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Why it is fail strategy to argue with woman, why you always lose in quarrel with your girlfriend and how man should prove he is right if he is

Why it is fail strategy to argue with woman, why you always lose in quarrel with your girlfriend and how man should prove he is right if he is?

Quarrel is a real poison in our life. Especially, if it is a quarrel with our beloved one, the closest person – girlfriend or even wife. Everyone in these moments really wants to make peace, but not everyone chooses the right ways for this and sometimes even aggravates the situation.
Sometimes there are such quarrels, after which you wake up in the morning and clearly understand – that’s all. I mean, it was all over. Something inside was broken and cut short, and no conciliatory acts would correct this.

Having a solid experience of rolling up scandals and observing quarreling couples, I have the following to say: any, even the most desperate ‘planned brainstorm’ must be made within certain boundaries, which cannot be crossed in any case (advice for those who consider raised voices communication a common thing).

First of all, remember the words of the French that if a woman is not right, then she is still right. No matter who was to blame, forget about pride and take the first step. After all, a lost of relationship can not replace any sense of pride. A smart man can always understand that any problem can be solved not by a quarrel, but by calm discussion. If you think that the quarrel did not come about because of a trifle, but really for a serious reason for which the girl is to blame, then forgive her and prove that your feelings are stronger than resentment. To be able to forgive is perhaps the best way to keep a relationship for long.

Quarrels with your girlfriend are special. Women are impulsive and emotional, but they are also influenced by established behavioral stereotypes. And this can be played. Of course, much depends on the specific situation, because you need to understand that the causes of quarrels can be “qualitatively” different. It’s one thing when you are late for a date, and it’s quite another when you are caught in a drunken state with some pretty woman. But whatever the occasion, and if you are determined to return your beloved and make peace with the girl you like, the main thing is not to make classic mistakes.

The most common mistake of men is to “try on” the situation on themselves and act as we would like them to put up with them. What to hide, the men in this matter are predictable. For men, sex is proof of feelings on the part of women, so they sincerely believe that women react in the same way to sex.

How to make peace with a girl? You have to start by trying to understand your girlfriend. Women’s nature has been designed to extinguish conflicts, so for some time she will save offense. And the last straw can be a completely harmless, in your opinion, thing. If a woman threw a tantrum over the fact that you throw your socks everywhere, then, believe me, the reason for her cry is completely different. Analyze your behavior. Perhaps you stopped talking to your beloved, how is she dear to you, and began to behave too unceremoniously? Those men who will object to this, that they are not obliged to scatter in compliments all day, can be advised to choose the path of a bachelor, because you will have to talk to a woman. Relationships are hard work, and both will have to work.

So, to deal with, you have to find the real reason for your girl’s discontent. Having understood why the girl is sulking at you, think over a complex of measures that will help to remove the heat. If your woman has long asked you to go on vacation, and you have an order at work, then a friend’s wedding, finally decide the problem with rest. But you do not need to present everything as a favor and sacrifice on your part. Be sure to tell the girl that you understand her very well and that you really went too far with delaying the rest.

Do not be afraid to be honest with women. Very many men believe that by all means they need to hide their feelings from the girl, so as not to look wimp. Many men generally believe that having begun to put up with a woman first, thus detract from their manhood. What a ridiculous delusion! The ability to take the first step towards reconciliation is worthy of respect. To admit own mistakes and not being afraid to openly admit them – this is, indeed, courage. And to talk to the girl you need eye to eye, and not send messages by cell or by mail. It is petty and cowardly.

Starting reconciliation, make every effort to ensure that the girl smiled. If you can bring a smile, victory is just around the corner. It will be great if you bring home a big champagne cake and invite her to celebrate a new stage of your relationship.

Almost always efficient is a way to send a huge bouquet to the work of the girl, if she works. You can send a bouquet home. But the option with a bouquet in the office is good because you can attach a postcard with an invitation to a restaurant. If you still report that you personally take her from work, then she will simply have no place to capitulate. Believe me, even if your second half will be categorically determined at first to give you a turn in the evening, then one day her office friends will have time to tell her how stupid she is. By evening, the girl will be ready for the restaurant and reconciliation. During the dinner, do not forget to obey and discuss the problem that led to the quarrel.

What you should never do when you quarrel with a girl:

• Do not sleep with her friends. You can’t make peace with her in such a case. Especially if that friends breast is two sizes larger.

• Do not call her as if nothing had happened with the question: “Well, how are you there?” Even if her heart beats with excitement at the sound of your voice, anger will be the next emotion, not a desire to reconcile.

• Do not take away all your belongings at once. Yes, this is another reason to see her, but in the eyes of an abandoned woman, this is more likely proof that you are more concerned about your beloved collection of Tarantino films than she does.

• Do not repeat too hard that you are right. Your penitential words may only kindle her resentment. Women are great masters of self-incrimination, so it is much more reasonable to reconcile to give her the opportunity to reconsider her own mistakes.

• Do not give her a jealousy scene if she starts dating someone else. Restraint and composure are much more effective, then she herself will start to worry, has she overcame her stick? And did you really stop loving her, since you are so calm?

• Do not pretend that there was no gap. Because there was. This was the most important milestone in your relationship, which helped you both understand how hard it is for you to live without each other and how much more careful and respectful you should now treat your feelings. Remember, to make peace with a girl without a draft in the shower, be sure to speak the situation. If you pretend that nothing happened, then the girl will get the impression that you consider yourself absolutely right in the situation and only preferred to close your eyes to her.

Therefore, guys, if you have not done so yet, you have to spend some time, to theoretize and formulate for yourself, which you will never allow yourself to do with any woman in any circumstances. And let her be right.

How to make Slavic girl fall in love with you on the very first date

How to make Slavic girl fall in love with you on the very first date?

Men are worried and waiting for the first date with awe and anticipation no less than the beautiful half of humanity. Feeling their responsibility as the organizer of the upcoming rendezvous, they are worried that the girl was satisfied, that she was interested, fun, and, of course, they want to please her. Experienced men know how to impress a girl and interest her, and usually rely on their own charisma. But what about those who are not so sure of themselves and made an invitation to meet for the first time, or have a negative experience with the girls’ refusals, but do not know what he did wrong?

Why does it happen that many men don’t understand women and consider them a bit strange? Why guys don’t know what to do to please the girl on the first date, how to fall in love with a girl for a long time, and maybe even forever? Why do many young (and not so) men think that they seem to be trying, they are doing everything right, and the girl doesn’t like or dislike anything they do?

