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Dating tips for single men

Dating tips for single men

Trying to find your beloved one online? Don’t know how to do it? Don’t get success in online dating for a long time? Let’s figure out what are the reasons of your non-successful dating and since we find true reasons we can start working on it. When you let yourself realize that actually you have some problems (usually psychological ones) you are able to work on them, to improve what is wrong and since that point already start moving further.

For you being non-successful in dating should be some reasons. Why you started search for online dating exactly? Most often because you don’t have any success with women in real life. Of course, in some cases people use online dating instruments because it is easier to find person who has the same desire of dating, using modern instruments such as dating apps or dating sites, but let’s assume this is not your case. Let us assume you started trying online dating in some kind of despair because of multiple unsuccessful efforts in real life. And what you see now when you started search for single women online? You see that you have similar problems in online dating as you’ve had in real life. On real date you didn’t know what to ask a woman about, what to talk about or started telling lifelong boring stories from your childhood or just from your life. As you see, we are very close to the main reason of your fail – we are the same no matter whether we are in real life or online, whether we leave for another country or stay in the place we are. We always drag our problems and complexes with us and that is exactly your case – you are not successful with women in general and we are going to help you fixing this, but first of all you have to recognize you have such problem (problems). If you are saying you’re alright and there are no problems existing for you with women, you may skip reading this article and start conquering new female hearts, but if you feel you need some help or there is something wrong, please, keep reading.

TIP #1
As you have found already, you have some problems in communication with women. Now let us think which type of women you like. I will help you a little:

Example #1. Nice looking girl with slim figure, smiling, happy, confident in her choices. It is so fun to spend time with her.

And the next example:

Example #2. Girl has complexes – because she is obese. She is nervous all the time and sweating at the moments of stress. She is not happy with her life and she likes to splash her negative on other people – she’s yelling at the cash desk in the store because she likes so.

Let’s imagine you observe these girls and which girl you are sympathetic to – #1 or #2? And now more interesting question – which girl you would like to go for a date with? And now even more complicated question: which girl you would like to have long term relationship with? I will leave this question without an answer, but you will answer it yourself, I guess.

And now I will ask you one more interesting (maybe shocking) thing: if you were woman, which type out of these two described you are closer to?

And what if I tell YOU ARE that kind (type) of woman! In figurative value, of course. It means the way you are now you either attract or distract women. If in eyes of average woman you look like that woman #2 looks to you – you just have no chances comparing to others or have very small chance to get woman interested in you or this woman who might would be.

It means you have to work on yourself to make such impression of you that other guys could take you into account as competitor and women would be interested in you. I’m not saying that you have to change everything at once because it is not possible. It is not like in the movies there is a weak guy and once he becomes the most popular school star and gets all attention of the prettiest girls. Your changes should be made slowly, but surely and what is most important – on the regular basis.

TIP #2

Start with your day schedule. Start doing little steps and complete all your tasks, even with delay, but try there would be no delay. Watch your body – if you don’t like your appearance in the mirror, who is going to like you? So, the first advice is you should love your body and take it as it is. I would leave you lot’s of stress and you will be happy. For this I strongly recommend you start meditation. It is good if you start physical activity, but it does not necessarily has to be gym and heavy lifting, you can start with riding bicycle or running. If you have possibility to visit pool – do it at least to times a day. Remember that every change you provide in life needs time and the hardest is first three week period and later on your mind and your body gets used to this on the reflex level. You are obliged to survive first three weeks. Only then it is reasonable to make first decisions. But it is important to provide new changes gradually and with no hurry effect. Do not make too much changes at once as it would reduce possibility to provide them all into life.

TIP #3

Watch the people who surround you. When you start changing your life you will make new activities you have never made before. For example, visiting pool you’ll see lots of people with figure far from ideal and you’ll see most of them are happy and free to communicate with others having no complexes. If you start riding bicycle you might meet new friends, among them might be interesting women, and it is not only about riding bike – it works in every sphere; for example, when you’ll start visiting yoga classes or make group meditations, it really does not matters. All you have to do is to start communication with women – both young and elder, but with the shade of shame and, most important, WITHOUT ANY EXPECTATIONS. Just speak, communicate, find new friends and maybe some day among them you’ll find your love, maybe it would happen very quickly, who knows.

TIP #4

Try doing in your life what you like. Like traveling? Go for it! Like something else? Perfect! You must know that man who is doing job he loves is successful and happy and such person attracts people and women. They choose to communicate with such open and successful guys. Because if you are boring man who is complaining about life, which woman are you going to call interest in?

Summarizing all said above I want to say the main problem why you are single lies somewhere in the deepness of your mind. Actually, being single IS NOT a problem, it is just a state you are in, because it was your unconscious choice and only you and your actions in the past made this possible. If you want to change the situation you have to change your attitude, your thinking and everything will be alright. It is not a problem. Forget about negative thinking and reminding yourself that you are single. Once you REDUCE EXPECTATIONS and start living life you want you’ll forget about loneliness and being single. Take this as interesting game, where you are on one level and you have to move to another one and for this you need some improvements and changes. Watch all the process with interest noticing positive changes and forgetting about upsets and you’ll definitely reach what you are looking for.

How can I date online successfully

How can I date online successfully?

Being successful in online dating is not just a matter of online dating. You can’t show good results in running competition if you are in bad physical condition because of sitting at home all the day long. To become good runner you have to become runner at all and for this you have to get up and start running at least 2 days per week, than more; at first 300 meters, later – a mile and more. When you just sit at the couch watching sport competitions and dreaming to become good runner this is not gonna work. The same with dating – if you never try to talk to the girl you will never know whether she even likes you and whether she would talk to you at all. If you have no experience in real life you won’t have any positive experience in online dating as well because the best what is waiting for you in the future is hiding under avatar of muscled guy and you will definitely find confidence under your mask, but when there is chance to finally meet in real life you’re going to escape, probably… or show your real picture (although most are afraid to do so) and the you may either lose your starting online relationships  (in most cases) or the girl will not be eager to further communicate with guy who has lack of confidence to show his real face and coward liar i addition to that. So, as you might notice, we mentioned the word ‘confidence’ already two times and it’s connotation is really important in online dating as well as in real dating.

