12 dating tips for women

Many women get lost when meeting a new men. Numerous questions arise: what to say, how to behave, etc. Below are 12 basic rules for how woman should start dating a guy. They will help you overcome embarrassment and create the best impression of yourself.

1. Decide on a place

You can get acquainted with a variety of circumstances, and not just drinking a cocktail at the bar. Try to understand for a start what kind of partner you need, and based on this, choose a location. Want to meet an intellectual? Go to an exhibition or lecture. Are you dreaming about an athlete? Get accustomed to those who visit your gym, whom you often meet while jogging.

In general, pay attention to the places where you often visit. Most likely, there are also men with whom you have common interests. It will not be superfluous to think about the skills that you have long wanted to learn. In language schools or DJing courses there are also quite suitable candidates.

Another option is to look for large places of men where you will stand out. For example, visit a sporting event, an automobile exhibition or just a department of tools in a hypermarket. Without attention, you are unlikely to stay there.

2. Become a frequenter

Do not forget about bars and cafes. But instead of visiting a new establishment every time, try to choose one and go there regularly. In a familiar, comfortable environment, it is easier to meet new people. And the stormy glee of the bartenders about your appearance will exactly turn all eyes in your direction.

3. Frequently alone

Do not frighten strangers with the appearance of your laughing girlfriends and especially male friends. Practice solo walks (or even travels), trips to cultural events or in a cafe.

Just do not try to replace the temporary lack of communication by listening to music on headphones or by constantly checking the smartphone. Let others know that you are alone and do not expect the appearance of a late boyfriend.

4. Do not be the Snow Queen

If you want to meet, forget about the mask of coldness and indifference. She rather pushes than attracts. To put into circulation all the possibilities of facial expression is also not worth it. In order to show your interest, a glance and a slight smile is usually enough.

5. Watch your appearance

This does not mean that you need to urgently get from the wardrobe all the shortest and shiniest. Screaming sexuality speaks more about the despair of a girl and her bad taste than about readiness for normal relationships.

It is better to make a bet on simple but stylish decisions in clothes and choose the right makeup and hairstyle. And is it worth saying that you need to look good whenever possible everywhere and always? Well-groomed and neat appearance – at least a sign of politeness towards themselves and others.

6. Apply a trick

Frankly express their interest is not necessary. You can get acquainted with all sorts of tricks. For example, go to a man in a cafe and say that you lost the argument with a girlfriend and according to the terms of the betting should take the phone number. Or say a joke out loud, then turn around and apologize, referring to what they thought, as if talking to your friend.
Of course, this method requires certain acting skills. But a slight adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

7. Ask for help

To attract the attention of men can be the most innocent way. Alternatively, ask for an explanation of the road, get something from the top shelf in the store, or just hold the door.

The main thing is not to become a woman-problem, which constantly requires the help of a strong man. Not everyone likes the role of the savior father.

8. Ask a question

Men love attention as much as women. Especially if this attention flatters their outlook and intelligence. Use this little weakness to win over an unfamiliar guy. For example, ask a professional colleague with a professional question or ask the stranger’s grammar rule from a language course to explain.

9. Make a compliment

Everyone is pleased when they are praised. Men are no exception. In this case, singing the praises of their appearance or masculinity is not at all necessary. You can compliment the stranger’s speech at a conference or event with an open microphone. Or go up to the cute dog lover in the park and make a compliment to his four-legged friend. Starting your own dog is also a good idea: animals tend to bring strangers together easily.

10. Explicitly declare your interest

Tired of playing role games and waiting for the weather by the sea? Just tell the person you like that he is interesting to you. Another option is to go to a stranger in a cafe and ask if you can sit down at his table.

Someone will say that a man wants to be a hunter and he does not need “easy prey.” Someone – that such behavior can frighten and repel. But the question is: do you want to be prey and be next to a man who does not accept the women’s initiative?

11. Women’s approach to start dating man

No man can resist a woman who is genuinely interested in the health of his mother, wants to get to know her and establish friendly relations.

12. Find common interests

The truth is that men, like women dating men, are different and desire different things. But men, like women, are often similar: they are also afraid of being rejected and also dream that a new interesting person will appear in their lives. It’s great if the desire of two lonely people coincides, and it’s not so important who took the first step towards it.

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One thought on “12 dating tips for women

  1. Lady_Bb

    As for me every woman should act! This is the most important part of it. If we think too much whether it is good to show initiative in front of man as it is thought to be “pure men’s thing” we could just lose a chance and another more decisive woman would steal the guy who might be possible love for life of yours. Act, dear colleagues, act. SOmetimes it is much better than wait and think for long and than cry in your pillow


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