So let’s take a closer look at what exactly young people do in order not only to like the girl on the first date, but also to fall in love with the girl, and to create a long-term relationship with the girl which will bring mutual joy.

First of all, tell me, if you want a girl, who would like you, you won’t take her to a football match, especially on the first date, right? Would you? You don’t buy movie tickets for a super fight movie? And do not invite her to boxing competitions? I understand that gifts for men are different from gifts for women, but you probably won’t give your beloved a flashlight, a compass, a navigator and radio-controlled toy models for presents, just because they are very necessary and useful for you?

And yet, in order to make a girl fall in love with you, you will not try to make her laugh with “very funny” in your opinion jokes? And, of course, you understand that in order to fall in love with a girl, you never need to laugh at all she tells and do not make fun of her. I’m not talking about sarcasm, rudeness and disrespect.

And, of course, you will not come on dates without flowers and small gifts. Especially when it is the very first, such important and meaningful date for a girl.

We are not talking about some expensive super-gifts, we are talking about giving some small memorable present to your beloved one, but the main thing for her is to feel your attention and love. We are talking about little things (postcard, apple or orange, chocolate, etc.), but these little things are important and significant for any Slavic girl. It’s just that every girl has her own little things. But what exactly she likes, you have to find out for yourself.

It goes without saying that you will not get out of the transport and at the same time do not give your girlfriend a hand.

And you must not eat in her presence with your hands, while chomping loudly.

Well, and as a matter, of course, you will not try to get under the skirt of the girl you like right away on the first or second date. After all, you respect yourself, and you like a self-respecting girl. A self-respecting girl for such a thing may strike, and then does not want to see you at all. So, of course, you do not do all these nonsense, which can prevent you from falling in love with a girl.

If you didn’t do all of the above, now you’d love to embrace your beloved girl, and she would admit to you that you are “The best, most wonderful, most understanding and at the same time brave, courageous and self-confident man”.

So let’s consider with you what needs to be done so that the girl in the first meeting does not run away from you. How to fall in love with a girl? How to please the girl on the first date, and how to behave at subsequent meetings so that the beloved does not run away from you?
And today we find out how to make girl like you on the first date and how to fall in love with the girl in the future. Or at least how not to spoil promising relationships.

So, firstly. If you come on the first date (and not only on the first) with Slavic girl, do not forget the flowers. If you still do not have enough money for a bouquet, then buy one rose.
Well, you know about it yourself. Do not you know? You do not know what is important for Slavic girls and women of all ages? I can even say that flowers are vital? (We are not talking about the rare exception, like women who are allergic to pollen, or who grows fresh flowers at home on windowsills). No, we are talking about 90% of the Slavic female population, who simply don’t represent their life without you giving them flowers.

And if you are at least seven genius in the forehead, you perform any exploits and deeds, get at least the moon from the sky for your beloved, in any case you can not do it without flowers. If you don’t give her the smallest and plain buttercup … Well, I sincerely sympathize with you.
Let’s talk about this important point again to secure the material. For girls and women, flowers are not a broom that is not suitable even for sweeping the floor. No! You men do not understand that. You only need things that are only useful in the household and understand what they are for. What about flowers and how most men treat them? You can’t eat them, you won’t sweep the floor with them, and they won’t even be able to light up the street at night, if necessary, like your new flashlight. Well, I completely agree with you, guys. But nevertheless, we, Slavic women, cannot live without this “unnecessary and unsuitable”, in your opinion, broom, which for us is an attribute of male love.

Therefore, if you want not only to please the girl, but also to further fall in love with Slavic girl, and at first at least not get a lapel-turn, bring her flowers as the small present, and then, if the relationship will improve, you must periodically give your beloved Slavic woman flowers. The main thing is presenting flowers just for no reason, not only on birthdays and holidays.

And then, throughout all happy family life with the beloved Slavic woman at least once a month, please your beloved with flowers again as well.

I was lucky in this regard. My favorite, and, I think, the best man in the whole world, for a long time also could not understand why I need flowers? And, despite the fact that he did a lot for our relations, I always lacked at least one, even the smallest flower, and not flowers for holidays, but just without a reason, on the most ordinary, unremarkable day.

After a few years of family life, this undeniable fact still reached my man, he accepted it as inevitable and for many years now regularly, almost every week, he gives me flowers. Usually, it is either a rose in the winter to make it easier to deliver it to the house in the cold, or field bouquets from spring to late autumn. And I am happy. And I am very grateful for that. And he knows it, he sees it, and he himself began to enjoy the fact he gives me flowers. After all, what could be more important for a man than not the joy of his beloved woman and her admiration for her hero?

So, respected men and young people, one of the first steps on the way to please Slavic girl, to fall in love with Slavic girl, and then delight her throughout whole life – presenting her flowers!

Just in case to check whether your Slavic girl is in the small percentage of flower haters or no, or does not like flowers for one reason or another, ask her yourself.
“Dear, I would you like to give you flowers? And if so, which ones do you like? ” Just in case, cover your ears with your hands so that her enthusiastic cries about how she dreams you to give her flowers do not stun you for a while.

Better yet, don’t even ask, but give me a bouquet or a rose right away, and as you go, you can clarify which flowers you like more. And then a humble girl will fall and he will be ashamed to say what they often say: “Yes, it’s time to give flowers for me.”

Dating guy from Eastern Europe - tips for Western women

Dating guy from Eastern Europe – tips for Western women

Those western women, who plan to have relations with guy from Eastern Europe, should know the peculiarities of their mentality. This for sure will help to evaluate them properly, and to avoid some common misunderstandings.

It is not easy to answer this question, because the French are different from the Germans, and certainly from the Americans, and the Ukrainians are different from Ukrainians (and certainly are different from Russian and Belarusian). Yet there are some features of behavior, in one way or another more characteristic for us than for them. It is these features that I will try to describe.

  1. Separation of duties

A Western man chose you precisely because you are smart, attractive, witty, and generally well with you. In principle, a Slavic man appreciates you for the same qualities. Only for some reason he thinks that together with you he will get a free application for cooking, ironing, washing and cleaning the house.

“This is women’s work,” “you are a girl, so you should be able to cook,” “wiping the crumbs off the table is not a man’s thing” – from Eastern Europe guys you can hear such phrases at every step, while in the West they are rare.