Improve, develope, rise up your confidence

Women feel what the guy is when they just start talking. Confidence is all the guy needs because it is 85% of success. Women run away from unconfident guys with the light speed – and there is why. Confidence means that man is ready to achieve his goals, he is ready to go, fall down, get up and go further. Our world has many traps, narrow ways, but confident man is able to act even if sometimes he has troubles. Such confident guy will achieve financial reasults, have good health and would be able to protect his woman, child, family. That is why women subconcsiously choose such guys, because they like to be followed by them, this is their nature.  Overconfident is better than non confident. Maybe you have seen guys with tons of muscles, without any stable job, who do not show much respect to people and not even earn much, but they are surrounded by pretty chicks. Maybe you asked yourself question ‘How does it happen, it is not logical?’ – and here you see the real reason – confidence. You might have University Degree, be gentelman, have manners and come from good family, be king, be able to listen, have good stable office job, but your girlfriend would escape with truck driver naighbor who is drinking beer the whole weekend. Or you might not have girlfriend at all. Or she would live with you, but visit truck driver when you don’t know and buying her flowers after coming back home from office. This is all about man’s character and man’s confidence which women have natural ability to feel and evaluate almost immediately. They get this instinct of ‘man radar’ with mother’s milk because this is their possibility to find strong male and therefore to survive and to get possibility for strong progeny from strong man (not only physically strong) but first of all mentally strong, such a guy with strong character. Now you see that confidence is very important and we are moving to the next step – how to develop confidence.

How to improve and develope self-confidence?

Vigirous circle

People who are happy with their life are confident in what they are doing for life. For example, man who is confident in his future has more energy and inspiration to improve the business he has started years ago. But to start the business he had to have confidence in the past, right? And another example – the guy who is not sure whether his T-Shirts with self made prints are going to be bought by someone on the Internet and lack of confidence prevents him from making an selling announcement – he will never find out whether his idea was good or bad and he keeps earning cents doing work he hates, working at the gas station. The second guy has no money, has bad paid job because lack of confidence to change something and at the same time lack of confidence does not let his to make vital change.

Start with small steps

Take a pan and piece of paper even though it seems old school and wright down how you see your perfect day. You may wright some key points of wright it more precisely – as you wish. Than choose some stuff you promise to do every day, for example, wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning. Start to do just from this one point. Start waking up at this time every day at least for a week in a row and than add another thing from the list. It does not necessarily should be exaclty waking up in the morning on this to-do list, it might be doing meditation in the evening, or riding bycicle 2 times a week on Thursdays and Fridays. When you promise something to yourself and keep the promise your body starts believing you, otherwise if you promise yourself for years you are going to start running from Monday and never keep the promise why your own body should believe you?

Keeping self-promises makes you confident

This is the first step which will show you can achieve many, you can do it if you want.

Start physical trainings

Physical training makes you harder. Choose activity you like most – bycicle, swimming, running ect. It does not necessarily should be hard training with iron in gym although it is also a great option. Physical training makes you more disciplined, makes chemical balance in the body balanced and makes you happy and confident.

I recommend meditation

Not only your body needs to have care, to be cleaned and washed, but also your mind. Meditation helps to be more relaxed, to clean all the ‘mind dirt’ kept during days or even years. It also will make you to feel happy at the moment and find your inner self – i.e. to understand what you want from this life

As you see – confidence is your 85% success in online dating, real dating and in life in general. Being confident is top 3 things successful man has to possess.

Remain yourself

Even if you are on the other side of the monitor you have to be yourself. It means you should show all your better sides THE SAME AS DRAWBACKS during first 2, maximum 3 online dates or conversations. I don’t mean you have to tell everything bad about your body, character and stuff during the first conversation, the same as it is not good strategy to boast of your financial status, grown muscles or other things. But if you are overweight, for example, don’t show 10 years old picture of yours where you are slim and nice girl. Truth will come out in the most unexpected moment and it will be not only embarassing, but might prevent you from being with the person you sterted to feel something with.

Be prepared for the shift

Being able to move from online dating to real life date is the key point in online dating, otherwise it is not dating, but rather pleasant communication. What is the sence of chatting for years if every person needs to have live contact with each other – to see, to touch, to kiss, to hear. Someday ‘online’ should be converted into ‘ofline’ and for this you should be successful and confident not only in online dating, but in real life as well. How quick it would happen depends on you (but not exclusively), on your online dating partner, on other circumstances like your personal goals in online dating (maybe you wish only communicate), on the goals of your partner (maybe she needs husband next month? Maybe she needs more time to get used to you and than to be ready for next stem – meeting alive).

As you see, we have mentioned 3 main key points which would definitely help you to be successful in online dating – confidence, being real you (if you have drawbacks – work on them), readiness to take active part in relationships moving forward from virtual to real life. There are many smaller online dating tips, but you will find them out yourself during online dating process so we do not see the point in describing them in this article. Try to do the main three described here and you’ll see the guaranteed success.

What do you expect from dating Ukrainian girl

What Do You Expect From Dating Ukrainian Girl?

If fact, most of guys from West are becoming more and more informed about Ukrainian girls as well as along with quantity the quality of this knowledge arises in geometrical progression. I believe so. Heh. Starting my story I just wanted not only to share my experience in Ukraine, but also this is kind of my own protest to the world which says “Stop believing those stupid stereotypes about Ukrainian girls”.

Stereotypes about Ukrainian girls

I regret to say that, but most of foreigners from “rich countries” (my personal opinion is they are from “morally poor sub zero states”(at least huge majority of them)) still take the main idea which follows them as leading flag that they visit Ukraine in search of personal profit. They want to meet pretty girls in Ukraine and they expect these girls are waiting for them to come. Guys read the Internet and prove their own mistakeful ideas with facts that Ukraine is the poorest state in Europe and as so they assume girls there might wait for foreign prince (like he is). But it’s not like the things go in Ukraine.

Disappointment of tourist

In fact, life in Ukraine could not be measured by GDP per capita and stuff. Most of salaries is paid “in envelopes” to avoid huge taxes and real income of Ukrainian differs much from what you will find on the Internet. Except for that many Ukrainans work in Central and Western Europe and visit their Motherland rarely, but with good sum of money usually. So the first myth that Ukrainian girls might in vast majority jump into your arms for perspectives of common life with foreigner in most cases doesn’t play it’s role here. As well as the second myth that people in Ukraine are rather poor. You won’t see in objectively and with clear eyes in Ukraine. Yes, the income of average (!) Ukrainian is lower or much lower than income of the guys on average from Western World countries, but life expense in Ukraine is much lover as well and besides main job people have other ways of extra earnings; many go abroad in terms of labor migration as I have already mentioned.

My opinion, subjectively objective

If you have some expectations when you come to Ukraine you better leave them at home. You can left only one for yourself – you will see lot’s of pretty model looking girls everywhere. They would be very well dressed, have hot outlook and great proper make up… but this is usual way they leave in Ukraine everyday. AND such percentage of pretty girls does not have anything to deal with you even though you are “supposively rich foreign guy”. Average Ukrainian girl you see will have boyfriend and she would never go with another guy. Average Ukrainian girl is way too busy to have some flirt time with you (it is considered immoral as well). Average Ukrainian girl is not interested in romantic relations as well as in finding new friends. She is comfortable with life she already has. And you have no chances here. I’m telling you exactly about descent Ukrainian girls I’ve met and this is probably like 95% or more. There are some who will hang on your neck in the club, but this is special type which could be met everywhere in the world so I would not highlight Ukraine here as some special in this terms state.

