like to describe everything in a better light, but it is not suitable for online dating if you are looking for serious possibility of relationships. If you lie – one day it will come out and what are you going to do next? It may become a pretext to break up with a person you have already fall in love with;
  5. Do not make yourself an idol. Never. Including with people we love. We usually like to think only the best about people we love, but we do not see disadvantages. Be realistic in order not to become disappointed one day.

Non-standard questions and phrases for online dating

Person on the other site of display is sick of “Hey, how are you” the same as you probably are. There is a need to change it being original as much as possible. Original means memorable, interesting and thus the one who can intrigue and stand out of the crowd of similar boring grey mass.

Moreover, phrases like “Hello, how are you” are often written by bots and therefore people automatically do not pay attention to them. So, do not write messages which you wouldn’t like to get yourself.

What should be the first online dating words?

  1. The written phrase should intrigue; the aim is to make person think over the phrase, but not just take a subconscious look and move further ;
  2. Words must be “catchy, candidate should be intrigued and wait for another message;
  3. By first phrases show your character, level of education, sense of humor etc.

Ask questions relatively direct to the interests of the man you found. Read his profile accurately and pick the topics he is interested in. If there is something you know about as well, pick this topic and ask the guy about it. For example – you found he likes hockey. Ask him – Oilers or Flames. Wait for his answer. When he asks whether you like hockey, you may answer “No way!” The conversation is started. Have fun.

11 successful online dating tips for men

Dating through social networks and websites is a great option for those who are not very sociable in the world, hesitate to appear at noisy parties, and in companies feel unsure and more often stay away from the main fun. In the online space, you can relax and not enter into “live” communication until a sincere mutual interest appears.

The advantages of online dating are obvious:

1) During the correspondence you always have the opportunity to think over the words. Whether it is a message with elements of flirting or refusal to continue the dialogue. In real life, we are often subject to emotions, which have a strong impact on our speech. Online it’s easier to control everything;

2) Easy to make a first impression. If you are bored even in correspondence with a man, and in one sentence he makes many elementary mistakes, then you will no longer want to continue to communicate live;

3) Easy to take the first step. And if on the street you are unlikely to dare to come up and offer acquaintance, then everything is possible in the network space;

4) You choose. You can correspond and communicate with several at once, and whether or not you can meet with virtual elects in real life – you decide for yourself, but it’s important that no one can convict you of being immoral;

5) New acquaintances enhance self-esteem. Any attention of the opposite sex, in real or online life, raises self-esteem. In the Internet space, men can feel more relaxed and do not stint compliments. And this is important, especially if you belong to the type of women who in real life do not attract the attention of crowds of fans.

Starting to communicate online is much easier than in real life, and is a great way for shy people.

Here are some online dating tips for shy men, who are looking for a lady in the web:

1) Statistics show that women show the greatest interest to those men who use the words “love”, “romance” and “heart” in their own description. Yes, most of the girls are romantic and this fact should be considered;

2) Do not forget about the photos. Most men choose completely inappropriate photos for registration of their account: group photos, photos in dark glasses (where you can’t see the person at all). The worst option – photographs from parties, in which the person is drunk, or pictures with former girlfriends. A close-up smiling face, pictures from travels, “me and my snowmobile” photos attract much more attention;

3) Slang or rude words scare almost 70% of users. Jargon and strong words are ok maybe for meeting with old friends, but not for communication with new people, especially if we talk anout females;

4) Be creative. Every attractive girl receives dozens of such messages, as “Hello, how are you, you are pretty”. Find a more original way to start a conversation. Look for clues on her photos;

5) Do not use the “cute” messages like “bunny” or “baby”. Girls like them only when they come from a loved one, but not from a stranger on a dating site;

6) Do not be intrusive. Do not send too many messages, do not ask “why are you silent?” 10 times a day and do not insist if she refused to continue to meet you. Here everybody is free;

