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Are there immoral frivolous girls or this is just stupid prejudice

Are there immoral frivolous girls or this is just stupid prejudice?

The word “accessibility” in relation to women attributes to women a passive role in sex and relationships with men, associated with the most often unconscious stereotype that sex is needed only for men, and suggests that sex depends only on the consent of the woman and the man is ready to have sex with any woman in any situation. In reality, double standards that restrict women’s sexuality in terms of desire and satisfaction, prohibiting many forms of sexual behavior that are considered acceptable for men, including polygamous and short-term relationships, and discouraging women from initiating relationships, result in an average sexual activity of women and the demand for sex is lower than that of men. As a result of these double standards, women become, on average, more selective when choosing a partner and more inclined only to monogamous and long-term relationships than men. In some more conservative Slavic countries, this gender difference is more pronounced than in a number of other societies, including developed countries, but there are even more conservative and patriarchal countries than Eastern Europe.

However, because of these double standards, the so-called accessibility of women is more often seen and condemned than among men, towards whom such questions are usually not asked. It is necessary to understand that only that which is harmful to other people is immoral. Voluntary sexual relations with mutual consent, desire and pleasure should not be a moral issue and should be considered a personal matter of a person of either sex. There are no reasonable grounds for such prohibitions and double standards that limit the sexual behavior of women.

Are there “immoral” frivolous girls or this is just stupid prejudice? Its’ about word, described above. And about double standards. As practice shows, absolutely unapproachable women are usually those whom nobody wants. If a man has set himself a goal and knows the methods by which he can be influenced, then for some time even the most important will succumb.

Paraphrasing the aphorism, it can be noted that there are no inaccessible women – there are inept men. Self-confidence of some men sometimes goes beyond all imaginable boundaries. Many people think that it is worthwhile to move the place where the biceps should be, feed them with ice cream and ride a tram – and the woman is already in love. And sincerely amazed and indignant when they run up against failure. Such guys are found with a huge number of impregnable women and thank God, because they have absolutely no reason to breed.

Mathematically, the accessibility of a woman can be expressed by the ratio of the number of men who spent the night in her bedroom to the total number who showed a desire to go there. But the correct ratio can be calculated only by the woman herself. Because “good, but interested” people of a beautiful, relaxed woman will add to the asset and dance a hug on the corporate party, and a trip in one taxi, and already a joint lunch, and repair of the aqueduct. And now, with a zero coefficient, the reputation of a “frivolous” woman has been earned, if not more precisely.

There are, however, exceptions to this rule. A charming woman can literally sleep with all the men of the collective, without provoking either jealousy or attacks of offended vanity. She manages not to cause allergies in others – “decent” – women.

The model of behavior of women with representatives of the stronger sex often depends on parental education. But what is this dependence – even scientists are still unable to understand. Often, having escaped from a strict family with Puritan principles, the girl begins to catch up, learn the forbidden and walk recklessly. Or maybe just the opposite. Usually man feels, that a woman often changes her partner. Of course, the position is worthy of all praise, that you need to choose one and be faithful to it all your life. But for “all life” – this one must be the best, isn’t it?

And how will a woman find out something without trying many? So I consider women as inaccessible who want everything a lot and at once – attention, perseverance, appropriate furnishings, expensive gifts and all this from an interesting man. The exception is that if at first glance the man did not like it, it is very difficult to fix something here.

Interesting, how many, in fact, in terms of the man in the street, can there be men for a woman so that she retains her decent status? Thanks God, nowadays public opinion does not require a girl to keep innocence until the wedding. Now looking for virgins only flawed, with low self-esteem, who are afraid of competition. I, like a normal man, do not care how much was before me – the main thing is that she is now with me, close and tremulous. It even flatters that she chose me from a certain amount – it means that I am better, and sex with me is more qualitative. But while bragging about your victories, dear ladies, do not overdo it, consider the peculiarities of the tender and vulnerable male soul. A man who is influenced by public opinion may decide that since no one among the many men who have stayed in you for a long time wanted to stay, he does not need you either.