Try your fortune

Ukrainian girl is sweet dream for many and you still have a chance to win her heart. But you have to change your attitude. Most of young Ukrainian girls are independent and in terms of character they are not much different that their Western counterparts. Though they do in terms of appearance! In terms of morality YES – they could pretent for kind of modern type of family woman, but not even close to the extent how their mothers played this role. Yes, unfortunately modern Ukrainian girls are not like 15 years ago. BUT Ukrainian girls were always desired and wished I only couldn’t get who immagined bulls**t they are effordable or are waiting for foreign fiance? It’s not like I would even notice they would like to have foreign boyfriend. They will communicate, make friends, but usually nothing more to hope.

How to become such a man type so women would fight for possibility to be your girlfriend - 17 impressive tips!

How to become such a man type so women would fight for possibility to be your girlfriend – 17 impressive tips!

No wonder why they say that men and women came from different planets. Mars and Venus, Yin and Yang are all so different, but amazingly exist together. Feminine and masculine ways of idealizing family values are different from each other and that is the reason they have different opinions on how a man should treat a woman. There is no correct answer on how to become a perfect man, but it’s possible to view few clues that most women can agree on. Let’s see those 16 tips that can make any guy become attractive in woman’s eyes.

1. Smile

Have a sincere smile and that will set others in a good mood. There are, probably, only seventeen muscles that are needed for a smile, unlike your grumpy face needs about forty-three. That is obvious, your smile is the easiest facial expression you can share with girls. Nice grin is a simplest thing you can start with. Add on a good listening skills to win a girl’s heart as everyone knows that women love through ears.

2. Be kind

Certain tokens of consideration, courtesy and kindness are valuable and attract women. Be humble and helpful to others. Think about ways when your kindness will fit the situation and will be a nice gesture to show your charitable personality. Let the steam of anger pass through in certain situations, while you compassionate charisma is open for others.

3. Work out

Encourage yourself to get fit and get rid of wobbly single-pack. It doesn’t mean that you must to have an athletic body, like Apollo or Mr. Arnold S., but do what is enough for you to get in a good shape. Build up your strength by daily exercises at home or gym. Lots of girls like to be carried sometimes to feel like princesses. Eating organically fresh food doesn’t only affect your diet that can help you to support attractive body shape, but can also improve your health by increasing your energy level and general wellbeing.

4. Be stylish

Develop your own sense of fashion. It is important for very girl as they all spend a lot of money, time and effort in it. Your cloths should make you look attractive and give you a special glance. You can stand out because of your stylish attires among all other guys. Most woman think black color is “sexy” as it gives appearance some tempting attention. Find your favorite pair of shades that fit you best. Black, but simple glasses will be the best to make your face look more symmetrically attractive.  Do not hesitate to ask advises from friends and customer sales service representatives.

5. Try to look a bit older than you are

Certainly, it depends on your biological age, but it is in girls’ genes to choose a physically mature man who looks older than her. Having a mature appearance makes most women feel that you are an experienced man who can share his experiences and show wisdom.

6. Get a beard

Statistically speaking, girls like some facial bristle. We are not encouraging you to get a shovel brush, just well-groomed stubble is more than enough. Shaving every other day can help to achieve your desirable look.

7. Get rid of “monobrow”

Hairy “caterpillars” are one of the most distracting face features that can be easily corrected. Do not shave it and do not over do it, simply get rid of the excess by using tweezers or ask a help from beauty professionals. There is nothing shameful in doing that nowadays. But do not forget to help your ear and nose hair visually disappear as well.

8. Hygiene

Take shower on a daily basis and do not forget to use deodorant. Smelly guys distract more than chubby ones with jiggly bellies.  Besides having healthy hygiene routine, fragrance plays a huge role in it as well.  The intimacy of a nice smell makes you charming and alluring. Strong and sharp scents should be forgotten and switched to a light fresh masculine bouquet. Get an advice from professionals in the store to be introduced to a state-of-the-art fragrances.

9. Be concerned of your hair

Messy and greasy mane can be so unpleasant even for men. Brush, wash, trim your hair regularly and do not over use hair styling products. Take extra five minutes in the morning to shape the volume on your head to add up extra courage.

10. Be confident

To be loved by others, you have to love yourself first. Have ambitions to seriously drive your life and have self-esteem. Being a “bad guy” sometimes can be more attractive as girls find mysterious identity being charming. Walk straight looking upright, that is a key to have an attractive look on daily basis. That will make you look visually taller and steady.  Have a sense of adventure, create memorable plans around the outdoors and nature. Go for walks, hikes, swims or paddle boats to have a fresh mind for your spirit.

11. Be gentlemen

Women like gallant and successful men. Show your best manners by holding a door for a stranger, or help with heavy bags. Be a decent man. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Do not use vulgar words or slang and you will feel that you mind starts to have clear thoughts and reduces a level of negativity. Cursing was never pleasing for anyone.

12. Read

A lot of girls find smart guys attractive. Reading books or newspapers is good source of getting information out of the world that is around us. That will help you to be more alluring and will add up on your conversations with girls. Even if someone is not really attracted to you, your wide knowledge can help people to be left with good positive memories about you. Reading will definitely help you to develop speaking and writing skills. But find a good balance not to be an upstart.

13. Have a sense of humor

It is a wonderful talent to make others laugh and helps to fight with depression and prolongs lifespan. Nice sense of humor is a good thing that most women desire. Be sincere and give your sarcastic and dad jokes away to be around people with who you will be able to relax around. Laughter releases serotonin hormone that helps brain to get a feeling of happiness.

14. Find yourself in music

One of the most popular girls’ fantasies is to date their favorite musician, so you can help yourself by playing musical instruments. You do not have to play like a pro, but knowing how to play few romantic songs can help you out. Singing is also a way to win a girl’s heart. At least, find a hobby for yourself to have a passion in your life. Choose what is best for you.

15. Show love to animals

Girls love guys who like cute furry animals. It doesn’t matter if it is a little kitten or puppy or a baby hamster, they like those living stuffed animals. Guys cuddling pets are so adorable and charming!

16. Give up bad habits

Smoking cigarettes and drugs are serious addictions that distract woman from man. Women can find it awful when a man doesn’t only have a poor health concern, but a bad breath also. Brush your teeth regularly, floss and use mouth wash. Also consider changing your daily habits by having a good sleep, waking up early and drinking lots of water.

17. Move towards personal aim all the way long

Always show the girl you like (or especially if you are in relationship already ) that you are moving towards the aim you have. If you don’t have aim – make it up, but it is ESSENSIAL to have AIM (GOAL) and move step by step to it. This should be your passion, the thing that makes you wake up in the morning without alarm clock, the thing which you could do without getting even paid for it, the thing which you do for people and get pleasure and financial income from. This is the thing #1 and the girl is ALWAYS takes place #2. She is good addition to your life and makes it more reasonable and full, but she never should be number one in your life plans. Otherwise she would leave you as soon as you lose your aim or she would have doubts you are inspired to move. If you don’t have such aim the girl would not be with you for long – just until she finds candidate with aim. This is EXTRA important and the most important tips out of all given here.

