Can online dating be dangerous and how to secure yourself while online dating

Can online dating be dangerous and how to secure yourself while online dating

Online dating is convenient, fast and increasingly efficient. But with the development of Internet technology, new types of fraud have appeared.

Both in real life and on the Internet, communication implies the observance of certain safety rules. Yes, there are scammers on the Internet, but you shouldn’t panic, keep up with modern technologies, don’t use computers and be afraid to go online. We will tell you nine rules that will help you protect yourself when dating online and avoid unpleasant situations while searching for relationships online.

The Internet literally saves many people from loneliness. After all, how does a huge number of Muscovites live? Home – subway – work. And at the weekend – to sleep. And when do you want to meet? And where? At work? But many work in same-sex teams. Here sits a young beautiful and intelligent woman in the school library. Or in accounting. Who does she meet? And the Internet still allows you to find a beloved man.

Another question is that you need to immediately understand why you are meeting, and find out, and what, in fact, a man is looking for on dating sites. After all, it often happens that interests do not coincide.

1. Personal safety when dating online

When registering on a dating site, take care to protect your personal data. It is better to create a new email address that does not contain your first and last name. Communicating with a new internet friend, do not rush to give your last name, address, phone number.

2. Choose a serious dating site

If you want to be sure of the complete security of your personal data, then register on serious dating sites. Such sites, for the most part, are careful to protect the personal data of users: personal data is not passed on to third parties and cannot be found in search engines.

3. Strong password

Online stores, social networks, email, online dating – everywhere you need a password. Or maybe you generally use the same password for all situations? Try to fix it as soon as possible. Password strength can be improved by using a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers.

4. Candidates for dating: be vigilant

Before you start an online acquaintance, carefully study the profiles of possible elects. If the information in your profile seemed interesting to you – this is a great reason to start communicating with this person.

If, while viewing a profile, you come across conflicting or unreasonable information, it may be better to avoid this Internet dating. For example, the profile contains Moscow, and its owner is in a completely different city, or the person indicates that he works in a bank, but he constantly emphasizes that money does not matter to him. If you have doubts about the seriousness and honesty of the interlocutor, or you have received spam, be sure to inform the site’s support service. After being moderated, the profile can be completely removed, which will protect you from further contact with this user.

5. Secure communication

Are you interested in one of the profiles, and you want to meet this person? Or someone wrote you first? At the beginning of online dating, it is better to use not personal email, but internal communication system on the site. In case you want to break the conversation, you simply delete the user and he will no longer be able to contact you.

6. Do not trust links

In the process of online dating, you will learn more about the interlocutor: what are his hobbies, what books does he like to read, what kind of music does he listen to. In the correspondence can be found and links to other sites. Do not rush to open all the links – unfamiliar, unreliable links may contain viruses that are dangerous for your computer.

7. Do not give money

Any request for monetary assistance with online dating should make you suspicious. No matter how sentimental the story of your new Internet acquaintance may be, treat it with caution. Would you ask for money from a barely familiar person on a dating site? Remember that your financial security is most important!

8. Make your own decisions

“Where have you been? Why so long do not answer? Write me your address, and I will come to you with a cake! ”- treat such messages calmly, do not allow yourself to push. The meeting should take place at a comfortable pace for you. The decision to transfer Internet dating to real life is better to take in full confidence that you are making the right choice. Do not give new friends your home address right away, the first meeting should take place in neutral territory.

9. Secure First Date

Before the first meeting, try to observe certain safety rules: arrange to meet in a public place, leave ways to retreat (for example, tell your friends where you are going and ask for a “control” call), do not drink too much alcohol, do not leave personal belongings without supervised.
When looking for a partner in the network, listen to your intuition, but do not forget about common sense and be vigilant. Compliance with safety rules does not guarantee fraud protection, either in real life or through online dating, and yet can reduce the risk of being deceived.

Main problems

The main problem of online dating is that there are more opportunities for deception. Women, for example, love to put their best photos five, ten years old. And when a man comes on a date, he often experiences some shock – the nymph was not at all like that. It often happens that a woman does not come on a date at all.

On the Internet, there is a huge number of those girls, who sit there for years to pluck the flowers of male attention. When a man invites such a girl for a date, she is very busy, then she went to see her sick mother. A man experienced such a liar will find out very quickly, and young men can fall in love and really suffer.

As for the men themselves, I assure you, the absolute majority of them on the Internet, unlike women, are looking for not long-term relationships. Their goal – one-time or several times sex. Sometimes it comes to ridiculous. A man and a woman agree that they meet at his home or at her place and then go to the movies. But after sex, the man looks at the screen of the smartphone, says that something terrible has happened, that he needs to go, and after that he no longer appears. Even in the movie together did not go.

Although, of course, I would not demonize online dating. It all depends on people. There are those who in their result finds their love and destiny. But such, as far as I know, still a minority.

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  1. Moose

    Going outside is also dangerous, but it doesn’t mean you have to sit at home and never going out. The same with online dating where you have to be aware but not paranoid.


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