23 really working tips how to please the girl you just started relationship with

23 really working tips how to please the girl you just started relationship with

What does it mean to please a girl or a woman?

Knowing how to please a girl or a woman is just work of art. Not everybody can do it perfectly and correctly. Knowing how to please a woman or a girl is a mixture of being a sensitive, of being sensible man and an experienced lover, combined with understanding and realizing what a woman or a girl really needs to be satisfied.

To start relationships with a girl or with a woman is not an easy thing. Man should know every single detail, in order to have great success in making relationships with a girl. Men consider being rather shy, not brave and they hurry a lot. They do not know the essential and main working tips how to please a girl. As a result, the relationships fall and the man fails. If men know the working tips how to please a girl, the success will be guaranteed.

23 Really Working Tips how to Please the Girl

Starting relationships with a girl is rather difficult thing. Girls consider being rather sensitive creatures and they need much love, romantic things and they need much attention. Moreover, men must do everything, in order to please the person they love. Men can please the girl emotionally.

Here 23 working tips for men, in order to please a girl with whom starts relationships:

  1. Knowing everything about the girl – Before inviting the girl on the first date or before making deep relationships, know the girl`s likes and dislikes. Girls love men who know everything about their likes and dislikes. It will be very impressive and the success will be visible just a little while.
  2. Do not stop looking at the girl – If men start look at the girl with love and attention, the girls will be melt from their look. Girls just love it and they loved to be looked at in a sincere way.
  3. Always say compliments – If men always compliments the girl, the girls will appreciate it. They love compliments, saying how beautiful she is, what a wonderful dress or look, or what a kind and smart person. It will work but remember doing it always, not just a while.
  4. Always text the girl – Girls love texting and reading romantic things and messages. Make girls smile over the text. Guess her answers, say jokes and funny things. The girl will remember it forever.
  5. Make the girl chase – Girls love challenge. When texting a girl, get the girl chasing by giving a bit of a challenge. It will be both very interesting and amazing.
  6. Make the girl special – Make the girls feel very unique. It is very important and really plays great role in making good relationships. Kiss the girl in front of the public, show photos in the social media, speaking about their unique qualities in front of people and in front of public give them small romantic and expensive gifts, looking at them in a sincere way.
  7. Be confident in front of the others – When the girl feels like other girls realize how confident the man is, it makes her feel high-minded and in a way possess the envy of other people. The girl will feel confident, protection and will feel love as well.
  8. Surprise the girl – Prepare for the girl interesting and memorable surprises. Take the girl to the place where the girl has never been, take the day trip. Go and visit when the girl does not expect. Take many photos and of course make videos in a romantic way.
  9. Always speak about the feelings – Girls love sensible boys, they love when boys always saying how much they love, how much they care and there is nothing in this whole world without them.
  10. Ask honestly is there a need of something else to do for the girl – Girls always require attention. Be more attentive, careful and be polite.
  11. Do not hide the feelings – Always speak about the feelings. Always say compliment, always praise the girl by looking right into the eyes and playing with the hairs.
  12. Physical satisfaction – Not going much deep into right this, but the physical aspect of the relationship is evidently very significant. It is from an emotional standpoint – how seldom the men grab the girl`s hand, hold the tight, hug her, kiss her and compliment her.
  13. Get involve into girl`s life – Know the girl`s family and relatives, show care toward each family person.
  14. Protect the girl – It is very important tips if there is a desire of impressing the girl with whom starts relationships. Always protect the girl. Every girl wants to date a guy around whom there will be the feeling of safeness and safety. Pay attention to the needs and always be willing to help and giving a helping hand.
  15. Respect the girl – It is also very important tip. Everybody loves when people show respect toward them, so the girls also love to be respected by.
  16. Make the girl feels very lucky and happy – Care a lot, show the feelings, be attentive and always speak about the feelings. Girls will feel very lucky and happy. This considers being the most important tip and point, in order to have and start good relationships.
  17. Make the girls feel comfortable – For best results men must make the girls feel completely relaxed, comfortable and really convenient in every situation.
  18. Always text the girl back – Always answer the girl`s messages and mobile calls. Do not leave the girl without attention, in order to impress and in order to make the girl feel love.
  19. Always take the girl`s stuff and heavy things – Carry heavy things and bags. The girls will appreciate it very much. Be strong and show the power.
  20. Be cool – Girls love cool boys. Be cool, nice, be gentleman and of course sportsman. Go to gym, follow healthy way of life and utilize healthy food.
  21. Not be greedy – Girls love men and boys be not greedy. They love money, they love expensive gift, clothes, cars and jewelries. Show the money and spend it smartly, in order to impress the girl.
  22. Bring cookies, sweets, cakes – Girls love sweet things. Surprise them bringing sweets, cookies and cakes. The girls appreciate this step.
  23. Do the dishes – Men can surprise girls making romantic meal for them. Make not only meal, bit also organize romantic dishes, put candles and turn the romantic music on. Make the evening special, romantic and really memorable.