7) Ask. Among online dating tips for newbies it’s that one, about which people constantly forget. People usually speak more than they listen. Here is your chance to stand out against those who are interested only in own personality. Ask where this picture was taken, what is a breed of her dog, which Tarantino film is the best and so on. One look at the profile gives a lot of opportunities to start an interesting conversation;

8) Take the initiative. On such resources, if you do not write to anyone, you miss a lot of opportunities;

9) Specify he purpose of dating. Some people are looking for a serious relationship through dating through the Internet, and some just want to flirt or find a friend. This must be pointed out;

10) Positive and honesty. It is not necessary to invent something that does not exist, to hide the existence of a relationship or a past marriage. But to complain about the feeling of loneliness and helplessness is also not necessary. It is much better to focus on something positive;

11) Upgrade rating. On some sites, it’s enough to go to your page at least once a day to get higher than others in lists. On the other, “entering the top” will require investments, but in any case, this will increase your chances.

To sum up, these are the obvious online dating tips you never thought about, which will help to find right person.

Tips For Dating Site Users

Tips For Dating Site Users

Virtually every person who has ever experienced happiness in online dating, complains that this process takes too much time. Similarly, it is necessary to devote a lot of time to reading each message, to answer and to arrange a long-awaited meeting. People spend so much time on long correspondence, waiting for answers to messages, and preparing for meetings so in general it takes weeks. Time in between 2 and 3 weeks of online chat is perfect to get acquainted in real time circumstances. There is a grain of truth in the statement that the longer online daters wait for a real meeting with their correspondent partner, the more they doubted that the meeting would actually take place. When a person is communicating to someone through online dating site for weeks, with each message his / her expectations increase. He / she invests his / her time in messaging. Those who have had to communicate online and could be called experienced users of online dating sites, say that 4 or 5 short letters are quite enough to agree on the first meeting and go to drink a cup of coffee together. Agree, you can not talk about any chemistry or sympathy until you meet him / her personally.

You should really know what you want

Most people visit dating sites simply to have fun, to diversify their leisure time, have fun, find out who you can chat with, or just meet when bored. At first, people can get lost and start answering absolutely everyone, respond to all incoming letters and thus spend too much of their time and mislead those who write to them. No hurry required. If you clearly understand your purpose, for example, get acquainted with the man you would like to meet as soon as possible without worries, go to the goal! Of course, the majority of those who meet online have certain requirements for distance communication. You need to be a realist. Be careful as you have to find out in advance the type of future husband you would like, whether he is not going to continue to correspond with you, if you live far away from each other.

Do you want to get married, start dating someone or just looking for friends? Not everyone knows the exact answer when registering their profile on the dating site, but after a while the answer will find you. Just a few letters from various young people who are looking for casual dating or just spending spare time together, or having a serious intention to find a friend, will help you understand what you really need.

Do not allow the correspondence to become an exam

Many young people want to know practically everything about their correspondence partner long before the meeting. “Where do you see yourself in 20 years and what society position you are going to take?”, “Describe your perfect dating experience you see it” “What is your favorite type of chewing gum?”. In parallel with similar surveys, they themselves respond to them, giving you as much information as possible about themselves. However, this is not an exam and you can ignore any question you deem appropriate.

Do not hang up with correspondence. If the very first messages seemed promising to you, please talk on the phone or meet.

There are cases when during the correspondence one of the partners “tortured” the other one with long letters, stories about himself, his views on life, and when it came to the meeting – he refused it just because he was far away to the proposed place. After that, the desire to communicate disappeared. The one who read the letters for the first hour begged himself with one question: “Why, I did not immediately ask about the meeting?” In turn, the first one found a different way out of the situation, namely to switch to the telephone mode of communication, so that he did not write so much, but he continued to philosophize for hours, to complain to his ex-wife or any other uninteresting to his interlocutor person.