For sure you can think of more than 16 steps to attract a girl. But, these are the basics. And the best part about these rudiments, they do not have to be followed in any particular order. It is better to suggest you to start off with your strongest points and give yourself time to develop the other strategies. Literally speaking, all you need is to fill up your life with meaning. Remember, all is in your hands and it is your moment to act now.

What if your woman has stronger character than you

What if your woman has stronger character than you?

Some men, the strongest woman wishes to meet a stronger man. As the matter of fact, she wants to “bend” for him. Being stronger does not mean to be richer or being socially successful. Strong women say, that they would like to stop being powerful, but only if they meet a man who can “flip over mountains” for them. They want to be guarded by a man, no matter how tough they already are.  Let’s think about the meaning of a “strong person” first. Probably, he is a human who can make decisions on his own and take responsibilities for its outcomes. Strong person can be described by few aspects: problem solving, responsibility and actions. All these qualities do not have gender.

Generally speaking, there are no more gender role assignments: she masters masculine behavior, he looks for an affectionate understanding. Do people’s relationships get more complicated now?

Woman gets the source of her power from the past: insults, disappointments, she suffers from losses, betrayal and cheating. These things destroy woman from the inside, but they make her stronger, she develops pride, confidence and strength. Society likes easy games, where looking for a partner with less “bad” qualities takes less efforts, but this is not always right. It is simple for a weak man to be with a woman who bends as easy as grass on the wind. This type of man do not care about quality of relationships that usually die out with a time because of its routine. Smart man knows that stronger woman will develop relationship as she will make it secure and healthy.

In people’s opinion some girls were in demand of their father’s attention. They were used to handle things themselves, not expecting a help from the outside. They were traumatized in their lonely childhood and the phrase “I’ll do it myself” became  common. These women always look for a core of character that would somewhat guarantee possible stability with a man. Lady looses a fear of having children with a capable man, as this is the only aspect she can not give herself.

People say, men get feminine qualities and become vulnerable, looking for understanding and tenderness. At the same time women act like men, by making decisions and taking responsibilities. Traditionally men used to have a full-time job that gave them patriarchal role in the family. Things are changing in real world and women became a majority of workers. Man power is not in demand and they accept responsibilities in parenthood, taking part in a beauty care.

A person with a strong personal features has more abilities to achieve life goals. There are few elements such person has: independence, confidence, initiative,  flexibility, charisma, optimism and so  on. But most women share same opposite qualities, such as: anxiety, suspiciousness, impulsiveness, insularity and others. Feminine sides are what make her ladylike and sexually attractive. It is true, stronger woman has less feminine qualities and may look less charming. But the key is in developing more of her soft character features-that would help to balance her aspects.

In fact, strong woman wants to be weak and dreams to feel secure with a man. The previous expression about powerful woman who wants to bend for a man sounds a little weird and outdated for a modern time. Nowadays strong person is not looking for a protection from his leader, but a support from a partner. Let’s move to a saying about a man who can “flip over a mountain” for a woman. Is she seeking for a support or protection? It is very important to explain definitions for protection and support separately. Think about who do we give our shelter to? We stand for people who are not so powerful than us and can not stand for themselves. Those could be children, women or elders who can be protected from hazardous accidents, probably. This is a very noble and  important task for a man’s self-identity. What is the deep meaning of a “protection” word in a modern world? As for now, we mostly face a rivalry, but not a psychologically brute force. We can deliberate about what a man should shield a woman from in a current world may be?

A woman with a good career may feel like not herself, knowing that she earns more than a man, but at the same time she may feel like it is wrong to be taken away from work for taking care of home and children.

When an independent and self-sufficient woman meets a man of her dreams, she may realize that she does not want to be with that man. He is, probably, ready to take care of her, but at the same time, he is trying to patronage her and insists on playing the main role in their relationships. Both genders became too alike. They go to school together, they work and share home responsibilities and hobbies.

Things happen, strong women who actually met powerful men, gave up on their strength. But this causes a paradox as men were attracted by that side of their character and by vanishing this quality, they lose their attractiveness. There are few other scenarios followed by: a man’s temptation to subdue a woman, or his desire to hide behind her personality.

When a man manipulates a strong woman and she becomes physiologically flexible, the goal has been reached, but attraction weakens. When they try to hide behind their partners, they lose interest in their relationships and a respect, as follows. That means they should value each other’s personalities as is.

Clear mind, life stability and support are more important than physical strength.  These qualities are a preparedness to share your resources with other person, for him to continue his battle in a difficult moment.

People give their support when they are sure that you can handle it. Masculine help to a woman is not an actual fight with enemies, it is an ability to be a human who can listen and support, who can give a feeling of confidence. And that is applicable to women as well.

Protection is a responsibility for his partner and family. Some say, family obligation is an self- identification of being a reason of processing momentum. But some people think that they are helpless and weak and try to grab on a person seeking for a guard-ship.

Strong woman may seem to look like having a terrible character, but she can help you to move forward your dreams and life goals, she may be correcting you a lot, but there will be a lot of things to talk to her about. It looks like life may go through a lot of hardship, but at the end you will be surprised that she will be the one who have had developed your partnership and became wise. Every woman who respects herself will always want to have more from you, better life, equity, responsibility and protection. She would want to have a real man next to her.

To have a stable partnership, both should balance each other. Purposeful man will always be a provider in the family. If she can not accept this passive life, it is possible to have equal rights.

This is a new contra versed to traditional model of relationships. Everyone is trying to find his own way to build a contact taking different roles, hoping to find the only one that suits him well. While choosing a right woman it is important to choose the commensurate one. Life goes on, only human take a change.

23 really working tips how to please the girl you just started relationship with

23 really working tips how to please the girl you just started relationship with

What does it mean to please a girl or a woman?

Knowing how to please a girl or a woman is just work of art. Not everybody can do it perfectly and correctly. Knowing how to please a woman or a girl is a mixture of being a sensitive, of being sensible man and an experienced lover, combined with understanding and realizing what a woman or a girl really needs to be satisfied.

To start relationships with a girl or with a woman is not an easy thing. Man should know every single detail, in order to have great success in making relationships with a girl. Men consider being rather shy, not brave and they hurry a lot. They do not know the essential and main working tips how to please a girl. As a result, the relationships fall and the man fails. If men know the working tips how to please a girl, the success will be guaranteed.

23 Really Working Tips how to Please the Girl

Starting relationships with a girl is rather difficult thing. Girls consider being rather sensitive creatures and they need much love, romantic things and they need much attention. Moreover, men must do everything, in order to please the person they love. Men can please the girl emotionally.