For a Westerner, it’s more important that you are happy with him. If he sees that ironing depresses you, you are more likely to agree to dry-clean things for life than to spoil your mood.

  1. Respect of appearances in public

If Eastern Europe guys did not like the film, then at least everyone sitting in the adjacent armchairs would know about it. At the same time, a friend of mine who met with a Briton said that he began to annoy her only after they began to live together. If they had not come together, they could have met for years.

That’s all the salt. From the first time, you seldom understand whether everything is good in the western family, because the husband will also kindly transfer salt to his wife for a family dinner, and she will say “thank you” to him.

Even if your western partner secretly hates your girlfriend, he pours her a glass of cold wine and makes a compliment about the new hairstyle, and will not defiantly watch TV or stare at the phone. But at the same time, Eastern Europe guys have much more sincerity (read: genuine malice).

  1. Age requirement

In the West, it is customary to marry, if not at the same age, then at least in people with an adequate age difference.

Moreover, if it is a matter of prestige for Eastern Europe guys to raise a young wife in public, then in the USA it is just a shame. Such a man can even be suspected of distortions and pedophilia. For them, Eastern Europe guys with young models are perceived somewhere as strange as for us a sheikh with a brood of four wives. Yeah.

Even a cursory glance at the wives of local millionaires, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, is enough to understand that they are not pursuing model parameters here. Moreover, it is not customary to change the spouse, like a car, to a newer model. Donald Trump is here rather an exception and a relic of old capitalism, but his spouse is in his 40s.

Nowadays, big money is earned not on plantations or even on oil rigs, but in the sphere of high technologies – but people of a completely different warehouse work there.

  1. Without adherence to gender etiquette

“The knighthood died in the USA,” the Americans state the sad fact. Therefore, girls, if you want help, do not hesitate to ask. In Western countries no one would come up to with a proposal to help carry a bag. A striking contrast with the behavior of the Slavs.

But in fairness it is worth noting that women themselves, feminists, sought precisely such behavior of men. There is phrase: “There are no women in business.” After all, you can give a business woman a hand and open the door in front of her, and then she will destroy you anyway in the rally room. Is it not piquant? Eastern Europe guys know these things very well.

  1. Without Superman Complex

IN relationships with Eastern Europe guys there are two extremes. The first is that the husband is sitting like an amorphous body on the couch, because he has a creative crisis, searching for himself, or simply a banal binge. At the same time, the wife ensures the existence of the family. The second extreme – the wife of such a foolish chicken, and her husband, like Superman, should fly into the window at any time of the day and decide everything.

A western man is unlikely to run in the middle of the night to help the tender creature in curls and dress combination only because her nail broke or her favorite pug got hysterical. In his understanding, a woman should not be so helpless, while a Slav will once again solve stupid problems. He is a man, and therefore must.

In any case, both the role of a dependent glamorous keeping-up female dog and the role of a draft horse are also defective for women themselves.

  1. Question of prestige

Eastern Europe guys really love this.

It is Eastern Europe guy who can walk a few hundred dollars with friends at a restaurant, and the next day, hiding her eyes, borrow five from the same friends on the subway.

A western man is unlikely to cut the forest in winter to buy gold jewelry for you. Western man will give you a phone that he can afford to buy. He also does not hesitate to utter the phrase: “Sorry, but for me it is too expensive.”

Slavic women often do not understand such an answer, calling it “unmanly”, and even “nonsexual”.

  1. Requirements and expectations

After talking with Eastern Europe guys, Western men award them with the epithets “choosy” and “too self-confident”. But how else can they perceive men who, despite them fatten appearance and small income, want at least models to marry. Well, good housewives, of course.

“No, this one has thick sides,” the Eastern Europe guys wrinkles his nose, looking at the photos of girls on the phone. Although he is in weight far beyond 100 kg and is far from a sports form. Of course, the nearby American will be shocked by such comments.

When I began to communicate with men from the West, at first I just thought that they had problems with self-esteem. But now I understand that the Eastern Europe guys have problems with self-esteem — only excessively high.

How many times did the individuals in T-shirts drink alcoholics and cheap cigarettes in their teeth and a bottle of beer at the ready? And they were not embarrassed either by your business suit or by the person disfigured by the two higher educations. They do not understand that there is an abyss between them and you, for them you are just a “woman”.

  1. Without fatalism and fanaticism

“They are connected with the wife not by love, but fate.” This phrase, which I heard from a teacher of Russian literature about the heroes of a single work, is characteristic of the Eastern Europe guys .

“My bitter onion,” “well, where am I without him,” “oh, I have nowhere to go” – this is the beginning of the songs, drawn in by Slav women.

In the United States, with the beginning of the crisis in 2008, the marriages were cracking at the seams. “I have one life, my watch is ticking, and I want to live it without your financial problems,” some American women told their bankrupt husbands like this. Cynically? Yes. But I gave the toughest examples.

But in general, a Western man is well aware that no fate and higher forces will hold you back if he does not meet your expectations. You are not his property and, in fact, you don’t owe him much. Should not, for example, put his life to save him from alcohol addiction. You are a person and are not bound with one chain, not tied with knots.

  1. Infantilism

Western men are generally more infantile than Eastern Europe guys, which really annoys the Slav women. Often since the 22nd Slavic man has already worked on his own family, by 40 he has already passed fire, water and copper pipes, “burned” in two jobs, received a stroke, then was reborn from the ashes like a Phoenix bird, and now provides mistresses and builds a house for children. At the same time, a Western man, even at the age of 40, does not really understand what he should do in life, with whom to meet, whether to have children. In the US, there is even such a definition – Peter Pen – the so-called eternal boys. Our men are more mature, battered by life and often more independent.

Can online dating be dangerous and how to secure yourself while online dating

Can online dating be dangerous and how to secure yourself while online dating

Online dating is convenient, fast and increasingly efficient. But with the development of Internet technology, new types of fraud have appeared.

Both in real life and on the Internet, communication implies the observance of certain safety rules. Yes, there are scammers on the Internet, but you shouldn’t panic, keep up with modern technologies, don’t use computers and be afraid to go online. We will tell you nine rules that will help you protect yourself when dating online and avoid unpleasant situations while searching for relationships online.