This is just a public opinion, which is judged by surface and by the clothes. A lady in a strict closed suit with a minimum of makeup on her face is a very decent woman. And what she gets up at night – the eye does not see, because this does not hurt the public heart. If a young lady demonstrates all her charms on the principle of “what was washed before, now airs,” it means, definitely, a whore. But in fact, the girl may have kissed only three times. But in fact, dear ladies, when you dress and make up defiantly, I would say crying out – that is the reaction of a sexually mature man, sorry, appropriate, do not seek it.

Supporting the flag of feminism, in can be said, that the inalienable right of a woman is to decide who will sleep with her and how soon. But now there will be a strike at male ego. On the first date, two types of women agree on sex.

First: a naive fool who believed in your love at first sight. Such a victory does not make a man honor, and there is nothing to brag about.

The second: as a result of long and repeated observations, it became clear, that if a woman intuitively senses that this man is suitable as a husband, she will not give on the first date, at least on the fifth. And vice versa, if a woman easily agreed – it means that man for her is just a passing option. Alas.

Having gathered enough experience in young years, women successfully get married, love their husbands and raise children.

So, of course, there are “immoral” frivolous girls, but the meaning of these words for e\everybody is different. And an answer is inside each of us.

Why you should never date Ukrainian girl

Why you should never date Ukrainian girl

Most of Ukrainian girls demand to be astonishing. Most of them treat life like living in non-stop model agency. They want to look great even when walking to the supermarket and it is not that they are doing it on purpose, but because they do it naturally, the same as if brushing teeth every day. Many Ukrainian girls wear high heels and do not even care it causes discomfort because it makes them look great. Most Ukrainian girls treat beauty as inner strength which causes admiration of people who surround them and especially they love to call the envy of competitor counterparts.

This is real challenge for a guy to be with such girl because she would demand you to be “of her level” and therefore dress up well, visit barber shop, fitness club and wear stylish clothes of known brands – otherwise she wouldn’t go out with you under any occasion.

Devotion is routine?

If you think so you should forget about dating Ukrainian woman once and for all. Ukrainian women are devoted and they prefer one life partner. She beliefs her partner is the best guy in the world and since she is a queen and couldn’t choose anyone but king. She would cover you with care, love, respect and tenderness. She would always give you her help and would make impossible for you but under the fact you show her your love and devotion as well. She beliefs you are reliable, strong and she may count on you any time – so don’t spoil this credit of trust, otherwise quick farewell is guaranteed. Ukrainian girlfriend in terms of devotion would be your best friend, psychologist, advisor and even personal doctor in case you get sick. A Ukrainian woman is a solid rear for her husband.

Ukrainian woman is independent

Contrary to common stereotypes it is often more important for Ukrainian woman to build a career and get the next higher education degree than to find a man who will appreciate her individuality and freedom. Ukrainian woman will be very independent in relationship, and also very stubborn. But on the other hand, she can be expected to show enormous courage in danger, and her inner power might help you both to overcome the toughest times if there is a need.

She has high expectations

Ukrainian women are very demanding. They do not want just a guy who will love them most than anything on Earth. They want to be passionately loved by the best hero on the Planet.

You are expected to be a gentleman if you want to have Ukrainian girlfriend. Such things as opening door in front of your girlfriend, bringing flowers for holidays, helping her wearing jacket and paying for dinner are MUST HAVE in everyday life with girlfriend from Ukraine. You also have to demonstrate your courage and power in every possible way – for example, give a sit to old lady in public transport. You have to be real hero in her eyes almost all the time.

Ice breaking problem

Ukrainians are known to hide their emotions. They rarely show they are happy, angry or disappointed. What could we say if it is going about Ukrainian girls? You might treat her emotions as a glacier as she might not show her feelings at first, even if she is helplessly in love with you. Very slowly, literary – step by step, you have to win a trust of Ukrainian lady and only then she is going to open all her beauty and love for you. This time is worth it because then you will see that under glacier there hides the best caring and loving partner in the whole world.