Here 23 working tips for men, in order to please a girl with whom starts relationships:

  1. Knowing everything about the girl – Before inviting the girl on the first date or before making deep relationships, know the girl`s likes and dislikes. Girls love men who know everything about their likes and dislikes. It will be very impressive and the success will be visible just a little while.
  2. Do not stop looking at the girl – If men start look at the girl with love and attention, the girls will be melt from their look. Girls just love it and they loved to be looked at in a sincere way.
  3. Always say compliments – If men always compliments the girl, the girls will appreciate it. They love compliments, saying how beautiful she is, what a wonderful dress or look, or what a kind and smart person. It will work but remember doing it always, not just a while.
  4. Always text the girl – Girls love texting and reading romantic things and messages. Make girls smile over the text. Guess her answers, say jokes and funny things. The girl will remember it forever.
  5. Make the girl chase – Girls love challenge. When texting a girl, get the girl chasing by giving a bit of a challenge. It will be both very interesting and amazing.
  6. Make the girl special – Make the girls feel very unique. It is very important and really plays great role in making good relationships. Kiss the girl in front of the public, show photos in the social media, speaking about their unique qualities in front of people and in front of public give them small romantic and expensive gifts, looking at them in a sincere way.
  7. Be confident in front of the others – When the girl feels like other girls realize how confident the man is, it makes her feel high-minded and in a way possess the envy of other people. The girl will feel confident, protection and will feel love as well.
  8. Surprise the girl – Prepare for the girl interesting and memorable surprises. Take the girl to the place where the girl has never been, take the day trip. Go and visit when the girl does not expect. Take many photos and of course make videos in a romantic way.
  9. Always speak about the feelings – Girls love sensible boys, they love when boys always saying how much they love, how much they care and there is nothing in this whole world without them.
  10. Ask honestly is there a need of something else to do for the girl – Girls always require attention. Be more attentive, careful and be polite.
  11. Do not hide the feelings – Always speak about the feelings. Always say compliment, always praise the girl by looking right into the eyes and playing with the hairs.
  12. Physical satisfaction – Not going much deep into right this, but the physical aspect of the relationship is evidently very significant. It is from an emotional standpoint – how seldom the men grab the girl`s hand, hold the tight, hug her, kiss her and compliment her.
  13. Get involve into girl`s life – Know the girl`s family and relatives, show care toward each family person.
  14. Protect the girl – It is very important tips if there is a desire of impressing the girl with whom starts relationships. Always protect the girl. Every girl wants to date a guy around whom there will be the feeling of safeness and safety. Pay attention to the needs and always be willing to help and giving a helping hand.
  15. Respect the girl – It is also very important tip. Everybody loves when people show respect toward them, so the girls also love to be respected by.
  16. Make the girl feels very lucky and happy – Care a lot, show the feelings, be attentive and always speak about the feelings. Girls will feel very lucky and happy. This considers being the most important tip and point, in order to have and start good relationships.
  17. Make the girls feel comfortable – For best results men must make the girls feel completely relaxed, comfortable and really convenient in every situation.
  18. Always text the girl back – Always answer the girl`s messages and mobile calls. Do not leave the girl without attention, in order to impress and in order to make the girl feel love.
  19. Always take the girl`s stuff and heavy things – Carry heavy things and bags. The girls will appreciate it very much. Be strong and show the power.
  20. Be cool – Girls love cool boys. Be cool, nice, be gentleman and of course sportsman. Go to gym, follow healthy way of life and utilize healthy food.
  21. Not be greedy – Girls love men and boys be not greedy. They love money, they love expensive gift, clothes, cars and jewelries. Show the money and spend it smartly, in order to impress the girl.
  22. Bring cookies, sweets, cakes – Girls love sweet things. Surprise them bringing sweets, cookies and cakes. The girls appreciate this step.
  23. Do the dishes – Men can surprise girls making romantic meal for them. Make not only meal, bit also organize romantic dishes, put candles and turn the romantic music on. Make the evening special, romantic and really memorable.

These tips will have success and will impress girls, if these done correctly and if it is done with love. Boys and men will have success only that time when they speak and act honestly, if they love girl very much and can do everything in this whole world, in order to impress them. Always be attentive to every single detail, make the girl special, make surprises, be cool, show the feelings and be sure these tips will have success and the best relationships will be guaranteed.

What is the best classical conversation to impress a girl during first date

What is the best classical conversation to impress a girl during first date?

The first date with a girl always brings a certain stress for a man. For him, this is an opportunity and a chance to charm a girl and create the interest in further communication. It is especially hard for shy people who find it difficult to immediately start free communication with an unfamiliar person.

The most important thing is to start a conversation, and in this the initiative should come from the man, because the girl can be not only shy, but also too much concentrated on how does she look, is manicures and accessories fine, hasn’t she overdone it with makeup and so om and so forth.

And for the first date, as a decisive event in life (what if she is the one?), preparations must be done carefully:

  • Place where it will be comfortable for both. You can choose a cozy cafe or park for a walk, where no one will interfere the conversation;
  • Time management in order not to make the lady wait. It is hardly possible to impress your girl, if you are late for the first meeting;
  • The main thing – to choose topics for conversation with the girl on the first date. In a dialogue between people who doesn’t know much about each other, and of course there will be pauses. In order for an awkward silence not to last for a long time, you need to prepare a small list of questions that can be discussed with your companion. However, don’t work on it too hard, otherwise interview the conversation can look like an interview. It is important to show own interest, and not to be afraid to show emotions.

So, what is the best classical conversation to impress a girl during first date? The tips are given below.

  • Hobbies, interests

This is one the most universal topic for communication. You can ask what does the girl do in her free time, and how does she prefer to spend her leisure time. It is important to try to find common topics and questions in order to make conversation go smoothly, and also it allow you to learn more about each other and plan further meetings with regard to common interests.

Great talk topics about hobbies:

  • music;
  • movie;
  • leisure;
  • sport;

Try to find out about it as much as possible, show interest, share your hobbies – so you will show yourself as a pleasant and enjoyable person, and will for sure find a lot in common.

  • Travels

You can talk about this for a long time, if both of you really enjoy it. It’s always easy to discuss impressions from other cities and countries. You can talk about interesting places where you have been and where else you would like to go.

This is quite an emotional topic, and using the expression of your emotions will make it easier to make contact and please your companion. Women, as you know, love romantics, and even if a man does not consider himself to be such, then thanks to this topic he will receive an additional “plus sign” to a positive assessment from the girl. Discussion of travel will help to find additional points of contact and common interests.

  • Childhood

This is one of the easiest and fun topics that is useful for communication and it will help to defuse the situation.

You can talk about games, which you liked to play as a child, about your memories when you went to your grandmother’s grandparents, funny stories, which happened to you, how were your school years, how did you learn to swim, to ride a bike and how many times did you fall from it. for the first time you fell in love with kindergarten and how you disliked milk with froth in the school canteen.

All this will help to get close and have real fun.

  • Work, study, family

Work, study and family are things, which what make up our everyday life. Talking about it is not as trivial as it may seem. So you can show a girl interest in her life.

