25 reasons why being single is bad for woman's health

25 reasons why being single is bad for woman’s health

We all sometimes need privacy to collect our thoughts and take a break from others. However, long-term loneliness is not only unpleasant – it is dangerous for health, especially for women.

1. Hypertension

Scientists have long found that long-term isolation harms human health not only at the level of the psyche, but also physically. In particular, single people have a tendency to develop cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.

2. The risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease

According to statistics, Alzheimer’s disease develops more often in those who have been left alone for a long time. First, a woman has short-term memory impairment, and then more serious problems begin.

3. The probability of reactivation of latent viruses

Women, who are often in a society or in a relationship, are less susceptible to the activation of latent viruses.

4. Susceptibility to inflammatory processes

If a woman remains alone for a long time, various inflammatory processes can be activated in her body, directly related to physiological factors.

5. The appearance of bad habits

Due to constant stress, single women often begin to smoke, drink, and acquire other bad habits.

6. Failure of the hormonal system

The lack of a permanent relationship with a man adversely affects the hormonal balance of a woman. As a result, increased irritability, tearfulness.

7. Skin problems

Due to hormonal failure, the skin becomes more oily or, conversely, prone to dryness and flaking.

8. Excessive body hair growth

Due to an excess of male sex hormones due to a long absence of physical contact, excessive hairiness on the body appears.

9. Overweight

The less healthy sexual contact a woman has in her life, the more she is prone to the appearance of excess weight (again, for hormonal reasons).

10. Lack of endorphins

The lack of proximity affects the amount of endorphins entering the blood.

11. Disruption of the menstrual cycle

When a woman is alone for a long time, physiological and psychological factors influence the quality of the menstrual cycle.

12. Ovarian dysfunction

Perhaps a violation of the ovaries, and even early menopause.

13. Chronic stress

The feeling of being alone, the inability to cope with everyday problems often leads single women to chronic stress and constant experience.

14. The likelihood of heart and other chronic diseases

Stress, in turn, generates various disruptions in the work of the cardiovascular system. Initially, it may be a small heart problem, and then it can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

15. Mental instability

The first symptoms of the obvious consequences of long loneliness are anxiety, excessive emotionality, then all this leads to incoherent thoughts and even hallucinations.

16. Hallucinations

In severe cases, problems associated with prolonged loneliness can lead to serious mental disorders and the emergence of hallucinations: from luminous points in space to proteins, marching with bags over their shoulders. Hallucinations are not only visual, but auditory and even tactile.

17. Increased suicide risk

With an increasing degree of loneliness, the risk of suicide rises. It doesn’t matter if a person suffers isolation due to external reasons or due to personal problems: suicide ideas are more common among lonely people.

18. Increased risk of depression

Single people mostly feel less happy and satisfied, they tend to be pessimistic and helpless. This is due to the fact that loneliness in itself contributes to the reduction of self-esteem, work ability and ability to solve their problems. Besides, being in isolation for a long time, a person loses social skills, it becomes harder for him to maintain relationships with others.

19. Increased propensity to alcoholism

Loneliness is a factor contributing to the development of alcoholism. At each stage of alcoholism, the more difficult for a person, the less social connections he has. This is due to the lack of necessary support and strong social pressure.

20. Reduced immunity

Loneliness violates immunity at the cellular level. Single people are more likely to get sick than socially active ones. Perhaps this is due to the overall level of stress, which increases in conditions of social exclusion.

21. Personality Violations

Inability to satisfy basic emotional needs plays a crucial role in the development of schizoid personality disorder. The impossibility of normal communication leads to a heightening of emotions, the very pattern of social behavior is disturbed, and as a result, personality disorder progresses.

22. Bad sleep

Loneliness leads to poor sleep, scientists say. Further consequences are a low level of energy during the day, a feeling of constant fatigue.

23. Nightmares

Not only the duration of the night’s rest suffers, but also its quality. Lonely women often have nightmares, with the result that there is a frequent awakening.

24. Negative impact on others

Loneliness can be “contagious.” If there is a person suffering from loneliness near you, you yourself have a chance to feel lonely by an average of 52%.

25. Increased mortality

Loneliness can pose a serious health risk. Researches of people in social isolation led scientists to conclude that such people almost 2 times more often die prematurely. The increased risk of dying from loneliness is comparable to the death rate from smoking. And loneliness is almost 2 times more deadly than obesity.

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10 thoughts on “25 reasons why being single is bad for woman’s health

  1. Sabina

    This is damn good written. I was thinking earlier that being lonely influences me in a bad way. Especially my biological clock. Although I was focuced on career and thought I’m gonna get satisfaction of my work and stuff I didn’t. It became only worse since that as I started drinking. One day I went for yoga glasses with a friend of mine and since that day my life started to change for better. Within some time I have found nice man and it happened really naturally as by itself. Now I feel completed, satisfied and happy, I can tell my life is full of bright colors.

    Dear women, read what is written above carefully. Personally I never thought there could be whole 25 problems but being alone is not a way out. To feel truthful life you have to find your soulmate.

    Best wishes,


    1. Dating expert

      Thank you, Sabina, for great reply. We are happy you have found harmony in your life. We hope our article will also help other people to think and better understand their inner needs and find peace and harmony in life.

  2. Ross

    Lack of physical contact is the first thing that cones up into my mind but thanks to this post I sawmany more reasons and I could never think there could be so many actually. But I guess this is more complex problem and it is right to look at this with different angles like not only physical but mental health as it is usually closely connected

  3. OliviaG

    I feel greatly when I am alone and I feel it is just fine. There is nothing in this world which would make me looking for someone who would always distract me from my personal goals by his stupid presence

  4. Melinda

    I deeply disagree. I am single woman for alredy 2 years but I feel fine and everything is alright with my health I can tell because I visit doctor every half a year to make planned necessary med check. Yes, maybe sometimes it is hard without man near, without close person, but it is not a catastrophe you can survive and everything is going to be alright with your mental health. As for need for physical contact there are many way outs as the last one one night stand would go well

    1. Dating expert

      Maybe you are doing everything right like meditation, healthy lifestyle, healthy food, physical exercises etc. and you have everything fine but not great? Do you really have deep inner harmony and satisfaction without soulmate? Answer it sincerely to yourself. You are welcome to share your thoughts here 🙂

  5. Meredith

    Do not confuse loneliness when person needs time to think about life, about personal goals or to relax and have silent rest. But healthy individual after this retreat and self-restore has natural need to join into social life. If person is loner most often it leads to depression and health problems and this applies to both – men and women.

  6. Nasty Creature

    That world is such a crap. Why girls has to do some extra damn things not ‘to scare’, ‘to charm’, ‘to attract’ guy? The whole 25 tips they found. This article was written by man probably.

  7. Lady Boss

    Because first of all woman needs to fulfil her physiological needs with real partner and many of you might argue telling this could be resolved with electronic gadgets for me ‘resolve’ lies in real man near. If woman gets good satisfaction in bedroom she is going to radiate harmony all over aroung. And once more why artificial pleasure doesn’t work? You may believe it or not, you may like it or not but – there is no energy exchange. When giving pleasure to each other man and woman exchange energy where man takes needed for him womans energy which helps him to earn, conquer, reach goals and woman gets mans energy where she feels satisfied and lives in harmony with the world feeling she is on her mission.


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