The Internet literally saves many people from loneliness. After all, how does a huge number of Muscovites live? Home – subway – work. And at the weekend – to sleep. And when do you want to meet? And where? At work? But many work in same-sex teams. Here sits a young beautiful and intelligent woman in the school library. Or in accounting. Who does she meet? And the Internet still allows you to find a beloved man.

Another question is that you need to immediately understand why you are meeting, and find out, and what, in fact, a man is looking for on dating sites. After all, it often happens that interests do not coincide.

1. Personal safety when dating online

When registering on a dating site, take care to protect your personal data. It is better to create a new email address that does not contain your first and last name. Communicating with a new internet friend, do not rush to give your last name, address, phone number.

2. Choose a serious dating site

If you want to be sure of the complete security of your personal data, then register on serious dating sites. Such sites, for the most part, are careful to protect the personal data of users: personal data is not passed on to third parties and cannot be found in search engines.

3. Strong password

Online stores, social networks, email, online dating – everywhere you need a password. Or maybe you generally use the same password for all situations? Try to fix it as soon as possible. Password strength can be improved by using a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers.

4. Candidates for dating: be vigilant

Before you start an online acquaintance, carefully study the profiles of possible elects. If the information in your profile seemed interesting to you – this is a great reason to start communicating with this person.

If, while viewing a profile, you come across conflicting or unreasonable information, it may be better to avoid this Internet dating. For example, the profile contains Moscow, and its owner is in a completely different city, or the person indicates that he works in a bank, but he constantly emphasizes that money does not matter to him. If you have doubts about the seriousness and honesty of the interlocutor, or you have received spam, be sure to inform the site’s support service. After being moderated, the profile can be completely removed, which will protect you from further contact with this user.

5. Secure communication

Are you interested in one of the profiles, and you want to meet this person? Or someone wrote you first? At the beginning of online dating, it is better to use not personal email, but internal communication system on the site. In case you want to break the conversation, you simply delete the user and he will no longer be able to contact you.

6. Do not trust links

In the process of online dating, you will learn more about the interlocutor: what are his hobbies, what books does he like to read, what kind of music does he listen to. In the correspondence can be found and links to other sites. Do not rush to open all the links – unfamiliar, unreliable links may contain viruses that are dangerous for your computer.

7. Do not give money

Any request for monetary assistance with online dating should make you suspicious. No matter how sentimental the story of your new Internet acquaintance may be, treat it with caution. Would you ask for money from a barely familiar person on a dating site? Remember that your financial security is most important!

8. Make your own decisions

“Where have you been? Why so long do not answer? Write me your address, and I will come to you with a cake! ”- treat such messages calmly, do not allow yourself to push. The meeting should take place at a comfortable pace for you. The decision to transfer Internet dating to real life is better to take in full confidence that you are making the right choice. Do not give new friends your home address right away, the first meeting should take place in neutral territory.

9. Secure First Date

Before the first meeting, try to observe certain safety rules: arrange to meet in a public place, leave ways to retreat (for example, tell your friends where you are going and ask for a “control” call), do not drink too much alcohol, do not leave personal belongings without supervised.
When looking for a partner in the network, listen to your intuition, but do not forget about common sense and be vigilant. Compliance with safety rules does not guarantee fraud protection, either in real life or through online dating, and yet can reduce the risk of being deceived.

Main problems

The main problem of online dating is that there are more opportunities for deception. Women, for example, love to put their best photos five, ten years old. And when a man comes on a date, he often experiences some shock – the nymph was not at all like that. It often happens that a woman does not come on a date at all.

On the Internet, there is a huge number of those girls, who sit there for years to pluck the flowers of male attention. When a man invites such a girl for a date, she is very busy, then she went to see her sick mother. A man experienced such a liar will find out very quickly, and young men can fall in love and really suffer.

As for the men themselves, I assure you, the absolute majority of them on the Internet, unlike women, are looking for not long-term relationships. Their goal – one-time or several times sex. Sometimes it comes to ridiculous. A man and a woman agree that they meet at his home or at her place and then go to the movies. But after sex, the man looks at the screen of the smartphone, says that something terrible has happened, that he needs to go, and after that he no longer appears. Even in the movie together did not go.

Although, of course, I would not demonize online dating. It all depends on people. There are those who in their result finds their love and destiny. But such, as far as I know, still a minority.

How to ask girl from online dating to real date - awesome working tips

How to ask girl from online dating to real date – awesome working tips

The Internet makes our life easier: it helps us to meet new people, keep in touch with them, start romantic relationships online. Dating in the Internet is always a great fun. But when it is clear that the girl from online dating is ready to get something more, why not to ask her to go on a real date? Awesome working tips from the text can advice man how to behave with the girls and how to avoid some common mistakes.

Why do people prefer online chatting

Lots of people feel comfortable while chatting in the Internet. It’s so convenient: there is time to think before answering the partner’s question, some information can be quickly found online, so there’s always something to say. And the appearance doesn’t matter: some good photos make users feel self-confident. It’s easy to contact friends and relatives from all over the world at any time. And the dating with a girl isn’t an exception. In the Internet they can tell jokes, praise each other and even talk about love. But these people find it hard to start a conversation in real life, so the partner must make an effort to invite the shy girl for a date. And these tips can help to make it properly.

The background

The proposition to meet together must be relevant, not intrusive. To get acquainted better is a chance to understand the girl’s desires, show the interest to her personality. The good idea is to begin with several general questions. While the girls answer them, men can share their opinions too. This will constantly bring two people in love together.

  1. “How do you spend your day?” 
    Due to this question the man can find out the girl’s plans, think about the time of their future date.
  2. What is your hobby?”
    Girls like talking about themselves. And the girl will be glad if the man’s hobbies are similar to her ones.
  3. What do you usually do on weekends?”
    Free time always means fun. So when the conversation is about weekend activities – it’s a good chance to propose spending this time together.
  4. “What is your favourite dish?”
    Of course this means that the dish should be eaten in a great restaurant together.
  5. “Do you like going to the cinema?”
    It’s a clear proposition, but which girl can refuse? An interesting film with her partner in the evening.

Girls like thoughtful men, so a good idea is to listen to them carefully, discuss all their answers.

How to feel free

There’s nothing fearful in inviting the girl to spend an evening together. Everyone likes meeting new people, going for a walk around the city, visiting restaurants. Men mustn’t be shy. An interesting conversation about any hobbies or events from his life can endear the girl. Men can talk about everything: their favourite films, work, friends, funny situations. Common hobbies and interests help to communicate easily. But if the partners are different – that doesn’t matter. They can discuss all these moments and the tension will disappear. And if the girl enjoys her online dating, she will agree to meet in real life by all means.