Former soviet mother parents-in-law

If you are with Ukrainian girl seriously and for long it means you are going to have post-soviet mother-in-law and father-in-law. This might bring you under serious danger. How come? The next logic chain is as follows:

  1. You are going to visit her parent’s home for holidays, birthdays of family members and some usual weekends.


  1. Hospitable Ukrainian family will ask you at the table as this is huge part of Ukrainian tradition. You are going to eat A LOT! No way to eat less, as this would show disrespect towards her mom who was cooking and made her best for you.


  1. You are going to eat a lot of meat, greasy food and mayonnaise. Most dishes have potatoes, meat and are full of calories. When you are full it is hard to breath you are going to be proposed huge piece of pie and there is no way to resign.


  1. Drinking. It is also a part of Ukrainian tradition. If you want to deserve respect of her father you have to drink vodka. You have to pass the test for real man and drinking with her father is almost always a must. Don’t be surprised when after 3rd shot you will find out her father speaks some weird language which reminds you English but the most interesting – you will understand each other!

If you do not afraid of all written above than Ukrainian girlfriend might be your option.

More food tests on you

For many Ukrainian women, cooking is a way to show you love, so be prepared for food experiments. At first, Ukrainian cuisine may seem completely normal, and even a bit boring. But traditional Ukrainian food is what you can try when you visit the house of your mother-in-law. Your girlfriend would make food experiments on you; preparing food from Internet recopies, from books and on the advice of her girl friends. Beetroot with herring? Meat jelly? How many variations of potatoes exist in this world? But within the time you are going to love food prepared with care and warmth by your Ukrainian girlfriend.

What are 12 main mistakes men make which lead to break up

What are 12 main mistakes men make which lead to break up

Errors of men are different from females with some exceptions.

But both of them are united by one thing: they negatively affect relationships. Such things bring suffering and pain into them, provoke family quarrels and destroy marriages.

To create positive attitudes towards women, men can use this list as a test of their psychological fit.

So, if a man makes at least one of these mistakes, then it should be assumed that soon the joint life and relations with his chosen one will cease to please.

And if nothing is done, relations would be destroyed.

  • Inability and unwillingness to listen to a woman

This is one of the key male mistakes. Men are not inclined to listen to women, especially if it concerns important issues of family life, making some important decisions and problems in relationships. It seems to mean that all this “chatter” is worth nothing, that there are too many emotions in it. But the thing is just in the emotions. They always accompany the female thought process. Therefore, it is necessary to let them come to the light along with the words, and not allow them to boil inside. If this happens, there will be a quarrel. Most men do not take this into account. In addition, if a man listens to a woman inattentively, then this is for her a signal of disrespect for her and her low value in his eyes. A common cause of male “deafness” to the words of a woman is the myth that if a man often listens to her and, moreover, does what she says, he will become a henpecked.

  • “A woman is less competent in many matters than a man.”

Obviously, these myths underlie various family quarrels and conflicts, make it difficult to establish equal relations in pairs of relationships and often lead to their rupture. And yet, in order to justify such male “deafness”, it should be said that women should not turn to a man if he is very busy with something or is thinking about something with concentration. It is at this moment that he will not listen to you, and if he does, he will not remember anything. The whole thing is just a focus, which is very difficult for many men to quickly switch to something else. Therefore, it is better for a woman to talk with her second half to choose a more suitable time (however, men should also do this).

  • Criticism

Probably, any psychologist working in the field of family relations will tell you that criticism and reproaches mixed with irritation are the most important male mistakes and killers of all marriages.

It’s about non-constructive criticism, when a man points on the mistakes of a woman, and does not offer solution. And he does it in a rude manner, searching for and inflating the shortcomings of a woman and belittling her dignity. Constant criticism, the game of accusations and chronic irritation may indicate that your marriage has long been bursting at the seams.

  • Anger and rudeness

One more destructive relationship error is anger and rudeness. Cruel attitude, which is accompanied by anger, will for sure frighten and humiliate women. In case if from male side is shown anger and rudeness, on her inner level woman will perceive such behavior as a threat to herself. These reasons will have a destructive effect on family relations. In case if we are talking about people who are just dating, effect will be the same.