  • Favorite dishes

You can ask what kind of cuisine does the other person prefer, and what kind of drinks does she like. With this information, you can learn a little more about each other and plan a further joint cultural program: go to a pizzeria or eat sushi, or go to a coffee shop and drink hot chocolate with her favorite cakes.

If you know how to cook, do not hesitate to tell your interlocutor about this – for a woman, a man who knows how to cook well, looks even more interesting and courageous.

  • Life goals and dreams

This is quite an interesting question in which you can show your own seriousness, as well as learn about the life priorities of your interlocutor.

Ask interesting questions to the girl:

  • Who do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • How would you spend a million?
  • What interesting places do you dream to visit?
  • Do you like to read?
  • What three wishes would a goldfish make?

Philosophical discussions help to know each other better. Create a solid foundation for future relationships at the first meeting.

  • Relationships and love

Actually, it is not so good idea to start a conversation with this, but the theme of the relationship is very important. When the first awkwardness and stiffness are left behind, both are relaxed and have already talked already on some topics, you can try to talk about it.

It is not necessary on the first date to ask the girl about the previous relationship, it can cause unpleasant memories, she will close, and the evening will be spoiled.

You can discuss what features she likes and dislikes in people, how you both see good, future-looking relationships and family values. If your communication at this stage is fun and relaxed, you can discuss topics related to sex, but unobtrusively, in a playful way.

  • Jokes

A funny story in the right place will help to defuse the situation and tune in to a positive continuation of communication, fill an unexpectedly arising pause. However, this can be overdone, so it is important to dose the jokes.

So now you already know, what to say on a date. However, this is only part of the success. Also important is the general atmosphere and the mood that you set for this meeting. There are several aspects of behavior, communication manners that will help to make a pleasant impression of yourself and have a good time:

  • Positive attitude, goodwill. Even if the girl is worried, shy, your positive and openness will help her to tune in to this wave, relax, open up for communication;
  • Show emotions, share your impressions, feelings, thoughts, be open and alive;
  • Be original. She can be shown in absolutely insignificant trifles, however the thin female nature is sensitive to such things and by all means will appreciate an originality. It is important to say compliments deliberately and not banal;
  • Interest and sincerity. It is good if you ask questions that require extensive answers, perhaps even discussions, pushing the interlocutor to express opinions, share thoughts and impressions;
  • Be interesting – suggest topics for discussion, leisure activities, but avoid obsession;
  • “Conduct” the conversation, try to fill the pause, avoid uncomfortable silence.
  • Be yourself, don’t attribute to yourself some heroic qualities or actions, successes and achievements that do not exist. A lie can be discovered quickly and unexpectedly, and women, as a rule, do not forgive deception, especially if the relationship begins with it;
  • Do not be afraid to improvise. To prepare for everything, no matter how careful is the preparation, is impossible. Therefore, be prepared to show originality and attentiveness in any unforeseen situation;
  • Be a gentleman – it is always a plus.

Forbidden topics

There are also topics that should not be touched on the first date. Even with mutual interest, they can spoil the whole impression of communication and discourage any girl’s desire to communicate with you further:

1) At first, try to avoid the topic of religion, this is quite a personal and serious ideological question;

2) Do not ask about her past relationships and do not tell about yours;

3) Do not boast about your earnings and do not complain that you do not earn enough;

4) Do not talk about your problems at work or in business. The first date is not the time to complain about fate. In almost 99% of cases, for men, who begin to discuss problems at work or difficulties in business, the first date becomes the last. It is no secret that no one wants to connect their lives with a loser and a pessimist.

By following these simple recommendations, you can easily interest the girl you like, assure her to continue dating and building further relationships. The main thing is to let her feel your interest, care, and show your best qualities. So, ne sincere.

Try to understand how to speak with this one exact girl. How does she react to your speeches — with a condescending smile, an expression of boredom, or an approving look? Take this into account in communication, and the girl will remember the date.

How to find time for dating if you work almost non stop - 17 best dating tips for workaholics

How to find time for dating if you work almost non stop – 17 best dating tips for workaholics

One of the most common problems of the 21st century is the lack of time. This is one of the main reasons, why desperate careerists come to a psychologist (on whom they hardly managed to spend an extra hour). Of course, all of them directly link the busy schedule with the inability to build a personal life. Is everything really so serious, and how to find time for yourself, dating and making family, without giving up your favorite profession?

In our World, to sit and wait is a synonym to remain inactive. And this is unlikely to meet a person of your dream, who could like to have a tea with you, if you don’t do any actions (if you are not neighbors, of course), because this person does not even know where do you live. We do not deny the fact, that happiness can suddenly happen, and you should always be on the alert. But it is still better to make some actions.

The scenario in the heads is always almost the same – after a series of disappointments, a happy end for sure will come, so you just need to let go of the situation, and there that person will for sure appear on the horizon. Such a scenario is really very attractive, because it comes true for many. But here it is important to remember one philosophical fact that always lowers to the ground – everybody has its own path, in both career and relationship.

What to do? We need to stop waiting and start acting. You will be mistaken, doubt and disappointed, but it’s impossible to avoid failures on the path to happiness. Even people with flawless intuition periodically make mistakes, but because of this, you should not close in yourself and stop looking. Remember, hope is beautiful, when you get tired of waiting and realize that you are alone, it doesn’t help. Hope must always be fueled by action.

In order not to allocate time directly on dates themselves in the process of searching for candidates, get acquainted in real life. Weave the search process into your daily routine, and then you will be surprised how many interesting people are around.

Here are some tips that will help in real life to all those who have very little time. Just use daily situations:

1. Show confidence and openness with colleagues

When meeting in real life, non-verbal signals can play into your hands. Remember open postures, steady (but not excessive) eye contact and a sincere smile. They will do half the battle: they will arrange for you an unknown person, who works on the other floor.

2. Offer help on the street

A courteous stranger who offers a girl to carry a huge suitcase or explain the road, as a rule, makes her sympathize. Just do not confuse courtesy with obsession. Usually, “no” still means “no,” and excessive perseverance will not add you points.

3. Use any available information about the stranger

Does she ride the jeep and reads Dostoevsky? Or is she wearing a Darth Vader shirt? That’s good topic for the first conversation. But here it is necessary to remember about tact. It is definitely not worth commenting on what the girl does in her phone, even if she does not close the screen with her hand. Keep privacy.

4. Go to concerts

If you are at a concert or exhibition, then your tastes, most likely, coincide with the tastes of a charming stranger and it will be easier to find a topic for conversation.

5. Attend gym

As practice shows, both single men and women attend the gyms equally, so the chance to meet your soul mate here is quite large. And the common topic is always there. For example, you can discuss the nuances of training.

6. Go to a business lunch in the neighboring cafes and restaurants

Use the environment as a reason to start a conversation. Ask, for example, which product or dish is better to choose, noting down, that the girl looks like a person you can trust. In general, use all the resources of everyday life to the maximum.

