15 tips for men who are afraid to go on a date with woman

15 tips for men who are afraid to go on a date with woman

A lot of people nowadays suffer from the feeling of loneliness. Luckily, nowadays there are special where you can meet your second half. And if some time ago it was necessary to conduct a long correspondence, choose common topics for conversations, get used to each other and prepare for a meeting, now everything is much faster. The world has become bustling, we are in a hurry and value our time too much.

Who among us did not have to go through these exciting moments of preparation for the very first date! Still, a lot of men say: “I’m afraid to go on a date with her”. We are at the peak of anxious waiting for the most incredible layouts of events. From the way it goes, all life can move in a completely new direction, because it can be the beginning of new happiness.

First date with a girl: 15 win-win tips on how to make a good impression

Tip number 1. Profile in the social network

In order for the first meeting with the girl to take place at all, pay attention to your profile in the social network in which you met her.

What to hide, now most couples meet on the Internet. Each has its own life and hobbies. Often, the guys just do not have the opportunity to meet a beautiful girl in reality.

Therefore, critically analyze your page. Vulgar jokes, disrespectful posts about women, greasy comments under other people’s photos – all this will push away the girl with whom you would like to go on a date.

Tip number 2. Place

The first date with a girl is better to plan in advance. And especially carefully you need to select a meeting place.

Cinema, theater, concerts – yet not the best option for a first date. Chaos will reign around, music will rumble and you will not be able to concentrate on each other. A coffee house, a cozy bar, an exhibition or museum, a gallery or just a walk through the park are more acceptable options for a first date with a girl.

Tip number 3. Appearance

Old wise truth: Take care of your appearance in advance. You don’t have to be too fancy, but your clothes must correspond to the situation.

Tip number 4. Flowers, candy?

One of the most pressing questions for me before the first date was the following: to give a girl on the first date flowers, candy and other trifles?

Of course, the choice will be yours. In common, it’s definitely recommended to please the girl on the first date. Therefore, a bouquet of flowers would be very nice idea.

Tip number 5. Who pays?

There is a double-edged sword, and the topic is too delicate. But in order to avoid embarrassing situations, you should initially clearly define the place where your first date will take place. If a girl chooses an expensive restaurant, stock up on money and draw conclusions. If her choice fell on a coffee shop or pub, it will not take a lot of money.

Council number 6. How to behave on the first date with a girl?

The main rule: on the first date with the girl, be polite and gallant. Help the girl to take off her coat, close the umbrella. Surround her with attention and care. Even if she looks disappointed at you from the very first seconds, continue to look after her. Just be yourself.

Tip number 7. What to talk about?

Remember that if you wish, you can brighten up your speech with jokes. But don’t use too much, because the first date will be spoiled, and the girl will never agree to the next meeting for anything and no matter what.

Therefore, control your speech. Suppose that this evening she is not replete with obscene language, exclude the words-parasites: “well, that, this, that-and-so, uh, yeah, yeah.”

On the first date with a girl it is better to discuss light topics, laugh more.

Tip number 8. Body language

To understand what to talk with the girl on the first date and how to behave is also important as well. What will we do with non-verbal communication?

Keep your hands in sight, palms up.

Smile. We all like smiling people. Subconsciously, they seem to us more pleasant and beautiful than those who do not smile.

They say that in order to interest a person, it is worth to look into his eyes for 2-3 seconds longer.

Try this tactic. Look the girl straight in the eye and be prepared that she will be awkward to look away or blush.

With this advice an answer on question, what if I am not sure am I good in dating women, will be obvious.

Tip number 9.  To bring home or not?

To bring the girl home or not- that is the question.

An excellent way out would be to take her home if you are driving. However, not every girl after the first date agrees to go with an unfamiliar boy late in the evening through the whole city. The best option, in my opinion, is a taxi. Ask if she wants to go home on the ordered car. Offer to go with her to make sure she got there without incident. In case of refusal, just pay the said amount to the taxi driver and wait for the girl message, that she reached.

Tip number 10. What if you didn’t like her?

Since we speak frankly with you, we will also raise this topic. But what if the girl you expected on your first date turned out to be not the same as in the photo? What if she is not at all in your taste, or was not very clever, and it is difficult to build a conversation with her? In any case, your first date should go well. It does not matter whether it is the last or will be. Your task is to make the girl have a great time, she laughs enough and goes home happy.

Tip number 11. Kiss

Of course, there are different situations. But, as a rule, girls on the first date quite clearly observe their personal boundaries. Nut, as always, it’s up to luck, and who knows, what will be.

Tip number 12. The second date?

Let’s imagine, that you had a wonderful first date with a girl. You are completely fascinated by her, and she is supposedly reciprocating. Should you immediately offer to meet again? Even a call may be superfluous and distract the girl from thinking about the last meeting. Ask her what she found your first walk. Take an interest: maybe in your communication she felt awkward? Try on a positive note to end your dialogue and go to sleep.

Tip number 13.  Take it easy

Even if something went wrong, as expected, it is important to please the girl, and enjoy the pleasure of communication. Do not be embarrassed by trifles, because you do not own anything to each other.

Tip number 14. Alcohol

On the first date you cannot drink too much alcohol, and it’s better to do without it. Still, it is worth keeping yourself in borders, although for many one glass of wine can help to relax and behave more at ease. Just keep your own standards.

Tip number 15. Calm

Many guys ask: “What if I am afraid of dating women?”. Before you go on a date, you need to feel calm. For guys who are too insecure in themselves, it is worth to go on more dates. This will help each time to feel more and more confident.

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5 thoughts on “15 tips for men who are afraid to go on a date with woman

  1. Bobin

    I did not understood p.5 where it is going about money. Who pays for dinner? Man? Woma? Splitting the bill? It is not as widely opened topic as it shoud be I assume. Could you please give more precize and detailed suggestions? Thank you

  2. Alexxx

    If you are afraid of the date with woman maybe you’re afraid of taking out your d*** out? You prefer to watch women on the smartphone? Laptop? LOL

  3. Eve

    I could not hold myself not posting this comment here. Must say that in general I am way to lazy to post comments on different sites, but what I have find here just made me angry. Not the text I have read made me angry, but the title of an article which says there are men who are afraid to go on a date with the girl. What the f**k? Are there no real men left in this world? I understand anxiety on the first date, nervousness – this is ok because we all are alive human creatures, sorry, but to be afraid of dating a woman is real cr*p. What next? Are you going to be afraid of b**bs and to be afraid of taking off your pants? This Earth is weird place which makes me more and more worry as a woman for the future. With such flow of things real men would extinct and later on the same would happen with the humanity or we are going to have a planet of bio robots artificially procreated in labs. Come on, guys, real guys, where the f*** are you?! What does it mean to be afraid of dating? Women with traditional family values (which to your surprise still exist!) need strong man to follow, to help him, but to follow him, not to be obedient, but to be a partner where man, guy, husband still is a little more responsible for the family. there are women who need to feel save with reliable man, but if men are afraid of dating women and ask how not to be afraid to date woman on the Internet… what can I say? What the fu**! That’s the only thing I can say!

    1. Datingtips expert Post author

      Wow, that’s very emotional reply. First of all thank you for reply. We appreciate you shared your opinion even though you rarely do such manipulation as posting a comment. Thank you for spending a piece of your time – every opinion, every comment, every share makes our website better.


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