  • Control

It’s about wish to put under his control. And those men who do this usually don’t t take into account the desires and interests of the woman. Very often, a man tries to establish full control over a woman and wants obey in everything. As a matter of fact, in this process is usually used emotional blackmail, pressure. In some cases, can be threats and intimidation. Clever men usually so this gently with the elements of manipulation. In this case there is nothing in common with equal relations. Most women begin to resist such an attitude toward themselves that, in the end, leads to a rupture. Even in those cases when, a woman is ready to accept the imperious behavior of a man, they will hardly be able to make the family happy, because this pressure will always be in the air. Especially if a man completely ignores the desires and needs of a woman, and even more so suppresses her personality.

  • Infantilism

Some men unconsciously behave with their woman as with their mother. They can be capricious, they behave excessively emotionally and be very demanding. In fact, it’s a behave of a small boy and his mummy. Everyday difficulties for such men seems to be impossible to go through. Usually they just avoid problems. They tend not to fulfill promises and commitments. Such relationship will work, if a woman is ready to play the role of mother for such a man. Such relationships are imbued with conflicts and have nothing in common with happiness.

  • Being too reserved

It will have a destructive effect on the relationship with a woman.

Communication and exchange of emotions is very important for a woman. In difficult moments of life, it’s very important skill. Maintenance of emotional contact at the proper level and expression of their thoughts and feelings for many men seems to be too difficult task. Woman for sure will think that there is something to hide. Very often man does not want to show his feelings, because he is afraid of them. He is afraid of the explosion of his own aggression and anger. Frequent reason for his silence is insult and hidden irritation, this is how he shows his displeasure. But it happens that a man is silent and does not show his feelings, simply because he needs to ponder some problem in private.

  • Consumer attitudes towards women

Women forgive many mistakes of men, but it’s very rare to treat yourself as an inanimate object and tool for gaining benefits. In the article about women’s mistakes, I already wrote that the consumer attitude towards my soulmate is a very common phenomenon. As a rule, the consumer attitude of a man towards a woman includes elements of emotional tyranny. A man can use a woman as an object to meet sexual needs, as a tool for solving his material and so on. Many men stay with women simply because it’s comfortable for them.

  • Reluctance to take responsibility

Some men, prone to parasitic existence and personally immature, use a woman to shift responsibility for their entire lives, for making key decisions, for setting life goals and assigning priorities. And after the woman does all this for them, they also show strong discontent. As a rule, such a life scenario of a man most often goes hand-off a chunk with error No. 5 – infantilism.

  • Lack of basic knowledge about women

The ignorance of men regarding female psychology and physiology is very common.

Many men sincerely believe that “they are just like us,” so they behave accordingly. So, most men think that in a dispute with a woman you need to argue everything by demonstrating cause-effect relationships. It works well with men, but with women almost never. The reason – the female intellect is much more emotional than the masculine one, which is why cause-and-effect relationships are strongly colored by emotions and feelings. In other words, women are more likely to “think” with feelings, not thoughts.

  • Inability to make decision

At first such man doesn’t dare to call her for a whole week. Then the problem becomes bigger and bigger. Girls do not like drooling. And if you initially do not show her that fear and indecision is not about you at all, then forget about the relationship in principle. Many couples. Who were sating for very long time. as a result, come to the point when woman wants marriage, but her man is unable to provide it to her. So, breakup is on the way.

  • Complaining

This is the worst thing that can be. That crisis, then all the goats, then no one appreciates. In any situation man must be a man, and he is that one, who solves questions and problems. If you cannot do this – change and become a girl. Or sure, man must share his feeling with a woman, but it must be done on time, and of course this shouldn’t irritate woman.

What men are afraid of on the first date

What men are afraid of on the first date

At the moment when a person gets rid of the childhood fear of the dark, a new stage of personality formation begins in his life, and only after a certain period of time it becomes clear which particular complexes and fears are left behind and which pass into adulthood. Sometimes these fears are acquired. For example, the first love, as a rule, happens to every man, but not all cases pass without a trace. Often, a negative set of circumstances causes a man to become afraid, which acquires a protective function, but very strongly influences the development of harmonious relations and becomes a factor why a man is afraid of meeting with a new woman.