What can help

Some situations and circumstances dispose girls to agree to spend their free time together with the man from online dating.

  • Holidays.
    Celebrating Christmas or St Valentine’s Day together is a great fun. And the occasion is usually very romantic. Especially when the reason of celebration is the girl’s or the man’s birthday.
  • The compliments.
    Is the girl really beautiful? Or maybe her sense of humor is amazing? Then why not to tell her about it? The sincere compliments will make her happy, but not everything at the same time. And they should be truthful.
  • Creative work.
    Girls like art and creative men. Making a present with hands will surprise her. But the present can be also bought: flowers, sweets, jewelry. And the need to give the present necessitates to meet in real life.

These cunnings are the helpers of all the men it the world. And girls enjoy it.

What men shouldn’t do

Unfortunately, some abrupt actions can lead to the failure. First of all, girls want to be in safe. But when they know little about the men and feel that they are putting pressure, obviously they will say no. So guys should tell a lot about their life, show that they are not dangerous. To invite the girl to the man’s place at the first date isn’t a good idea. It’s better to meet in a public place. Though it’s possible to continue the date at home, but only after the girl’s agreement. And being annoying is a bad habit, so men must avoid it.

Using the three best hints

It’s so difficult sometimes to tell the truth, to show the real intentions. In these situations hints can help. Joking and talking about different things men can get an opportunity to meet the girl of their dream. Now they can talk about their feelings, stop hiding. These three best hints will certainly make the girl say yes.

  • “Do you like coffee? There’s a new cafe in the city centre.”
  • “I feel so lonely today! Want to go for a walk.”
  • “I’ve got two tickets for a new film. Need someone to go with!”

Drinking coffee or watching a nice film together is a great idea for the first real date.

Men should remember that girls go online and agree for the datings in the internet because they want to find love, have a romantic adventure. So they are interested in the real date too, but they want men to persuade them. It’s real to find love in the internet. And that’s not very difficult with these working tips.

15 Effective tips to get rid of anxiety during the first date

15 Effective tips to get rid of anxiety during the first date

It’s a well-known fact that most people feel rather nervous before and on their first date. Unless you are an experienced pick-upper, you probably feel unrest before meeting your date for the first time. From the psychological point of view, it is understandable, since meeting an  new person for the first time presents many unknown and unexpected aspects, and everything what is unknown and unpredictable, makes us nervous. Sometimes, the anxiety can be that strong, that it can virtually ruin your date. What to do in order to keep your nervousness under control? Luckily, there are several techniques which can help you keep your anxiety under control. Choose those, which work better for you.

1. Plan your meeting together

Since we often can feel unresty about unknown situation with some uncertainties, try to take control of the situation and participate in the planning of your date. Discuss the activities you can do together when you see each other for the first time. Try to plan something what you really like and enjoy, this will help you feel more relaxed.

2. Meet in a safe public place

Traditionally, safety concerns are more important for girls, however, common sense tells us that it should be an important concern for both sexes. Thinking about the safety of your dating might also cause nervousness. So, to eliminate this problem, arrange your first meeting in a public place. However, it shouldn’t be necessarily your place.

3. Get familiarized with the place

A good way to diminish your stress on a date is to get acquainted with the place before hand. Take a walk, have a look at the cafés and lounges in the neighborhood, study their menus, etc. It will definitely help you feel more at ease in the new surroundings with a stranger.

4. Plan some activities together

One of the possible ways to create a nonchalant easy atmosphere is to participate in some neutral activities together, where you can have a chance to discuss things together, share your opinions and experiences. An art exhibition, museum, theater, etc, can be a good example. For some people, sitting across the table in the restaurant or café with a stranger resembles an interview and can cause more stress and anxiety than necessary. If it is your case, choose an art gallery or a match, or other similar activity.

5. Make your first date short

You may never know in advance whether you’ll like in real life a new person you knew before only virtually. This uncertainty may also contribute to your state of anxiety. To reduce it, don’t plan your first date too long. If you like each other, you can always make a second appointment.

6. Prepare a way out

When you meet someone for the first time in real life, there is also a chance that this person doesn’t appear to be the same as you imagined while talking in chat or on the phone. In such case you can use polite ways to disappear, like a call of a friend with fake emergency, etc. Knowing that you always have a way out of the situation will help you feel more secure and hence, less anxious.

7. A glance from a certain perspective

If thinking about your upcoming first date makes you too anxious, try to look at the fact with the eyes of the external onlooker or even yourself from a distance. Just think that you may be won’t even remember this date a month later. So, why bother so much and spend so much nerves?

8. A classical method of auto-persuasion might work well for you

This method is called differently on the opposite sides of the globe. In the West it is referred to as auto-persuasion, while in the East it is usually called mediation. However, the essence doesn’t differ that much. The goal of the method is to persuade oneself to stay calm, tranquilize one’s anxieties with the force of one’s mind. The method works well if you have an important business meeting, presentation, conference, concert, or any other important stressful event. So, why not using meditation before your date?

9. Breathing techniques

It is a well known fact that the way we breathe, influence our heart beat, blood pressure, and other important physiological parameters, which in its turn, influence our psychological state. That is why by using some breathing techniques, you can control your nervousness. For example: make a series of long breaths, etc.

10. Create your play list

Science has persuasively demonstrated that music has the power to influence our state of mind. Music therapy is based on this fact. So, to keep your level of nervousness before the first date under control, you can create your personalized play list for that very occasion.

11. A trick that works for both sexes but is more effective for women

Taking care of one’s appearance makes one feel more self-confident and secure, and hence, reduces nervousness. Indeed, psychologists noticed, that the process of applying makeup helps many women not only to feel more self-confident but also to calm down at the same time. The same goes for the visits to the beauty parlor, hair dresser, nail bar, etc. It is not only a way to beautify oneself but to relax as well, and therefore, reduce a state of anxiety.

12. Plan other important things the same day

If your agenda is full of important things to do on the same day of your first meeting with a new person, it will surely demonstrate you that there are other more important things in the world. Hence, it makes no sense to worry about it.

13. Be curious

It has been observed, that shifting focus from your state of mind, your nervousness and anxiety to a new person in front of you, can help you feel less nervous. Be curious about the person in front of you, ask sincere questions and listen to their answers. It will distract you from your anxiety.