7. Make a compliment to your neighbor

A win-win option if the compliment is devoid of platitudes, but not subtlety. Forget about cliches like oceans of the eye and waterfalls of hair. But do not overdo it with originality: information that the girl has the best fingers in the World or the ideal curvature of the teeth is clearly redundant, if you met in the elevator.

8. Use social networks

The advantage of social networks is obvious: they provide a lot of information and in some sense simplify the first step.

9. Look for passion in thematic groups

The easiest way to make acquaintance and find the right party is to choose by interests. Groups, public, events in social networks – you can get acquainted right there or contact the girl in private. A sample list of topics for conversation will be easy to come up with.

10. Acquaintance in a bookstore

“The bookstore is a good place to meet” – it sounds, probably, rather ridiculous. Although in fact it can be a very good option. The beauty is that here you always have a completely legal way to appeal to the person you like.

11. Use dating sites

To get acquainted through specialized sites or services is easy, because they are used by girls who are in search. But there are no less potential problems. To increase your chances, fill in your profile, and carefully select a photo.

12. Do not forget to meet with friends.

Even a short trip to the bar on Saturday night can bring new friends. After all, there you can always meet beautiful strangers who also have no one to spend the evening with.
According to statistics, most often the future spouses meet in the company of mutual friends, and only in second place is office dating. So if you want to find your soul mate, never refuse invitations to friendly parties, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

13. Speed dating

These are “quick date” parties, where in a couple of hours you can get acquainted with several candidates.

14. Go on vacation

While on holiday at the resort, even the most passive individuals manage to acquire new contacts and make friends. Actually, dating begins with landing on a plane or train and continue to occur until returning to the starting point.

15. Familiarity in the supermarket

The supermarket is probably the most unromantic place in the world (after McDonald’s and tax). But, still, many people manage to make interesting acquaintances there. Didn’t you ever have to run to the nearest supermarket at night for a portion of cakes, a pack of cigarettes, or just a light snack? Take a closer look – perhaps somewhere nearby, one more loneliness wanders among the shelves, thinking of late dinner.

16. Foreign language courses

Another way to combine business with pleasure is to go to a foreign language course. If you do not speak French, then it’s time to correct this annoying flaw, because often the knowledge of this language is among the standard requirements for well payed job!

17. Buy a dog

A four-legged friend who needs to walk twice a day, will allow to be in the fresh air more often, as well as bring new acquaintances. And the general theme will always be easily found, because nothing brings together such as discussion of common problems and concerns.

By using these simple tips, you would be able to find person even if your working roaster is very hard. Just look around carefully in your free time, and the result will come.

I am 25 and I am single - is that bad

I am 25 and I am single – is that bad?

This question has some shade of despair in it. It is going not only about the age of 25, but range of ages starting from 23 ending with approximately 29-30. Why is that so? Younger people have different reasons why they are alone at their age and often it is quite natural and normal and if you are alone after 30 reasons for this are completely different as well and usually these reasons are more serious and deeper, usually based on complexes and life patterns. But let’s go back to the age of 25 and find out what is loneliness at the age of 25, why many people at this age remain to be single, is it good, bad, normal… or there is something wrong with it.

It is good to start with a joke and if you ask directly ‘Is that bad that I am 25 and single’ good answer would be something like ‘no, it is great as you always have chance to choose the partner you would like to and whom you might suddenly meet at any moment of time without breaking up with your permanent partner’. And now let us move to more serious things.

Too weak to acknowledge the truth

Very often we are just like that – we might have some fears, problems, thoughts and within every day they just became stronger transforming into patterns of behavior. We do not like being alone, we have problems because of that, but we prefer not to acknowledge the truth that problem is within us, we prefer to escape from the problem, substitute it with alcohol, parties, hanging out with friends but telling everyone that you feel comfortable with such lifestyle and as for now you don’t want to build any relationship with anyone. It is real escape from the problems you have. If everyone around has boyfriend or girlfriend and you don’t, but you say you are ok with that and you don’t need anyone as for now this is bull crap. You just don’t have particular qualities to attract opposite sex, or you have, but you don’t know how to demonstrate them; you might be too shy or inexperienced and therefore to be afraid of doing some actions in search of your possible half. Many young people choose to hide from the real reasons of girlfriend/boyfriend absence by drinking alcohol and trying “to forget”.

Loneliness and state of being single is not for everyone

There are people who choose to be loners for life. They go into monasteries, some maybe have long retreats, meditate for 12 hours a day and although they could be found in the society they still prefer to be loners, it is just really the way of life they choose and they love to live this life because it was their conscious choice. If you are not one of them and you are single there might be some problems, but this depends on many other factors and we are going to look closely at them further.

Full harmony and joy from life can be achieved only being in a pair

This means personal harmony is very complicated thing and to achieve it there should be many factors completed. Those include having aims – short term and long term; doing job you love; communicating with different people and practicing and improving your personal skills in communication, emotional self-defense; doing stuff you love like hobbies; improving yourself – for example, doing mindfulness techniques,  doing yoga, swimming, traveling; having moderate physical activities; having active and passive rest; and, of course, being with partner in relationship – without this one all other subjects from the list would either have no sense or you would be hard to do or would bring no pleasure (or less satisfaction) or would consume too much energy from you to do something.

Loneliness for a certain period of time, to spend some time remaining with oneself, to know yourself better – this is okay, but if loneliness is based on a complex (es) or looseness – it is a problem then

There are some periods in our life when we just get really tired of everything. We don’t know where to move further, we don’t want to visit our work every day, we hate people around us – there are symptoms of emotional fatigue and a hint that it is needed to change something until serious problems with mental or physical health did not appear on the horizon. It such periods we need reboot. To restart yourself it is better to ask yourself what you really would like to do and start doing it without even care what other people might think about you. Maybe you want to start drawing even though you never did it before? Maybe you would like to take your action camera and go to the forest filming nature and your walk trying yourself as own movie director?  You just need some time to relax, to think about life and about things which really you would like to do and which really could make you happy. At this particular time period you may not have any relationship because they would only disturb you focusing on your life goals for the next few years. If you are single during such period of time this is ok, but watch this period not to prolong for too long – this is not ok, or… it might lead you to depression.

It depends how long you are being single. Did you ever have serious relationship before.

If you were few times in serious relationships, but you did not suit each, you lost interest in each other, did not stand each other in common life under one roof or there was some other reason for break up and now you are 25 and single it is ok. You were trying and she / he is not just you’re the only one, but you keep looking for him / her. If you have never been in serious relationships with anyone till this time – it is surely not ok. If your real future goal is creating family nest, you have to start with dating and dating is practice, the same as doing exercises, riding bicycle or roller skates – no practice – no achievements, everything could be made perfectly only with gaining experience and experience in relationships is not very different from experience in other fields of human life.