Everyone wants the first date to be perfect. Therefore, let’s find out what men themselves think – what attracts them and what repels them during the first meeting. On the first date, both sides must be dressed up so that they feel comfortable. The first date is much more important for women than for men. Women attach great importance to the world of feelings and perceptions, and a date for them is an event saturated with new emotions and impressions. But when a woman sets a wrong goal, sometimes she goes too far that the relationship ends on the first date.

So how do men see your first date? And how to do so, then to appear before a man in the most favorable light and not to frighten him? Bear in mind that men first evaluate your appearance, and only then seek to know your mysterious inner world. Therefore, if man doesn’t like your appearance today, most likely there will be no second date. Maybe it sounds insulting, but now we know that appearance is our everything, especially at the first meeting.

What men are afraid of on the first date: common traits

Before any date, a man is worried about a little less than a woman. And he is not at all occupied by the prospects for a brighter future, he is concerned about what is happening right here and now.

On how much a man is afraid of a woman, depends his ability to incline her to him. It is fear and past experiences that cannot be appeased greatly prevent a man from feeling confident on a date, which is why the fear of meetings takes place. Often, old injuries in love relationships lead to this fear, fear of stumbling again and making a mistake or showing your feelings and emotions.

Man is afraid of woman

This statement may sound very weird, but in common it’s the truth, and a lot of the representatives of strong part of humanity are really afraid of women.

Very often, men are able to avoid meeting with the opposite sex due to their male fears. We all know that men are freedom-loving creatures, so not to recognize this fact is tantamount to the full realization that you do not even have a superficially male psychology. The man is very afraid that at one of these meetings, the lady directly declares to him her rights to his freedom. Men fear this more than fire. In such a situation, we can safely consider such a type of men who are afraid of starting a serious relationship for precisely these very reasons. Sometimes a man considers the attempt of a woman to see him, as her desire to wed his wife. This causes the man to hide as far as possible and not to go and meet a woman for no reason in the world anymore. If the gentleman himself came to the idea of ​​creating a family, he will certainly be the first initiator of meetings and subsequent relations.

Men are afraid of the onslaught from the female side. Sometimes it happens that the representatives of the fair sex simply do not have the time and mood to see a woman. The lady, in turn, begins to reproach the man with the words of the plan: “you must,” “you have to,” and so on, which carries the very opposite result. It starts to frighten the man and he tries in every way to postpone the meeting “in the back box”, or even to refuse it altogether.

Fear of being wrong to show yourself to a woman. This also includes the man’s fear of the most tense and responsible stage of the relationship – courtship. A man may simply not want or be able to care for a lady, and therefore he is ready to avoid meetings with her, only to save himself from it. By the way, male modesty and indecision are also related to this definition.

Fear of intimacy. Fear of sex is also a strong argument when the representatives of the fair sex avoid close contact with the lady. Here, as a rule, a man is not only afraid of being rejected, he also has a lot of doubts about his attractiveness. This is not at all related to sexual problems, there is a sense of shame or paranoid fear of some diseases.

Fear of their complexes. Many of the men for one reason or another (each man, as a rule, can have his own reason for this) experience severe discomfort in the presence of a woman. A common complex is that a man is afraid that he will not be able to please a woman or that this has already happened. Therefore, he begins to see no point in meetings, in spite of himself, dissuading himself from her.

Men are afraid of changes in their life. Unawareness is always scary and can disrupt the usual life situation of a man after a meeting.

Tips for men who are afraid of women: Try to behave easily and naturally, but stay yourself. No need to fake. If a woman is imbued with confidence in you, this can be the key to further relationship. And what is even more important – just don’t be afraid! The woman herself is a little bit afraid of you.

