17 best tips for men who never experienced online dating but would like to try

17 best tips for men who never experienced online dating but would like to try

What is Online Dating?

Online dating is a special and unique way to find and to be in touch with people through Internet. It is the way of arranging dates and the way of expanding personal and romantic relationships. It is rather popular today and almost everyone, starting with teenagers and finishing with adults, utilize online dating. This way of dating is successful in getting people together in relationships and many couples first met through online dating services.

Benefits of Online Dating

Not married men and women of different ages involve in online dating a lot. The goal is the same, to find love, to find friends and relationships. From the first sight, it will seem a bit difficult, but it is not like that. It is easier to go on online date and to talk with a woman or a man online, then in real life. It has many advantages and benefits. It will help many men or women to find friends and love, which also can lead to a happy marriage in real life.

Here the advantages and benefits of online dating:

  1. Getting dating skills and prospect – Online dating will afford an opportunity to get experience in communication with women.
  2. Enlarging dating and social circle – There will be a chance of getting more friends, having good relationships.
  3. Easy to get start – The first step is to greet online, without shyness.
  4. Having chance to meet more people online than in real life – Practically everybody has profiles in social medias and it will be easier to get in touch.
  5. Easy to get in touch in case of being shy – Make the first step easier.
  6. Chance to know someone before meeting – There is a chance to know people, looking at the photos, profile information and through getting in touch.
  7. No more bad first dates – There will not be any awkward first dates in real life. Everything will be planned.
  8. Creating friendship – Getting friends, find new people and search for love.
  9. Real life date – The last but not the least step will be to go to real life date after knowing each other online and after having much information about each other.

17 Tips for Men who never has Experience in Online Dating but Would Like to Try

Although, online dating is rather famous way of date, there will be people who never experienced in. It is always can be complicated to make first steps and to make moves toward making romantic relationships, do not taking into consideration, that is only online, not face to face. However, some people have great experience with online dating. These points will help those men who never has experience in online dating, but would like to try.

Here 17 tips for men to make his first steps:

  1. To make decision – The essential thing is to decide whether want it or not. If there is a desire of getting in touch with a girl or a woman online, make first steps.
  2. To be brave – Braveness plays an important role. Men must be brave, in order to get in touch with women and take into attention that it is just online.
  3. To be honest – Honesty means to act and to say things truthfully. Be honest just from the beginning, in order to have good relationships. If there is a desire to impress a woman, honesty is the best thing.
  4. Do not just say “Hello” – Personalize the message. Be interesting person.
  5. Having such profile photo where women can look at the eyes – Looking into the eyes means a lot. People can find the soul through the eyes.
  6. Having much in common – If there is much in common with a woman just let her know about it. She will be happy.
  7. Be smart – Smartness always attracts women. Women love smart and intelligent men. Express smart thoughts and ideas, in order to attract a woman.
  8. Do not move fast – Women have special way of approaching. Do not hurry, be patient.
  9. Say something – Do not send hearts or just comment on her appearance or do not always praise her beauty. Comment on something in her photo, not the look, just something in her profile that will catch the eyes.
  10. Be yourself – Be kind, be understanding, be strong and confident.
  11. Get to know her – Get to know about her likes and dislikes. The women like men knowing everything about their likes and dislikes.
  12. Express your thoughts and opinion about something – Women will appreciate the honesty and own way of thinking.
  13. Fun conversation – Keep the conversation fun. Be funny, as women love good jokes.
  14. Second chance – Give second chance if the woman is shy. Make moves and act, taking into attention, the woman`s desire, thoughts and also shyness. Make the woman not shy anymore.
  15. Avoid the “ex” conversation – Do not speak about “ex” girlfriend.
  16. A little mystery – The sense of mystery will make a woman to come back. Always leave a little mystery, in order to be an interesting person.
  17. Be positive – Positiveness is the key to success. Having positive thoughts will help to get wanted results. Express positive words and thoughts.

These tips will help men having no experience in online dating and will help to get in touch with women easily.

Online dating is a great way of finding new people, making new friends and having relationships. Moreover, maybe there will be a chance of finding love. Some of these relationships have turned into long happy marriages. However, the others have not been as successful. The best feature of online date is that it involves convenience for people who have busy schedules, lets people meet others from over the whole world. Even though, it is rather a risky way of dating people, it has many benefits. People have to provide safety, patience and must be very honest, in order to have success.

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5 thoughts on “17 best tips for men who never experienced online dating but would like to try

  1. Bruce Mcnamara

    Online dating… I am not sure. I would like to try but I am afraid because a friend of mine once told me that he has found the girl online, but when he came to meet her there was a guy with her and they demanded for money and took his phone as well and even jacket. But this was in a bad district so if you do online dating it is better to omit bad districts in order not to get into trouble like my friend did

  2. Mr. Dating Advisor

    There are no some precise scenario how people should or should not start dating online. Tips might help you, of course, but my meta message is just start. You have to be informed about dating scam so not to get into trouble, but as for the rest of the things concerning dating online it is easier than you might think. Just start doing something and it would move forward by itself

  3. Vanessa Lee G

    I can judge on myself – if something I would like to try bothers me avery day I will find the time to try it and to understand whether it was worth it or not. Sometimes we want something that badly that we forget about common sense and precautions – we behave like little child who would yell and cry ‘I want!’. The same for me is with everything in this life including online dating. If you want to try – try! You will never gain experience in anything unless you try. It is the same as driving a car: you may watch lots of youtube vids and tutorials how to drive and it might help a little but the real experience you get when you drive every day and the more – the better. The same here. FInd some advices, try to understand them, learn a little on the experience of others (or atleast try to learn) and then try online dating yourself. Own mistakes are the most painful but at the same time they are the most memorable and effective in teaching, self learning and self improving. In any case accept online dating like adventure – try to be more relaxed and have fun. Such kind of learning and fun with getting personal life dating experience.

  4. Henrich

    Practice and repeat. The same applies to online dating. The more you practice the more popular and successful among women you became. The more you act like confident man the more confident you become. Keep being like this.

  5. Debra

    The most important for man is to take desision. There are no worse man than this who is non confident and asks his woman what to do all the time. Mommy boy is not what most of women like. If you would like to try but it is something new for you – do it without hesitation, surely, bravely, recognizing mistakes and asking for help or apology if it is needed. This is the only way not to be afraid and succeed in online dating – try.


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