Maybe you don’t know how to build relationships and it is hard for you to start just as every new thing. Must say you have not to take it too serious and do not listen to anyone. Just try and the earlier the better. If you are 25 and you did not have a girlfriend / boyfriend it is not too late too start, because if you will start at the age of 30 it would be harder, if you start at 35 it would be more hard, if you will be 40 you might not start dating at all and be under the risk to be alone. If you have no wife, no kids you have lonely hoariness.

Psychological trauma from previous relationships

If you used to have serious relationship but your guy / girl have left you for another one or you caught him / her cheating you – you might have fear of future relationship as you are afraid of being burnt again. Your body reacts to new acquaintance as to some kind of danger, discomfort and chooses not to be together with anyone anymore, but such actions lead to loneliness, dissatisfaction with oneself and absence of life harmony, without which everything else seems having no point.

How do you see yourself in the future

It is important as it influences your actions now. It is like a plan for the future divided into many small steps which you do every day. If there is no wife in this future plans you are not going to do anything to have girlfriend now and so it is not weird you are single now. If you are lonely at the age of 25 having such life patterns it is surely not ok.

If you do not want to be alone, maybe you should look for the person with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life?

It is necessary to search this person among the circle of people of your interests. If you do not like to drink alcohol, go to clubs and indulge in primitive instincts, you’re unlikely to find the love of your life on a Friday night at the club. If you are interested in meditation, self-improvement techniques, travel, then it is better for you to join a circle of people with similar interests. There you have a chance to find your soulmate.

Spiritual level which you might not believe in, but facts tell for themselves

No one would explain you this feeling when you feel you can do literary everything in this world. You want to go working, to jump, to sing, you are full of energy. It is after you find the one you really want to be with. There is nothing better than realizing it. You may do everything according to own agenda, with short time enthusiasm, but without person you are going to do it for it still has no chance and you quickly realize it although stubborn people would try to ignore that fact and the more they do it the higher is their level of desperation.

Do not be afraid to be real man, do not be afraid to be real woman

You may not believe in this, but facts are facts and you can not change the global truth. Nature created us to be different, but to be together. But modern people spoiled with the good of civilization afraid to take responsibility. Creating family is very responsible step in life of every person, but many people choose to live with others for own pleasure, than to break up, than to do it again and therefore remaining unhappy, depressed and desperate. To realize his potential man has to take responsibility of creating a family. Only transforming energy of his woman he is able to reach success and his woman is able to create common harmony. This is how it works in this life.

Summarizing, it depends whether it is ok or not if you are single at the age of 25. In most cases it is still bad, but there are exceptions and you could better apply them to your personal situation. If you are alone, take your time, think sincerely what do you want from this life and start moving to your aim, healthy relationship is one of the parts of the game called successful life. SO if you are single at the age of 25 it is not that bad, but you have to strive for a harmonious relationship with person you first like and then love.

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10 reasons why so many men feel non confident on the first date?

10 reasons why so many men feel non confident on the first date?

Today, dating is a special way of communication. People from over the whole world utilize this type of communication almost every day. Love knows no boundaries. Everybody is free to find love with the help of modern techniques and with the help of modern means of communication. They meet new people with whom they get in touch and make new friends with the help of Internet. It can be very convenient just to sit even with pyjamas, with a cup of coffee and communicate with people, even to hope to find true love. Dating and communications help people to gain experience in communicating with boys and girls, to find true matches and give an opportunity to get to know people before meeting and before inviting to the first real life date. Like any other things in this world, dating has its benefits and advantages, and as well as its disadvantages. Today, exist thousands sites which suggest people opportunities of online dating. The only thing is to determine what to want, what to expect and with whom to communicate by making relationships.

Some advantages of dating:

  1. Fast and really convenient
  2. There is a plenty of choice
  3. It is fun
  4. There is a chance of finding the partner of the dream
  5. There is an opportunity of leaving any impression
  6. Gaining experience in communicating
  7. Making friends and relationships

Disadvantages of dating

Dating has many disadvantages. Today, exist many online means of communication. People have chance to get to know their partners well, before real life date. It is very easy to have online profile. The only thing is to have an account and then there is a great choice of different people from the whole world, with whom people communicate and make friends easily. It sounds great and thrilling. People first make friends and then invite them to the real life first date. Moreover, online dating sites can connect people with romantic relationships and even that relationship can turn into more, like marriage. 

The essential disadvantages of dating involve:

  1. Expectations cannot be proved – Thousands of people expect much from the partner they have. They expect to make more friends and to find true love through communication. However, these things cannot be proved and expectations cannot be confirmed. The world is full of many deceivers and people can deceive in every step. They can hide their personalities, their ages, their name and even the place where they live.
  2. People do not fall in love on first date – Men and women can be disappointed and can leave wrong impression on the partner during the first date, as two of them can be very nervous.
  3. People can be in a hurry – Men and women can be in a hurry of making relationships and it will hurt them during the first date. 
  4. First dates can always end horribly – It is almost like that. People can have real life dates without knowing each other well, without knowing dislikes and likes, leaving bad impressions. That is why, the first date always fall and men start feel not confident.
  5. Misleading form of attraction – People can never understand what kind of person is the person with whom they communicate. For instance, person can be felt to be attractive, kind and smart in online communication, but when people meet in real life, expectations cannot be proved. There is a chance not to fall in love in real life. 

10 Reasons why so Many Men Feel not Confident on the First Date?

Although, first dating is rather famous way of date, there will be people who never experienced in and will not be confident on the first date. It is always can be complicated to make first steps and to make moves toward making romantic relationships, do not taking into consideration. However, some people have great experience in dating.

Men always afraid of making relationships with women. There is always a fear of losing the person they love and it hurts them on dating. 

The essential reasons why men feel not confident on the first date:

  1. Hard decision – Men always make decisions very slow and with hard. It is always very hard for them to invite a woman for walk or just to have a cup of coffee.
  2. Men cannot be brave – Braveness plays an important role. Men must be brave, in order to get in touch with women easily.
  3. Men cannot be honest – Honesty means to act and to say things truthfully. Be honest just from the beginning, in order to have good relationships. If men deceive, they will feel not confident on the first date.
  4. Shyness – Men can be very shy. It will only harm them on the first date. Women love brave men.
  5. Having not much in common – If man does not have much in common with a woman he loves, he can feel not confident on the first date.
  6. Not very smart – If man knows that he is not smart enough, he will not feel confidence on the first date. He must impress a woman.
  7. Cannot be himself – If man cannot be himself, and he knows about that, he will feel not confident, on the first date.
  8. Having no ability of expressing his thoughts – Women do not love men who cannot express their thoughts and opinion. That is why men can feel not confident on the first date.
  9. Exception of fun – If men consider himself not fun person, person without sense of humor, he will be not confident on the first date. Women love men with great sense of humor.
  10. Not knowing his partner – If man doesn’t not know his partner`s likes and dislikes, he will be not confident on the first date. 

Moreover, men must know everything about their partners, before inviting on the first date, in order to have great success and feel confident.