15 tips for men who are afraid to go on a date with woman

15 tips for men who are afraid to go on a date with woman

A lot of people nowadays suffer from the feeling of loneliness. Luckily, nowadays there are special where you can meet your second half. And if some time ago it was necessary to conduct a long correspondence, choose common topics for conversations, get used to each other and prepare for a meeting, now everything is much faster. The world has become bustling, we are in a hurry and value our time too much.

Who among us did not have to go through these exciting moments of preparation for the very first date! Still, a lot of men say: “I’m afraid to go on a date with her”. We are at the peak of anxious waiting for the most incredible layouts of events. From the way it goes, all life can move in a completely new direction, because it can be the beginning of new happiness.

First date with a girl: 15 win-win tips on how to make a good impression

Tip number 1. Profile in the social network

In order for the first meeting with the girl to take place at all, pay attention to your profile in the social network in which you met her.

What to hide, now most couples meet on the Internet. Each has its own life and hobbies. Often, the guys just do not have the opportunity to meet a beautiful girl in reality.

Therefore, critically analyze your page. Vulgar jokes, disrespectful posts about women, greasy comments under other people’s photos – all this will push away the girl with whom you would like to go on a date.

Tip number 2. Place

The first date with a girl is better to plan in advance. And especially carefully you need to select a meeting place.

Cinema, theater, concerts – yet not the best option for a first date. Chaos will reign around, music will rumble and you will not be able to concentrate on each other. A coffee house, a cozy bar, an exhibition or museum, a gallery or just a walk through the park are more acceptable options for a first date with a girl.

Tip number 3. Appearance

Old wise truth: Take care of your appearance in advance. You don’t have to be too fancy, but your clothes must correspond to the situation.

Tip number 4. Flowers, candy?

One of the most pressing questions for me before the first date was the following: to give a girl on the first date flowers, candy and other trifles?

Of course, the choice will be yours. In common, it’s definitely recommended to please the girl on the first date. Therefore, a bouquet of flowers would be very nice idea.

Tip number 5. Who pays?

There is a double-edged sword, and the topic is too delicate. But in order to avoid embarrassing situations, you should initially clearly define the place where your first date will take place. If a girl chooses an expensive restaurant, stock up on money and draw conclusions. If her choice fell on a coffee shop or pub, it will not take a lot of money.

Council number 6. How to behave on the first date with a girl?

The main rule: on the first date with the girl, be polite and gallant. Help the girl to take off her coat, close the umbrella. Surround her with attention and care. Even if she looks disappointed at you from the very first seconds, continue to look after her. Just be yourself.

Tip number 7. What to talk about?

Remember that if you wish, you can brighten up your speech with jokes. But don’t use too much, because the first date will be spoiled, and the girl will never agree to the next meeting for anything and no matter what.

Therefore, control your speech. Suppose that this evening she is not replete with obscene language, exclude the words-parasites: “well, that, this, that-and-so, uh, yeah, yeah.”

On the first date with a girl it is better to discuss light topics, laugh more.

Tip number 8. Body language

To understand what to talk with the girl on the first date and how to behave is also important as well. What will we do with non-verbal communication?

Keep your hands in sight, palms up.

Smile. We all like smiling people. Subconsciously, they seem to us more pleasant and beautiful than those who do not smile.

They say that in order to interest a person, it is worth to look into his eyes for 2-3 seconds longer.

Try this tactic. Look the girl straight in the eye and be prepared that she will be awkward to look away or blush.

With this advice an answer on question, what if I am not sure am I good in dating women, will be obvious.

Tip number 9.  To bring home or not?

To bring the girl home or not- that is the question.

An excellent way out would be to take her home if you are driving. However, not every girl after the first date agrees to go with an unfamiliar boy late in the evening through the whole city. The best option, in my opinion, is a taxi. Ask if she wants to go home on the ordered car. Offer to go with her to make sure she got there without incident. In case of refusal, just pay the said amount to the taxi driver and wait for the girl message, that she reached.

Tip number 10. What if you didn’t like her?

Since we speak frankly with you, we will also raise this topic. But what if the girl you expected on your first date turned out to be not the same as in the photo? What if she is not at all in your taste, or was not very clever, and it is difficult to build a conversation with her? In any case, your first date should go well. It does not matter whether it is the last or will be. Your task is to make the girl have a great time, she laughs enough and goes home happy.