Do not write letters to those who can not meet with you personally

It happens that during the correspondence the interlocutor tells that he travels somewhere, goes anywhere in business, does not go home at all and does not stay in one place for a long time. He writes every day, tells how he is doing, asks about you, periodically he’s missing out of your radar. Such people say they will be busy for the next few weeks, but you can continue the correspondence! Several letters and that’s all. He’s (she’s) disappeared. It is possible that someone really travels or is too busy with work and business trips, but it is almost impossible to figure him out among others. To avoid such cases, ask the interlocutor immediately if he has an opportunity to meet with you in the near future.

Find out if you have common interests

Well, when a person is able to support others in his endeavors or hobbies, he likes to learn new things and share his interests with others. Find out if you have any common interests with your friend on the correspondence? Maybe suddenly you’ll find out you are visiting the same yoga classes? And if you both are interested in yoga, such a common yoga class visit might be memorable experience for both of you. Of course, it seems better to hold the first meeting in a cafe, to share a cup of coffee with one another with your own interests, in this case, this cup will show if the next date will happen, if you have something in common. In addition, such a meeting will be more personal than the banal letter on the site. But there is no standards, think out of the box! Every meeting is great for the new experience. What if you do not like coffee or do not drink it because of the anxiety – you should forget about coffee date?

Call each other in the first 2 weeks of correspondence

According to experienced users of dating sites, 2 weeks is the limit of communication by correspondence, unless you live very far from each other. 2 weeks – it’s time to start a conversation about a meeting. Try to get started before the meeting, it will help you to see your interlocutor on the one hand. In addition, if during a conversation on the phone you feel awkward – just ask to go online chat. If all is well, it is advisable at the end of the call to meet personally. If you are ashamed – ask his (her) thoughts, do not offer or insist yourself. So, with your hint, he (she) will be the initiator of the meeting.

Chat and communication through the phone are completely different things. Chat gives a person more time to think over the answer, you do not hear each other’s voices. There were cases when it turned out that a person with a cool profile on the dating site had some difficulties with speech or language knowledge in real time communication.

Do not accept unexpected offers to meet

Some men offer to meet on weekends or any day, if they suddenly have a free time or simply say “Let’s meet today, when I finish my work, I will write that you go out.” Usually, after that, you won’t hear anything from him, and the girl has to re-plan her day through this message, to allocate time at least for a non-long-term meeting in order not to offend a person.

If the correspondent tells you that he will be able to meet you on a certain day, be sure to negotiate the exact time and place. Discuss each details, otherwise your meeting may not take place.

Feel confident at the first meeting

Some advice to drink coffee and feel confident on the first meeting. I would not recommend that. Coffee increases anxiety and you are probably anxious yourself. I would recommend to have meditation before the first date and during the date to have a cup of herbal tea. Mint tea is a great choice.

In order to find a person, we use Google, Linkedin and Facebook, and for the first meeting it is better to choose a cafe in a familiar area. It often happens that the first meeting takes place late at night in an unfamiliar place. Please tell your friend where and with whom you go. Rarely, but it happens that for the meeting comes the one you were not expecting to see, so it’s better to be careful.

Many men offer lunch, not just to meet a cup of coffee. The fast lunch is also good idea. But, unfortunately, it often happens that several consecutive days lead to disappointment, especially if you have nothing common to talk about. You can effortlessly try to engage in a conversation, but what if you do not have common topic for conversation? In this case, you may regret lunch at his expense (if it was for his expenseJ).

Many users of dating sites believe that the letters are enough, but remember that you must always offer to speak over the phone. If this communication goes well, feel free to offer a personal meeting. Insist on a specific time and place, rather than “somewhere downtown”.  With such applied tips you will not waste your time in vain.

A small story of an experienced user of dating sites: “When I met my young man on the dating site, we only had one day correspondence before we arranged a personal meeting. We put the keynote to each other, exchanged a few short messages. The next day, we agreed to meet and drink a cup of coffee, because he said he did not like long correspondence. We barely talked before the meeting. So, both of us saved each other’s time and did not regret it! “