14. Friendship

Going to a first date might be stressful because you overload it with your anxieties and expectations. You are not sure whether you’ll like this new person in real life and vice versa. But instead of seeing it from a romantic perspective, try to view the first meeting as a possibility to start a new friendship. It will make you feel less stressed. Besides, as psychologists hold, friendship lies at the basis of all successful relations.

15. Others also feel nervous

It might be of some comfort to you to know that also other people feel nervous on their first date, unless they are experienced pick-uppers. So, you are not the only one to go through this situation. And this already make your situation less scaring and stressful.

You may also consider interesting 15 tips for men who are afraid to go on a date with woman

How mindfullness techniques and meditation helps in dating and personal relationship

How mindfullness techniques and meditation helps in dating and personal relationship

What is Mindfulness Techniques and Meditation?

Mindfulness techniques consider being a form of meditation. Meditation in its turn is a technique, which has single purpose, to concentrate attention, to stimulate and to help to leave the anxiety behind. Fundamental steps in mindfulness meditation consider being to sit quietly in a beautiful place, it can be place in the open atmosphere, it can be in outside, in the nature and as well as, to concentrate on natural breathing, always repeating the word “mantra” silently. With doing these, it will permit ideas and thoughts to come and go without coming back, the breath will be stabilized and a person will be more relaxed, will feel comfort and will have positive thoughts. Mindfulness is a fundamental human ability to feel present, to know what is going on and moving forward constantly. Meditation starts and finishes in body. It included time paying attention to every single detail and to know what is going on.

Benefits of Mindfulness

The world is rather busy place and sometimes everybody wants just sit and relax, and do not thing about anything. Here, meditation plays an essential and significant role. Mindfulness helps to concentrate attention on the present moment, take it, without any condemnation.

Here the advantages of mindfulness:

  1. Improving the state of well-being – It will maintenance to enlarge the content of thinking, maintenance many relationships. It really helps to take everything easier it helps to become more active, it helps to be engaged in life and special events in real life. People start not to worry about everything much and they do not take everything very close to their hearts.
  2. To better physical health – When people start not to worry much, step by step, their physical health become well. Mindfulness can help to get rid of depression, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure, decrease long lasting ache, it helps to sleep better, and helps with other difficulties.
  3. Improving mental health – Today, mindfulness becomes very important element in the treatment of many problems and difficulties, including stress, conflicts, anxiety, eating disorders.

Mindfulness Techniques

The main and essential goal is to achieve a state of alert, to be focused and to be more relaxed, to focus on mind, feelings and senses. So, the techniques involve:

  1. Fundamental mindfulness meditation
  2. Feeling the body
  3. Becoming more delicate
  4. Having more emotions
  5. Ability of coping with difficulties

In addition, observing what has been mentioned in the article, it can be truly said that mindfulness techniques and meditation help a lot in every single step in life.

How Mindfulness Techniques and Meditation Helps in Dating and Personal Relationship?

When saying meditation, there comes a chance to get the inner peace in life and in relationships. Many people wonder how the mindfulness techniques and meditation can effect on relationships and effect on dating? They want to know why and how the sitting and meditating can help their love lives. The answer is rather simple, not complicated.

Here the proven reasons:

  1. Get rid of stress – Firstly, meditation helps to take away the depression, which in its turn can improve the relationships. When there is no stress, there will be good relations. When there is no stress, the perfect first date is guaranteed.
  2. Discovering new deeper feelings – When person is more relaxed, when there is no state of anxiety, he starts to feel every feeling. The feelings become deeper and he becomes more sensible, which will help in dating and personal relationships.
  3. Help to slow down – When a person slows down, he starts to notice more beauty in the world. He starts to look at the world with different eyes. Meditation helps to learn to be slow, not to hurry. In personal life, relationships and during the date, people should not be hurry, in order to succeed.
  4. Being more relaxed – Meditation is a practice that always helps to be more comforted, more relaxed, without any thought of anxiety and upset. That is why, in personal relationships and in dating the state of being relaxed and comforted, play a big role.
  5. Starting to be more positive – Where a person is in the state of comfort, he starts to fell about positive things. In dating and in personal relationships, positiveness has essential role. Men can encourage their women with positive feelings and positive thoughts. The same is with the boys and with the girls during the date.
  6. Harmony – People, who meditate as a rule, can be more passionate. Exists several mindfulness exercises. With the help of those exercises, people can reach to the state of harmony. Harmony between lovers, between couples considers being rather important thing. The presence of harmony can lead to better way of personal relationships and can lead to better way of personal life.
  7. Ability of facing the problems – During the meditation, people leave the problems and bad thoughts behind and become more positive and more relaxed. It helps them in daily life as well. They gaining the ability of facing the problems in personal life. They gaining the ability of solving the problems and coping with the difficulties.

When somebody finds someone to care for, he or she will do whatever in the whole world to make him or her happy and to keep good personal relationships and to have an excellent date. If everybody gets in meditation and practices mindfulness techniques, does the exercises as required, in order to become more relaxed, more comforted, more creative and positive person, he or she will have excellent personal relationships and dates. It gives new chances to improve, to look at life with open eyes, to stay in the state of harmony and to find true love in real life.

17 best tips for men who never experienced online dating but would like to try

17 best tips for men who never experienced online dating but would like to try

What is Online Dating?

Online dating is a special and unique way to find and to be in touch with people through Internet. It is the way of arranging dates and the way of expanding personal and romantic relationships. It is rather popular today and almost everyone, starting with teenagers and finishing with adults, utilize online dating. This way of dating is successful in getting people together in relationships and many couples first met through online dating services.

Benefits of Online Dating

Not married men and women of different ages involve in online dating a lot. The goal is the same, to find love, to find friends and relationships. From the first sight, it will seem a bit difficult, but it is not like that. It is easier to go on online date and to talk with a woman or a man online, then in real life. It has many advantages and benefits. It will help many men or women to find friends and love, which also can lead to a happy marriage in real life.

