Are there immoral frivolous girls or this is just stupid prejudice

Are there immoral frivolous girls or this is just stupid prejudice?

The word “accessibility” in relation to women attributes to women a passive role in sex and relationships with men, associated with the most often unconscious stereotype that sex is needed only for men, and suggests that sex depends only on the consent of the woman and the man is ready to have sex with any woman in any situation. In reality, double standards that restrict women’s sexuality in terms of desire and satisfaction, prohibiting many forms of sexual behavior that are considered acceptable for men, including polygamous and short-term relationships, and discouraging women from initiating relationships, result in an average sexual activity of women and the demand for sex is lower than that of men. As a result of these double standards, women become, on average, more selective when choosing a partner and more inclined only to monogamous and long-term relationships than men. In some more conservative Slavic countries, this gender difference is more pronounced than in a number of other societies, including developed countries, but there are even more conservative and patriarchal countries than Eastern Europe.

However, because of these double standards, the so-called accessibility of women is more often seen and condemned than among men, towards whom such questions are usually not asked. It is necessary to understand that only that which is harmful to other people is immoral. Voluntary sexual relations with mutual consent, desire and pleasure should not be a moral issue and should be considered a personal matter of a person of either sex. There are no reasonable grounds for such prohibitions and double standards that limit the sexual behavior of women.

Are there “immoral” frivolous girls or this is just stupid prejudice? Its’ about word, described above. And about double standards. As practice shows, absolutely unapproachable women are usually those whom nobody wants. If a man has set himself a goal and knows the methods by which he can be influenced, then for some time even the most important will succumb.

Paraphrasing the aphorism, it can be noted that there are no inaccessible women – there are inept men. Self-confidence of some men sometimes goes beyond all imaginable boundaries. Many people think that it is worthwhile to move the place where the biceps should be, feed them with ice cream and ride a tram – and the woman is already in love. And sincerely amazed and indignant when they run up against failure. Such guys are found with a huge number of impregnable women and thank God, because they have absolutely no reason to breed.

Mathematically, the accessibility of a woman can be expressed by the ratio of the number of men who spent the night in her bedroom to the total number who showed a desire to go there. But the correct ratio can be calculated only by the woman herself. Because “good, but interested” people of a beautiful, relaxed woman will add to the asset and dance a hug on the corporate party, and a trip in one taxi, and already a joint lunch, and repair of the aqueduct. And now, with a zero coefficient, the reputation of a “frivolous” woman has been earned, if not more precisely.

There are, however, exceptions to this rule. A charming woman can literally sleep with all the men of the collective, without provoking either jealousy or attacks of offended vanity. She manages not to cause allergies in others – “decent” – women.

The model of behavior of women with representatives of the stronger sex often depends on parental education. But what is this dependence – even scientists are still unable to understand. Often, having escaped from a strict family with Puritan principles, the girl begins to catch up, learn the forbidden and walk recklessly. Or maybe just the opposite. Usually man feels, that a woman often changes her partner. Of course, the position is worthy of all praise, that you need to choose one and be faithful to it all your life. But for “all life” – this one must be the best, isn’t it?

And how will a woman find out something without trying many? So I consider women as inaccessible who want everything a lot and at once – attention, perseverance, appropriate furnishings, expensive gifts and all this from an interesting man. The exception is that if at first glance the man did not like it, it is very difficult to fix something here.

Interesting, how many, in fact, in terms of the man in the street, can there be men for a woman so that she retains her decent status? Thanks God, nowadays public opinion does not require a girl to keep innocence until the wedding. Now looking for virgins only flawed, with low self-esteem, who are afraid of competition. I, like a normal man, do not care how much was before me – the main thing is that she is now with me, close and tremulous. It even flatters that she chose me from a certain amount – it means that I am better, and sex with me is more qualitative. But while bragging about your victories, dear ladies, do not overdo it, consider the peculiarities of the tender and vulnerable male soul. A man who is influenced by public opinion may decide that since no one among the many men who have stayed in you for a long time wanted to stay, he does not need you either.

This is just a public opinion, which is judged by surface and by the clothes. A lady in a strict closed suit with a minimum of makeup on her face is a very decent woman. And what she gets up at night – the eye does not see, because this does not hurt the public heart. If a young lady demonstrates all her charms on the principle of “what was washed before, now airs,” it means, definitely, a whore. But in fact, the girl may have kissed only three times. But in fact, dear ladies, when you dress and make up defiantly, I would say crying out – that is the reaction of a sexually mature man, sorry, appropriate, do not seek it.

Supporting the flag of feminism, in can be said, that the inalienable right of a woman is to decide who will sleep with her and how soon. But now there will be a strike at male ego. On the first date, two types of women agree on sex.

First: a naive fool who believed in your love at first sight. Such a victory does not make a man honor, and there is nothing to brag about.

The second: as a result of long and repeated observations, it became clear, that if a woman intuitively senses that this man is suitable as a husband, she will not give on the first date, at least on the fifth. And vice versa, if a woman easily agreed – it means that man for her is just a passing option. Alas.

Having gathered enough experience in young years, women successfully get married, love their husbands and raise children.

So, of course, there are “immoral” frivolous girls, but the meaning of these words for e\everybody is different. And an answer is inside each of us.

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  1. Kelly

    I am a girl an no one can’t judge me. You can’t judge me whether I am right or wrong, I behave the way I want and no one can’t judge me!!!


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