Tip number 11. Kiss

Of course, there are different situations. But, as a rule, girls on the first date quite clearly observe their personal boundaries. Nut, as always, it’s up to luck, and who knows, what will be.

Tip number 12. The second date?

Let’s imagine, that you had a wonderful first date with a girl. You are completely fascinated by her, and she is supposedly reciprocating. Should you immediately offer to meet again? Even a call may be superfluous and distract the girl from thinking about the last meeting. Ask her what she found your first walk. Take an interest: maybe in your communication she felt awkward? Try on a positive note to end your dialogue and go to sleep.

Tip number 13.  Take it easy

Even if something went wrong, as expected, it is important to please the girl, and enjoy the pleasure of communication. Do not be embarrassed by trifles, because you do not own anything to each other.

Tip number 14. Alcohol

On the first date you cannot drink too much alcohol, and it’s better to do without it. Still, it is worth keeping yourself in borders, although for many one glass of wine can help to relax and behave more at ease. Just keep your own standards.

Tip number 15. Calm

Many guys ask: “What if I am afraid of dating women?”. Before you go on a date, you need to feel calm. For guys who are too insecure in themselves, it is worth to go on more dates. This will help each time to feel more and more confident.

What should inexperienced guy know about women in order not to get in trouble

What should inexperienced guy know about women in order not to get in trouble

This text is addressed to guys who either have lack of experience in relationship with girls or have not much of such experience. Of course, this all is rather individual and depends on the type of particular guy’s character which could diverse from rather pushy to inert, but general tips still might be useful.

You also might need to know more if you did not have a girl for a long time and basic instincts and hormones might force acting you without thinking what you are doing. Such thoughtless acting and behavior might get you into trouble and here you are going to know why.

Experienced women

If inexperienced guy meets experienced woman who knows exactly what she wants she would surely use him in her personal interest. Especially dangerous are divorced women who have a child. When there is naive guy on their radar and they see potential they will surely try not to miss the chance. They would use sex as their main weapon to hold and tight the guy close to them. They are experienced and very good in this and thirsty for women’s body young candidate is perfect target for them.

At first this guy would feel like he is in paradise thinking he finally has found harmony in his life. He has long waited professional intimacy, illusion of real relationship and behind his back he usually is just used. I am not talking about those successful couples, but about widespread cases of such usage.

The guy has nothing to compare with as he has not much of experience and instead of keep looking further he decides this is his choice and this is how it should be. He works hard to provide his family – a woman and a child, he has the feeling of successful guy who has quickly built his own family. If this is wise choice of experienced man it is ok, but if this is young guy who devoted himself to the first sexual partner it is not ok because in two years he will understand this, but it would be too late to change something.

What such women usually do?

If a woman with a child had already found perfect target, except for being good in bed and making housewife duties she would try to have common baby with this guy and use it to hold him tight. Most unexpected men think they are ok with that, because now he has his own child and one more common child and now there is no way back. When daily routine gets unbearable and chemistry fades away he understands that providing this family is way too hard and he has all his life in future. His woman usually becomes cold and might even be in search for other men for pleasure. This is kind of the worst scenario and it is not always like that, but you have to know it just in case.

Be aware of these pretty women

The problem is that there are very few men who could stand before women’s beauty as this resistance is absent probably on genetic instinctive level. And those inexperienced guys could possibly have even more problems because of that. Such women would keep them with their magnetic beauty, sex and illusion of happy family.

Is it all that bad?

Of course, not. I do not want to say all lonely moms with a child should not have a chance at all. There are lots of such women who had idiot husband and that is why they are alone. Such women deserve to have happiness in family life and create family with some other nice guy. In this article I focused my attention on such lonely women with a child who would choose any suitable young guy to cover their expenses. I warn guys with no experience just to be aware. And if it is your thoughtful choice than why not? Build your own happiness and make a woman and child happy, but only under the case they will not become for you a burden in short period of time.