Here the advantages and benefits of online dating:

  1. Getting dating skills and prospect – Online dating will afford an opportunity to get experience in communication with women.
  2. Enlarging dating and social circle – There will be a chance of getting more friends, having good relationships.
  3. Easy to get start – The first step is to greet online, without shyness.
  4. Having chance to meet more people online than in real life – Practically everybody has profiles in social medias and it will be easier to get in touch.
  5. Easy to get in touch in case of being shy – Make the first step easier.
  6. Chance to know someone before meeting – There is a chance to know people, looking at the photos, profile information and through getting in touch.
  7. No more bad first dates – There will not be any awkward first dates in real life. Everything will be planned.
  8. Creating friendship – Getting friends, find new people and search for love.
  9. Real life date – The last but not the least step will be to go to real life date after knowing each other online and after having much information about each other.

17 Tips for Men who never has Experience in Online Dating but Would Like to Try

Although, online dating is rather famous way of date, there will be people who never experienced in. It is always can be complicated to make first steps and to make moves toward making romantic relationships, do not taking into consideration, that is only online, not face to face. However, some people have great experience with online dating. These points will help those men who never has experience in online dating, but would like to try.

Here 17 tips for men to make his first steps:

  1. To make decision – The essential thing is to decide whether want it or not. If there is a desire of getting in touch with a girl or a woman online, make first steps.
  2. To be brave – Braveness plays an important role. Men must be brave, in order to get in touch with women and take into attention that it is just online.
  3. To be honest – Honesty means to act and to say things truthfully. Be honest just from the beginning, in order to have good relationships. If there is a desire to impress a woman, honesty is the best thing.
  4. Do not just say “Hello” – Personalize the message. Be interesting person.
  5. Having such profile photo where women can look at the eyes – Looking into the eyes means a lot. People can find the soul through the eyes.
  6. Having much in common – If there is much in common with a woman just let her know about it. She will be happy.
  7. Be smart – Smartness always attracts women. Women love smart and intelligent men. Express smart thoughts and ideas, in order to attract a woman.
  8. Do not move fast – Women have special way of approaching. Do not hurry, be patient.
  9. Say something – Do not send hearts or just comment on her appearance or do not always praise her beauty. Comment on something in her photo, not the look, just something in her profile that will catch the eyes.
  10. Be yourself – Be kind, be understanding, be strong and confident.
  11. Get to know her – Get to know about her likes and dislikes. The women like men knowing everything about their likes and dislikes.
  12. Express your thoughts and opinion about something – Women will appreciate the honesty and own way of thinking.
  13. Fun conversation – Keep the conversation fun. Be funny, as women love good jokes.
  14. Second chance – Give second chance if the woman is shy. Make moves and act, taking into attention, the woman`s desire, thoughts and also shyness. Make the woman not shy anymore.
  15. Avoid the “ex” conversation – Do not speak about “ex” girlfriend.
  16. A little mystery – The sense of mystery will make a woman to come back. Always leave a little mystery, in order to be an interesting person.
  17. Be positive – Positiveness is the key to success. Having positive thoughts will help to get wanted results. Express positive words and thoughts.

These tips will help men having no experience in online dating and will help to get in touch with women easily.

Online dating is a great way of finding new people, making new friends and having relationships. Moreover, maybe there will be a chance of finding love. Some of these relationships have turned into long happy marriages. However, the others have not been as successful. The best feature of online date is that it involves convenience for people who have busy schedules, lets people meet others from over the whole world. Even though, it is rather a risky way of dating people, it has many benefits. People have to provide safety, patience and must be very honest, in order to have success.

Are there immoral frivolous girls or this is just stupid prejudice

Are there immoral frivolous girls or this is just stupid prejudice?

The word “accessibility” in relation to women attributes to women a passive role in sex and relationships with men, associated with the most often unconscious stereotype that sex is needed only for men, and suggests that sex depends only on the consent of the woman and the man is ready to have sex with any woman in any situation. In reality, double standards that restrict women’s sexuality in terms of desire and satisfaction, prohibiting many forms of sexual behavior that are considered acceptable for men, including polygamous and short-term relationships, and discouraging women from initiating relationships, result in an average sexual activity of women and the demand for sex is lower than that of men. As a result of these double standards, women become, on average, more selective when choosing a partner and more inclined only to monogamous and long-term relationships than men. In some more conservative Slavic countries, this gender difference is more pronounced than in a number of other societies, including developed countries, but there are even more conservative and patriarchal countries than Eastern Europe.

However, because of these double standards, the so-called accessibility of women is more often seen and condemned than among men, towards whom such questions are usually not asked. It is necessary to understand that only that which is harmful to other people is immoral. Voluntary sexual relations with mutual consent, desire and pleasure should not be a moral issue and should be considered a personal matter of a person of either sex. There are no reasonable grounds for such prohibitions and double standards that limit the sexual behavior of women.

Are there “immoral” frivolous girls or this is just stupid prejudice? Its’ about word, described above. And about double standards. As practice shows, absolutely unapproachable women are usually those whom nobody wants. If a man has set himself a goal and knows the methods by which he can be influenced, then for some time even the most important will succumb.

Paraphrasing the aphorism, it can be noted that there are no inaccessible women – there are inept men. Self-confidence of some men sometimes goes beyond all imaginable boundaries. Many people think that it is worthwhile to move the place where the biceps should be, feed them with ice cream and ride a tram – and the woman is already in love. And sincerely amazed and indignant when they run up against failure. Such guys are found with a huge number of impregnable women and thank God, because they have absolutely no reason to breed.

Mathematically, the accessibility of a woman can be expressed by the ratio of the number of men who spent the night in her bedroom to the total number who showed a desire to go there. But the correct ratio can be calculated only by the woman herself. Because “good, but interested” people of a beautiful, relaxed woman will add to the asset and dance a hug on the corporate party, and a trip in one taxi, and already a joint lunch, and repair of the aqueduct. And now, with a zero coefficient, the reputation of a “frivolous” woman has been earned, if not more precisely.

There are, however, exceptions to this rule. A charming woman can literally sleep with all the men of the collective, without provoking either jealousy or attacks of offended vanity. She manages not to cause allergies in others – “decent” – women.

The model of behavior of women with representatives of the stronger sex often depends on parental education. But what is this dependence – even scientists are still unable to understand. Often, having escaped from a strict family with Puritan principles, the girl begins to catch up, learn the forbidden and walk recklessly. Or maybe just the opposite. Usually man feels, that a woman often changes her partner. Of course, the position is worthy of all praise, that you need to choose one and be faithful to it all your life. But for “all life” – this one must be the best, isn’t it?

