11 successful online dating tips for men

Dating through social networks and websites is a great option for those who are not very sociable in the world, hesitate to appear at noisy parties, and in companies feel unsure and more often stay away from the main fun. In the online space, you can relax and not enter into “live” communication until a sincere mutual interest appears.

The advantages of online dating are obvious:

1) During the correspondence you always have the opportunity to think over the words. Whether it is a message with elements of flirting or refusal to continue the dialogue. In real life, we are often subject to emotions, which have a strong impact on our speech. Online it’s easier to control everything;

2) Easy to make a first impression. If you are bored even in correspondence with a man, and in one sentence he makes many elementary mistakes, then you will no longer want to continue to communicate live;

3) Easy to take the first step. And if on the street you are unlikely to dare to come up and offer acquaintance, then everything is possible in the network space;

4) You choose. You can correspond and communicate with several at once, and whether or not you can meet with virtual elects in real life – you decide for yourself, but it’s important that no one can convict you of being immoral;

5) New acquaintances enhance self-esteem. Any attention of the opposite sex, in real or online life, raises self-esteem. In the Internet space, men can feel more relaxed and do not stint compliments. And this is important, especially if you belong to the type of women who in real life do not attract the attention of crowds of fans.

Starting to communicate online is much easier than in real life, and is a great way for shy people.

Here are some online dating tips for shy men, who are looking for a lady in the web:

1) Statistics show that women show the greatest interest to those men who use the words “love”, “romance” and “heart” in their own description. Yes, most of the girls are romantic and this fact should be considered;

2) Do not forget about the photos. Most men choose completely inappropriate photos for registration of their account: group photos, photos in dark glasses (where you can’t see the person at all). The worst option – photographs from parties, in which the person is drunk, or pictures with former girlfriends. A close-up smiling face, pictures from travels, “me and my snowmobile” photos attract much more attention;

3) Slang or rude words scare almost 70% of users. Jargon and strong words are ok maybe for meeting with old friends, but not for communication with new people, especially if we talk anout females;

4) Be creative. Every attractive girl receives dozens of such messages, as “Hello, how are you, you are pretty”. Find a more original way to start a conversation. Look for clues on her photos;

5) Do not use the “cute” messages like “bunny” or “baby”. Girls like them only when they come from a loved one, but not from a stranger on a dating site;

6) Do not be intrusive. Do not send too many messages, do not ask “why are you silent?” 10 times a day and do not insist if she refused to continue to meet you. Here everybody is free;

7) Ask. Among online dating tips for newbies it’s that one, about which people constantly forget. People usually speak more than they listen. Here is your chance to stand out against those who are interested only in own personality. Ask where this picture was taken, what is a breed of her dog, which Tarantino film is the best and so on. One look at the profile gives a lot of opportunities to start an interesting conversation;

8) Take the initiative. On such resources, if you do not write to anyone, you miss a lot of opportunities;

9) Specify he purpose of dating. Some people are looking for a serious relationship through dating through the Internet, and some just want to flirt or find a friend. This must be pointed out;

10) Positive and honesty. It is not necessary to invent something that does not exist, to hide the existence of a relationship or a past marriage. But to complain about the feeling of loneliness and helplessness is also not necessary. It is much better to focus on something positive;

11) Upgrade rating. On some sites, it’s enough to go to your page at least once a day to get higher than others in lists. On the other, “entering the top” will require investments, but in any case, this will increase your chances.

To sum up, these are the obvious online dating tips you never thought about, which will help to find right person.

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14 thoughts on “11 successful online dating tips for men

  1. Jumpin' Jack

    Some tips here I really consider useful, for example where you say it is easier to make a first step online for shy person, but the only thing I would like to advice would be not wait for too long and move from online dating to real dating as fast as possible when you feel it is the high time and right time for it

    1. Massachusetts Vege Cottlett

      Never ever be in hurry to move online dating offline. Figure out the girl you are talking to, play the game, have fun, and when you feel this is high time – go act!