These tips will have success and will impress girls, if these done correctly and if it is done with love. Boys and men will have success only that time when they speak and act honestly, if they love girl very much and can do everything in this whole world, in order to impress them. Always be attentive to every single detail, make the girl special, make surprises, be cool, show the feelings and be sure these tips will have success and the best relationships will be guaranteed.

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5 thoughts on “23 really working tips how to please the girl you just started relationship with

  1. Martin Shulz

    The best way to please the girl is to be real man i.e. such a reliable cool guy with whom she would feel like over the stone fence. In such case any actions man does would add extra positive effect on the girl and she would always be pleased by default

  2. Valory23

    Problem of most of men is that they really can’t listen to the woman. Meny women speak with hints, not directly and this is real art to understand these messages. But man who would learn how to read these messages is doomed for success

  3. Miley

    Men who overdo and overtry would definitely fail. Pleasing as pleasing doesn’t work directly it only makes it all worse. It is necessary to please the girl in unobtrusive way, not directly, with non frequent but pleasant and what is more important – memorable surprises. Treat your girl like a Queen remaining the King yourself, not servant, because Queens do not live with servants!

  4. Master_Of_Womens_Art_Mr_Heart

    You never have to start pleasing the girl right away you just started dating her. Girls immediately lose interest in guys who try ‘literarly make everything for their soulmate’. It even sounds disgusting. Man should cause interest of the girl and this interest could be endorsed by many ways, actually, by mixture of ways. Those ways are:

    1) Be interesting, BUT NOT boring interlocutor. Talk about different topics which could cause her interest, but do not talk TOO MUCH, do not talk about particular topic for longer than 2 minutes, even if you are expert in the field. Show her you are erudite, you know a lot, but the main object of your interest MUST be HER! Woman has to see this. Ask her about her opinion on the topics you discuss.
    2) Be spontaneous in pleasant way. Make her small surprise or propose to do little crazy things like asking her to go for unexpected excursion, to try yoga, to visit quest room, to visit jumping park whatever you find out shakingly crazy in a good sense.
    3) Be good in bad. If you are going to have intimacy your DUTY is to bring pleasure to woman ONCE and she would be yours for very long (maybe forever). If you do everything right this first time you will have do nothing much in the future, because she is going to call you, to ask for the meeting and so on. How to do this? Warm her up well – for a long time so she would burn from desire. For this use your sight, touch, massage, pleasant words, light compliments, later – your tongue. Make her feel pleasure first, then you – this is the rule!
    4) Play the game – please your girl from time to time on no occasion, but ‘forget’ about her for some hours and even a day. Show her you have stuff to do, you are busy, but when you have time you make her feel happy. Keep the balance as too much attention is the same crap as lack of attention. Be careful so she would not think that you have someone else if you are absent on her radars for the whole day.
    5) Be fun. If you are not boring, if you have good sense of humor and if you are initiative, girl would always try to be with you
    6) Be positive no matter what happens and what weather is outside

    As you see, pleasing is an art and you have to learn to become a good master. Otherwise bumbling unskillful pleasing will work against you and the girl would leave you.

  5. Carol Potter-Spenser

    I have already forgot what is good word not telling about small presents and even “honey” or “I love you”. All what seemed to be so warm and natural has disappeared somewhere. We are together in marriage with my husband for 34 years and our marriage is routine. Some women in my case start looking for lovers but I love my husband and I always would prefer to be with him only. That is because I was brought up like this and these are my moral qualities and how my parents did. But I feel so empty sometimes. People write here about men who are looking for ways how to please their women… Lucky women. All what I have left for now is writing this poor comment of despair under imainary nickname


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