And how will a woman find out something without trying many? So I consider women as inaccessible who want everything a lot and at once – attention, perseverance, appropriate furnishings, expensive gifts and all this from an interesting man. The exception is that if at first glance the man did not like it, it is very difficult to fix something here.

Interesting, how many, in fact, in terms of the man in the street, can there be men for a woman so that she retains her decent status? Thanks God, nowadays public opinion does not require a girl to keep innocence until the wedding. Now looking for virgins only flawed, with low self-esteem, who are afraid of competition. I, like a normal man, do not care how much was before me – the main thing is that she is now with me, close and tremulous. It even flatters that she chose me from a certain amount – it means that I am better, and sex with me is more qualitative. But while bragging about your victories, dear ladies, do not overdo it, consider the peculiarities of the tender and vulnerable male soul. A man who is influenced by public opinion may decide that since no one among the many men who have stayed in you for a long time wanted to stay, he does not need you either.

This is just a public opinion, which is judged by surface and by the clothes. A lady in a strict closed suit with a minimum of makeup on her face is a very decent woman. And what she gets up at night – the eye does not see, because this does not hurt the public heart. If a young lady demonstrates all her charms on the principle of “what was washed before, now airs,” it means, definitely, a whore. But in fact, the girl may have kissed only three times. But in fact, dear ladies, when you dress and make up defiantly, I would say crying out – that is the reaction of a sexually mature man, sorry, appropriate, do not seek it.

Supporting the flag of feminism, in can be said, that the inalienable right of a woman is to decide who will sleep with her and how soon. But now there will be a strike at male ego. On the first date, two types of women agree on sex.

First: a naive fool who believed in your love at first sight. Such a victory does not make a man honor, and there is nothing to brag about.

The second: as a result of long and repeated observations, it became clear, that if a woman intuitively senses that this man is suitable as a husband, she will not give on the first date, at least on the fifth. And vice versa, if a woman easily agreed – it means that man for her is just a passing option. Alas.

Having gathered enough experience in young years, women successfully get married, love their husbands and raise children.

So, of course, there are “immoral” frivolous girls, but the meaning of these words for e\everybody is different. And an answer is inside each of us.

Why you should never date Ukrainian girl

Why you should never date Ukrainian girl

Most of Ukrainian girls demand to be astonishing. Most of them treat life like living in non-stop model agency. They want to look great even when walking to the supermarket and it is not that they are doing it on purpose, but because they do it naturally, the same as if brushing teeth every day. Many Ukrainian girls wear high heels and do not even care it causes discomfort because it makes them look great. Most Ukrainian girls treat beauty as inner strength which causes admiration of people who surround them and especially they love to call the envy of competitor counterparts.

This is real challenge for a guy to be with such girl because she would demand you to be “of her level” and therefore dress up well, visit barber shop, fitness club and wear stylish clothes of known brands – otherwise she wouldn’t go out with you under any occasion.

Devotion is routine?

If you think so you should forget about dating Ukrainian woman once and for all. Ukrainian women are devoted and they prefer one life partner. She beliefs her partner is the best guy in the world and since she is a queen and couldn’t choose anyone but king. She would cover you with care, love, respect and tenderness. She would always give you her help and would make impossible for you but under the fact you show her your love and devotion as well. She beliefs you are reliable, strong and she may count on you any time – so don’t spoil this credit of trust, otherwise quick farewell is guaranteed. Ukrainian girlfriend in terms of devotion would be your best friend, psychologist, advisor and even personal doctor in case you get sick. A Ukrainian woman is a solid rear for her husband.

Ukrainian woman is independent

Contrary to common stereotypes it is often more important for Ukrainian woman to build a career and get the next higher education degree than to find a man who will appreciate her individuality and freedom. Ukrainian woman will be very independent in relationship, and also very stubborn. But on the other hand, she can be expected to show enormous courage in danger, and her inner power might help you both to overcome the toughest times if there is a need.

She has high expectations

Ukrainian women are very demanding. They do not want just a guy who will love them most than anything on Earth. They want to be passionately loved by the best hero on the Planet.

You are expected to be a gentleman if you want to have Ukrainian girlfriend. Such things as opening door in front of your girlfriend, bringing flowers for holidays, helping her wearing jacket and paying for dinner are MUST HAVE in everyday life with girlfriend from Ukraine. You also have to demonstrate your courage and power in every possible way – for example, give a sit to old lady in public transport. You have to be real hero in her eyes almost all the time.

Ice breaking problem

Ukrainians are known to hide their emotions. They rarely show they are happy, angry or disappointed. What could we say if it is going about Ukrainian girls? You might treat her emotions as a glacier as she might not show her feelings at first, even if she is helplessly in love with you. Very slowly, literary – step by step, you have to win a trust of Ukrainian lady and only then she is going to open all her beauty and love for you. This time is worth it because then you will see that under glacier there hides the best caring and loving partner in the whole world.

Former soviet mother parents-in-law

If you are with Ukrainian girl seriously and for long it means you are going to have post-soviet mother-in-law and father-in-law. This might bring you under serious danger. How come? The next logic chain is as follows:

  1. You are going to visit her parent’s home for holidays, birthdays of family members and some usual weekends.


  1. Hospitable Ukrainian family will ask you at the table as this is huge part of Ukrainian tradition. You are going to eat A LOT! No way to eat less, as this would show disrespect towards her mom who was cooking and made her best for you.


  1. You are going to eat a lot of meat, greasy food and mayonnaise. Most dishes have potatoes, meat and are full of calories. When you are full it is hard to breath you are going to be proposed huge piece of pie and there is no way to resign.


  1. Drinking. It is also a part of Ukrainian tradition. If you want to deserve respect of her father you have to drink vodka. You have to pass the test for real man and drinking with her father is almost always a must. Don’t be surprised when after 3rd shot you will find out her father speaks some weird language which reminds you English but the most interesting – you will understand each other!

If you do not afraid of all written above than Ukrainian girlfriend might be your option.

More food tests on you

For many Ukrainian women, cooking is a way to show you love, so be prepared for food experiments. At first, Ukrainian cuisine may seem completely normal, and even a bit boring. But traditional Ukrainian food is what you can try when you visit the house of your mother-in-law. Your girlfriend would make food experiments on you; preparing food from Internet recopies, from books and on the advice of her girl friends. Beetroot with herring? Meat jelly? How many variations of potatoes exist in this world? But within the time you are going to love food prepared with care and warmth by your Ukrainian girlfriend.