  2. October_73

    Dating online is nothing comparing to real life. If you are going to sit, wait and dream about real relationship in front of your monitor it is never going to happen, believe me. I have already passed through that as I used to be real geek and I have changed my life completely so I can assure you there is nothing better than real date with REAL woman

  3. Mad Dad

    Haha that’s funny when you mention strong words and expressions 🙂 I imagine someone comes for the date with the words

    – Hey, bi***
    – Hey mthf**** di**

    LOL hahahahaha

  4. Viceroy

    Hey. Online dating is a little weird as for me. Today some girl name Rose wrote on Insta to me. Seems like her account is not fake. But maybe I should give it a try? She seems like fiine good looking girl, no model pics only real life. What do you think guys?

  5. L J

    I would disagree a little. If person is unsociable than it won’t help him or her to be open on the Internet. When you are shy and full of complexes you are going to be exactly like that online as well. Or you will be very brave in front of the monitor but would be afraid and never do the first step to bring relations to the new level – real life

    1. Bob on the Top

      Yes, it is very important not to play online dating game for too long although it has pros but prolonging it you risk to have your hand for intimate partner 🙂

      1. Dating expert

        It depends on particular situation, actually. Sometimes it is worth to wait a little more and not to be in hurry so not to scare partner with quick escape from personal comfort zone.

  6. Marlbr red sthg

    Why you mention mostly dating sites and similar stuff?

    I tkink dating apps are far more popular than dating sites whatever. Having phone its damn easy to open tinder or whatever other dating app and its handy caz u get informed every time someone writes you or does some actions concerning your profile

    By the way usual fb messenger is also good option for online communication right here and right now so say in present moment

    1. Dating expert

      Author had such flow of thoughts this day 🙂 But thank you for mention of online dating apps. They really gained enormous popularity for last few month and soon probably will remove dating sites totally or replace with combined dating platforms.

  7. Bob on the Top

    Try to be such a cool guy. Reliable one. It DOESN’T mean you have to send her pics of your car, or pics where you are surrounded by pretties. It is much better to behave in such a way that girl would start need you. Ask her some neutral and confusing topics from time to time. Sth like do you prefer ice tea or going to Greece for weekend and if she choose Greece propose her to go there in two month. Now she will imagine how it would be in Greece with you, what will she wear, how to ask boss for vacation, should she start visiting gym etc. Now she is on the hook.

    Be reliable. If you said you are going to be on chat at 7 am than you be there at this time even if she won’t be there or will be late. If you promise sth you shoul do it. Even if you promised never write her again – do this. When she writes first in a day or two she is completely yours. When she is quiet she is not your girl, but you are the man. If you said but didn’t wait and wrote first she would now do whatever she wants with you, what is worse – she will leave you and this is only question of time, you are not interesting to her anymore, you are loser and women choose to be with strong guys in sense of character.

    Use it, don’t say thank you

  8. Kathy Spirit

    Online dating is real crap. I mean it is not somewhat good. Personally for me. But I don’t know why people are so in for this. Maybe they are too busy to find people to communicate with in real life. My experience shows that I only got letters from numerous Rajesha from India, Pakistan or other developing countries who wrote me something like ‘hello you arrrr bjutiful I want you merry Christmas’ 🙂 LOL

    1. Dating expert

      Hah. That is true that there is a lot of spam and scam in online dating sphere but it is highly profitable sphere so you should carefully pick needed info and profiles of possible candidates.

      P.S. Bad luck at start does not always mean it would be like that all the time. It might be special check for you or… it also may be a warning for you that it is better not go into online dating for now. Who knows 🙂

  9. Dating profy

    The first thing I would like to inform you my dear online dating searchers it is to try out free ways of online communication before your hand is going to grab credit card. Why? Because there are plenty of ways to communicate for free with real people, so why you should pay for that? Of course, there are special niche sites with narrow dating specific where you have to pay, but if you are new in online dating try to chat with people vis skype groups, Facebook messenger etc. When you get experience go to the next level and if you would like to try paid services do it afterwards.


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